Like you we read reviews before making any decision online. It’s the best way to get opinions of others directly instead of getting swayed by marketing messages. The problem is that they are scattered, unorganized and often fake… so we set out to fix that. At Consumerchoice we aggregate reviews from over 80 review sources and analyze all those reviews. This enables us to show you a scorecard.

We try to find a way to partner with all the companies that we list on the site. We may get compensated when you click onto their website and purchase their service. However, any company listed on Consumerchoice cannot buy their position. We also do not favour any company over another, as we rank solely based on our algorithm. Our ​ranking algorithm​ ranks based on criterias determined by our machine learning algorithm, sentiment analysis and user reviews. All reviews submitted by users are subject to moderation and approval to ensure we keep fake reviews at bay. We have a suspicious review algorithm to add another layer to this process. We reserve the right to remove any reviews posted on this website.

We help you make the best choice for you When it comes to buying a product or service online, have you ever found yourself struggling to make a decision? With so many reviews, opinions and variables in the way, it’s no wonder making a choice can be a challenge. What you need is a service that clears away the clutter and provides a reliable summary of the best products or services you are interested in. 

This is where we can help. Here at, we specialise in making choices easier for you. The process is simple: we evaluate all the reviews from the leading review sites for the product or service category you want. Then, we remove all the fake reviews. Next, we assign a score to each product based on how well liked (or disliked) it is, with the most loved product being shown at the top of the list. 

With you get a reliable, fast and objective list of the products or services you need, with up-to-date information from the reviews posted even a minute ago. 
It’s decision-making, made easy. 

Why should you visit us before you decide to buy a new product or service? Because we’re a META review site. We aggregate all the reviews from every leading and related website to your search and extract the important information you need. We know that consumers wanting to buy online spend a lot of time and effort researching their potential purchases before they buy. With you can sit back and relax, knowing that we will deliver quick, accurate and unbiased results that will be the perfect way for you to make an informed purchase decision. 

We have programmed our algorithm to understand which elements of the products/services are useful to our customers using natural language processing. These algorithms also get to work analysing the sentiment of reviews. But what do we mean by ‘sentiment’? Sentiment means the attitude, opinion or feelings of the customers in this context; whether they love something, hate it or are indifferent. Sentiment analysis is a key way for us to compile accurate and meaningful results for our customers. We then use an easy-to-read scale of “very negative” to “very positive” to display the results. 

Let’s say we want to create a new hosting category on the website, what do we need to do first? Initially, we will pull all the reviews ever written for all of the Top 100 hosting sites, as per their rankings on Google. Then, we will feed those reviews into our algorithm which will determine the 5-10 most important characteristics of the hosting category. These can be anything from the price to the the customer service or value. 

Breaking down the reviews and attaching each one to the necessary characteristic, our magical algorithm ensures that you will be able to view the specific​reviews you want tagged separately from the others. ​Whether you want to read the reviews about customer service in particular, we make it happen for you. 

What is the next step? Next, our algorithm reads the sentiment of each comment, determining if it is positive or negative. If you are looking for only the negative reviews about the price, or the customer service you can specify that too. The same goes for the positive. The choice is all yours. 
Now we are able to showcase all the ranks of the most loved websites as a dynamic leaderboard. 

We know that time never stops in the internet world, and change happens quickly. That’s why we are one step in front. Every second of every day we continue to update our data and fine-tune every category’s algorithm. That means you will always have the real-time updated information you need to make the best informed choice you can. At we pledge to always show you the rankings of the most loved products and services as they come.

With, what you see is what you get. We offer a service bespoke to your individual product or service needs, filtering out all of the unnecessary noise and providing you with objective rankings that will inform you better on your shopping decisions. It is important to us that we offer a non-biased and objective list of rankings for our customers because transparency is important to us​.​Join us. We are revolutionising online shopping one review at a time. 

There is no denying that fake reviews are a huge problem on the internet. They prevent both businesses and consumers from having a clear and accurate view of things. Given the service we offer, it was important we addressed the problem front on. The result is the development of a special in-depth analysis of various parameters that can help us discover and eliminate fake reviews so our customers get the full, clear picture. We look at the numbers of standard deviations for the parameters detailed below: 

1) The ratio of exclamation points to other punctuation in the review. 
2) The rate of capital letters to lower case letters used in the review. 
3) The number of brand names used (potentially also distinguishing between the product and other brand names). 
4) The ratio of extreme sentiment sentences found compared to others (a threshold for extreme sentiment sentences is applied).
5) The proportion of pronouns used (such as I and me).
6) The inclusion of words such as “durability” and “dependable” would lower the sum.
7) The use of numbers in the username.

What We Do

We’re a team of passionate internet marketers who set out to marry machine learning and consumer reviews together in order to make a difference. The cumulation of all this is Consumerchoice. A site which enables anyone to make the best decision every time.

Shaping theMarket

  • We analyze over 5 million user reviews:

    Our algorithm analyzes reviews from over 80 review sites and extracts all the relevant features for each category. We help users make sense of everything.

  • More than 100 service categories and growing:

    We’re adding categories every day and we aim to become the largest review site on the internet by the end of 2019.

  • Traffic growth of 100% month on month:

    Since the launch of Consumerchoice in December 2018, our site has double it’s traffic monthly and we’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

  • Forever unbiased and data driven:

    We will never modify or favour reviews for financial gain. Doing so would be against our values. We aim to always be unbiased and letting the data speak for itself.