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🏆 Best Ad Makers for August 2021

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What is an ad maker? 

Spreading brand awareness is essential to promote your business, reach your target audience, and improve your sales. Advertisement is a crucial factor in achieving that. With an ad maker, creating an ad copy such as compelling images and well-explained videos becomes undeniably easy. An ad maker lets you layout, edit, and design an ad copy that best represents your brand.

Why do you need an ad maker?

You need to stand out from your competitors. You can do that by reminding them you exist and that they need your product or service. Ads influence the minds of your target market. Every time they see or hear your ads is a moment of persuasion and convincing. They’ll then take action like following your brand or make a purchase. Furthermore, below are more reasons why.

Simplify Ad Creation

An ad maker has features and tools to simplify the process of your ad creation. They even provide suggestions and ready-made templates to help you decide which colors, elements, music, and images best fit your ads and ideally feature a product or service you’re advertising. Ad creation becomes so simple that it lets you focus on strategizing concepts more.

Make Special Offers Professionally

Your special offers will look legit, neat, and professional with an ad maker. Reaching your target market will be more effective when they see that the ads they saw while surfing the internet or watching a commercial are attractive and trustworthy. Announcing special offers could never be this easy if it weren’t for an ad maker.

Create Compelling Ad Copy

An ad maker allows you to create an ad copy that’s so compelling and luring that individuals take a second look and spend time reading or watching it. The success of making ads depends on how you implement your advertisement strategies. But with an ad maker, you can turn your bright ideas as compelling as possible.

Promote a Product or Service

Promoting an existing product or service helps you remind your die-hard followers or top fans to make a purchase. An ad maker is a perfect tool to give you a hand when creating ad copies about an existing product or service in the most creative way. It will then trigger flashbacks amongst your audience of their experience using what you sell; hence, they’ll make an action.

Spread Brand Awareness

Ad copy doesn’t just feature a product or service or any of your special promotions. They also spread your identity toward your target market. Branding is essential to separate yourself from the competitors. An ad maker helps you spread brand awareness when you use it as a tool to create ads.

Helps the Customers Choose

An ad copy or ad content contains on point reasons about a certain product or service that will help your customer decide if they need it or not. With an effective ad, customers will always think they’ll need it. You may use a video ad maker to put your convincing thoughts into a series of images or videos and persuade customers to decide in your favor. 

Communicate to Audience

As you already noticed, advertisements are anywhere. Even the most popular brands worldwide still advertise what they have. To think about it, they no longer have to promote themselves. Yet, they do because it’s one way to communicate to the consumers. Ad maker tools allow communication between audience and brands effective, clear, and smooth.

Core features of an ad maker

Ad maker is a good friend when it comes to brand exposure and audience reach. So, choosing the best ad maker for you is crucial to maximizing your time while incorporating all your ideas into a single ad copy. Before jumping into an ad maker tool, consider these features to look for in an ad maker.

Highly Accessible and User-friendly

An ad maker must be beginner-friendly to accommodate the general customers, especially those who recently consider ads in their marketing strategy. Beginner-friendly ad makers must have an easy-to-navigate site wherein accessing icons, tools, and other important factors when making ads is quick and easy.

Fair Pricing

Although there are free ad makers, nothing beats the perks of using the paid tools. But always have in mind that you should get what you paid for, meaning the available resources equate to your paying price. Regardless if it’s high-priced or cheap, always consider if it meets your expectations on why you purchased the first place. 

File Quality

An ad could be an image, video, or pure audio, whichever it is, always aim for a quality download file. There shouldn’t be any blur or low-quality definition on any part of the image or video. There shouldn’t be any sort of unnecessary noises for music background or audios. The best ad maker guarantees you a quality file download. 

Creative Tools

An ad maker should have tools and icons that would lead you to enjoyable and creative editing and designing your ad copy. Boosting your company-customer communication now comes efficiently if the ad maker you’re using has innovative tools to help you adjust and adapt to your audience’s likes and dislikes. 

Mobile Accessibility

With the technological advancement today, creating compelling ad copy can be done anywhere. That’s why a mobile-friendly ad maker is a vital feature you should consider when deciding which of the ad maker service providers you’ll use. A mobile-friendly ad maker lets you continue your ad making process anywhere and anytime. 

High-quality and On-trend Templates 

Most ad maker tools have a collection of ready-made templates for you to choose from. It’s crucial to pick quality over quantity, meaning that it is a high-quality template despite many choices. So, always pick ad maker service providers that prioritize these features to guarantee a high-quality ad copy.

Multiple-User Access

Another vital feature of an ad maker is its multiple-user access. Through that, you can continuously create and edit an ad while still consulting with other marketing team members. Having this feature would let you create ads smoothly and simultaneously. So, always include this in your feature-check when deciding which ad maker tools you’ll use.

Effective and Automated Suggestions

Since web and app developers have coordinated with advertisement experts, it’s expected that they can make suggestions to beautify your ad creation further. A quality ad maker tool offers suggestions through their collections arranged per the theme. It’s also nice if they show you design hacks such as a color palette and alike.

Professional Music Background

Suppose the ad you want to create is a short clip or video, then, of course, you would need a captivating music background to make your ad more compelling. An ad maker tool with a library full of professional audio clips is one vital feature for consideration. You should also check if they have an upload feature if you want to use your own music in the ad.

Responsive Customer Support

There will be times when you would have challenges navigating an ad maker tool, including your ad creation to the plan subscription. So, you should see if they have responsive customer support. Either it’s 24/7 customer support or live chat; both are super helpful. Facing any kind of challenge with your ad-making is not a hindrance with very responsive customer support.

Types of an ad maker

An ad copy is a “break or make” content. It could promote your business well when used correctly. But it could also destroy your image when poorly executed. So, strategizing carefully and researching extensively matter most when making an ad. Moreover, you should also have in mind which type of ad maker to build your ad on. To help you, below are types of ad makers.

Desktop Software Ad Maker

Desktop software ad maker is the downloaded version of ad maker tools online. With desktop software ad makers, you can create high-quality ads using your laptop or PC anytime. You may also access exclusive features for the ad maker desktop version, and you can access it both with or without an internet connection. 

Pro #1: You Can Use it offline

A desktop software ad maker is accessible even if your device is not connected to the internet. Meaning, you can continue designing and editing your ad copy anytime.

Pro #2: Safer

You would no longer have to worry about malicious content found on the internet, including possible malware. Using the download version of an ad maker allows you to have a safer ad making experience.

Pro #3: No Ads

As ironic as it sounds, one perk of using the downloaded ad maker version is the little to no ads popping out during your ad making. Since you can create ads offline, no ads would distract you.

Pro #4: No Need to Upload Files Through the Internet

If you’re making an ad and there are internet connection problems, uploading a file to add to your ad might take a while. As you use the desktop version, uploading a file to be used on your ads would no longer be time-consuming.

Con #1: Unsaved Files

There are inevitable circumstances, especially when you’re using a PC, that power interruption happens. During this time, your unsaved progress will be lost or deleted most probably.

Web Ad Maker

A web ad maker refers to the online version of ad making tools. This type of ad maker can be accessed only if you have an internet connection. This is the most used and accessed type of ad maker platform. With web ad maker, you can avail of the monthly paid subscription or the free trial version.

Pro #1: Collaboration with Team

With a web ad maker, collaborating with the rest of the marketing team becomes efficient and convenient. You no longer have to upload it through a messaging app nor put it on a shared cloud; everyone in the group can access and edit if you use this version.

Pro #2: Access to Thousands of Updated Templates

Web ad-makers contain thousands of ready-made templates you can access when you use this type of ad maker. This version has a lot to offer, but they are also in line with the latest marketing trends. 

Pro #3: Auto-save Feature

You won’t have to worry if you experience a sudden internet and power interruption, as most web maker tools have an auto-save feature. This feature automatically saves your progress, wherein you may access it anytime your resources are available. 

Pro #4: May Use Site’s Editing Tools and Features

A web ad maker has special tools available on their online platforms, such as suggestions and samples. Using the web version allows you to use these excellent editing tools and features.

Con #1: Hassle Uploading of Files

One downside of using a web ad maker is the hassle of uploading all essential files needed for your ads. It’s time-consuming, especially if the file you need uploading is heavy.

Con #2: Internet Connection Reliant

A web ad maker won’t function with an internet connection. So, if your place is experiencing internet connection problems, creating an ad with a web ad maker becomes challenging and impossible. 

Mobile Ad Maker

A mobile ad maker allows you to create, edit, and design your ad copy using only your mobile device. Either a downloaded mobile ad maker app or accessing the ad maker through the mobile’s web browser, you can successively work on your ads wherever you are. Whatever time it is, as long as you have your mobile device.

Pro #1: Can Edit it Continuously

A mobile ad maker lets you edit or work on your ad continuously. Since mobile devices are more accessible than desktop devices, you always have them with you hence can perform job-related things at all times.

Con #1: Smaller Screen

Despite its undistracted accessibility, mobile ad makers have a smaller screen than desktop devices. So, when doing your ads on mobiles, you need to exercise patience, especially if you have bigger fingers.

Free Ad Maker 

The free version of an ad maker is the most common type of ad maker. This ad maker is beginner-friendly and helpful, especially if the ad you want to create is only for experimentation purposes. An ad maker free version lets you access the trial-period of the leading brands’ ad-making services. 

Pro #1: Free of Charge

Of course, a free online ad maker won’t require you to pay as you download the ad you made. You can enjoy creating ad copy, especially if it’s your first time creating one with a free ad maker.

Pro #2: Multiple Features 

A free ad maker has multiple features that would allow you to create ads with great designs. You can benefit from these features for free to help you experience the perks of having ads.

Con #1: Brand's Watermark

One disadvantage of using an image or video ad maker free version is the brand’s watermark all around the ad copy. So, if you’re not willing to pay a single penny, you would have to accept that your ad copy has two brands’ watermark - yours and the ad maker tool provider you used. 

Con #2: Restriction to Some Tools

You surely could expect some restrictions in using the ad maker’s tools or features when you’re using the free version. So, your user-experience quality is restricted in a big way as you use a free ad maker. 

Con #3: Limited, Size, Graphics and Designs

Aside from tools’ restrictions, ad makers’ high-end features are also limited with the free version. There will be limitations in the quality of download you can do, accessing the unlimited pre-made template library, and even the size of the file you could download.

Paid Ad Maker  

The paid version of an ad maker offers premium features to create an ad that best represents your brand. You can enjoy creating an ad copy with a paid ad maker to feature your product or services with high-quality graphics and designs. You could also proudly announce promotions or activities while still being classy and unique. All that becomes simple with the paid version.

Pro #1: Complete Features

One impressive perk of using a paid version of an ad maker online is the ability to use all their available features. Meaning, you can enjoy a straightforward ad-making process because of the variety of features you can choose from to simplify your ad creation.

Pro #2: Removes Watermark

Watermark is important to retain copyright; hence ad maker tool providers put a watermark. But you can remove it if you use the paid version. Doing so would make your ad copy look more professional and neat. The only watermark in the ads will be yours. 

Pro #3: Unlimited Edit and Revision 

Another exciting feature when you use the paid version of an ad maker is the unlimited times you may edit or revise your copy. That’s so important, especially for a video ad copy that’s already downloaded. 

Pro #4: Unlimited Access to Ready-made Templates and Files

The paid version of an ad maker lets you choose from the ready-made templates with no limits. So, not only would you enjoy the complete features of an ad maker, but you could also browse and choose from the unlimited template or designs that best fit your brand.

Pro #5: Plans Subscription Options

If you decide to use a paid version of an ad maker, you will have the options to choose which specific plan would best fit you. If you’re working with a team, some ad maker brands offer plans that allow you to do that. There are also exclusive personal-use plans. 

Con #1: Payment Method

One minor con of using a paid version is the payment method. Not all forms of methods are accepted in all ad maker brands. Also, there could be challenges when processing the payment method, such as geographical issues.

Con #2: Account Cancellation Process

Another slight disadvantage with using a paid ad maker is the moment when you no longer need one. You still have to undergo a cancellation process, especially if you purchased an annual plan.

Who needs an ad maker?

Digital Marketer

Running ads online would increase your brand’s reach two-fold. So, digital marketers need an online ad maker to make the best ad that can perfectly represent and complement their brand’s voice. They only need to strategize the ad copy because the ad maker tools suggest designs that fit your ad’s brand and theme. They just have to know how to navigate the tool.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers are in charge of the advertisement strategy. Huge brands have advertising managers to run ads for them. Whether it’s digital or physical, an advertising manager makes sure the ads are presentable, compelling, relatable, and professional-looking that best fits the brand.

Facebook Ad Specialist

Running ads online is common amongst digital marketers. But today, one specific platform online has a dedicated ad expert—the FB ads specialist. An ad maker is a vital tool for a Facebook ad specialist. Some ad maker tools have dedicated templates and set up for Facebook’s ad copy. 

Business Startups

Business startups need to boost their presence to boom their business. They can do that through ads. Business owners could personally make an ad copy for themselves using a business ad maker tool. They could use this tool to announce their opening to their target audience. With an ad maker, startup owners can gain huge traffic even on their launching day.

Business Empire

Huge companies, despite their being famous already, still have to use ads. Even if they’re proven successful and on-demand, they still have competitors. Hence, an ad copy will help them stand out and remind their die-hard consumers about their products or service. CEOs could hire social media marketers to do their ads for them.

Government Agencies

Although government agencies do not sell anything, they still need an ad copy. With ads, they can promote an activity their department is focusing on. They can also promote advocacy to gain the citizens’ support by using an ad banner maker or even a radio ad maker. They can let an in-house staff do the ad creation for their department since it’s easy with an ad maker.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions also need ads, especially when the new school year opening is fast approaching. The ads can encourage students to choose their school by displaying their achievements, credentials, and testimonials. Since ad making is super simple, they can even ask some of their educators to use an ad maker and create compelling ads for the school.

Religious and Non-Government Organizations

Religious and non-government organizations always have activities, may it be quarterly or yearly, these organizations conduct activities. An ad copy helps them spread awareness of what they believe along with their advocacies. They may prefer creating a copy using a magazine ad maker or perhaps a newspaper ad maker to distribute physical and digital publications.

Political Candidates

Countries with democracy as the form of government conduct elections at the appointed time. As election day approaches, political candidates do everything to reach the people. Ads with their faces are often typical. Using a political ad maker and an ad flyer maker with exclusive features can help them make an ad that best reflects their advocacies and campaigns.

Step-by-step guide on creating a compelling ad

Step1: Do market research.

Before anything else, make sure to do your research. Regardless of how well-designed your ad copy is, it’s lame if you haven’t targeted it to the right market. So, conduct market research that includes studying and understanding your market’s pain and connecting it to your brand or how you can offer a solution.

Step 2: Prepare your budget. 

Although you may use resources such as free video ad-makers, there’s still a considerable difference when using the paid version. So, prepare your budget. Advertising with ads costs you some money. From the ad creation itself to ad launching, money is involved. So, calculate in advance the expenses and prepare your budget well.

Step 3: Strategize based on data gathered. 

Based on the data gathered and the budget you have, strategize your ads carefully. Do much brainstorming, or you could even do A/B testing. Always consider the importance of branding in fortifying your business. Weigh your available resources thoroughly and achieve an ad copy that will boost your company. 

Step 4: Use an ad maker that has features perfect for the ad you imagined.

After mapping out your ad strategy, you can choose the perfect ad maker tool provider that meets your budget, strategy, and taste. Consider the features, price, and compatibility of the ad maker tool that suits you. Afterward, you can then start designing your first ad copy.

Step 5: Write magnetic headlines. 

A critical aspect of an ad copy is the magnetic headlines. The success of a catchy headline depends on your skill and research. So, make a list of headlines that would make your audience have a second look. Then come up with a final headline that doesn’t break your copy; instead, a headline that attracts many.

Step 6: Choose attractive images or videos to represent your brand. 

Scroll from the ready-made templates of videos and images from the ad maker tool you’re using and choose the best for you. Always make sure to select an attractive photo or video to represent your brand. Meaning, it should be in high definition graphics and displays a professional impact on your audience. 

Step 7: Don’t forget a clear call to action. 

A crucial aspect of every sales copy is the call to action. A CTA or call to action refers to the one-liner that encourages the audience to take action. With a luring CTA, you can persuade tons of customers to click the “sign up” or “buy now” button. Remember that a CTA must be concise, clear, readable, and powerful.

Step 8: Review everything and put yourself in the shoes of your customers. 

Now that you’re done, carefully inspect everything. From the designs to the context of your ad copy, check if it’s flawless. Then, put yourself in the shoes of your target market, and see if you will stop, look, and take action if you were them. Once all is sorted out, you can finally be confident that you just create a compelling ad copy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can upload your brand’s logo, photos, and other files essential for your ad copy. For example, you can use a banner ad maker to make an ad copy for your website; since this type of ad copy is image-based, uploading your images such as your brand’s logo would seem to be the right move.

Above anyone else, writing an ad copy is the job of copywriters. Most copywriters draw inspiration from existing ad copy and thoroughly study each part of the whole copy. They don’t stick to the exact copy with the topic they’re trying to write about; instead, they study any sort of successful copy regardless of the niche and incorporate it into theirs.

Likewise, if this is your first time writing an ad copy, draw inspiration from the proven successful ad copy. It could be from a famous brand or just something ordinary that perhaps you encountered when surfing. Just make sure you don’t copy exactly as it is but only draw inspiration and understand the concept and style.

An ad campaign refers to a series of advertisements that runs on one theme and has one goal. So, with a campaign ad maker, you can perform this campaign smoothly. Marketers advise running an ad from 6 weeks to 3 months duration. However, the final determinant still depends on what you advertise and where you promote them. 

As seen in the various advertising platforms, the ad’s duration goes around 30 seconds, especially on television. Every second counts in this type of situation, and you should make the most of each second and maximize everything. Further, here’s how you should make a 30-second commercial.

First, create an ad that quickly captures attention. This includes correct color combination along with catchy one-liner words. Second, convey a clear and direct to the point message. You only have 30 seconds to promote; use it well. Write a script out of it and use a mockup video. 

Unlike commercial advertisements, school projects have little to zero budget. So, in-depth research is required to gather free resources without compromising the quality. For example, students can search for video ad maker software free download and use it to make an ad copy for a school project.

In terms of the content, students should remember that the fewer words, the better. Improvise a motto or a catchy phrase. Use colors, images, and other features found in the ad maker. Most importantly, students should enjoy the process of creating an ad.

A good advertisement is relatable. Not everyone can relate to everything; of course, that’s why it’s essential to make your ad copy relatable to your target audience. Then it should be memorable. Meaning it connects with the audience hence holds people’s attention. A quality advertisement serves as the customers’ window to your brand.

Paypal is the most convenient way to pay for your subscription plan as it’s the commonly accepted method globally. However, most of the ad maker websites also accept debit cards, Mastercard, and credit cards. So, feel free to proceed to the payment option as most ad maker tools providers accept various payment methods nowadays.

The cancellation process for each subscription in the ad maker websites vary. You can generally cancel your plan anytime, especially if the plan you’re using has no or is beyond the money-back guarantee period. If you need further assistance in refunding your money, you can always contact customer support.

Advertisement professionals' salaries range from $38,331 to $228,268 a year. That includes the annual average wage of an advertisement manager, which is about $100,00 per year. In comparison, ad copywriters earn $90,000 on average annually. Salaries of these professionals vary and still depend mainly on their skills and experience.

There is a so-called marketing term, “the seven times factor,” where it claims that the marketing starts to register in the customers’ awareness after seven times. Meaning, your customers need to see your brand’s advertisement seven times to be fully registered to themselves.

So, frequently using ads helps. Suppose you want to use social media for advertising your brand; in that case, it’s advised that 3-5 times per week work best without getting annoying to the audiences. Although you should have in mind the moment people surf, they have been exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. So, weigh things out to make sure your ads are seen and not annoying.

Tv is still considered the unbeatable and number one platform for advertisement, even with the strong presence of digital marketing, specifically social media. TV is still the most effective advertising that causes action because most people stay home and watch TV. Also, most people have continuous access to TV rather than the internet.

-Display advertising refers to digital banners that are found in or around the internet. From blog posts, search engines, websites, and more. These ads can be both images or short clip videos, or GIFs. You can create one using either the paid or free banner ad maker.

-Video Advertising pertains to short informational videos that are eye-catching, entertaining, and has great storytelling. These are often found in mainstream  media and social media. This is also proven to be the most effective kind of advertising. 

-Mobile Advertising is ads that are adjusted and optimized for mobile use. This kind of advertising is shown or will load in all mobile devices’ app, display, search, or social ads. As long as your audience’s mobile device is connected to the internet, they can see these ads.

-Native Advertising is the most tactful advertisement. Meaning, this ad is not annoying nor disruptive. Native advertising refers to direct advertising through blogs, videos, infographics, and as such. It could be applied with a print ad maker to produce a compelling promotional magazine for traditional marketing.