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🏆 Best Android Backup Software for August 2021

Do you wish to properly back up your Android files? Get the best Android Backup Software today! This allows you to secure and still access your data wherever you are and whenever you want.

What is an android backup software

Losing your files on your Android smartphones upon updating is such a disaster, and it's something familiar to every Android user. Fortunately, Android backup software is made available as a useful tool to backup your data. It’s a great alternative in case you lose all of your files, images, contacts, and other essential phone data. 

Why do you need an android backup software

Most people use their cell phones to store essential data such as documents, photos, contact numbers, and more. Therefore, you should consider using Android backup software to make sure that your files are safe and retrievable no matter what. Moreover, below are the other reasons why you need this software. 

Uncover Deleted Phone Files

Some phone owners often lend their phone to a kid or even other people nowadays and end up losing files due to accidental deletion. So, to find them, the best Android backup software for PC, or any other device, can recover and restore those deleted phone files effortlessly. This software is especially useful to working parents since they are the ones with most of the confidential data stored in their devices. 

Find Hidden Data On Your Phone

An Android backup and restore software can aid you in uncovering hidden data within your phone. If you bought a secondhand, and you want to know the issue behind your filled phone storage, this Android backup and restore software can fulfill those functions for you.

Copy Files From Old to New Phone

If you want to switch to a new phone, but yet you're worried about how you might lose all of your files, Android backup software will bring you ease. This software has functions that enable you to copy your old phone's data and bring them into your new one effortlessly. That way, you don't need to go through the hassle of starting over and saving everything manually and individually.

For Data Protection and Phone Backup

Phones contain crucial data, such as images, documents, and even phone contacts. However, you can't guarantee that these data will always be safe on your device. Your devices will always be vulnerable to data loss and corruption. Therefore, having the best backup Android phone software produces a copy of your files that you can access anytime and on any device in case you need them.

Access Phone Data from PC

If you have documents created or saved within your phone, you can now transfer them to your PC and edit them using this software. An android backup to PC function can help you move your files from your handphone to your computer. This software allows you to access your data effortlessly, especially when you need them in times where you have no physical access to your phone.

Core features of android backup software

It’s frustrating how you lose all of your files because you accidentally deleted them or your Android phone formatted itself. There are multiple features that Android backup software has that make it a reason for why most of their users rely on their functions. If you’re planning to get yourself one, here are the core features of Android backup software.

Second Copy for Safekeeping

The primary reason why people get this software is that they want a second copy of their files for safekeeping. When your device undergoes a backup process by this software, you are secured with duplicate copies of your data to avoid loss. So if ever your Android phones would malfunction, this main feature will reassure you that you can retrieve your data anytime, care of your duplicates. 

Accessible Device and Data

Sometimes, you may experience some lagging on your smartphones because of the amount of storage consumed by your files. So you may want to get yourself a backup software, so you can just upload your data then retrieve it whenever you need them. Therefore, your Android backup software should be accessible anytime and from any device. 

Reliable Data Privacy and Security

Who could be accessing your data if you connect yourself to a network during the transfer of your files? Ensure that your Android smartphone backup software comes with guaranteed privacy and security. Some of the best Android backup software enables you to create a unique proof of identification before you can access your files. This way, no one else can gain access to your data, keeping them safe and secure.

Backup Scheduling

If you want to make sure that your second copies are always up-to-date, then your Android backup software should have a scheduling option. With this feature, you don't have to click through the options manually to start the backup process. All you have to do is wait for your backup schedule. Then your software will automatically upload your files.

User-Friendly Interface

If you're a beginner or you simply aren't tech-savvy, then you may not have any idea how backup systems work. So your chosen software should have a user-friendly interface. This interface should be understandable enough that even newbies like yourself would understand how to operate it.  This way, you'll be able to browse through your options and tools effortlessly. 

Types of android backup software 

There are two types of android backup software listed. Your choice primarily depends on the extent of features needed and the budget you can spare for such software. 

Free Android Backup Software

If you are more focused on not being able to spend a penny for backing up your files, there is a great option that saves you a lot of money. With a free android backup software, you don't have to spend anything at all to back up the files you need. However, most free software can only offer \limited features. But if you're on a tight budget, then this type is suitable for you. 

Pro #1: You Spend Nothing 

You do not take even a bit of money out of your pockets with free Android backup software. To explain it simply, you only need to get the software going, and it will begin restoring or backing up your files. Therefore, if you choose this software, you can still keep your pockets full because it won't require you to pay a sum to get it to function.

Pro #2: Retrieve Your Files and Discover Other Files 

This type of backup software provides the primary function that you need—retrieving deleted files. Despite being free, you can back up and recover your deleted data when you use free Android backup software. Restore all the data you had lost and make use of them once more when you have a free Android Backup Software onhand.

Con #1: Limited Features 

Free software typically offers limited features compared with those who offer premium plans. So if you're looking for an advanced feature, then this type of Android backup software may not meet your needs.

Con #2: It Takes Time 

You can't demand something to be fast and high-quality functioning if you're availing of it for free. Therefore, you need to be patient as it will be a long and slow process when you utilize this type of backup software. 

Con #3: Your Privacy Is at Risk 

Free Android backup software usually promises to recover your files. However, they may also be saving them as a backup elsewhere. Hence, they can obtain your confidential data and share it with other people or make use of it themselves.

Con #4: Malware Threats

Free Android backup software usually doesn't offer that much security, and some may even insert malware into your device. Malware is defined as a type of disease on a computer device. It is a virus that corrupts your files and makes your computer malfunction.  

Premium or Paid Android Backup Software

A paid type of Android backup software can offer you more features than a free one. It will not only backup and restore your files, but also, it can provide you with more options to help you in safekeeping your essential data. It is a highly recommended type of backup software due to its precise functions.

Pro #1: More Convenient to Use than Free Type 

Premium Android backup software typically consists of a convenient and user-friendly interface, so you can effortlessly browse through the software. So when troubles arise, you can quickly restore your data into your devices. 

Pro#2: Determine and Resolve Threats 

This software has advanced functions that will help them in determining the threats that can attack your device. They can resolve it as well so that it prevents the corruption of your files.

Pro #3: Privacy Is Secured 

Paid android backup software provides functions that deem it reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, they can be trusted with securing your confidential data and keeping it from public eyes and even the software producer or maker. Consequently, it will fulfill its functions in providing safer and more protected file security for its clients.

Pro #4: Additional Functions 

This type of software has more functions to offer than a free one. For instance, some provide pin recovery functions -- others offer permanent data deletion. As for permanent data deletion, it helps you erase every trace of the file even if you try your hardest to recover them. These often come in as add-ons that will introduce numerous additional features that are useful and convenient for you. 

Con #1: Costly

A promising android backup software might require you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. It might cost you a sum, but it is a good investment for business owners and freelancers to keep their files in check and backed up. So, should accidents happen, such as a format or malware intrusion, you can restore them on another device conveniently.

Con #2: Additional Features Require Payment 

You will not gain full access to the software unless you pay for its additional features. However, some would offer all-in-one features within one payment. Therefore, this software might require you to pay another sum, but its other features are guaranteed to help you in the long run.

Con #3: Limited Storage 

Paid software does guarantee your data privacy regardless of the price. However, they usually have a limited amount of storage allowance per subscription plan. So they may suggest that you add more, in case you need it, by paying for additional storage space. 

Who needs android backup software?

An Android backup software is a must for mostly practical reasons. If you’re unsure if you need one, here’s a list of individuals who need such tech. You might find yourself in a similar situation as these people.


As someone always on the go, you need optimal functions and features that are convenient and useful in your line of work. You mostly run out of storage because of their business documents. Plus, you always need to keep these protected. Hence, you need this software to make sure you would not lose clients' contact information and essential files.


If you love saving songs or videos on devices, you will need this. You may also need it for storing instrumentals for the music you are about to compose. So, your phone storage quickly gets filled up because these files usually require a lot of storage space. Therefore, backing them up automatically through a trustworthy Android backup software would be an excellent solution for you to take advantage of.

Freelancers and Self-Published Authors

Many freelancers, especially writers, will mostly use this type of software. You often write your thoughts on your phones. You always need to keep these work-related data safe on your devices. Hence, to avoid it from getting erased accidentally, you need to clone your files using Android backup software and retrieve it instantly.


In this high technology generation, schools may send you visual slides or documents for their students’ study guide. Thus, you need to duplicate their files with a capable Android backup restore software since you could lose them the moment you upgrade their phone, or it gets corrupted. Also, you might use your phone for games, which also fills up their storage quickly.

Working Parents with Toddlers

Often, when parents are at home, they are usually busy doing their chores and preparing food. You would want to distract their toddler from breaking things and hurting themselves—while also teaching them new things. You let them watch a video or basic learning games. However, it’s unavoidable how some kids might accidentally delete essential files. Hence, backup software for their Android devices would be handy.


Appointment schedules, contact information, work templates, and other crucial data of managers are all handled by secretaries. If you are one, it is vital that you back files up and secure a clone to restore your data in case trouble arises. By being prepared, your boss will be impressed, and who knows a salary raise might be around the corner.


You get clients every now and then, and many cases are the same as previous ones. Therefore, if you have deleted the files for the successfully “closed cases” for reusing, you can recover that file through their Android backup software. 

Step-by-step guide on how to use an android backup software

Step1: Figure out why you need one.

You need to first look into what is the cause of your dismay with your device. Observe and analyze what could be going wrong with your files at the moment or ask yourself why you need Android backup software. You wouldn’t want to waste time and effort in backing up less essential data.

Step 2: Check its features and functions. 

What do clients usually look into when figuring out which products suit them best? You look at the qualities or its features. Same as with software, you need to look at its features and how this can benefit you, especially if you’re planning to get the paid type.

Step 3: Pick and install the software. 

Once you have already picked out the software which suits you best, you can install it and start to familiarize yourself with its tools. Check out how some functions work and use it or discover how to maximize its usage to its fullest potential. 

Step 4: Open the app and select the files to backup.  

When it finishes installing, launch the app. Select which of your files you’d like to backup or secure a copy of. Be mindful of the allotted storage space that you have on your PC because you might be unable to clone everything if it is an almost full status.

Step 5: Select the storage location of your backup. 

You need to remember where you will be placing your backup data or where it will be stored since this is where you can recover your files from. Also, when opting for an automatic backup, input the schedule on when you’ll be needing it.

Step 6: Start backing up your files. 

To ensure that all of your files are safe and untouched, begin backing up your data. The duration of your backup process will depend on the size of the files you have selected to back up. 

Step 7: If your device is full, migrate your data. 

Engaging your phone with apps or software that asks it to function, often ends up taking up some of its storage space.   Pick out which disk you intend to transfer those files or folders into. You need to know where you will be placing your backup.

Step 8: When you change your device, duplicate your system.  

Reinstalling your apps can be quite a hassle when you change your device. You may need to start over and manually install them once again. This process will take a lot of time. However, if you do it manually, all of your data from that application will also restart. Duplicating your system through reliable android backup software, it will help you experience less hassle as you restore all of your data in a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your SMS, documents, contacts, multimedia: music, videos, photos, and even hidden data can be backed up using Android backup software. This function will benefit you, especially in cases where you accidentally delete your files. This software is also helpful when you’re switching devices since it allows you to recover your essential data from your old device to your new one.

Yes, you can. Most software developers offer their audience a choice to enjoy their free plan or embrace the limitless benefits that their premium plans can bring. If they’re currently on the free software plan, they can upgrade it to premium easily as developers often suggest it. 

Data Recovery Program

From images, SMS, music, documents, and other saved files within your phone—it can be recovered when you find the top Android backup software to assist you. This function is handy, especially when you have tons of crucial data within your devices, and you can’t afford to lose them. In just a few clicks, you can duplicate your files and restore them whenever you need them.

Transfer Files from Phone to PC

The best phone backup storage is your personal computer because a PC has a larger storage capacity than your phone. Therefore, Android backup software allows you to transfer your backed up files into your PC. That way, you can rest assured that you have your data duplicates within your reach. Plus, you can access them from your computers anytime.

Repair Android Issues

Occasionally some issues arise within Android phones. Some even end up suddenly going through what you call a “black screen of death.” The black screen of death is a situation when your Android phone is either in full blue screen or black screen. In other words, it’s not starting up.

Initially, you would immediately ask services to troubleshoot this and pay a considerable amount of money for it. Luckily, some of the best Android backup software in the market today allows you to repair Android issues as well without having to break your bank.

Permanently Erase Confidential Files

Some Android smartphone backup software can recover your deleted files, but sometimes you may want to delete them permanently instead. The top Android backup software in the market today allows you to perform this function. You don’t have to worry about your confidential files getting leaked out since you can rest assured that this software completely erased them for you.

Unlock and Remove Pins

People often forget their passwords. Therefore, to resolve this issue without the need for a factory reset, this software can help you. Some Android backup software offers some tools that help you remove any lock on your devices. Hence, gaining you the ease to access your devices should you ever get locked. That way, you don’t have to seek services to break the lock on your phone.

Root Access Your Device

If you want to have full control over your Android device, then the root access function of Android backup software can help you. This function allows you to have privileged control over your devices so you can improve its overall performance. 

Both. However, this is all dependent on whether you have confidential data within your device or personal files that should not be spread. If you have any of these, a paid android backup software is mostly recommended since it has more features and better security when restoring your data.

It solely depends on which Android backup software you are using. But most of the top Android backup software available in the market today also helps you recover your account details, such as emails and passwords. With people having a lot in their minds lately, they are prone to forgetting crucial information such as their email addresses and passwords. A feature like this from the best Android backup software will be a great support. 

Yes, you can. Before you do a factory reset, you need to check if you have backed up your files. Once you are done with that, you may proceed with your reset. Reinstall the app once again and restore everything on your phone. 

Yes, there is a feature that has been built to bring much ease to Android users. They can utilize this software to instantly transfer their files from their old phone into their new devices. This feature is very convenient for users like you because it can help you move your data with ease. Thus, you can avoid the risk of missing out on one or two files.

Yes, reviews are dependable. Feedback, whether negative or positive, comes from the personal views of each person that has used the software. Hence, you can rest assured that these users can provide you reliable insights regarding this software.

Yes, you can if you have backed up your device storage before you have deleted them. This is how Android backup software helps business people or salespeople a lot.

Yes, there are functions where you can set your schedule in the settings, and then your phone will automatically backup newly added data in your device. If an upgrade will corrupt your files, or should your files get formatted, this would quickly get it fixed.

Yes, through Android backup software, it is possible. If you are using this software as a storage extension for your device, this works perfectly well, especially when you need the extra space to save more files. All you have to do is back up your data so you can retrieve them whenever you have to. 

Top Android backup software aims to please its customers. And no, it does not make any of your data accessible to anyone aside from you. Therefore, you can ensure the protection and security of your privacy and the data by which you have. However, you should check the reliability of the software first. Some providers claim that their programs are secured despite being vulnerable to malware and threats.

This error shows when you might have missed out on a step, or you may not have a good connection. Make sure that you have a stable network so that everything will turn up smoothly and accurately. If the router for your network connection is the main problem, reboot the device so you can use your android backup software effectively.

Aside from your applications and your offline files, you can also utilize this software to back up your online data and into a folder. With this convenience, you can always keep your emails safe from deletion and restore it once you need it.