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🏆 Best Data Recovery Software for August 2021

Fix bad file systems and recover lost or deleted files with data recovery software! Data recovery software is any type of software that recovers lost data from a variety of sources, including computers and other types of storage devices.

What is data recovery software

What if you’re working on an important project, then suddenly the file got corrupted? Fear not because data recovery software has you covered. This fantastic software lets you recover corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible data from your device. It accesses file entries virtually from any device to recover your data. Now that's a lifesaver.

Why do you need data recovery software?

Data recovery software not only retrieves or recovers your data, but it also helps you work at ease knowing that a reliable system got you. Using high-tech features, it protects your data and records all critical transactions for future use. If you're still having second thoughts about getting data recovery software, read below to know more about its excellent benefits.

Saves You Time and Money

Getting data recovery software helps you save time and money. Since you'll have powerful software that can recover your data and files for you, you don't need to hire a professional anymore and pay tons of money. It will also spare you from the daunting task of DIY troubleshooting. Whatever's lost will be found with the best data recovery software.

Saves You From Redoing Your Work

If you're working on an important project and your files got deleted or corrupted, you'll have to redo all the work, but not with data recovery software. To save you from this nightmare, it ensures that you'll be able to retrieve any essential data or files from your drive. Even the best free data recovery software can assure you of a no-fail recovery every time.

Protects Your Documents

When you have a business, you'll know how vital your business records are. If employees are unable to work due to down systems and missing documents, you'll lose revenue. Luckily, data recovery software backups your data regularly, so in case of system failure, you'll still have your files to push through with your normal business operations.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Since you know that your files have backups, you'll have peace of mind even if the system crashes or becomes unreliable. Data recovery software works in two ways: it creates a backup for all your files and recovers them if they still get lost. This two-way protection will give you the utmost peace of mind since you know you're always covered. 

Helps You Retrieve Data from Multiple Devices

Another benefit of getting data recovery software is that you can use it to retrieve data from multiple storage devices. With just a single software, you can recover deleted, lost, or corrupted files from devices like a hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD, pen drive, memory card, flash drive, etc. You don't need to get multiple software because one software covers all.

Restores Deleted Files

Data recovery software not only retrieves corrupted or lost files, but they can also recover the files you intentionally or unintentionally deleted. Using a powerful technology, it sorts out and scans all places in your device to retrieve your files. What you think is lost isn't gone because data recovery software will have a way to find them even in an empty recycle bin.

Helps You Search Files Easily

The best professional data recovery software provides you a search option that lets you go through all the restored files and data on your device. You can even preview specific details such as file type or date. This ease of file search helps you locate your restored files without hassle because just by using filters, you'll find what you're looking for in no time.

Helps Sort Out Documents

Data recovery software is not only useful in retrieving lost files; it can also help you sort out your recovered documents. You can extract selected folders and files and create organized storage for them. You can even arrange them by file size and date. The folders will also have automatic backups to ensure that you won't lose your files again. 

Safely Records All Your Important Information

The best recovery data software keeps a record of all your essential information and files. It lets you keep records on remote servers to ensure that even though your system or device fails, all your necessary data is secure. If you accidentally misplace any transaction record or file, the recovery tool will help you retrieve it quickly. 

Better Customer Service

For every system mishap, you are losing customers. If you want to develop customer trust in your company, you have to show them how credible and stable your business is. Data recovery software creates security measures that prevent data or file loss even during system crashes, so you can still do manual transactions. 

Prevents Data Breach

Data recovery software can also help avoid a data breach. Pre-installed software will warn employees that all their actions are monitored. The software also has features that track data sharing outside the office. It will help secure both your business and customers' information to ensure the utmost confidentiality. 

Core features of the best data recovery software

Data recovery software helps you retrieve and protect your data from being corrupted or deleted. With high-end technology and excellent features, data recovery software creates a virtual space in your device where your files are safe and sound. Read below to know more about the features each data recovery software should have.

Data Recovery or Rescue

One of the core features is data recovery or rescue. Using just a few simple steps, you can retrieve previously deleted photos, videos, or important documents. The data recovery software's best deals have the data rescue feature even in their free downloads and trial. 

Automated Monitoring and Sync

The automated monitoring features automatically checks and backups all your data. You don't need to manually check your files and records because once you install your software, the system will automatically monitor all actions done within your device. This automated monitoring feature helps you protect your files without any effort. How great is that?

Fast Data Scanning

Data recovery software also has a fast data scanning feature wherein you can scan your device’s content using an advanced algorithm. This feature is especially useful in going through your files when looking for a particular record. With the fast data scanning feature, you can filter search results and find what you're looking for in a matter of seconds.

Email Repair

The email repair feature extracts your mailbox for received, sent, and deleted emails. This feature can also recover extremely corrupted emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. It can recover even dismounted databases for emails. It will be easier to trace internal and external correspondence with email repair features, especially during audits.

Email Converter

The email converter feature works with email repair. This professional feature converts exchange database mailboxes into more readable formats without altering the existing system. It is especially useful for businesses that migrated to a newer system, as the software will give them the means to convert and migrate their old files into the new one.

File Repair

With enterprise-grade tools, the file repair feature helps repair corrupt database access and transfer them to a new database. This fantastic feature recovers all objects, including password-protected records. It can even retrieve severely corrupted Quickbook file components and create a backup file for them.

Data Erasure

The best data recovery software will give you the tools to retrieve your files and ways to erase them permanently. The data erasure feature wipes out all sensitive and confidential records from your device. This feature helps protect your data should you lose your device or decide to sell it later on.

Portable Backup

Most data recovery software has portable versions that you can use. It means that you don't need to install it on your device to use it. You can easily download the file from another computer and store it in your flash drive so that you can use it at any time. With the portable feature, you can retrieve your missing files hassle-free.

OS Compatibility

Another fantastic feature of data recovery software is that they are compatible with almost any operating system. It allows you to retrieve your files across desktops without having to update the software regularly. This feature is especially useful for businesses that use a combination of computer systems within their network.

Free Trial Period

The best data recovery software's free trial feature lets you gauge the process before getting a paid plan. Service providers have this feature to give you a free demo on how the process works. However, the free trial usually expires after 30 days. Once you're satisfied with the service, the best-paid data recovery software will be available after you upgrade your plan. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Another great feature to look for is the money-back guarantee. Service providers offer this feature to show how confident they are of the services they provide. If you're still having doubts about whether to spend your money, you can rest easy with the guarantee.

Free Tech Support

One of the core features of data recovery software is free tech support. Most service providers have a 24/7 live chat feature on their website, which you can use to inquire about the services or raise your software issues. This free tech support feature will guide you in using the software, especially during crucial data or file recovery situations.

Types of data recovery software 

The types of data recovery software vary depending on the device they are used on. Though all work to retrieve lost files and data, the functions may differ depending on the devices' complexities. Read below to know more about the different types of data recovery software so that you can choose the best one for you.  

SSD (Solid State Drive) Data Recovery Software

Many factors can compromise your device's files, such as careless formatting, virus attack, partition failure, etc. Luckily, the best SSD data recovery software got you. It undeletes all files within your SSD. With just a few simple steps, you can recover, and backup deleted files, making it the best data recovery software for PCs (personal computers). 

SSD data recovery software is easy to use. After you download the software, you scan your files and see all the deleted items. You may then recover the files you want to retrieve. If you’re wondering what the best data recovery software for first-time users is, the easy steps make this type the perfect choice. 

You have lots of options to try out SSD data recovery software. Most service providers offer multiple plan types just for SSD data recovery. Thus, you won't have trouble finding a plan that suits your needs and budget.

The encryption cost in SSD data recovery software is relatively high, especially for full-disk services. Since you are paying to secure your whole database, the prices are higher versus other data recovery software types with limited coverage. 

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Data Recovery Software

Common problems that cause data or file loss in hard drives are partition formatting, partition damage, virus attack, etc. Fortunately, the best hard drive data recovery software helps you address these issues and recover files from your hard disk drive. It supports deleted, formatted, and recycle bin data recovery to ensure that you'll recover essential files. 

Same with SSD data recovery software, the HDD type is also easy to use. The scans are quick, and you'll see your deleted or corrupted files right away. You can even use the software to organize your files, making it the best type for students who use a single device for all their school work.

Another advantage of HDD data recovery software is that it can support multiple file systems. You don't need to purchase different software for all your files. Some software even has email recovery features that let you retrieve all email messages and files. 

One drawback of HDD data recovery software is the old-fashioned user interface of the software. Since this type of data recovery software is one of the first types, some service providers still use the old interface. 

Phone Data Recovery Software

As the name suggests, phone data recovery software retrieves all deleted or corrupted files in your mobile device. The best phone data recovery software can cover all your phone data, such as messages, emails, photos, videos, etc. This type also serves as the best memory card data recovery software since it can recover files from phones' external storage. 

Phone data recovery software supports multiple file systems. All sorts of files that can be stored in a mobile device can be retrieved through this software. With the numerous file system support, you can retrieve all deleted items with just one software.

Another advantage of phone data recovery software is that it doesn’t require device specifications. Unlike other software that requires you to update your operating system version for the best user experience, this type of recovery software works well in any version. 

Unfortunately, most phone data recovery software has limited search options. Unlike other types of data recovery software with multiple filters, this type can only use available filters such as date and name. Thus, the search process can be quite challenging.

External Storage Data Recovery Software

This type of data recovery software covers all types of devices that serve as external storage. It is the best data recovery software for external hard drives because it can pick up single files or data and recover it quickly. If you have several projects that you store in different external storage devices, it is the best for you. 

A significant advantage of external storage data recovery software is its versatility. It can work on almost any external storage device there is. It can double as the best USB data recovery software or the best sd card data recovery software. Aside from that, it also supports multiple file systems. Now that's a one-size-fits-all solution you should try.

One major drawback of most external storage data recovery software is its complexity. It usually has more steps than other data recovery software types. Plus, most service providers do not offer portable versions of this software. 

Who needs data recovery software?

Start-Up Business Owners

If you're a start-up business owner, why not start with a reliable and robust storage system? The data recovery software will not only help you retrieve data when they get lost, but they will also create an automatic backup for you. With software like this, you can easily create an organized record of your transactions from your business’s start date for easy auditing. 

Established Business Owners

If you're already an established business owner, data recovery software helps you maintain your good reputation and credibility among customers. Since all your files are backed up and can be retrieved quickly, system mishaps can be prevented. Because operations will be done smoothly, you'll maintain a good business reputation for sure.

E-commerce Website Owners

Offline store owners are not the only ones who need a data recovery software. Since e-commerce websites collect customer information, you need a system to keep track of the data. Luckily, data recovery software monitors how information moves in your networks, so you are on top of all the information you get. It will also help you prevent costly data breach cases.


Students also need data recovery software to ensure that all your projects and files are safely stored and easy to retrieve. Since those files are essential for you to graduate, you need a system that will guarantee that if your device's system fails, you'll still get all your documents. After all, those files are a product of your blood and sweat. Thus, they should be protected.


Employees need data recovery software to protect their files. Students are not the only ones who work on significant projects. Employees also have critical data to protect. Data recovery software helps you save and backup your data, so you can easily retrieve them. The software is also incredibly useful for employee turnover since all data can be stored and endorsed easily. 


Are you a freelancer who works on several projects? If yes, you need a data recovery software to ensure that any system mishap will not delete or corrupt your files. If you're storing files on different devices, you can get an external storage data recovery software to protect all your devices so that you can work on your gigs without worries.

Online Programmers

Online programmers also need data recovery software. Since you're working on essential codes, you don't want to lose them because you unintentionally deleted your files or because your system crashed down. Data recovery software helps you protect your files and codes to still use them on your next project—no need to redo everything.

Graphic Artists

If you're a graphic artist, your works are your bread and butter to get clients. Thus, you need to secure all your files. Data recovery software backups your files, so you can still retrieve them even in the far future. Keeping all your works appropriately stored will help you build an extensive portfolio that will surely impress potential clients. 


Writers need data recovery software to protect their outputs. Writing content is no easy feat. You spend hours, days, or even months just to finish a write-up, and losing even one file is a nightmare. Luckily, data recovery software can help. By creating backups of your file, you're sure that whatever happens to your device, your work will still be intact and ready to submit.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a data recovery software

Step1: Determine why you need a data recovery software. 

The first step is to determine why you need a data recovery software. By doing so, you'll know which type is for you. For instance, if you're a student using one laptop for all your projects, you can get an HDD data recovery software because it offers single device protection for your laptop's hard disk drive.

Step 2: Research for reputable service providers. 

The next step is to look for the best-rated data recovery software. Most service providers have websites you can check out to see how customers reviewed or rated their services. You can use the information there to determine how reputable and reliable a service provider is. 

Step 3: Ask for peer recommendations. 

After checking out service providers, ask for peer recommendations. They can give you the best data recovery software review with their experience. Since they may have similar data recovery needs with you, they can give you useful suggestions and referrals. 

Step 4: Check pricing and features. 

Once you shortlisted service providers, the next step is to check pricing and features for each service package. You can also see these on the websites. Try to compare features and prices for similar packages so that you can get the best services at the most affordable rate.

Step 5: Consult with the service provider. 

If you have a preferred package already from a specific service provider, don't hesitate to ask questions. Most service provider websites have a live chat feature where you can raise any concern or question. You can also ask for a customized package or any existing promo to get the best deal possible.

Step 6: Don't forget to maximize free trial periods. 

Most service providers have a free trial that you should take advantage of. They will let you download a full version of the software without paying anything. Try to take these free trial offers before getting a paid plan. It will be useful in determining whether the software can tend to your data recovery and backup needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

External storage data recovery software provides the most efficient way for single data recovery. If you're trying to recover files from a USB or SD card, this type will provide the best means for you to do so. However, if you're trying to recover files from a computer or a mobile phone, you need to use a software fit for the specific device.

If you're getting your software from a reputable service provider's website, then it is safe to use. However, it would help if you exercise caution when using free software because there are instances when the data are overwritten. Overwriting may cause permanent file deletion. Thus, you should follow the recovery steps carefully.

The process of data recovery varies depending on how complex the problem is. If you're dealing with lost files due to system malfunctions or lost partitions, the recovery may take some time. However, for simple data recoveries, most software can do the scanning and recovery in a matter of minutes.

Most service providers let you use your data recovery software as many times as you wish within a single device. Depending on the service provider, some allow you to use the software on multiple devices. If you want to use your software in different devices and storage, you should ask your service provider for a specific plan for that. 

No, you can't use data recovery software to fix existing problems in your system. Though there are several data recovery software in the market, they cannot resolve any physical issue with your device or storage. They can only help you retrieve files and backup your data. Fixing your system should be left at the hands of experts.

If your data loss is due to its issues, you should stop using it after you retrieved the files. Though data recovery software backups your files and recover lost data, there's a chance that the device will fail again, and the files will be overwritten. Thus, you should not use the device anymore.

Yes, it is possible to move your data recovery software's activation key to another device, depending on the plan you got. However, most service providers have a limit to the number of registered devices. Thus, you should deactivate the previous ones if you want to move your activation key to another device.

In most cases, the file names are still intact even after the data recovery process. You can retrieve the files and data in the same way you saved them. The data structure will also be the same. Nevertheless, there may be rare cases when files will be recovered in groups and lose their file names. 

Partitions are the sections of your storage device treated by the operating system at a separate volume. It sorts out your files to allow specific system space for individual data and applications. If the partitions get broken, then the files will have higher chances of being corrupted because the files' separation will be affected.

Most service providers let you download a full version free of charge. However, this download usually serves as a free trial, which would expire more or less within 30 days. After that period, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Nevertheless, the 30 day period still serves as a great way to assess the services before getting a paid plan.