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🏆 Best Dating Apps for August 2021

You're looking for love, but you don't have time to date. That's where dating apps come in! They let you browse through potential matches and chat with them anytime, anywhere!

What are the best dating apps?

Are you looking into creating companionships meant for the long haul or merely a short time? Head off to the best dating apps as they can guarantee to connect you with like-minded people. So, what are the best dating apps now? Learn more about it when you read through this ultimate consumer guide about the best dating apps.

Why do you need the best dating apps?

Somewhere in this world, a soulmate or a potential friendship is waiting for you. Through the best dating apps, connecting you with these people who share similar interests can be possible. If you want to know how to continue reading and learning more about why you could be one of those who may need the best dating apps.

You Are Still Single

Some women and men don’t have the conventional office work setting. That’s why not most of them can make proper acquaintances with whom they can connect with and make a relationship out of. The best dating apps for men or the best dating apps for women can ensure that you can still date with people of similar interests and eventually get married. 

Find a Long-Term Companion

Are you someone who is over 40 or 50? Then you may be someone who wants to settle down with a lifetime partner. There are the best dating apps for over 40 that are applicable for those around your age clause. Since these ages are mostly looking into settling down, you may also look at the best dating apps for serious relationships for a wider scope.

Adds to Your Network of Friends

There isn’t a problem with getting more friends, especially those that can easily fit in your circle. You only need to contact those in the dating app that share similar interests as you and hang out. As for an additional number of friends on the professional side, it also guarantees you more connections.

Getting a “Holi-date” for Particular Occasions

It is common in American culture for most families to expect their sons or daughters to invite dates to special occasions. If your family pressures you to have a partner, yet you are not ready, a “holi-date” is highly recommended. These are acquaintances who agreed to stand in as your significant other or boyfriend to avoid all the questions from your family.

Find a Partner Who Shares a Similar Religious Background

Often, relationships end due to the huge difference between religious beliefs. Therefore, some apps have been built solely for those who share the same interests or religion. So, if you seek a Christian partner, choose the best dating apps for Christians, as that’s where you'll find a partner or companion of equal religious orientation. 

Seek an Activity Partner

If you’re out to fulfill your physical needs and simply seek out benefits with friends, then the best dating apps for sex and the best dating apps for hookups fit you. These are apps built for the sake of people who are seeking short-term companionships through sexual engagements mostly. It sometimes pertains to those who seek to join events, sports, and activities together.

Find a Partner with Similar Preferences

Are you into doing particular hobbies or supporting a particular celebrity? Then finding a partner with similar preferences is not hard. Dating apps have features that will help you narrow down your search results with the best partner you can find. 

To Get Study Dates with

Dating apps are not only meant for dating; they may also be as wholesome as seeking study partners. There are students who go through the best dating apps for college students or teens through the best dating apps for teens.

Faster and Efficient at Getting Dates

With everything automated, you can swipe and chat with those that match your interests. These dating apps are the most efficient at getting dates in an instant, and it doesn’t even matter if they are one of those best dating apps, free of charge offered. Getting a date with someone nearby is as easy as one, two, three.

You Are Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is a miserable companion. Why? Because loneliness often gives you negative ideas of yourself, lowering your self-esteem until you no longer have the confidence to face anybody. To avoid that, use the best dating apps and arrange a date with the ideal person you have picked to avoid the lonely feeling. 

Perfect for Busy Professionals

Working individuals around the ages of 25 and up usually don’t have time to go out and do the basic get-to-know and speed dating drama. With the best dating apps being straightforward and quick, they can simply swipe right and chat with their chosen person. After that, the wait begins if the other person will swipe right on you.

Shows Your Mutual Friends

There are so many strangers across the internet. Therefore, you need to be careful about who to meet from the list of potentials online. The best dating apps often show a feature to highlight those people who share mutual friends with you. This way, you can avoid the odd people who have their profiles on these websites.

Filter the People You Don’t Vibe with

You can filter out people who don’t share the same views or interests as you. Simply swipe left or block them if they also begin harassing you. There are many of these types in dating apps, so you can always change your interests to avoid them. This way, you can communicate with them, and then if you don’t get along, not waste time meeting up with them.

You Work Remotely

Working remotely would mean fewer chances of making acquaintances. Therefore, only the best dating apps will help you socialize. So, if you live in Boston, you can check the best dating apps for Boston—and who knows, find your next future husband through your several lists of potentials.

Beneficial to Introverts

Introverts are reserved people who are selectively outgoing only to people they are close to. If you are one of these people, the best dating app can help you narrow down who you can easily get along with. This is to help you avoid all those awkwardness during meet-ups and dates.

On-the-Spot Dating Scares You

Many people are not comfortable with dating or meeting people up without really getting to know them. The best dating apps save you from that fear as you will be having a profile view of the person. Moreover, you may even chat with these potential dates ahead to see if they are who they claim to be. 

Core features of the best dating apps

Before heading off to knowing the best dating types available, you need to know the features that the best dating apps online should possess. Continue reading below if you want to know more about what every good dating app should possess. 

Smart Algorithm

Curated, according to your interests and biography, these apps have a feature that can filter out the best matches for you. Moreover, they can also lead you to people who match well with your personality. This feature promotes a faster way of connecting with people and potentially hanging out with them.

In-Depth Profiles

Make yourself marketable to singles of the opposite or even the same sex. Share your story, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in your profile. In the same way, you can seek partners who possibly match your interests and hobbies by giving a sweep over their profiles, photos, and even taste in music. 

Real-Time Conversations

Once matched, initiate conversations and learn more about their personalities. Get to know about the person on the receiving end and check whether you vibe well. Once you confirm that, initiate the date and meet-up with these people. 

Compatible on Any Mobile System

The best dating apps are often compatible with any mobile brand or phone system. Whether the phone is an iOs and Android device or your PC, the application can still operate regardless. Therefore, you can still make matches or strike conversations with strangers using any device that you have.

Paid Membership Benefits

Find your soulmates from the farthest corners of the globe when you go for the paid membership account. Pay for it at a regular monthly or a discounted quarterly and yearly rate to enjoy the benefits such as a wider scope of matches. When you have a wider scope, you can chat up with matches from other nations—thus, leading you to the next feature.

Multi-Lingual Support

Having a global reach would mean connecting or matching with nations that do not speak the English language. Therefore, the need for multi-lingual support is demanded to ensure communication and understanding between two parties. 


This feature helps users know more about how they can benefit from the app, how to use it, and even other relevant tips to dating. The developers of this app understand that its users might be new or not knowledgeable enough about dating. Therefore, they included the blogs as a feature to serve as a guide to an app’s users.

Success Stories

This is a feature to help you be inspired not to give up finding your soulmate through these dating apps. The success stories contain the narration of couples who have successfully found their match through the app and married them. It is a way to motivate those that are still on the website with the hopes of finding their lifetime match. 

Local Group Events

If you’re not confident about meeting someone you matched with alone, set yourself up for a local group meetup. That way, you can check with your match along with the others who are meeting up with their matches. Enjoy the acquaintanceship that you and your match make along with the others through this feature.

Weekly Comics

Are you into reading comics? The best dating apps, for free, offer you to read their online comics. These comics are laid out to entertain the apps’ users. Simply click on the pictures and begin reading these short comics to entertain your day.

Free App Download

Use the apps without worrying about payments. However, you must take note that all materials offered for free are always set with limitations as to how long you can take advantage of its benefits. Other than that, enjoy the basic feature, including the main service that this app has to offer—find your match!

Meditation Videos

Is it your first time to meet up with someone you matched with online? If this gives you jitters, the developers have attached videos that will help remove all of those pre-date jitters that most people experience. Meditate and relax as you listen through these guided meditation videos to calm down your stress and anxiousness.

Online Shop

Find all the must-haves to give your match or partner when dating, from gift items such as bags, shirts, and other accessories with the site’s brand. Get them all through their online shop now. If you’re ready to go steady and propose to your significant other, a ring box is ready to do that. 

Safety and Security

The company behind the dating apps understands the consistent rise of scammers and phishers on the world wide web. Thus, they provide their readers and users safety dating tips on which people to avoid. Along with it are the essential contact details you may need, in case of emergency.

Share Music

Some of the best dating apps have the feature of sharing music with their matches. As they say that “music touches the soul of a human being,” sharing music might help your match get to know you more. Moreover, this will help them learn or understand your preferences further. 

Match Expiration

This is a feature that benefits all. If you have been receiving numerous matches without getting any messages, the developers or company has given you the favor of expiring inactive matches within 14 days. That way, your inbox and matches list do not fill up quickly, and you can continue matching with others who message you back nonstop.

Authenticated Community

Are you afraid of getting a no-show by a poser during a meet-up? Don’t worry! The best dating apps require all their users to authenticate their accounts before enjoying the benefits that the app has to offer. Thus, the chances are slim for a no-show or even posers since they would be filtered out already.

Smart Blocking

Connect your social media accounts so you can block all of your friends, co-workers, and even family members out of the app. Keep yourself private while you seek the short-term and long-term partnership you are searching for. This feature is beneficial for well-reserved individuals seeking a partner.

Online Video Chats

If you feel unsafe yet to go out with someone unfamiliar, the best dating apps offer another alternative to live speed dating. A video date feature allows individuals to do a live video call with anybody. If you aren’t comfortable with the person you are talking to, you can always skip them and move towards the next match.

A Community Curated For You

Regardless of what gender orientation you are, lesbian, queer, male, female, homosexual—you always have a community where you belong. Don’t feel left out, as this is, by far, one of the greatest types of features that Best Dating Apps have to offer you. So, if you’re scared about “going out,” you no longer have to feel like an outcast when you have a community built for you.

Types of dating apps 

Dating can be quite worrisome for people who aren’t used to it. Afraid that they may settle with the person who is no less than different from the person they were with before. Thus, they are torn between being serious about it or not. That’s why there are two different dating apps which you can choose from.

Free Dating Apps

Find like-minded people and create a bond with them without using money out of your pockets. Free Dating Apps will bring you the basic functions yet almost the same benefits as a Paid Dating App. 

Pro #1: You Spend Nothing 

When you have a free account, you literally spend nothing. Therefore, you aren’t worried about our bank account or credit card deductions as you will be reaping benefits without investing even a little amount. 

Pro #2: Enjoy the Same Basic Benefits 

Enjoy the main, basic essentials that every dating app should have. These are the benefits of messaging, matching, liking, and even viewing profiles. Basically, you can still enjoy the main purpose of the dating app. 

Con #1: Limited Matches 

Everyone knows that most free accounts are built with only a particular number of matches for a day. Thus, most users who want to enjoy the unlimited benefits may have to upgrade for a nonstop matching and chatting experience. 

Con #2: You Can’t View Who Liked You 

There might be someone who matches the standards that liked your profile, yet you simply can’t see it. This is one of the major downfalls of having a free account, as you can match those who matched with you. 

Con #3: Limited Messages 

Even the number of messages you send to that person may be limited. Therefore, both you or the person on the receiving end of your messages cannot read your messages. And to ensure unlimited communication, as mentioned above, you need to upgrade to a paid account. 

Con #4: Many Matches Yet Few Message You 

Depending on the algorithm, you may mostly match people who may like you but are not interested in keeping a conversation. This is disheartening, especially for women or men who seek validation if they are worth dating or not. 

Con #5: Mostly One-Sided 

Females or males are not given the power over getting to know a person due to the limit. Therefore, if they reach their limit, their conversation also ceases.

Paid Dating Apps

With a free account, you can’t really keep conversations due to its limit. As for the paid account, that’s a different story. When you upgrade your account now, you can enjoy the additional benefits with the assurance of finding you a good match. Learn more about what these benefits are below.

Pro #1: Unlimited Matches 

Unlimited matches may also mean you can like or swipe right as much as you want. There won’t be a time limit for refreshing your account. You can endlessly find people and communicate with them without limits. 

Pro #2: Unlimited Messages 

Say goodbye to stopping a good conversation with a compatible match. Create conversations with anybody and keep the conversation going until it’s bedtime. This is a good feature to help you find the date that won’t leave you in an awkward spot during a meet-up.

Pro #3: See Those Who Liked You 

Start conversations quicker when you can see and message those who liked or “swiped right” on you. Select which among them suits your standards. Then take the next step of meeting up with them for those whom you really get along with. 

Pro #4: A Wider Coverage 

What if your soulmate lives across the globe? Then via a paid dating app, you can connect with them as the best dating apps will offer wider coverage. Moreover, you may also make friends from outside the country. That will be useful once you intend on traveling to these locations. 

Con #1: It Tends to be Pricey 

The extra costs may be heavy of a burden. Although it opens you to the opportunity of finding a good partner, since you can select them easily, it still does not guarantee it. The way your conversation goes and how you carry yourself still depends on it. 

Who needs the best dating app?

Single Working Professionals

These are people who are seeking a lifetime partner or a serious relationship. They are the type of people who are the “no-nonsense” type that veers away from drama. These individuals simply want a peaceful and outgoing partner that matches with them and understands them. Additional problems such as a clingy partner are not something they want.

College Students

Students are often lonely due to being away from their parents. That’s why they would rather meet acquaintances through dating apps or have study dates. These study dates will be a good influence for them to focus on their course.

People Ages 40s and Up

Males of this age usually like women that are younger, though seldom they also pick those around their age. These are people that are ready to retire and lead a peaceful life. Hence, they seek a partner who can make their lives fun or peaceful, depending on what they want.

Sports Enthusiasts

Most of the time, Sports Enthusiasts come to these dating apps to find an activity partner. A sports activity partner, by definition, who would join sporting events with them. Examples of these sporting events could be going to the gym, joining a marathon, and other sporting activities available.


What better way to know a country more than matching with a locality from around the area? You don’t need to spend money on a tour guide as this person you matched with will show you around. However, you need to be careful about them as human trafficking is quite prevalent on these websites.

Band Concert-Goers

Isn’t it lonely to attend the concert of a band you love, alone? Then find someone who shares the same interest as you in supporting that band. Share the joys of singing along with that band and enjoying the event with that person. Through the best dating apps, you can either find a lifetime friend or companion with the same music tastes as you.


To spice up their imagination, they need to date people to experience how it feels like. This will give them more ideas on making their stories more realistic by going out on dates. And if they meet someone who really matches their personality, they can also get into a serious relationship with them.

Young Adults

These are individuals with a more energetic sex drive. They are usually into experimenting sexually and would engage in casual hookups with different partners. There is no explanation why they do this; it’s simply to satisfy their physical needs as a human being. The best dating apps for sex and hookups can make that possible for them.

Step-by-step guide to use the best dating apps

Step 1: Determine the purpose of why you need to install one. 

It is important to know what your goal is before you register for these apps. For once you register, you are already exposed to thousands to millions of users worldwide who are in search of different interests. You need to be determined about what you really need out of this app.

Step 2: Register your email address and create your account.  

Like with every social media profile, create your account. Input your email address so that you will be receiving a verification email. This email serves as confirmation if you are really the person who is creating the account. 

Step 3: Create your full profile.

Make your profile as attractive and as catchy as it can be. Be straightforward about what you want and what your goal is out of the app. Choose the best photo that you have and place this on your profile. The goal is to market yourself out there via the dating app and by attracting the crowd, you want to attract. 

Step 4: Filter out your search options and add people. 

By filtering out your search options, you can narrow your search results to more specific results. Therefore, you need to filter out age, location, and even gender. Then, you can begin swiping or adding those people up to see if you both match. 

Step 5: Once you match, send them a message.

Initiate a conversation with the person by leaving a catchy pick-up line, sentence, or even a simple “hey.” Then, share your interests, hobbies, and whatever subject comes across your mind. Always remember to be fun, entertaining, and yet respectful when you’re conversing with someone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although they might be the best dating apps out there, you still can’t entrust them with everything about you. Information about your credit card, ID, home address are things you cannot risk telling other people about. Even if the app may be safe, the people behind the profile you are chatting with might not be.

They are guaranteed if they are the kind of dating app that sets a limit on your usage. However, if they simply offer everything for free, then it means your information might not be secure enough from third party-users involved. 

New York may be the city filled with busy professionals who seem to not have time for relationships, but there are those open to dating. And these people you will find through the best dating apps in New York easily. You don’t need to look left and right on the streets or even at work for them; just sign up and swipe right or click right.

Although it’s known that many individuals in California are not usually serious in relationships, not all of them are of that type. If you want to find them easily, you can easily do so by downloading the best dating apps in San Francisco. 

It’s known that Boston is a city in the United States with big universities, known worldwide for its quality teaching. Since many college students are pressured by the demanding nature of college, they would need companions. That’s why the best dating apps in Boston were created to help you find acquaintances or a match in the city. 

Yes, they do work. As mentioned above, there are success stories already of people who found their partners through these types of apps. So, if you are really looking into a serious relationship, it is ideal you seek out the best dating apps for relationships.

To capture the most attention when on these types of apps, you need to creatively write about who you are. Be straightforward and yet exaggerate things, especially when you’re describing your passion or hobby. Moreover, add attractive pictures of you since that is the first thing the opposite sex will look at.

A free dating app does not ensure your privacy. That’s why the probability of your data or even credit information being shared is possible through a free dating app. Even the paid dating app will track your location by requiring access to your phone’s GPS. However, with the paid dating apps, they encrypt it securely to avoid data leakage.

Dating apps simply accept every profile that’s registered and authenticated. Therefore, they have no control over whoever is behind the profile, and they can’t even determine whether they have a criminal background. It will be up for the users to pinpoint which among these people they are and report them if they begin breaking the rules. 

The things you need to look out for when on these dating apps are:


Profile description/bio

Music tastes


What they are looking for:

Civil status


Since the internet is filled with people having different types of people bordered with different personalities, it is better to watch out for the following. You will know them immediately when you chat them up.


Those asking for funds


Harassers or people asking for nudes


Human traffickers

These issues are common today, and although the best dating apps are doing their very best to control this, it’s still up to the users to be vigilant.

Although some countries are still closed to the idea, the world is, in fact, already becoming more accepting of the LGBT family. Thus, they have already created the best dating apps meant to accommodate them, so they can find like-minded individuals that share the same sexual orientation.