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🏆 Best Domain Registrars for August 2021

Get more traction and visibility for your brand by registering your website. With the best domain registrar, you can now claim a unique domain name that will help you promote your brand and attract more customers as your business continue to grow!

What is a domain registrar? 

Do you own a website that lacks the buzz to stand out? Do people find it hard to locate you online? All you need is a domain registrar. A domain registrar, or a DNS (Domain Name Server) registrar, handles domain name and IP address reservations on the web. It lets customers search available domain names for their website.

Why do you need a domain registrar?

You may just want a domain name for that catchy website vibe, but there are more benefits a DNS registrar can offer you. You’ll be surprised at how it can transform the same old website into a visitor magnet. Read below to know how the best domain registrars can level up your online presence.

Website Name Recognition

A good domain name is easy to find and remember. Since there are already millions of domain names in the market, you have to make yours standout. The best domain name registrars help you do this. Domain name registrar platforms give you intuitive tools to search for the best possible domain names to fit your brand.

Search Engine Ranking Improvement

The right domain name for your website will increase your search engine ranking. It means that when people search for specific categories or keywords ,they will see your website first. This boost in your search ranking is an excellent way to market your website to potential customers.

Better Branding

Domain names' best registrars will offer you short yet catchy names for your website. This name will keep your brand memorable and make your website easy to locate. A good domain name will also keep your brand consistent throughout the whole website. You'll get the same name as your services, products, and actual website.

Fewer Errors

The best domain registrars can give you that top website vibe and make your website highly searchable. It can also offer you the most appropriate name for your website with just a few characters, making it effortlessly visible to customers.

Better Brand Recognition

A good domain name makes you memorable. It also helps customers from your niche find you, and it lets distinguish your website from companies with similar-sounding names from other industries.

Increase Website Traffic

Since domain registrars improve your search engine ranking, it will also provide brand visibility for you. It creates a virtual storefront window that will make people notice you on the web. As a result, more customers will be encouraged to visit your website. This increased customer traffic can do magic for your website.

Internet Presence Mobility

Domain name registrars don’t merely supply you with domain names, they also create internet presence mobility for your website. Your domain name will remain even if you decide to migrate to a different country or change web hosting services. You don't need to start all over and purchase a new domain name. Domain registrars can accommodate those changes quickly.

Low Annual Fees

Most people are hesitant to invest in good domain names because it sounds fancy, making it quite intimidating. With low annual fees, you just have to shed a few bucks for the initial payment and settle even lower annual fees to keep using a domain name. You’ll surely get top value for just minimal cost.

Core features of domain registrars

Domain registrars combine user-friendly and world-class features in their platform. They offer services that go beyond simple domain registration for exceptional website support. Here are some of the features that make domain registrars unbeatable when it comes to your domain needs.

Simple Process

The best domain registrar sites have a relatively simple process. Once you go to the website, you can choose whether you want to search available domain names or register a new one.

Easy Management

After reserving a domain name, you'll receive a control panel to manage all aspects of your domain. Most platforms grant you comprehensive management with just a single dashboard. This dashboard will let you easily monitor the stability and security of your domain, together with its website support.


Though you want everyone to see your website, you should still protect your personal information. Domain registrars help you keep your identity private with domain privacy. It also hides your email address, so it won't be included in spam mailing lists. You get full control of your domain without compromising your personal information.

Easy Set-Up

Do you want to retain your existing social media page, but want to get a new domain name? Don’t worry because domain registrars' URL forwarding feature will direct your visitors to your social media page. No need to create a new one and lose your followers. With the easy set-up feature, your domain name will run smoothly with ally our accounts in no time.

Competitive Pricing

The pricing for domain name registration is surprisinglycompetitive. Most service providers cangive you all the fantastic services without askingfor large payments. The cost for registration,renewal, and transfer are also affordable. Most platformseven offer discounts during particular seasons. The prices are so minimal that you won't even notice you're paying them. With all these special deals, there's no reason for you to not try out the service.

Real-Time Monitoring

Domain registrars also give you real-time monitoring features. Once you register for their services, you'll get real-time alert notifications for every change made in your WHOIS record. You'll also receive monitoring reports via email. Plus, you can generate reports in excel format and access your mail server to identify phishing emails in your domain. In case you want more monitoring features like checking out your subscription status, just customize your plan and add more alert.

24/7 Customer Support

It is important to find a domain registrar that has24/7 customer support via live chats, emails, and phone calls in case you're having problems with your domain name and other related services. Most platforms also offer customer support free of charge, so there’s no need to trouble shoot problems by yourself because you have their reliable customer service to help you.

Types of domain registrars

There are three types of domain registrars, each with a different approach to catering to your domain and website needs. Because every website is different, you need to know which type would suit you best. Here are some of the domain registrar types you can choose from.

Full-Service Domain Registrar

Full-service domain registrars offer you a wide range of services to cover several website need swhile using an easy domain name registration process. It also lets you search available domain names on the platform or ask for a customized one .Aside from usual domain name registrations, full-service domain registrars can also offer inexpensive hosting options, Secure ockets Layer (SSL) certificates, website designs, and other marketing services.

Pro #1: Affordable

Since you’re getting multiple services in one, you can bet that the services are affordable. You won't need to pay for a new service provider to transfer your domain or design your website. Because you're getting all these services in one, you can avoid unnecessary expense.

Pro #2: Easy to Use

Full-service domain registrar platforms are easy to navigate. With just a few easy steps ,you’ll have your domain ready. You only have to search or request for a domain name, add services, create an account, and then pay — you're good to go.

Con #1: Additional Charge for Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is usually an add-on for full-service domain registrar plans. Though it lives up to its name to offer a wide range of services, your standard plan may not include special privacy services.

Bundled Hosting Domain Registrar

Bundled-hosting domain registrars offer a combination of domain name registration and webhosting services, which means you can't get one without the other. This bundling makes the process easy for new website owners because they get the most essential features in one plan. The best domain registrar and hosting platforms will help you get top search rankings and increased website engagement.

Pro #1: Great Deals and Freebies

A bundled hosting domain registrar offers you special deals upon registration. Since you’re getting a bundled plan that makes them exclusive partners for web hosting and domain registration, most platforms let you use your domain name for a certain period, free of charge.

Pro #2: Strong Bundled Programs

Given that you’re getting domain name registration and web hosting from a single service provider, you'll have a strong domain function and customer support. Because both services come from one platform, they are a perfect match, which guarantees optimum experience.

Con #1: Single-Provider Limitation

Though having a single provider for bundled services has its benefits, it also has certain limitations. For instance, if you already have a webhosting service provider, you have to ditch it to get a bundled program. It doesn't matter whether you're happy with the service; if you want added features from a new registrar, you have to cut your current subscription and transfer.

Bulk Domain Registrar

Most people prefer bulk domain registrars becauseit can promote their products on separatewebsites at once. They offer names at a wholesaleprice as well. It means you'll be paying asmaller amount versus paying for multiple single transactions.You can also add domain privacyor other features in bulk with this type of domainregistrar.

Pro #1: Attracts More Customers

Having more domain names attracts more customers because you also capture customers who tend to misspell. Instead of losing them because they have a hard time typing the correct domain name, why not adjust to get to them? By getting all similar-sounding domain names, customers will end up on your page at the end of the day.

Pro #2: High Brand Protection

This type of domain name registrar's best feature is brand protection. It dissociates your brand from competitors who want to steal your customers or sabotage your image by getting similar-sounding domain names.

Con #1: Expensive

Bulk domain registrar services are more expensive than other types. Because you are not only getting bulk domain names, but also bulk maintenance services and support. So, you should expect to pay a little more as well.

Who needs domain registrars?

Business Owners

Business owners need a domain registrar to kick their business up a notch. If you own an offline store but are keen on going online, then having a domain is a great call. You can start your online venture with a strong internet presence right away. You just need to register a domain name fit for your business and share it with your customers.

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

If you’ve already joined the online bandwagon, you'll know how important it is to establish a strong brand identity. With everyone going online, making your brand stand out is a must. If customers are having trouble finding your website, then you need a catchy and easy-to-find domain name.

Online Sellers

Most of the time, online selling is the starting point of a more significant e-commerce business venture. Why not create a website with an appealing domain name? You can announce your website on your social media page for your current customers to see — such an upgrade will create a buzz and will set you apart from other online sellers. This image can open up new opportunities and markets you never knew you can reach before.


Most artists also need to find a niche to market their work. Through domain name extensions ,you can indicate what type of organization you are in. It will help customers locate your website quickly when looking for creative pieces. Showcasing your work is not limited to galleries anymore. With the internet and domain registrars 'help, you can create a virtual gallery that translates your style from the top down.


Bloggers also need domain registrars. Since your website's revenue base is customer traffic, you need as much marketing and promotion as possible. Domain registrars help you keep your search ranking high. For instance, you're a beauty blogger who reviews makeup products. When a customer searches for a specific skin serum review, your domain registrar will make sure you're on top of the search result, so your website will be visited first.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital marketing professionals surely know the value of keeping a brand consistent online. If you're a digital marketer, getting a domain name for your website is a must. Promoting a company on the internet can be quite challenging because of high competition. Though some may see it as trivial, having a domain name shows people that a business can afford to level up.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a domain registrar

Step1: Research DNS registrars which fit your needs.

In choosing a domain registrar, you should first research reputable companies before paying for anything. Make sure to read the best domain registrar reviews to know the best-rated domain name registrars for the specific services you need.

Step 2: Check domain name availability.

You must also check if the platform has your desired domain name. Most platforms' landing pages have a search box that lets you type and search available domain names.

Step 3: Check the pricing. 

The next step is to check if the platform offers competitive prices. Most service providers have similar price ranges. Thus, you should be aware of domain registrars that ask you for high package charges and transfer fees for the same services. You can also check out the best domain registrar reviews to get an idea of current pricings.

Step 4: Take note of grace periods. 

You should check if the domain registrar has flexible and extendable grace periods for expired domains. It may help you later on, in case you miss a renewal payment deadline. Also, try looking for domain registrars that send renewal alerts, so you'll always be on top of your payment schedule.

Step 5: Request for added services.  

In case you need additional services, don't be afraid to add them to your bundle. If the service you want is not on the website, seek help from customer support. Remember that adding the services in a plan is a whole lot cheaper than several single transaction purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best domain registrar for small businesses is the all-around type. Since you’re still taking your first steps in growing your business, all-around domain registrars help you not only with domain name registration, but also aspects like website design and online promotions. It is also the best domain registrar with email features for better domain monitoring.

If you are a small business owner with limited working capital, you can take advantage of multiple services in one plan. With the affordable service plan, you'll have more money left to grow your business.

You can only renew a domain if it's still active. Once it has expired, you need to reactivate it. It will entail a different process, but the price issue is usually the same as for renewals. Just ask your service provider for their reactivation process, and you'll have your domain name back in the game.

Yes, there are free domain registrar services. However, these platforms only accommodate domain name searching. In case you want to register the name, the payment would be a standard requirement. Even the best free domain registrar scan only offers you free search but not free registration. 

In case you're short on the budget but are keen on registering a domain name, the best cheap domain registrars can offer you exceptionally affordable plans. These plans might even include other essential services that you'll surely love.

If the domain name you want is already registered, you can do a WHOIS search to identify the owner. If their contact details are displayed publicly, you can negotiate with them and ask to buy the domain name. If the owner’s contact details are not available online, you can contact the company that provided their registration.

In case you don't want to go through the hassle, there are domain registrars that can offer extra-mile services for you. You can ask them to negotiate the purchase of the domain name on your behalf. They usually have agents who act as intermediaries for transactions like this.

Once you register a domain name, it is automatically processed, which means it's yours. If you misspelled the domain name, you have to register the new domain name right away, on the condition that it's still available.

You can cancel the wrong one, but domain registrars do not grant refunds for transactions like this. Thus, you should always check your spelling and details during registration.

If a domain expires and is not renewed during the grace period, it may be released for public auction. Once you see that your desired name is available, you can bid on it. However, if an expired domain wasn't renewed, sold, or redeemed after a certain period, it goes back to the domain registry. The registry will then decide when to re-release the name to a domain registrar. Once it does, you can easily buy it through domain registrar platforms.

The best domain registrar for transfer is also the all-around type, especially for single transactions. It offers comprehensive services, and you can bet that they accommodate transfers as well. Bundled hosting domain registrars mostly focus on domain name registration and web hosting as their main feature. Bulk domain registrars, on the other hand, will only accommodate bulk transactions.

The best type of domain name registrar for bloggers is bundled domain registrars. This type is best for bloggers who are still trying to test the waters. Since bundled domain registrars specialize in domain registration and web hosting, you'll get the two best features you need.


Blogs need foot traffic to gain profit, and web hosting gives you that on top of the domain name registration. While all-around domain registrars seem a tough competitor, if you want people to focus on your content, you may need just the features of the bundled service. In case you decide to develop other aspects of your blog like web design, SEO, and domain transfer, you can always switch to an all-around domain registrar.

Email hosting is a service wherein a domain registrar rents out email servers to its users. Though this is a usual add-on for domain registration services, it's not entirely necessary. You can register a name and have your website hosted without needing email hosting. However, some customers seek services from the best domain registrar with email hosting because a hosted email sounds more professional.

Yes, you can register for a country-code domain for a different country. Though there are top-level domain names such as .com,  net, .org, etc., international companies usually use different country domain names to better customer connection. You just have to ask your service provider if they offer special services for your request.