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🏆 Best Mobile App Builders for August 2021

Planning to build the next big thing? The best mobile app builder will be the platform for you to create amazing functionality and features that can get people to support your product.

What is a mobile app builder?

Do you have this great idea for a mobile app but don't know where to start? Smartphones have powerful software with specialized features called mobile applications or mobile apps. Back in the days, building applications would need years of development. Now, if you’re planning to create a mobile app, you can immediately do so by simply using mobile application builders.  

Why do you  need a mobile app builder?

App Development Made Easy

Traditional mobile application building entails coding knowledge. It is something that may take years to master because the codes and functions sound complicated. Mobile application builders aim to expedite traditional development. By providing a light user interface, people who don't have a coding background can utilize the technology and create their mobile apps.

Your Idea into Reality

With mobile application builders, you have a blank canvass to experiment with. From the user interface to the features, you can choose how your app would be. For instance, if you want to start up a business or a service targeted towards a certain niche, you want everything to be in line with your theme, and if you are going to build an app, you want your app to fit the theme as well. With mobile app builders, your imagination is the limit. It's like picking the app right from your dreams. 

Up with the Trend

Several people now prefer to do everything online. From shopping to ordering food, all you need is your smartphone. Though some may prefer old fashioned services, a younger population of consumers is quickly emerging, and being up with the trend gets you one step ahead in capturing this market. Having an app to supplement your business can show your customers that you are innovative. Gone are the days when you have to be a big business owner to have a mobile app. From small businesses to huge enterprises, having an app is something attainable. 

Strengthens Customer Engagement

Mobile application builders allow you to create specialized applications to engage with your customers. Depending on your products and customer base, you can create a marketing channel fit not only for the demographic characteristics but also the tastes of your customers. Since the mobile application builder allows you to customize the content and the user experience, you can create a mobile app fit for your current and target customers. You can create specialized direct marketing channels where you will be able to send push notifications for effective communication. 

Increases Accessibility

Accessibility says a lot about customer service. You should not make your customers go the extra mile for you. It should be the other way around. Since we are now at a digital age where transactions can be done even at home, your business should also be available to your customers no matter where they are. By using mobile application builders, you can create an app that allows your customers to avail of your products and services anywhere. This is one of the trends that your business should keep up with. Hassle-free service can build good relationships with your customers. 

Increases Brand Awareness and Recognition

One rule of thumb in advertising is effective frequency wherein your brand should be seen by the customers at least 20 times a day to be retained in their top of mind awareness. Once you have your mobile app, you are creating a new venue for brand and product promotion. Your brand will appear in your customers' smartphones once they unlock them. Even if they have no plan of availing your services today, your app is a constant reminder that they probably should. 

Makes You Stand Out

Not all businesses embrace mobile application building. Some stick to traditional business models, while some do an integration with other mobile apps to improve their processes, especially product delivery. Though it is still convenient to avail third party services, having your application can give you a big leap among the competition. It gives your customers a statement that you're here to stay. It shows how forward-thinking your business is and how you are always one step ahead of your competition.

Develops Customer Loyalty

Developing a mobile app for your business can give you a sincere connection with your customers. Some companies with mobile apps embed their loyalty program in the software. Customers who are using the application can get exclusive vouchers and reward points. Unlike paying for social media ads, mobile apps help you communicate your messages more effectively.  You will make the customers feel that you are talking directly to them.

Allows You to Offer Unique Services

Mobile application builders give you a lot of room for unique services. You can offer specialized features to provide your customers with the best customer service possible. For instance, if you are running a business that offers services, you can build the app with an appointment feature that will allow your customers to book their visits ahead of time and avail of your services without waiting in your stores. Also, if you want to create an ecommerce business model, you can use an e-commerce mobile app builder to offer digital services. 

Cuts Down Cost

Putting up a business might require a significant amount of capital. You have to pay for equipment, permits, workforce, and rent deposit. The high costs are the reasons why some businesses go fully digital. They don't have a physical store to maintain. Thus, no space to rent. App builders cut the cost significantly. If you are planning to go fully digital as well, investing in mobile application building is essential because your app is not only a software, it is your actual store. You have to make it visually appealing, accessible, and engaging. 

Free Services

If you are hesitant in trying out mobile application builders because of the cost, then worry not because there are platforms that offer mobile app builder software free of charge. If you want to test them first, you can avail of the free services. This is usually an initiation ground for platforms to engage with potential customers. They can give you a mobile app prototype builder service to show how the app would most likely be, but just like other service providers, free services are usually basic. Advanced features usually go with the paid plans, but they assure you that the added features give you your money's worth. 

Core features of the best mobile app builder

Easy-to-Use Interface

Most mobile application building platforms offer app development in just a few steps. Though there are mobile application builder open-source software, which allows you to inspect and modify the codes, if you know software development, there are mobile app builders that simplify the process. They take out the codes that mobile app builder open source has, and allow you to create your app in just a few easy steps with no technical background needed. 

User Interaction

One of the features of mobile application builders is user interaction. It allows you first-hand experience with the development of your application. Unlike hiring someone to code your app, you get to create the mobile app yourself. From the input of the name to the selection of features, mobile application builders can grant you hands-on user experience so you will feel a close sense of connection to your app. 

Content Management

Mobile application builders allow you to manage the content of the app. Mobile app builders come with easy to use Customer Management System or CMS, which allows you to control how your application would look and function. Mobile app builder CMS allows you not only to create the look and features of your app, but it also allows you to change elements without re-submitting the application to the application store. 

A Wide Selection of Templates

In creating mobile application builders, the app design is crucial. Since it would create the first impression, mobile application builders allow you to choose from several colors, icons, fonts, backgrounds, and other design elements to build your app. They want to make sure that the design elements you want for your app are ready for you. 

One-Stop Shop

Mobile application builders are one-stop shops for your application development needs. You don't have to avail of services from different third-party service providers such as IT experts and designers. Mobile app builders give you everything on one platform. Once you choose your service provider, you can now proceed with the mobile app builder download. Yes, mobile app builders come in apps too. Once you downloaded their app, you can now develop and deploy your mobile application.

Free Trial

One important feature of mobile application builders is a free trial. This allows users to gauge the services before they commit financially.  A mobile application builder free of charge usually allows the users to develop the app then charge the fee for the plan after a month or two. There is also a money-back guaranteed trial if the customer would not be satisfied with the services.  

Types of mobile app builders 

Single-Platform Mobile Application Builder

This type of mobile application builder develops apps based on the requirements of a single mobile operating system. They cannot be used on platforms other than their own. For instance, Playstore apps cannot be used on IOS devices. The applications they produce are called native apps. These apps are the crème of the crop of applications. They are fast and of high performance, given that they fit the user interface perfectly.

Pro #1: Apps are high performance

Since the applications are built, especially for a certain platform, native apps are faster and more reliable. Also, they use the operating system's user interface, giving users a more optimized experience. If you are hoping to develop performance-based apps such as games or shopping platforms, single platform mobile application builders can give you the features you need.

Pro #2: Easy implementation 

Mobile app builders, though not seen by the users, still require backend coding. Since single platform mobile application builders use one language for the coding, implementation is easier. 

Con #1: Updates

Before the launch of single platform applications, updated versions must also be presented for review before the publishing of the first version, making the publishing more tedious than usual.

Con #2: Limited users

The reach of the apps that could be developed by single platform mobile application builders are limited to those who use the specific operating system required by the apps, smartphone users of other operating systems cannot download them.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Builder

This type of mobile application builder uses multi-platform web technology. The apps created by cross-platform mobile app builders are deployable in multiple operating systems. Thus, they are called hybrid apps. The focus of this mobile application builder is universality as your users have more access across smartphones and tablets. Hybrid apps complement a large market of businesses, given its wide reach.

Pro #1: The wide reach of hybrid apps

Considering that hybrid apps perform in different operating systems, more smartphone users can download them. If you want to develop an app to complement your business and do mass promotions, then cross-platform mobile application builders are the best choice.

Pro #2: Quicker launch

Hybrid apps are more common than native ones since most customers want to reach as many users as possible regardless of their smartphone's operating system. With this, service providers have more cross-platform experience giving them a database of mobile app builder scripts for hybrid apps available for reuse.

Con #1: Hybrid apps are not as high performance as native apps

Since hybrid apps are made to fit different operating systems, we can say that their performance is not as good as native apps. The user interface was made to fit different systems, so it is also slower. If you are looking for a high-power app for your needs, then you might want to consider other options.

Con #2: Difficult offline implementation

In line with the limited performance hybrid apps have, they are also not likely to function offline, whereas native apps can function even without an internet connection. This is one disadvantage of the universality of hybrid apps. Since the focus is to build a system fit for multiple platforms, some of the features are limited. 

Database Mobile Application Builder

This type of mobile application builder creates applications that let you manage customer data. Another advantage of having an app it can give your business is the data you can get from your customers. You can track their purchasing patterns or locations to provide more specific promotions or push notification to encourage purchase. Mobile app builders with databases allow you to manage not only customer data but also your inventory. It creates tables and charts to let you interpret and use your data effectively.

Pro #1: Easy access 

All the data from the app is made accessible to you. You can access them anytime if you want to see how things are going or if you want to make promotions for your customers based on the date you fetched from the app. With just one click on your phone or computer, all the data you need will be right in front of you.

Pro #2: Can integrate records

The database from the app can be accessed directly to your computer software. You can view them in sheets or document software formats depending on your preference. If you are running a business and trying to make a report, you can fetch the data from the app straight to your computer screen.

Con #1: Access requires internet connection

One disadvantage of apps made by a database mobile application builder is it requires an internet connection. Though the data is saved in the app and can be accessed on your computer, you need a stable internet connection to work on it. 

Con #2: No free trial

To see the potential of a database mobile application builder fully, you have to avail of the full service. A mobile app builder free of charge usually gives you basic services, but database apps are different. You have to thoroughly inspect the app before fully committing since different needs may require various database app features. Thus, availing paid services are essential. 

WordPress Mobile Application Builder

WordPress mobile application builders are used to convert WordPress websites into mobile applications. Mobile app builder WordPress conversion feature allows you to use existing features on your website to create a miniature version in a mobile application. 

Pro #1: Easy app development process

Since this is technically just a conversion of your website to a mobile app, the development process is easier—no need to think of elements and basic features. You just use the WordPress mobile application builder and create a mini version of your already established website or e-commerce platform.

Pro #2: Can increase online customer base

Creating an app to supplement your website can open up a new market for you. Once your app is published in the online store, several people will see it. This gives you a high probability of potential customers coming across your app and availing your products or services.

Con #1: Limited features

Though WordPress apps give you an optimized user experience, you cannot duplicate your website entirely. There will still be features only available in browsers that smartphones cannot accommodate. All features cannot be carried over to the app. Thus, it limits the user experience versus traditional website browsing.

Con #2: Transition difficulty among customers

One concern raised by businesses that supplemented their websites with apps is the transition difficulty among their existing customers. Since they are used to the website, they find the mobile app difficult to use. Nevertheless, this is just part of the adjustment, which shall get better later on.

Who needs mobile application builders?

Business Owners

If you are looking for ways to kick your business up a notch, creating an app will be a good way to go. Not only do mobile application builders can give you a professional-looking app to complement your business, but they can also help you maintain your app in the long run. If you have additional services you want to offer your customers, service providers can give you app updates, so your app can grow side by side with your business. 

Self-Employed Individuals

Business owners are not the only ones who can benefit from mobile application builders. Self-employed professionals can also use an app to promote and streamline their services. For instance, dentists can build an app that allows their customers to book a schedule with them ahead of time. Home designers can also do basic consultations via mobile apps with their customers.

People Planning to Start a Business

Whether you are planning to do a traditional business with branches or go fully digital, having an application could give you an immediate head start from your competition. Before you open up your physical store, you can publish an app and use it for promotions. If you plan to go fully digital, having an app is a good move, especially if you are trying to cut down rent costs for physical stores. Apps are also easy to maintain. Service providers usually have a maintenance feature if you avail of their paid plans. However, mobile application builder software free downloads usually do not have a maintenance feature.


If you are an artist, having a platform to showcase your works is important. Building a mobile application can give you the means to do that. There are already drawing and art apps in the market that helps people learn and practice art. Why don't you level it up a little and do one for yourself? Customize it and make it your own. Who knows, your app might inspire the next generation of artists. 

Marketing Professionals

Affiliate marketing is now a trend in the mobile application industry. Instead of invasive pop-ups on social media screens, affiliate marketing in mobile applications uses links strategically to advertise other mobile apps. If you are a marketing professional who wishes to explore affiliate marketing, you might want to familiarize yourself with a mobile application building so you can explore different applications' features to create well-designed promotions. You can also develop your mobile application and offer affiliate marketing services to other app owners. 

Step-by-step guide on using mobile application builders

Step1: Input application name. 

This is the first step in building a mobile application. You will be required to give your app a name. Be creative in coming up with the name of your app. Make sure it stands out.  

Step 2: Choose the look.  

You will now choose the user interface of your mobile application. This includes the icon, navigation type (bullets, grids, tables, etc.), color, background, and font. All visual elements making up your app would be selected here.

Step 3: Add the features. 

This step is where you finalize the functions of your mobile app. Mobile application builders are usually packed with several features to choose from. You can add maps, social media linking, appointment booking, push notification, delivery, and so many more features in your app to tailor fit it to your needs.

Step 4: Publish.

Once your app is good to go, mobile application building platforms usually have a submission team to do the publishing for you. No need to go through the tedious process of securing prerequisites and preparing content reports before publishing, mobile application builders even do the finishing touches for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mobile applications or mobile apps are application software used in smartphones or tablets. They usually have single or limited functions to allow the users to choose what functions they want based on the available apps in the market. Mobile apps are now easier to create due to the technology of mobile application builders. 

Yes, you can sell mobile applications that you made. Once you have already finalized your design and tested the application, you can start looking for prospective buyers. You can send them the link to your app to give them a feel on how it works. Once you have closed the deal, you and your buyer can proceed with the submission. For apps that were made by third-party mobile application builders, they can offer a white label business model that allows you to re-sell their finished works. 

Yes, you can still make changes in your application, even if it was already published. However, changing the app after going live requires additional charges from your mobile application builder. This is on top of their charge for the app maintenance, which is usually included in the plan. With this, it is advised that you finalize your design and features before submission. 

Building a professional mobile application usually takes 3-9 months, even for the best mobile app builder. This includes the planning and the publishing stage. Nevertheless, this usually depends on the complexity of your idea. If you already have a concrete set of designs and features you want before availing mobile application building services, then it is expected that the building process would be shorter. 

In choosing a mobile application builder, it is essential to do thorough research. You can read free mobile app builder reviews to know the experience of others who availed of the services you are eyeing for. Another way to help you choose a service provider is by testing the services first. You can use a mobile app builder online free of charge to have an idea of the process before making financial commitments. It is also essential that you finalize the features you want first for your app before availing paid plans. It allows you to sort out your thoughts and cross-out unnecessary features off your list so you can create a clean yet optimized mobile application. Also, some of the best free mobile app builders can give you a test run prior to availing of their plans.

The price range for building your application varies depending on the service provider and the complexity of your app, but do not fear because mobile application builders are offering affordable services. Plans can go as low as $25 to $100 per month depending of course on the complexity of your idea. You just have to choose a service provider that will give you the services you need within your budget. 

The answer is yes. The cost of mobile application development before the birth of the mobile application builders we have today is extremely high. Mobile app builders in the UK usually charge a minimum of $12,000 for their services, while mobile app builders in India charge around $2,000 for simple app development. This makes us lucky to have the affordable yet reliable mobile application builders we have today.