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🏆 Best SSL Certificate for August 2021

If you ask for your customers' information on your website, then an SSL certificate is a must. This secures an internet connection so that any data passed from a browser to a web server is protected.

What is an SSL certificate

Do you ever wonder why some websites start with HTTPS and not with the usual HTTP? It’s because the “s” means the website has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate that encrypts and secures your connection to servers. SSL certificates are data files that establish an encrypted link between your browser and web servers for your utmost privacy.

Why do you need an SSL certificate

Maybe you’re wondering what you need an SSL certificate website for. Your website may be running well, but you’ll never know when hackers will attack you. Since the effects of phishing and identity theft are hard and expensive to reverse, securing your website should be a top priority. With that being said, here are the other benefits you’ll get from SSL certificates.

Enable Encryption

One of the primary benefits of the best SSL certificates is that it enables encryption for your website. It ensures that sensitive data remains private and secure, which can give you and your customer a sense of relief. By encrypting data passed between web servers and browsers, it makes data impossible to decipher during hacking and phishing attempts.

Earn Customer Trust

There are instances when hackers create a copycat of your website to lure customers and get their personal information. By having an SSL certificate, you’ll set your website apart from those copycats. It will help your customers know that you are the real deal, and they will disassociate you from those phishing websites.

Increase Your Revenue

As a result of improved customer trust, you can also increase your revenue by getting SSL certificates. Since more customers will trust your website, they will be at ease to leave their credit card information and buy what you’re selling. It will result in better sales conversion and increased revenue for your business. 

Establish Brand Value

By getting SSL certificates, you’ll also increase your brand value. An SSL certificate can dramatically improve the customers’ perception of your brand. Once they see that you invest in your website’s safety, they’ll know that you are a legitimate business owner who values customer security. It is an impression that you surely want for your brand. 

Prevent Card Abandonment

A significant problem of websites without an SSL certificate is cart abandonment. Some customers tend to leave their shopping carts once they notice that the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, resulting in low traffic. By getting an SSL certificate for your website, you’ll encourage customers to stay on your website and finish their purchases.

Verify Your Identity as a Website Owner

The best SSL certificates also verify your identity as a website owner. Authentication, being an essential aspect of web security, helps website owners build their credibility. Since SSL certificates vouch for your integrity, when users see them, they’ll know that you’re the legitimate website owner when transacting through your site. 

Secure Online Shoppers

Shoppers are keen on privacy when buying online. Since identity theft and credit card phishing is expected, they want to buy from websites with the best SSL certificate for e-commerce platforms. Because the SSL certificates assure them that they are entering a secure website, they’ll be at ease about leaving their credit card information.

Run Membership Sites Seamlessly

Another benefit you’ll get from buying SSL certificates is that it helps you run membership sites. Since membership sites collect a large volume of customer information, you should keep this information confidential to avoid data breaches. SSL certificates help ensure that you and your members’ information are safe and far from hackers’ prying eyes.

Collect User Information

Some customers won’t leave their information online. Since identity theft is common online, you can’t expect your customers to trust your site right away. Luckily, SSL certificates can help. They provide you with a little lock on your browser that guarantees the customers they are entering a secure site, so they’ll be at ease to leave their information.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Another benefit of getting the best SSL certificate service is that it helps improve your search engine rankings. Most search engines prefer websites that have an SSL certificate. Considering that a certificate is a form of validation on your website’s legitimacy, your website will have better rankings and organic foot traffic once you get an SSL certificate.

Add Payment Gateways

The best SSL certificate company helps you upgrade your business by adding payment gateways to your site. An SSL certificate is a requirement of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) before you can accept credit card payments. Thus, by getting an SSL certificate, you can upgrade your payment methods and increase your sales opportunities.

Core features of an SSL certificate

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in SSL certificates, you’ll indeed find SSL certificates’ features a delight. By combining basic features, like affordability and security, with modern ones, such as SSL tools and price match, you’ll surely get the best value for your money. To help you choose the best SSL certificate for your site, here are its core features you need to look for.

Wide Range of Certificate Solutions

The best SSL certificate providers can give you a wide range of certificate solutions, and they can give you options for low volume to high volume transaction sites. Most service providers also have products for different development applications and budgets. Whether you’re looking for an affordable or high-end certificate, this feature has your back. 

Credible SSL Certificates

Another feature of the best SSL certificate provider is credibility. If you’re looking for a service provider for your first SSL certificate purchase, the good news is that there are many world-renowned and credible brands to choose from. Service providers also disclose the websites that use their certificates, so you can check their services and verify their legitimacy.

High Certificate Strength

A high certificate strength ensures that you get robust security. By using 128 to 256-bit industry-standard SSL encryption, you can bet that you’ll only get the most substantial protection for your website. This type of encryption creates unsurpassable protection against hackers and phishers to ensure that your website and customer data is always protected.

Reliable Customer Support

Service providers also take pride in their customer support features. Their websites have live chats, toll-free hotlines, and email addresses where you can reach them if you have concerns. Whether you’re inquiring about their products or you want to report a problem with your certificate, you can rely on the customer support team to help you all the way.


The best SSL certificate issuers also have significant warranties for their certificates. Service providers use these to show how confident they are of their services. If anything goes wrong with your purchase, you can use your warranty to go after your service provider, which they assure will be highly unlikely considering their certificates’ quality.

Online Certificate Validation

The online validation feature assures that the SSL certificates are validated using an online and automated system. This process eliminates faxing and tedious documentation requirements because the best SSL certificate verification process is purely automated and online. With this, you can validate your certificate in just a matter of minutes. How easy is that?

Low-Cost Rates

Though getting an SSL certificate sounds fancy, it’s affordable. Service providers offer low priced certificates that cover websites with low to high volume customer transactions. You don’t need to compromise your website and customers’ safety because you can get an SSL certificate without breaking the bank.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Another feature to look out for is browser compatibility. Most service providers boast their SSL certificates that work in almost 99% of all browsers. Through this feature, you can give your website and customers unparalleled protection. Because the SSL certificates will work nearly a hundred percent of the time, there’s almost no room for hacking and phishing on your site. 

Padlock Symbol 

Though small, the padlock symbol is an essential feature of SSL certificates. It symbolizes that the user is entering a secure connection, so many users are looking for this symbol when browsing websites. Once you get an SSL certificate, you’ll get the HTTPS domain plus the padlock symbol to get your customers to trust you undoubtedly. 

Mobile Support

SSL certificates also have a mobile support feature. Aside from being compatible almost across browsers, customers who will browse your site through their mobile phones can also enjoy the SSL certificates' benefit. Since security is not limited to computers, you can give more customers secure access to your site. You’ll get more traffic, guaranteed.

Money-Back Guarantee

Since service providers are incredibly confident about their services, they have a money-back guarantee feature. In case you’re not happy with the service or your data still got leaked, your service provider will grant you a full refund. Some platforms are even so confident that they guarantee to issue refunds with no questions asked. Now that’s worth checking out.

Reseller Program

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra bucks, most service providers also have a reseller program you can check out, wherein you can sell SSL certificates and get profits. Since more businesses are going online, you can surely make good profits out of the reseller program. With the unparalleled website protection you’ll offer, getting customers will be an easy feat.

Installation Services

Service providers also have installation services. Though there are website owners who prefer to do the installation, there are still those who want a full-service. Luckily, the installation service feature can help you. Here the service provider will do all the work, including the verification and installation. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your SSL certificate.

SSL Tools

SSL tools give website owners the means to configure and install the SSL certificates personally. This feature provides you with an array of useful tools to hurdle fundamental SSL certificate problems yourself. It includes an SSL checker, certificate decoder, SSL converter, etc. But in case you still want help troubleshooting, the customer support feature can even help you. 

Price Match

Another fantastic feature is the price match. Here, service providers match the price of another service provider for the same SSL certificate package. The service providers use this feature to attract more customers to get their services, considering that they are competitive with their prices.

Types of SSL certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates according to their encryption levels. Whether you need simple website security or the highest encryption for your e-commerce site, there is a specific type of SSL certificate for your needs. To know what's the best SSL certificate to get for your website, here is a list of the available certificates in the market today.  

Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate

EV SSL certificates display a black padlock sign, HTTPS indicator, business name, and country on a browser’s address bar. It’s the cream of the crop of all certificates since it includes all the indicators that show your site’s legitimacy. Service providers require you to prove your website ownership and authorization to collect customer information before issuing EV SSL certificates.

Pro #1: High Legitimacy

A significant advantage of EV SSL certificates is its high legitimacy. Since customers are particular about online security, they want to ensure their safety before leaving their personal information. An EV SSL certificate gives you that. It gives you all the address bar indications that will provide a positive impression of your legitimacy.

Pro #2: Top of the Line Protection

The best SSL certificate authority issues EV SSL certificates. Thus, it gives top-notch protection for website owners and customers alike. It uses the highest encryption level and the most tedious validation processes to ensure that no data will be leaked. The unsurpassable protection makes it the best SSL certificate for cost.

Con #1: Tedious Validation

Though EV SSL certificates are extremely promising, the validation process can be tedious for some. Since you have to problem your ownership and authorization to collect confidential information, such as credit card details, the process of getting EV SSL certificates is longer than the other types. 

Con #2: Expensive

Another significant drawback of EV SSL certificates is its cost. It is the most expensive among all types of SSL certificates. Considering its high legitimacy and tedious validation process, service providers charge a higher price for this type of SSL certificate. Nevertheless, the cost makes up for the increased protection you’ll get. 

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate

OV SSL certificates verify the legitimacy of your organization and domain. This type of SSL certificate gives you medium-level encryption. Here, the service provider will verify your domain’s ownership and whether your business in the domain operates legally. OV SSL certificates are known for the small green padlocks in browsers’ address bars.

Pro #1: Affordable

A significant advantage of OV SSL certificates is its affordability—you don’t have to break the bank to get this type of SSL certificate. Since the verification process is not as tedious as EV SSL certificates, service providers do not charge large fees for this type of SSL certificate. You’ll still get the security you need for a fraction of a cost.

Pro #2: Customer-Recognized

Though OV SSL certificates do not have many security indicators in the address bar, it is still customer-recognized. Many customers know the small green padlock on the address bar and associate it with security. Some customers don’t even know the difference between the padlock colors. As long as the padlock’s there, you’re good. 

Pro #3: Fast Validation

Another benefit of getting OV SSL certificates is fast validation. If you’re a start-up website owner who needs to launch the website right away, then OV SSL certificates are for you. Since service providers only need to verify your domain’s ownership and business’ legitimacy, they can issue the SSL certificate to you in a matter of minutes.

Con #1: Medium-Level Encryption

A significant drawback of OV SSL certificates is its medium-level encryption. Though you’ll still get protection from the SSL certificate, the security walls are not as unsurpassable as the EV SSL certificate. It may not be able to give you the encryption you need if you’re handling large online transaction volumes.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

DV SSL certificates also use the green padlock sign. It gives you a low encryption level, and it’s best if you just want simple protection for your website. Here, the service provider only needs to validate your domain ownership before issuing the DV SSL certificate to you. Thus, you only need to give a few business documents to apply.

Pro #1: Affordable

If you’re looking for the most affordable type of SSL certificate, then DV SSL certificates are a great choice. For a new website owner who just needs minimal security for your site, DV SSL certificates can secure your site against information leaks. It can also block basic hacking and phishing attempts.

Pro #2: Easy Validation Process

Another advantage of DV SSL certificates is the easy validation process. If you’re wondering what is the best SSL certificate in terms of validation speed, DV SSL certificates are the answer. Since the service provider will only validate the domain ownership, the process only takes a few minutes.

Con #1: Low Encryption

Though DV SSL certificates are great for new website owners due to the easy process and affordability, they have low encryption levels. It won’t protect you from advanced phishing and hacking attempts. However, if you’re looking for the best SSL certificate for static websites that require minimal encryption, DV SSL certificates are what you need.

Con #2: Lack of Information Security

Another drawback of DV SSL certificates is the lack of information security. Most service providers do not recommend this type of SSL certificate for e-commerce platforms. Since it lacks the required encryption level, it cannot secure customer data, especially credit card information.

Who needs an SSL certificate?


Bloggers need SSL certificates to protect their websites from hackers. Creating content for your website is no easy feat, as well as building a follower base. That’s why you need to protect your website from hackers. By getting even a DV SSL certificate, you’ll save your website from hackers and copycats that can compromise your site.

E-commerce Business Owners

E-commerce business owners are in dire need of SSL certificates. Since you process online orders, you need to protect your customers’ data. You don’t want them to blame you for their leaked credit card information because you don’t have sufficient website protection. By getting EV SSL certificates, you’ll give the utmost protection your customers deserve. 

Website Owners

Whatever website you have, you need SSL certificates to protect your site. If you don’t have the budget right now, you can get basic protection from DV SSL certificates. That way, you can secure your website from hackers and copycats who want to compromise your site’s integrity. The little cost you’ll spend on DV SSL certificates will surely help secure your site a long way.


If you’re a freelancer, your online portfolio is your ticket to gigs. Thus, you have to protect it. If you already spent effort building your website portfolio, you don’t want your competitors to copy your website because of poor website encryption. By getting SSL certificates, you can get the security you need to ensure that your website portfolio is copycat-proofed.


Building a follower base is not easy. You spend time creating content to attract more followers and sponsors. Since there are people who hack influencers’ accounts and delete them for fun, you have to protect your account. You can get OV or EV SSL certificates to ensure that your page has a high encryption level that will scare away hackers.

Self-Employed Professionals

Self-employed professionals also need SSL certificates. Most self-employed professionals have already gone online, where they offer their services through their sites. Since you’re processing customer information and payment through your site, you need a high level of protection provided by SSL certificates to ensure your customers’ data’s safety. 

Web Developers

Web developers should incorporate SSL certificates in their web development practice. Since there are still aspiring website owners who are not familiar with SSL certificates’ importance, you can help enlighten them. You can explain and offer SSL certificates to them to secure their website early on. You can even resell SSL certificates and earn commissions.

Step-by-step guide on how to choose an SSL certificate

Step1: Assess your website’s needs. 

Wondering what the best SSL certificate to buy is? The first step to answer this is by assessing your website’s needs. Do you need to process payments, or are you just looking for your static website’s necessary protection? By evaluating your needs, you’ll quickly identify the right service provider for you. 

Step 2: Look for reputable service providers.

If you’re wondering who makes the best SSL certificate, just check out reputable service providers to know the best SSL certificate vendors who have proven track records in SSL certificate issuance and securing your website. Look for reputable service providers to get the best deals for your website security. 

Step 3: Ask for peer recommendations.

After checking out service providers, you should also ask for peer recommendations. If you have peers who bought SSL certificates for their websites, you can ask them about their experience and if they would recommend their service provider. They’ll surely give you an honest review to help you make a decision. 

Step 4: Check out pricing and features. 

The next step is to check out service providers’ pricing and features. They usually have this information available on their website. Compare pricing for the different types of SSL certificates to get the most affordable one. Also, look for a service provider with comprehensive features to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

Step 5: Review and proceed with the installation processes. 

If you’re hoping to install your SSL certificate personally, you should review your shortlisted service providers’ installation processes first. As much as possible, have an export do it for you. If not feasible, go for SSL certificates that will let you install the certificates through an easy installation process. 

Step 6: Maintain your SSL certificate.

Lastly, maintain your website’s security by giving your SSL certificate the necessary maintenance. Note that SSL certificates have their respective validity period as they always have to be up-to-date. Regularly check your SSL’s validity to keep you and your website visitors safe from hackers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best SSL certificate for small businesses, especially online stores, is still an EV SSL certificate. You may be hesitant because of the cost. However, once you start accepting payments via websites, you can’t settle for low to medium-level security to ensure sufficient protection of your customers’ credit information.

For an SSL certificate to be valid, it needs to be signed by a CA (Certificate Authority). If you’re wondering what the best SSL certificate signer is, you don’t have to stress much because most service providers will help you during the signing request. You just need to submit your business documents and let them process the signing for you.

The best SSL certificate providers for news sites are the ones that offer EV SSL certificates. Since news sites have confidential information that you need to protect, you need the highest encryption level. Thus, reputable service providers offering EV SSL certificates are the best choices.

Yes, most SSL certificates are compatible across devices. Whether the customer is using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, the SSL certificate will work well. However, the secure connection usually only applies to browsers and not mobile applications.

Yes, most SSL certificates work across operating systems. However, most service providers suggest that the users update their operating system to the latest version to get the most secure connection. Nevertheless, most SSL certificates will still work well, even in older operating system versions. 

If you did the installation yourself, you might wonder how you’ll know whether the certificate is already working on your site. The best way to know that is to type HTTPS before the URL. If the link worked, then the SSL certificate is already working. You’ll also see a small padlock at the address bar. 

When installing your certificate, you need to download your certificate from your digital certificate account. Most service providers will require you to log in on the website to view the SSL certificate’s status. Once the order has been processed, the SSL certificate will be ready to download in your account. 

Yes, you need a unique IP address to get an SSL certificate. Since the system uses an IP-based mapping, the service provider ensures that you have a unique IP address for better encryption. Thus, you cannot use host headers for your website. 

Yes, there are free SSL certificates. Some service providers offer it for a limited time. However, free SSL certificates usually have minimal website security and service provider assistance. You’ll also be the one to do the installation versus paid ones assisted by the service providers.

SSL certificates usually last for 1-2 years. Once the validity period is done, you can no longer use your SSL certificate, no matter from which Certificate Authority or reseller you purchased. To ensure that your site is always protected, always take note of your SSL certificate expiration.