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What is WordPress hosting 

If you are a business owner who’s planning to join the online world by having your very own website, one of the things you have to consider is learning about web hosting. The simplest way to host it is through WordPress hosting. It is any form of web hosting that is used to simplify, secure, and speed up running such websites built through WordPress. 

Why do you need WordPress hosting?

Getting WordPress hosting is as necessary as owning a website. If you want to upscale and keep your website secured, you need to consider getting a reputable WordPress hosting provider. 

Provides Premium Security for Your Website

One of the main advantages that WordPress hosting can give you is the assurance that your website is completely safe and secured. The host will comprehensively monitor it 24/7, to make sure that there are no suspicious activities, and security threats will compromise your website. You get notified to take necessary actions before any malware causes any damage. 

Ensures Back-Up and Restoration

As the internet is filled with WordPress attacks and hacking attempts, your host can cover those unlikely incidents. You’ll have a scheduled remote back-up option and automatic restoration without affecting your site’s speed. Save your details in different locations so that whenever anything goes wrong with your web server, they are stored and safe elsewhere. 

Efficient Performance and Automatic WordPress Updates

If you want your customers to use your website without experiencing downtime, quality WordPress hosting is a solution that you need. Your website’s optimal speed, power, and performance stay up-to-date. Having automatic updates provides your site with a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Without these, your website will be subject to threats, prone to system freezes, and might load very slow. 

Keeps Your Site Compatible and Accessible

WordPress hosting providers will make sure that the hardware, firmware, and software configuration is highly compatible to make sure that it runs with efficient performance. They usually include a catching, which is used to cache assets without the need to configure a built-in plugin, to easily and quickly improve your site’s performance and speed. 

Quickly Publish with Pre-Installed Content Management System (CMS)  

Purchasing WordPress hosting plans comes with CMS as well, so you no longer have to buy and install it alone. Having WordPress itself automatically with the hosting will no longer take too much of your time, and you won’t worry about compatibility issues. If you have the two together, you may be able to launch your website pages as quickly as possible. 

Personalized Onboarding and Get Access to Free Training Materials

Most WordPress site hosting providers will walk you through every aspect of the system. You would understand everything from the planning, creation, to execution. You’ll learn about using the control panel and the tools to enhance the performance and functionality of your WordPress website continuously. Gain access to their knowledge-based platforms, which are composed of free tutorials, step-by-step educational videos, and training documents. 

Get an Easier Way to Switch Host

Another great benefit that you can take advantage of using WordPress hosting is being able to migrate data automatically. If you need to switch from one host to another, everything will be taken care of by the provider without any hassle. Once you’re subscribed to any of their plans, you just need to download their one-click migration plugin or send a request, follow the corresponding steps, and the system will transfer all data for you. 

Modify Your Website Without Interruption 

Are you worried that your customers won’t be able to access your website while you update it or make any modifications to it? That will never happen once you decide to use WordPress hosting because they allow staging sites. You can quickly make multiple duplicates to apply the changes without affecting the live website. 

Be Entitled to a Free Secure Sockets Layer Certificate 

If you want to make sure that all data on your website, especially your customers’ information, are secured and protected, you need to have an SSL Certificate. By choosing  WordPress hosting services, the provider will configure and set-up it for you for free. SSL certificate is essential because it protects sensitive information like credit card information, ID numbers, usernames, passwords, and the like.

You Don’t Need to Code

Whether you have enough technical expertise, or you only have a little knowledge about it, you no longer need to do coding once you choose to use WordPress hosting. You just need to prepare your plan, choose the subscription type, pay for it, and work with them for the launch. 

Core features of a WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is not only ideal for your WordPress websites in ensuring its greatest performance but also provides you a wide range of WordPress management features. These will help you to manage and maintain your website with ease and efficiency. Below are the following features which you can take advantage of: 

Industry-Leading Customer Support 

Whether you’re getting the best WordPress hosting for small business or a large-scale organization, you will get assistance from high-quality customer support with outstanding knowledge with WordPress. They are available 24/7 and can be reached through phone, chat, and video call. Some of them can also do screen sharing and co-browsing to help you better.  

Search Engine Optimization and Advertising Credits

Your WordPress hosting service provider will provide you with an advertising credit, which will automatically handle your basic SEO needs. With these, you promote your website even if you don’t have a budget for it. Your website’s traffic will increase, as users can look up your keywords online. Some hosts offer this at a cheap fee, as an add-on incentive for signing up, or for being a recurring member. 

Managed Services

The best WordPress hosting service provider will include managed services to your subscription plan. The provider will take care of all your WordPress website maintenance tasks. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about sustaining your website, and you can focus more on your business and customers. 

Scaling and Optimization Services

These services include scalability of hosting resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage space, which will help you handle loads for your growing business. Another service they cover is the optimization of your database, which holds important information like pages, posts, form entries, cookies, plugin and theme settings, and many more. Taking care of those assures the overall speed of your website. 

Professional Business Email 

Upon signing up for a WordPress website, your host will also offer you to get a professional email address that is simple, secured, and mobile-friendly. This feature could be given for free, or they will require you to pay a very minimal amount, on top of the subscription fee. This will enable you to sync all your accounts across all devices, and promote your business every time you send and receive emails because it will match your domain name.

High-Website Uptime 

For your website to be effective, it needs to be operational and ready-to-use by your customers and your team members. Deciding to get a WordPress hosting for it ensures high uptime, which is the time when users were able to enter your website without encountering any problems, which should be between 98%-99%. 

Personalized Domain Name

Upon registering for a subscription, the host will let you decide for your domain, which could match with your business name. Some of them will get it at the start of the process for them to check if the domain name is still available. If you’re still undecided, they could give you a temporary domain name for the meantime, which you can change anytime you’re ready.

Publishing Tools and Media Management

Deciding to get WordPress hosting empowers you to manage your website with ease and less hassle. If WordPress allows you to create drafts, publications, upload media and insert texts and captions, then WordPress hosting will enable you to set your contents public or private. This will also enable you to set passwords for posts and pages. 

User Management 

If you are worried about giving access to some of your team members, don’t worry because your WordPress hosting provider will let you set the level of access that you’ll give to each one of them. The host will allow you to create individual credentials they can use to log in and out from your website’s administrator page. 

Developer Features

You, and your private developer can always modify your WordPress website anytime you want. The good thing is that the host will provide you tools and functions that you can use to make necessary modifications. It provides you the capability to create your plugin and new themes. The host will give you HTTP requests, databases, URL routing, and user management features under developer options.

Website Statistics

Your host will also provide you resources on how to monitor, and get insights on how much traffic your website has generated. This feature could be given for free, while some may charge it for a few bucks. Getting statistics is beneficial for you in effectively managing your website, as it provides you information like disk space usage, the total number of subdomains, how many visitors you have, most viewed pages, product searches, and many more.

Secured Multi-Channel Integrations

WordPress hosting sites will enable you to have a connection with third-party channels, like different social media platforms. This feature will help you further in reaching more customers and increasing brand awareness. Your host will also secure that everything you share with different channels is still safe and secured. 

Multi-language Options

Choosing WordPress hosting won’t require you to use English only. It will let you choose from more than 70 languages. This will increase your productivity and efficiency as the bilingual feature makes it more understandable for you. 

Types of WordPress hosting

Choosing the right type of hosting is essential for your WordPress website can help ensure that it works well, stays secure, and will give the best user experience to your organizations. Below are the following types of WordPress hosting to choose from: 

Shared WordPress Hosting

If you’re planning to have your website, but you do not have enough funds to finance it, this is an option for you. With a shared WordPress hosting, you will be sharing a server with hundreds or thousands of websites and users. It is very cheap; however, your server will still be performance-optimized for WordPress. 

Pro #1:

You’ll find it affordable and cost-effective.  

Pro #2:

It can be set-up very quickly.

Con #1:

Given that it’s cheap, you may expect some minimal downtime.

Con #2:

You will be sharing an IP address with other users; therefore, you might be affected once they get flagged. 

Con #3:

Your website might be at risk if other users neglect to keep theirs up-to-date and secure.  

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) WordPress Hosting

With a VPS WordPress hosting, also referred to as cloud hosting, you will be sharing one server with only 5 to 20 other websites and servers. This is somehow comparable with shared hosting, but this one has less risk compared with the other. VPS systems use a hypervisor, which allows the physical host machine to operate multiple virtual machines, to help maximize the use of resources like the memory, bandwidth, and CPU cycles. 

Pro #1;

You have control over your server.

Pro #2:

There is less risk and downtime. 

Pro #3:

The website gains higher speed, performance, accessibility, and reliability.

Pro #4:

Hypervisors separate each user from one another; for example, when one site crashes because it exceeds the allocated memory, the other users or sites won’t be affected.

Con #1:

You need to have enough technical skills. 

Con #2:

There might be occasional hardware failures that could affect your website.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Are you capable of funding your server for your website? If yes, then a dedicated WordPress hosting is a must for you. This type provides you the use of an entire server just for your site. Although expensive, it can be worth the investment. You gain a highly-reliable service, and a top-notch security system. Choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting can give you a lot more bandwidth; thus it can support a higher level of traffic. 

Pro #1:

There is high-level uptime.

Pro #2:

You get more resources for your site—storage, bandwidth, and security features. 

Pro #3:

You can lock down your personal server to ensure safety and security. 

Con #1:

Apart from the utmost customer support given by the host, you need to have complex technical skills to handle issues regarding your server.

Con #2:

You would need to hire a trustworthy system administrator, which would cost you more. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want to have a host that could take care of all technical aspects, then a managed WordPress hosting is the best option for you. This will provide you high-quality technology, resources, security, and performance. Given its name, it will be wholly managed by a team of WordPress experts who will work on your website remotely. Therefore, you don’t have to be an expert or hire a system administrator. 

Pro #1:

You can get full technical support 

Pro #2:

The website will have fast speed and optimal uptime

Pro #3:

Your website will be updated and backed-up automatically. 

Con #1:

It is the most expensive from all types of WordPress hosting. 

Con #2:

Compatibility is limited with WordPress; therefore, migration to another web hosting could be difficult. 

Who needs WordPress hosting?

Business Owner

Whether your business is a start-up, small, medium, or a large scale business, you need a WordPress hosting. You can create your website through WordPress with convenience and ease, and then find the best hosting service provider to launch it for you on the web. This could help you save a lot of time and money because you no longer have to code or wait for a huge amount of time for it to be created and released.  

Sole-Proprietor with a Few Employees

Given the fact that you are a sole proprietor, or you only have a few employees due to the size of your business, it means that you do most of your business tasks all by yourself. You may not have extra time to spend on website creation and hosting. Pick up the most suitable plan for you and your business needs, and let the hosting service provider take care of your website for you.

Multi-Business Owners

If you have more than one business, and if you need more than one website, getting a WordPress hosting service provider could be one of your smartest decisions. They could give you multiple websites or domains according to your needs. It could also be an advantage if there’s only one standard team who will supervise and maintain all your websites for you. 

People with Limited Technical Knowledge

Learning how WordPress and hosting works could take a lot of your time—more so with maintenance. Getting assistance from a hosting service provider will save a lot of time, money, and resources. You gain updates about each step of the process. You could also take advantage of using some free tutorial and virtual training materials uploaded on their website. 

Step-by-step guide on how to host your website using WordPress

Step1: Decide which type of website you are building. 

The very first thing you have to do is to create a plan. Decide the type of website, website content, and your allocated budget for this. 

Step 2: Compare WordPress hosting types. 

After analyzing your budget and the features you need, check the types of WordPress hosting available, and choose the one that matches your qualifications. 

Step 3: Choose a WordPress hosting service provider. 

Choosing which service provider to choose could be overwhelming because of the bunch of choices that you’ll see from the internet. Spend time researching for the best one by comparing their benefits and customer reviews. 

Step 4: Select and purchase a plan. 

Once you’ve decided about a specific provider, check the different subscription plans they offer. Compare each one depending on the features, like storage capacity, technical support level, visitor limit, and some others that are included with the plans. 

Step 5: Create your domain name. 

After deciding which plan you’re getting, you need to add it to the cart. You will be prompted to enter your domain name. You’ll see a message stating if it’s approved, or if the domain you want is already taken. If you’re still undecided, you can choose from the provided temporary ones on the provider’s website. 

Step 6: Decide on add-ons, like professional email.  

Before your check-out, the provider will ask you if you need to add additional features. These could be adding a professional email address, a managed WordPress deluxe, essential website security, and a standard SSL certificate. Each one of those has a corresponding charge, which you can also add at a later time. 

Step 7: Complete transaction and pay the subscription plan. 

If you choose to add more features, the charge will be added to the total amount that you need to settle, which will reflect on this part. Usually, you will be instructed to put your credit card number, and other necessary details needed. You might also choose whether to pay for a monthly basis or annually. 

Step 8: Wait for their confirmation email and signal. 

Depending on the provider’s policy and waiting period, they will send you a confirmation email once everything is ready. The confirmation email is composed of your electronic receipt, contract, terms and conditions, some policies, and the credentials you need to use to enter the server. 

Step 9: Migrate or create your website with the provider’s help. 

Once everything is settled, the provider will assist you in uploading your website’s information and content. If you happened to have a previous hosting, they would also assist you in transferring, migrating your data. You just need to submit a migration request, and they will take care of that for you. 

Step 10: Prepare for the launch. 

After all the previous steps, you are now ready to launch your website and make it available for your customers. Evaluate your experience and inform the hosting service provider for any issues you might experience for them to fix it at an early stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hosting is a form of service or technology that enables a website, owned by an organization, or an individual, to be available and be seen onto the internet. It is provided by a web host or a hosting service provider. The idea, content, and everything stated on the website will be coming from you, and the service provider has the domain to make it live and operational. 

WordPress is an open-sourced content management system, which can be used to create your blog or website. It is cloud-based, also referred to as web-based, which means that it is stored, managed, and processed through the internet to make it available to use without the need to install it directly to your servers and computers.

WordPress is open-source or free; its code is accessible, visible, and can be downloaded by everyone. It is created and maintained for free by a community of tech-savvy web-designers. They made tools or plug-ins, which are made to help you with every aspect of your website. 

Both services offer assistance in making websites available for use on the internet. In WordPress hosting, you’ll be given options to choose from different plans created by well-established hosts. One of the widely-offered selections is a shared-server environment, wherein hundreds or thousands of users are sharing in just one server. However, you will only share with websites created through WordPress as well.

Unlike a general web hosting, which also has a shared hosting service, the support and the service provided are not specifically designed for WordPress-built websites. Most WordPress hosting service providers give high-quality features, services, and support than general web hosting. 

Given the fact that WordPress is free, everyone can use it to create their websites. It hosts more than 35% of all the sites on the web, because of its flexibility while still being easy-to-use.

Some of the websites that can be hosted by WordPress are blogs, business, and ecommerce websites, job portals, internet forums and online communities, non-profit and religious websites, knowledge-based and school websites, and many more. 

Using WordPress in creating your website, whether it's for personal or commercial purposes, is absolutely free. However, for you to make it available online, and to let it function for the sake of other people, you need to get a hosting web service.

There are a lot of companies offering hosting services with a fee. The prices of such WordPress hosting services depend on the type of plan, level of support, and additional premium plugins that you need.

If you’re in a tight budget, you may opt-in to choose one of the widely offered types of WordPress hosting, which is a shared server environment. You’ll be entitled to a hosting service for a minimal amount; however, you’ll be sharing one server with hundreds of other users. 

Engaging your small business in the online world has a huge impact on its expansion, and WordPress can help you build it with ease, without breaking your bank. Choosing WordPress to host it ensures its compatibility, and you’ll have a lot of plan options to choose from, to match with your business needs.

With the help of WordPress hosting service providers, you could have the same online exposure that only large-scale enterprises have had before. Apart from those, through its SEO optimization feature, your start-up websites can be searched, and reached by a wider range of customers across the globe. It is user-friendly, easy to set-up, and web-based, which is beneficial for you, given that you don’t have a lot of resources yet.

Most importantly, you could get support from a community of web developers with regards to concerns about WordPress hosting for free. This is very beneficial for you, as a small-business owner, who does not have not big connections yet. 

As you start your ecommerce website, you would have to look for a web hosting service provider to help you formulate your shopping cart software. Deciding to seek assistance from a WordPress hosting service provider is the best decision that you can make for your upcoming online store.

You just have to carefully make a comparison of the best WordPress hosting service providers, register to your selected one, choose a domain name, upload your store information, and start selling. They will let you choose the different payment methods that you can use for it, and connect your partner shipping services.

Most importantly, they will give you the utmost customer support, which is essential for your online store, in times of any technical problems, and site downtimes.

All 4 types of WordPress hosting work best; however, its effectiveness depends on its compatibility with your business needs, size, and level of support needed. Choosing the right type is very important because it has a huge effect on how your website is going to work.

For example, you choose shared hosting, and you have a service-based business. Your website suddenly crashed, because one of the users you’re sharing with was flagged. Your operations will be affected, which could have a negative impact on the satisfaction of your customers. 

The first two factors you need to consider are your business needs and how much a WordPress hosting service would cost. If you choose this hosting type, you’ll have full technical support; however, it has certain restrictions with the plugins and storage.

This is perfect for you if you have little or no technical skills, and you’re interested in getting your system administrator. Your website will be taken care of by the expert technical support provided by the host.

They are ones who’ll do the system maintenance, security checks, system updates, and will manage every downtime that your website might have. Basically, if you do not want to worry about maintaining your website and focus on your business and your customers, choosing managed WordPress is a brilliant decision that you can make. 

They keep it at an optimal level by automating your workflow, getting high-availability server architecture, implementing uptime monitoring, maintaining a high cache, optimizing databases, and following security best practices. 

You might feel overwhelmed with a lot of choices to choose from upon deciding for the host of your WordPress-built website, here are some of the factors that you must consider:

-Level of Security:

One of the primary things that you need to make sure is the safety and security of all the data on your website, not just yours, but also all information provided by your customers. This is a vital factor for ecommerce websites, for example.


This is the estimated total time when your website is operational and available for us. Basically, the opposite of downtime, and should be between 98%-99%.

-Customer Support

High-quality customer support is one of the assets that each hosting company is proud of. However, the level of technical support still depends on your needs and qualifications. If you have limited computer-related skills, you need to research the best WordPress hosting service provider in the United Kingdom that provides full technical support, for example.

-Upgrade Options

If you’re looking forward to expanding your business very soon, you need to make sure that the host will be capable of making upgrades with your website as well. Discuss them about website staging, and automated migration, which are primarily needed for transferring and making updates.

-Price and Payment Methods

Whether the website is for small or a big enterprise, it is very important to check how competitive the price is. Check the internet for the best WordPress hosting service provider for 2019, compare their prices, and identify which one suits your budget. Carefully check the price, because some providers put different charges for the first and second year of your subscription.

-Company Reputation

Checking reviews with regards to the WordPress hosting service provider is very important before finally deciding on your subscription. Research about the best WordPress hosting service provider for 2018, then check each company’s reliability, trust-rating, customer retention, and accountability.

-Availability in Your Country

As you do your research online, check if they are allowed to operate in your country. For example, you may search for some WordPress hosting service providers in Australia.