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🏆 Best Blogging Platforms for August 2021

Continue connecting to more people while sharing limitless food for thought. Blogging platforms are software tools and services that allow the user to construct a blog or news site.

What is a blogging platform

In today’s contemporary society, the popularity of blogging continues. But in order to blog, you need a blogging platform, which serves as the home of your vast knowledge. A blogging platform is a software that you can use to publish your content in the form of a blog. It enables authors to publish articles, and opinions through a broadcast-style communications system that can be delivered through different forms.

Why do you need blogging platforms

Now, blogging has become a medium for achieving professional goals rather than using it as a personal journal. The new blogging platforms now opened a door to promote to the public your brands and businesses. So, here are the reasons why you must start looking for a good blogging platform to start your blog.

Share Your Passion

Being passionate about something triggers the desire to share it with the world, whether it is a passion for photography, poems, or marketing. Different blogging platforms enable you to share your passion, which opens the door for you to connect with those who also speak your language of passion.

Source of Information

Blogs can be a great source of information, especially if it is written by a trusted author. It could give you the necessary details regarding what you need to learn. Necessary pieces of information and even reviews can be found in the different online blogging platforms for free. It could be about science, brands, food, etc., you could look for any information you need in an easy-access blogging platform.

Educate Others

Blogging platforms offer room for you to share your expertise in teaching. If you decided to write blogs about a certain range of information where you are knowledgeable the most, your readers can have the chance to learn from it. Your personal experience can also serve as lessons for them, where they can apply what they have learned from it to their personal lives. Moreover, teaching through blogging can also naturally lead to monetization by creating online information products.

Refines Writing Skills

The more you engage yourself in doing something, the more you will learn how to master it. Blogging platforms for writers can improve your writing skills even if you do not set out study writing through constant posting. The best blogging platforms for writers also offer some tools like grammar checkers to help you construct your entries perfectly. You could also receive immediate feedback from your writing through these blogging platforms, which you can directly apply to your next write-ups.

Published Author

Through blogging, you could get the opportunity to become an author. If you have exceptional writing skills and interesting insights that will draw a large audience, blogging platforms could allow you to become a published author. Furthermore, publishing companies frequently recognize the top bloggers and offer them book deals.

Connect With New People

Blogging platforms can help you to not just grow some followers but also build genuine relationships. It is considered as one of the beneficial effects of blogging. Top blogging platforms can lead you to make friends with many people who share the same interest. If you continue to cultivate your relationship with your readers or followers, they could be your loyal supporters.

Gain Influence

There are a lot of ways for you to change the world, and it starts with little steps. Not only the politician, activist, or volunteer can make a change but also bloggers. If you become a successful blogger, you will be influencing a lot of people; this makes them stay and spread the word.

Builds Authority

Blogging can be a great way to publicize a niche that you are most knowledgeable about – people who read your blog will then begin to recognize you as an expert in that field. You can be acknowledged as an authoritative source and a thought-leader when you constantly publish accurate, timely, and relevant blog posts.


Everyone else looks for work and the richest people in the world build networks. Starting a blog is a secure way to expand your network. A blog is a good platform for reaching out to other individuals. If you have a valuable and interesting blog post, it will attract readers who will then comment on your site and even send you personal messages. Many of your readers may ask for your help, but others will extend their hands to help you in reaching your goals, like sharing your blog posts to help expand your audience.

Receive Job Offers

A business that knows the benefits of content marketing always looks for employees who can create great content. With this idea, blogging can help you land a job, especially when you are into writing a business-related niche. Moreover, as you connect with others in your niche, it is likely for you to run into businesses that are looking for candidates that fit in the open positions.

Source of Income as a New Business

Back then, many bloggers just write about their personal lives but later on decided to make it a business and source of income. If you decided to take your blog in a more serious matter, it could be a great business. You can gradually gain money from it by implementing search engine optimization combined with different advertisements in your blog. You can also start doing affiliate marketing of products and services related to the niche that you blog about.

Improves SEO

When you write a series of blog posts, which include in-depth and valuable content, Google takes notes. Each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from the search. Conclusively, search engines deliver results that are helpful to the users.

Flexibility in Working  Hours

You can consider blogging as work at home job and its flexible working hours can make it suitable for you to find time for your other daily activities. If you decide to be a full-time blogger, you can be the boss of your own self, which means that you can control your own time and divide it own your own preferences and priorities.

Promotes Businesses

Blogging platforms are a great way to promote your business whether it is a small-scale business or a large one. If you have a small-scale business like selling beauty products, you can create a blog as your platform to sell those products. There is also no need to highlight that large-scale businesses have their blogs along with their websites. As the owner of a large business, you can constantly update every detail of your products or services using your blog.

Builds Trust Online

Building and controlling your online identity is one of the advantages of blogging. You can have some of your information posted online and when someone searches your name; your works will help him to know you better.


Blogging is an effective way for aspiring authors and freelance writers to build up an online portfolio. You could showcase your writing skills through blogging that will attract new clients. Even photographs, artists, and cartoonists find blogging as a great platform for creating portfolios for their jobs. Using this kind of portfolio makes it easier for them to get hired in their area of expertise.

Easy to Set-up

You do not have to be very good at technical aspects nor in software for you to start a blog. There are a lot of blogging platforms that have an easy set-up for anyone who wants to begin blogging.

Core features of blogging platforms

Despite the vast range and the diverse online blogging platforms, there are still features that you should look before deciding to invest in a specific blogging platform. These features are presented below.

Quick and Easy

Since blogs are intended to frequently create information to the site, you should look for a blogging platform that has an easy and quick step for you to post your write-ups or articles. This will enable you to publish multiple blog posts without getting stressed on the process and will help you save up your time. 

Easy Themes Customization

Most blogging platforms have customized themes and appearances that they offer to their users. These tools allow you to configure your blog according to your taste. Consequently, the method of using these tools should be easy for you to follow. A competitive free blogging platform should be user-friendly especially since many of you are new to this area.

Spam Protection

Spam comments drown out legitimate comments and leave readers little incentives to read the comments on a post. You should look for blogging platforms that have an automated spam protection system for their users. It will block blatant spam attacks.

Social Media Integration

The content of your blog is meant to be shared. Look for a blogging platform that makes it easy for your readers to share your blog posts with their social media networks. This can serve as a form of advertisement that will help you to grow your audience.

RSS Feed

RSS or the Really Simple Syndication allows the readers to keep up with the new content that their favorite blogs might post without frequently visiting the site. Before you consider a blogging platform, you should look for a platform that has a publishing RSS. This will give you an opportunity to have loyal followers since your readers are notified for any update from your blog.

Hosts Your Blog

Web hosts manage the servers that will make it easy for you to host your site so visitors can access these website files. You should look for a hosted blogging platform that builds a professional-looking, beautifully crafted website on which to launch your blog at no cost. This way, your blog can be reached by anyone online over the internet.


It is extremely helpful to learn how to properly write an HTML code but unfortunately, not all individuals are good at it. However, your blogging platform needs to have an editing system that is very easy to approach and there is no better option for you to look than What You See Is What You Get editor. A WYSIWYG editor enhances accuracy when building or when you are making changes on your website because it displays content in the live product as the same on what it is in the preview.

Built-in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of increasing both the quality and the quantity of website traffic, as well as the exposure of your brand. The majority of online traffic is driven by search engines, it is also one of the only online marketing channels that, when set up correctly, can continue to pay dividends over time. You should look into blogging platforms that already have a website with clean HTML markup, automatic tagging where you do not need to install plugins.

Free Domain

When you want to look for a specific store, you do not look for its coordinates, instead, you look for its address. You think of a domain name as the address of that store while the web hosting would serve as the actual building. Without the domain names, you will need to memorize the entire IP address, which is a lot harder and would not make a good impression unlike having a creative and memorable domain.

Types of blogging platforms 

There are a lot of paid blogging platforms as well as free blogging platforms out in the market. Listed below are the different types of blogging platforms that can help to minimize your choosing process.

Open-Source Blogging Platform

This type of blogging platform allows users to build a blog or website within minutes. It also has a static site generator for personal, project, or organization sites. Furthermore, the most popular blogging platforms are under this type.

Pro #1 Thousands of themes. 

Open-source blogging platforms offer free themes where you can make your blog or website the best way you want it to appear.

Pro #2 SEO friendly.

This type of blogging platform allows you to build SEO friendly URLs, tags, and categories for the posts that will create website traffic.

Pro #3 Responsive

Most of the open-source blogging platforms have their mobile and desktop version which is responsive to whatever medium you are using.

Pro #4 Easy to access.

You can make changes to your blog posts or your website from anywhere in the world through an internet-enabled computer. This blogging platform also allows users to make frequent changes or updates to the content easily.

Pro #5 Lightweight website.

This type of blogging platform has a lightweight website, it puts the minimal effort on the server while bearing a load of the vast amount of users at the same time

Con #1 Vulnerable to hackers.

Since it is an open-source platform, it is vulnerable to hackers.

Con #2 It could get expensive.

 If you want your blog or website to appear based on your taste it may cost some money because customization for some open-source blogging platform can get expensive. Although there are also top open-source blogging platforms that are free.

CMS Platform

The Content Management System platform is made to help create and design websites that will enable them to showcase their work even without any in-depth technical knowledge. It allows users to create a DIY blog, eCommerce store, and/or portfolio (visual art or music). It also has blogging and eCommerce features that can be utilized for building standard websites or specialized webpages for online stores.

Pro #1 Easy customization.

Through drag and drop tools, this blogging platform can allow you to customize your blog or website easily.

Pro #2 Customizable widget. 

This type of blogging platform has a customizable widget that can be moved or resized according to your desire.

Pro #3 No coding.

There is no required coding in creating your design for this type of blogging platform.

Con #1 No auto-save.

Since some of these blogging platforms have no auto-save in the editor, it may cause some serious problems when you unintentionally close it or when there is a power interruption.

Con #2 Slow load time. 

Since there are massive templates in the option, it decreases the website’s load time.

Hosted Website Builder

Hosted Website Builder is a type of blogging platform that offers a more premium user experience. Some of the website builders are well-known for its eCommerce solution, which allows users to build an online store, which makes it the best blogging platform to make money. Its free version comes loaded with features that are enough to attract many bloggers.

Pro #1 Functional editor.

Since this type of blogging platform has a functional editor, it allows users to create social media posts for blogs.

Pro #2 Free SSL. 

As search engines give preference to secured websites, the free SSL or the Secure Sockets Layer is a great feature since it helps your blog to rank higher.

Con #1 Can’t switch to another template.

Unlike the other types of blogging platforms, when you go live on this type of platform, you must stick with your template whatever it is because you can’t anymore switch to other templates.

Con #2 Overwhelming.

Since it offers a bunch of customization options, it might get overwhelming to the new users.

Microblogging Platform

This is a type of blogging platform that has a short piece of content designed for quick audience interactions. This blogging platform also blends with social media websites. It is also mostly used widely by young internet users since it gives to the best of both worlds.

Pro #1 Easy to reach features.

All the features of this blogging platform including messaging, design, and setting are easy to reach which enables the users to post a blog at a very fast speed.

Pro #2 More engaging.

Since this blogging platform allows the users to share their posts and appears on the trending topics, it becomes more engaging than the other blogging platforms.

Con #1 

The content that you post on your blog using this type of blogging platform is limited only to its members

Con #2

The good themes come with various expensive prices.

Con #3

Cannot be used as a full-fledged website.

Blog-Publishing Platform

The Blog-publishing platform has evolved into a strong community of writers, journalists, and bloggers. It is considered the best blogging platform for people who love to write and read. It also allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.

Pro #1 Change tracker feature.

This type of blogging platform offers a feature where you can track all the changes that you made in your draft before you publish it.

Pro #2 Membership program.

It offers a membership program that enables the writers to easily monetize their blogs based on the visits and the total time a reader consumed being in your blog.

Pro #3 Easy to share.

You can easily share your published stories on other platforms or social networks.

Con #1 Basic analytics.

This blogging platform offers basic analytics and you cannot integrate it with Google Analytics.

Con #2 Only monetize the number of visitors.

Users of this blogging platform cannot integrate Google Ads or any other affiliate solution, which only gives them to rely on the number of visitors.

Who needs blogging platforms?


A blogging platform is a powerful tool to share your content. It is a great way to start publishing on your terms. As a publisher, you would want a huge audience that can give immediate feedback on your work. As a publisher, you can take a lesson from content marketers in that many business blogs provide community forums, in addition to opportunities for employees and awesome writers to share your favorite ideas.


A product is only as good as an entrepreneur can market it. There are a lot of ways to build a personal brand but if you are looking for the easiest way, engaging yourself in the blogging platforms is a wise step. Sharing your ideas and visions can eventually lead you to build a platform for your products.

Aspiring Writers

Starting a blog will help you cultivate your writing skills. It will even give you immediate feedback from your readers, which will help you to perfectly mold your abilities in writing. Furthermore, the constant interaction that you could possibly create with your followers can help you gather important details and experiences to further expand your horizon of knowledge.


Everyone is naturally creative, but the level of your creativity will depend on you how you craft your abilities in the early years. Blogging platforms are good for students as it molds their creativity through writing unique and original blog posts. It could also help them to gather necessary pieces of information that will help them in their academic journey. 

Step-by-step guide in using a blogging platform

Step1: Select you topic.

Before anything else, you first need to decide the definite topic that you will discuss on your blog posts. Consistency on the topic that you post on your blog can attract a lot of readers and followers that have the same interests as you. In selecting your topic you must consider the true desire of your heart and what you are most knowledgeable with for you to produce quality content posts.

Step 2: Choose a blog name. 

A good blog name should be descriptive that will instantly tell your readers what is the content of your blog. You should ultimately consider your topic in choosing a blog name.

Step 3: Select your blog host. 

You need a blog host and blogging software to start running up your blog. A blog host is a company that stores all of the files for your blog and delivers them to the user when they type in your blog name. Look for blogging platforms that are easy to access and also have customer service that will cater to your questions regarding your blog. 

Step 4: Customize your blog. 

Different blogging platforms offer different themes and layouts. After deciding on what blogging platform you want to use, you can then customize your blog by choosing what you prefer using the free different features that your blogging platform offers.

Step 5: Write your first blog. 

After you are done with the appearance of your blog or website, you can now start writing your first blog. Always bear in mind that it takes a lot of effort and a handful of steps before you can climb up the mountain of mastery.

Step 6: Publish your first post. 

When you are done writing your blog, you can publish it. Before doing so, you should always do a review before publishing your blog posts.

Step 7: Promote your blog. 

Building a well-designed blog with great content quality is just the beginning. To gain more readers and followers, you need to spend time promoting your blog too. You can do it by sharing your blog on other social media platforms. This process uses a feature that should be included in your chosen blogging platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A blog is a type of website. There is not much difference between these two except that blogs are constantly updated while websites tend to be more static and are organized into pages.

Yes. There are a lot of blogging platforms of website builders that offer a friendly-user tool that enables you to create a beautiful website in easy steps.

This feature is usually offered by the different blogging platforms but you need to choose a blogging platform that is mobile-friendly and has a quality feature for phone viewing.

Aside from having a good content blog, SEO can help you to make your blog found on google. You should look for blogging platforms that have built-in SEO.

Absolutely not, but there are also blogging platforms that require the users to know a little about coding to create an excellent blog.

The biggest investment you will make in blogging is the investment of your time. You can start in a few minutes without needing to spend any money at all just look for those free blogging platforms that offer great features to start your blog.

There is a lot of free blogging platform out there, you just need to know what specific features you are looking for so that you can choose the perfect free blogging platform that will fit in your taste.

You have to do the work actively in order to attract visitors to come and visit your content. They will not find you on their own. Go to social media, go to forums, go to other niche sites, go to other big blogs in your field, and on and on.

Your domain is part of the larger web address known as the URL. The domain is a part of it in the middle and end. When you choose your blog’s domain, you’re picking the name that goes in the center of the URL, and which extension is in the end (.com; .net; .org).

It is honestly different for everyone. For some people, it can happen in less than a year. For others, it takes time to set up the blog and make it known. But first, you should focus on gathering steady and loyal followers.