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🏆 Best Brochure Makers for August 2021

Brochures are visual assets to advertise your products or services, but not everyone has the skills to create one from scratch. Don’t worry—an online brochure maker makes designing easy.

What is a brochure maker

Brochures are visual assets to advertise your products or services, but not everyone has the skills to create one from scratch. Don’t worry—an online brochure maker makes designing easy. You can instantly produce your professional brochures in no time by using these brochure maker apps or by hiring their designers. 

Why do you need a brochure maker

If you say hello to digital brochure makers, you also say goodbye to headaches. With this kind of software, creating a brochure has never been easier. You will just need a goal in mind, a splash of creativity, and a few clicks of a button to make stunning brochures to promote your business. To convince you better, here are more reasons why you need one. 

Advertise and Market Your Brand

Brochures are powerful and time-tested tools that help businesses advertise and market their products and services. Through brochure makers, you can send your message out to potential and existing customers by as easy as choosing a brochure design you like and adding your information to it. 

Customize Brochure Design

These brochure makers allow you to use their pre-designed templates, work with their designers, or even start from scratch. You aren’t limited to using specific designs or themes, but, instead, you’re free to edit their templates, change layouts, add their available graphics, or even upload your own. 

Easy to Use

Putting images, texts, and colors altogether for a brochure design is a lot of work. But easy brochure makers save you from all the stress and hassle that come with brochure making. Whether you have little to no knowledge about designing, you can navigate this online software and create your materials with minimal supervision. 

Save More Time

Creating brochures from scratch usually takes time, especially when you have to buy, download, install, and learn your new software. But when you use a brochure maker online, you can immediately start creating your brochure and share them digitally. Or, you can distribute printed copies while also focusing on growing your business. 

Convenient and Accessible

With everything done online, you can create your brochures in the comfort of your own home or office. You don’t have to go anywhere just to make your brochure. As long as you have your device, an internet connection, and your creativity, you’re good to go! Most brochure makers also provide guided tours on navigating their software.

Cost-Effective Services

These online brochure makers let you produce high-quality brochures at an affordable cost, without having to spend your fortune. Most software offers a budget-friendly and customizable plan that is perfect for individuals or teams. Not only that, but most companies also offer free plans. Now that is a great deal!

Render High-Quality Output

Many online brochure makers are known for their professional editing tools and printing services. The brochures you make can be digitally saved in different high-quality formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, and more. Others also offer printing services using top-quality and recycled printing materials that could last a lifetime.  

All-In-One Design Services

Most brochure makers are just a part of one larger design software that offers a wide range of services, such as designing invitations, calendars, resumes, and many more. Most online brochure makers serve as a one-stop-shop for all your designing needs, saving you a lot of time designing different projects. 

Core features of a brochure maker

Different companies offer similar and equally-good design services. With this, it all comes down to who provides the best and most suitable design tools and features that you need. If you’re looking for the best online brochure maker, the following features should be considered.

Brochure Templates

With an extensive template library, you can make stunning and informative brochures—may it be for travel, fashion, food, or others. You can use their brochure template maker by merely adding your details and customizing it according to your needs. Plus, you can adjust these templates based on the type of fold you want.

Drag-and-Drop Design Tools

Built for non-designers, brochure makers should have a drag-and-drop tool feature so that you can make and adjust your designs with ease. This is a beneficial tool for you to fully control the whole design process, minimizing unnecessary clicks and buffering in the brochure maker software. 

Design Elements

Design elements like illustrations, colors, typography, and others are essential to include in your brochures to make it more attractive and give it more value. Good online brochure makers should provide a vast library of these elements. Through this feature, you can choose which ones you could incorporate into your theme or brand. 

Wide Font Library

In designing brochures, words are essential, but the style of those words is equally crucial too. Online brochure makers should contain a vast font library so that individuals, businesses, and organizations of any kind won’t be limited to using fonts that they don't like or that don’t suit their style or branding. 

Downloadable and Shareable Brochure

What’s the point of making brochures if you can’t have a copy of it? Online brochure makers should let you download your finished products in multiple formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. Not only that, but the software should also allow you to share the brochures on social media or send it to your email list. 

Printable Brochure

A tangible reference material still hits differently. Aside from uploading brochures online, they can also be distributed physically in various locations. That’s why you should make sure that the brochure maker you’re using allows you to print your brochures in a compatible format. 

Website Integration

Brochure makers can let you integrate your brochure to your website so that your visitors can have direct access to it. By displaying your flyer on your website, your products or services can be promoted quickly, and you have a higher chance of converting website visitors to actual customers.


A good brochure maker can be easily accessed through different devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, and still lets you get the job done efficiently. These online brochure makers should allow you to produce high-quality brochures and maximize different features regardless of what kind of device you’re using. 

Real-Time Statistics

Some brochure makers can analyze real-time statistics and give you real-time results. Through this feature, you can track how many people browse your online brochure. Real-time statistics help make reports about your customer behavior and know your business or organization’s current status. 

Writing Services

Some companies go far beyond just designing brochures; some also offer writing services for its actual content. If you don’t know how to put your ideas into words and how to arrange those words in a visually-appealing manner, brochure makers have got you covered. 

Fast Turnaround Time

One benefit of this service is that they have rules and schedules to follow in doing their work. Designers and this industry, in general, are bound by deadlines, so they have to work fast enough to meet the deadlines of a client. Also, most of these designers are experts in this field. Rest assured that they can make your brochures efficiently. 

Reliable Customer Support

Like any other service, brochure makers should have reliable customer support. Especially when hiring designers, you will need immediate updates in the progress of your projects. It’s always a satisfying feeling when you know there’s someone at the end of the line willing to answer your questions about your brochures. 

Revision Allowances

A good brochure maker allows you to have multiple to unlimited revisions on your brochure project. This gives more chances between you and the designer to let your ideas meet. This way, you can produce a high-quality brochure that is still fully aligned with your vision and enhanced by his or her expertise. 

Money-Back Guarantee

None of us likes spending our fortune for mediocre services, so this feature allows you to be confident that your money won’t be put to waste. This is also an indication that companies are sure enough that they have the best services because they’re willing to give your money back if you’re not satisfied with their work. 

Types of brochure makers

Brochures have been present in the market for a long time, and it is widely used for different reasons and is made in various ways. Today, the leading methods of making these are through software and design services. Depending on your resource and ability, you can choose which type of brochure maker suits your needs the most. 

Brochure Editors

This type of brochure maker lets you be your boss by designing the brochure according to your style and preference. You are in full control of the content and design of your brochure. These can be created on online software or a brochure maker app with tips and guides to help you easily navigate through their portal.

Pro #1: No Technical Skills Needed 

Making brochures nowadays isn’t just a job for professional designers. With minimum effort, anyone can do it because it doesn’t require special coding or design skill. As long as you have basic computer knowledge and creativity, you can use the tools provided by a brochure editor. 

Pro #2: Full Control of Content, Design, and Schedule 

When you use a brochure editor, you decide on everything you put on your content, what design you will use, and even when and where you’re going to do it. You have the freedom to personalize your brochure down to the last detail according to your preference. 

Pro #3: Usually Free 

There are several free online brochure makers in today’s market, with features just as many and useful as the paid ones. You can create stunning brochures using a brochure editor for free and download high-quality copies, still for free. This saves you a lot of money and invests more in your other business ventures. 

Con #1: Consumes More Time 

If you have a busy schedule, this type of brochure maker is not recommended for you because it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to design your brochure. Using a brochure editor requires your complete focus and attention in designing the perfect material for your business or organization. 

Con #2: Needs Storage Space 

Most brochure editors have a specific limit on the allowed file size that you can upload, as well as store in their online system. Not all brochure makers provide unlimited space to store your images and other elements. Thus, this stops you from uploading and storing many files at the same time.

Con #3: Requires Internet Connection 

Having to do all the editing ‘online’ means that it first and foremost requires an internet connection. If you don’t have an Internet connection or have one that’s not strong and reliable, this type of brochure maker is not right for you. The whole editing process needs to be online for you to maximize all of the editor’s features. 

Brochure Design Services

Do you have the resources, money, and creativity to make a brochure but don’t have the time? Then this type of brochure maker is for you. You can hire professional brochure designers to create a brochure to meet your needs, style, and preference. 

Pro #1: Hassle-Free 

With this type of brochure maker, you don’t have to manually put the content, make the design, and arrange the layout for each brochure that you will create. This saves you the effort of navigating through online editors and using tools to build your brochure. All you have to do is instruct the designer of your requirements.

Pro #2: Work with Designers

Though the designers do most of the job, you will still have to work closely with them. When you hire brochure designers, you will be involved throughout the process, but at the same time, you have to trust the designer’s abilities to do the job for you. With this, you’re entitled to several revisions until you are satisfied with their work.

Pro #3: Knowledgeable About Industry Standards 

Most of these brochure designers are experts in the field of design. They have been designing different kinds of materials for years and keeping track of changing industry standards. They know what’s in and what’s not, and they can determine the best design option for you, depending on your needs.

Con #1: Additional Fees 

If you have a limited budget to spend, this option may not be perfect for you. Hiring brochure designers require additional fees for their professional services because they do industry-standard designs for you. Not only that, but prices can also vary depending on how complicated your design is and how many revisions you ask them. 

Con #2: Generic Style 

Though these designers are very creative, they sometimes run out of new ideas and tend to design that they have already used before. Generic styles are not beneficial for you because one goal in making a brochure is to stand out among other designs and brands. 

Con #3: May Not Capture Your Desired Style 

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain your vision to the designers, and, sometimes, it’s also a challenge for the designers to grasp your desired style fully. This could be a potential drawback of hiring brochure designers because they may not apply the designs you have in your mind. 

Who needs a brochure makers?

Businesses, Companies, and Entrepreneurs

Products and services of different businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs need to be promoted, and one effective way of doing that is to create brochures. To save time and cost and maximize creativity, online brochure makers are the key to create visually-appealing and informative brochures that target potential customers.

Educational Institutions

If there is one essential thing that these institutions need to do from time to time, it’s to disseminate information to its students, employees, and the public. Online brochure makers can be of great help in doing this. They can create and edit the content and update the design of their brochures according to any season or event.


Students are required to create or design material at one point in their academic lives, and sometimes that includes brochures. An online brochure maker for students is a perfect means to do this because its online editor is easy to use, budget-friendly, and it can hone your skills. 


Public, private, religious, and other organizations need different mediums to communicate their advocacies, beliefs and causes to the concerned public. They can do this by creating eye-opening materials on a brochure maker. It just takes a little bit of effort, patience, and vision to do this without even spending a single cent. 


Government offices and departments have their projects and initiatives individually and as a whole. To inform, engage, and encourage the public to support this, they can use brochure makers to produce brochures containing all the necessary details. This is one way of reaching out to their citizens in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. 

Transport Industry

In this industry, information is ever-changing. There’s a constant need to update the schedules, fare prices, and public vehicle routes from time to time. Using brochure makers lets you quickly change the necessary details in your brochures in no time. This way, the public can get the latest updates on their transportation. 

Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Industries

Tourists of a place come and go. Tourists consider what that place would offer them before going somewhere and how it is worthy of their time and money. Travel brochure makers allow you to include texts and images in the brochures of your best tourist spots and attractions that would entice visitors.

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare professionals need to inform the public, especially their patients, about their services. They can use brochure makers to create informative brochures so that they can post it online or print them out to be distributed to communities that don’t have access to the Internet. 

Step-by-step guide on how to use a brochure maker

Step1: Assess your brochure needs.

First, you have to determine your requirements—the content and design you want to appear in your brochure. By assessing your brochure needs, you narrow down your options on which type of brochure maker you need to use. The complexity of the brochure design you have to make affects the next step you’re going to take.

Step 2: Choose the service provider. 

Once you’ve already assessed your needs, you can either do the brochure yourself and take full control of the content and design you’re going to make or hire designers to do the job for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of service provider, so it all comes down to what suits your needs the most. 

Step 3: Choose the design. 

If you choose to use brochure editors, you can find a pre-designed template in their vast library. From there, you can customize it according to your needs and work on it until you’re satisfied. If you choose to hire designers, you can coordinate with them, combine your ideas, and instruct them about the specific details you need.

Step 4: Ask and give feedback. 

When you use brochure editors, you can ask others for comments and suggestions about your work. This will help improve your outputs as well as your editing skills. When you hire designers, you can also provide feedback and revisions for them to apply to your brochure until you’re satisfied with the result. 

Step 5: Render, download, share, and print your brochure.

After previewing and finalizing your project, you can finally save your brochure and download a copy to yourself. These brochures are now ready to be shared online on different websites and social media accounts, and they’re also prepared for printing to be distributed in other locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A brochure is a type of digital or printed document that is primarily used to introduce and promote a company, organization, products, or services to prospective customers and the public. It is a critical tool used in marketing, containing a company’s brand, images, and content, that helps you communicate with your audience. 

Some brochure makers offer free trials, wherein you can use all of its features but for a limited time only. However, there are brochure makers that you can use free forever, but with limitations on the features that you can use. 

There are brochure makers that require you to create an account. Through your account, you can open, edit, and save all your projects anytime you want and keep track of your progress. If you’re going to create a brochure for one time only, there are brochure makers that don’t require you to register before use. 

The type of fold you should use will depend on why you’re making the brochure. Each type of fold has its purpose, suggests its meaning, and has its limitations associated with each folding, so you should do your research before deciding which fold suits your brochure best.

Online brochure makers have an extensive template library. If there isn’t one that catches your attention or isn’t just your style, you can create your brochure from scratch with a blank canvas and then include all the elements you need. 

Yes. All the pre-designed templates and the blank canvas will show lines for reference to the brochure’s folds. These lines will not show up in print; it will only guide you while designing your brochure. 

Popular kinds of folds that a brochure maker offers include the half fold, the tri fold, the gate fold, the cross fold, the Z fold, and the die-cut fold. These folds provide an interactive 3D element, which lets customers experience a more profound connection with your brochure. 

Yes. There is a trifold brochure maker you can use for free. There are tons of brochure makers offering different kinds of folds without asking for fees. Businesses and organizations with a limited budget benefit from these service providers because it allows them to get creative without spending so much money. 

To make an informative and visually-appealing brochure, you should include the following: high-resolution images and informative text. You also have to be consistent and with your brand’s color schemes and font combinations. Also, add in some eye-catching graphics, contact details, and a call-to-action.

The standard brochure sizes are 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, and 11x25.5 inches. You can also choose a trifold, half-fold, gate fold, or accordion fold depending on your needs. You should choose the size and fold that most highlights the message you want to convey.

Yes. You can download brochures without watermarks by subscribing to a paid plan of a brochure maker. However, some brochure makers also allow you to download brochures without watermarks entirely for free. 

Yes. Most brochures that are made on both paid and free online brochure makers are printable. Their brochure design, templates, layout, and paper sizes are all compatible for printing. 

Yes. Most free brochure makers let you download a regular image file to have it printed easily. On the other hand, paid brochure makers allow you to download a PDF with bleed marks that are more suitable for printing. Printing services can let you know which is best.

Some design elements like graphics and fonts are locked when using the free version of a brochure editor. Sometimes they allow you to use these elements, but it comes with a watermark. There are certain restrictions with using these elements when you are not subscribed to any of their plans. 

Most brochure designers give out forms on their website to fill out for you to request an initial proposal. You can also reach out to them through their live chats, emails, hotlines, or other messaging platforms.

In most cases, the service provider is the one who chooses and matches a brochure designer for you. If you would like to select a specific designer or have individual requirements for a designer, you may have to contact the service provider directly.

Yes. Most brochure makers offer custom-made brochures with unique shapes and sizes, and sometimes even unique folds. You can contact the company’s customer service to know if they can create the design you have in mind. 

Most brochure editors and designers accept online payment methods through credit and debit cards. You can contact them to know if they have other payment methods aside from these. 

Most brochure makers don’t bind you with contracts. You can cancel, downgrade, or delete your account any time you like. You can even subscribe to their services for free without having to input your credit/debit card information.