What are Amusement Parks?

If you are looking for a day to just have fun, you may visit an amusement park. An amusement park is a large outdoor area that features various attractions such as rides, restaurants, shops, games, shows, as well as other events for entertainment. It usually caters to children but is not limited to them only. 

Amusement parks are also great avenues for fun and relaxation for adults to relax and get away with the stress of life and work. An amusement park is also a good place for families to bond especially during weekends or holidays. There are a lot of amusement parks across the globe that caters to different needs and preferences for its visitors.

Why Do You Need Amusement Parks?

You can never go wrong with having fun at amusement parks. Whether as a kid or adult, you will surely enjoy the thrills and wonders of such a place. Here are the reasons why an amusement park is always a good idea.


It is a place to have fun.

The pressure of everyday work will ultimately burn you out, and this will not lead you to a productive day. Having a place where you can relax and have fun is a good action you can do for yourself, and visiting an amusement park might just be the place you are looking for.


It is a good venue for you and your family to bond.

You are doing your kids a favor when you visit an amusement park when they are still young. According to studies, traveling and going to amusement parks are what most children retain most as their childhood memories. You are also doing this for yourself because you know that they are not children forever and you only have a few years to make the most of it.


It is where you can meet a lot of people.

Amusement parks are a great venue to socialize with different people with the same interests as you are. Here, you can meet adults that are kids-at-heart all just wanting to get away with life for a day and relive their childhood memories.


It’s not only about the rides.

You might be surprised to see that amusement parks are not just all about adrenaline-pumping rides. Here you will discover that it is also a place of magic and unlimited entertainment. You will never get bored whenever you visit an amusement park.

Core Features of Amusement Parks

The best amusement parks all offer the same things: Entertainment, promotes socialization, adventure, top of the line customer care, and last but definitely not least, gives you security. All of this sums up to one thing, YOU matter.



The main purpose of an amusement park is to be a source of fun and recreation for people of all ages through different forms of entertainment. Normal life can be too stressful, and you need to relax and take some time out of life. Being entertained can reduce stress and feelings of fatigue, and will give you a better sense of facing life’s challenges. It is also another way to ease any feeling of worry and anxiety, and it enhances your mental health which is important for you to continue doing what matters most. Entertainment in amusement parks is unlimited. You can choose a wide array of rides, shows, and even food that you can only find in an amusement park.

Good Rides

Rides are an integral part of any amusement park because, without it, it wouldn’t be as fun. That’s why these parks invest so much on their rides and make sure they have something new to offer all the time. It can be of different classifications but whatever it may be, follow your preferences, and surely, it will give you joy.

Interactive Shows

Magical shows, fireworks shows, and parades are some of the entertainment amusement parks have on a daily or weekly basis. Magical shows cater to different magic tricks and illusion that makes our brain wonder in disbelief and awe. Fireworks shows, on the other hand, give that magical feeling by the end of your trip that stirs up different emotions. Parades are when you see all of your favorite characters altogether. It is that feeling like you are in a wonderland, a different world where your imagination finally comes to life. 


The food inside an amusement park is one of the most conceptualized in the world because the main goal is to not only please your hunger but also to entice your eyes. The food comes in different colors, sizes, and they will surely satisfy your taste buds!

Promotes Socialization

Amusement Parks is too interactive not to socialize. One way or another, this place will push you to interact with anyone be it with the crew or with fellow visitors. Here you will find people with the same interest as you. You may be waiting as you line up to the haunted mansion, or waiting for the extreme rides to open but this is the best way for you to meet new friends.

Gives that Sense of Adventure

An amusement park has several adventure courses that anyone can explore. Being in the park itself is already an adventure in its true form. Nobody knows how your day at the park will be like, how it would possibly end, or what awaits you inside. So be sure to pump up your spirit for a fun-filled day!

Strongly Implemented Security Protocols

Amusement Parks have one of the most strict protocols when it comes to security. Since a lot of visitors frequent the park in a day, and with the high threats that the world is facing, it is just expected for an amusement park to have a strict security protocol. After going through x-rays and metal detection, some security personnel dress-up casually to easily catch culprits and thieves. Also, this is an efficient way to minimize disturbances when an arrest is made. After all, amusement parks are supposed to be fun and magical, not dangerous and wild.

Types of Amusement Parks

If you are traveling out of town, going to an amusement park is a must for every itinerary. Of course, the growth of the amusement park industry has caused different types to emerge. Here are the different types of amusements you can choose from.


Theme Parks

A theme park is a type of an amusement park that bases its structure and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes. Some of these themes are from movies or inspired by animals or favorite fairytale stories. Theme parks are created to make a story in every theme that they have and bring it to life.

Best for Kids, adults, and people who are looking to bring back their inner child

Pros of Theme Parks

Good source of entertainment

No doubt a great source of entertainment, a good bonding place for your friends and loved ones. You will definitely have a wonderful day whenever you are visiting a theme park.


Health benefits of visiting a theme park

Burn calories while riding the crazy rides or even just walking around the park. Relieves your stress and improves your mood. That “good fear” as what experts would describe it as it releases your worries away.

Cons of Theme Parks

Environmental threats

Although theme parks are a great source of entertainment, they are also a cause of concern for environmentalists as extensive operations require huge swaths of land as well as large supplies of energy and water to exist.


Long lines

With a large number of visitors being recorded on a daily basis for an amusement park, it is no surprise that anyone will be waiting for hours in line before they are able to ride their ride of choice. Although some offer express passes, one will still wait for a few minutes or so before being able to ride their favorite ride or watch their favorite shows.


Ride prerequisites

Some rides may have a sign that reads “You must be this tall to ride this ride”, so if you are bringing small children with you, you might just skip this one now and wait until the baby grows up.


Water Parks

A water park is an amusement that features water play such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers, as well as areas for bathing, swimming, and other barefoot environments. Modern water parks may also be equipped with some type of artificial surfing, or bodyboarding environments, such as wave pool or FlowRider. Some facts: Florida is home to the biggest water parks in the world! 

Best for Vacationers in summer

Pros of Water Parks

Take away your inhibitions

Sliding through giant slides and into the water is something that will surely take away inhibitions you ever have in your system. Jumping off from diving boards takes away your fear of heights and getting back control of yourself.


Brings out the kid in you

When was the last time you truly felt like a kid? Wasn’t it fun? Not thinking of what other people might say or think? Water parks can bring out the inner child in you.

Great way to bond with your family and friends

This is a great bonding experience for you and your kids. These kinds of experiences will stay in them until they grow up. Is there any more beautiful than that?


It’s fun

Slides, water, all equates to fun. No explanation needed.

Cons of Water Parks

Higher risk of drowning

Accidents can happen all the time even in water parks when it is supposed to be just fun and relaxation. The most common injury in a water park is drowning. There are instances when you might have cramps underwater or might accidentally slip and trip. 


Weight requirement

Although we want to try all the slides that the water park has to offer, some slides require a specific weight to ensure safety. So, not everyone can try all the slides in the park.


Lifeguards to a swimmer ratio is not enough

We cannot deny that no matter how much water parks hire lifeguards, there are just too many visitors compared to the number of lifeguards on duty.


Other non-drowning related incidents

Aside from the already high-risk of drowning, water parks may have to face other accidents like slipping on a wet floor or dry drowning. Dry-drowning is when water never actually reaches your lungs. It usually happens soon after exiting the water, but with secondary drowning, there is a delay of 24-hours before signs show up. 


Crowded on peak seasons

When summer comes and everyone is excited to visit their local water parks only to realize you’ll be spending hours on the line under the summer heat. It could even potentially lead to dehydration and impatient visitors.


Educational Amusement Parks

These amusement parks thrive to make education a lot more fun and interactive. Its main goal is to enhance the kids’ imagination in a more entertaining way. Educational parks feature a fun way of learning whether it is about geography, aerospace, history, animals, science, these parks have you covered.

Best for Class outings and outdoor learning experience

Pros of Educational Amusement Parks

Fun learning experience

It’s a new learning approach; learning while having fun. You may have different learning mechanisms from your classmates, that is because not everyone is the same. Some are visuals, some are auditory, and some are kinesthetic. Going to different Educational Amusement Parks will help meet everyone’s ways of learning. 


Bonding with classmates and friends

Some educational trips are done with your classmates. Learning is now more fun because you get to learn it with your friends. These kinds of memories are what make up good stories to tell when older. 


Explore your interest

Educational parks offer a wide variety of topics from animals to science and new technology to history. It is during these kinds of trips that you will discover something new about yourself. Explore new interests and maybe pursue it further in the future. A lot could happen in Educational theme parks and it is always to broaden and expand the interest of visitors, kids most especially. 

Cons of Educational Amusement Parks


All theme parks are always crowded, even educational ones. Amusement Parks are a venue to socialize and bond. During educational trips, there are times that classes from different schools are also doing the same thing as you are. There are also tendencies that one might get lost in the crowd.


Limited time

Most educational theme parks only provide a few minutes per group to explore and experience a certain topic or a certain room. A class of 30 students may be given only 20 minutes to explore a particular room before proceeding to the next so the other class can have its time as well.


Family-Owned Theme Parks

Family-owned theme parks as what the name implies are owned by a family that grew to expand and become a fully operational amusement park. These parks have lived through generations to generations and have sustained the test of times. The good thing about these kinds of parks in the heart that they poured out into extending their family to others by providing a venue for other families to bond as well. 

Best for Anyone avoiding the long lines of bigger amusement parks and those who prefer a more personalized customer service approach

Pros of Family-Owned Theme Parks

Family history

Family-owned theme parks are run by a family from generation to generation making it a big part of the family’s history. Some of these theme parks still have the old rides made of wood that was built when it first opened. So, if you wish to see a glimpse of history, it is evident in family theme parks where they preserve some areas for the purpose of giving the whole area a vibe of a home. It is also easier to manage since everyone in the family usually does the work from planning, to marketing, to entertainment. Everyone has its duty.


Easy new investments

Since family-owned theme parks are run by family members, there are actually no big investors behind the scene. So whenever they have decided to add a new attraction, they can do so because they don’t have to impress any board of directors. Family-owned theme parks are quick to decide when it comes to new projects, new policies, additional entertainment. You can expect different and fast improvements all the time.


Personalized services

Family-owned theme parks operate with the vision of providing good quality attraction and entertainment to visitors and their families. Their theme revolves around family, so they create a theme park that everyone in your family will enjoy. Family-owned theme parks always make sure that everyone in your family gets to experience the best time with each other. Their services are more personalized for you and your family giving more perks like free sunscreen, soft drinks, and wifi.


Fewer lines 

Since most family-owned theme parks are quite smaller than its other competitors. So, you may expect to have shorter lines and less time waiting to get in front.

Cons of Family-Owned Theme Parks

Not as big as national competitors

Let’s face it, although family-owned theme parks can be a good alternative if you are too far from the big ones, they don’t have everything that their competitors have. 


Regional Theme Parks

These are amusement parks near you, regional and not national in scope. Regional theme parks are mostly seasonal because of different weather conditions across the US or in any area it is located. Some regional theme parks make use of the area they are currently in and develop a theme park around that landscape or are inspired by some famous landmarks.

Regional theme parks should be strategically located as seasons can affect the parks’ operations. That is why regional amusement park’s owners choose states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania due to its different weather, accommodating different interests for amusement parks, educational parks, and water parks. 

Best for A quick getaway from work and stress

Pros of Regional Theme Parks

Near location

No need to drive across the country or several hours to get to an amusement park.  


Big roller coaster rides

Regional theme parks focus on big roller coasters and other rides. If you prefer the adrenaline rush from death-defying rides, then better head on to amusement parks near you.



Regional theme parks are not as big as their national competitors. That means there will be shorter lines on each ride. These theme parks invest in rides attractions, continuously innovating and adding rides to keep visitors coming in.

Cons of Regional Theme Parks


Most regional theme parks only operate on a seasonal basis because weather can be tough. We all know that Orlando can have some brutally hot days, as well as thunderstorms. Imagine having 50 or 100 people in line waiting, this can be dreadful. So visitors choose to flock to bigger and well-known theme parks for more controlled temperature.


Slow innovation

In the regional parks, lines are still based around the same system developed 15 years ago, with the skip-the-line passes representing the only innovation. No reserved rides being offered to most regional theme parks at the moment which supposedly is easy to address.

Who Needs Amusement Parks?



Amusement parks are mostly for kids or are built to create a venue where kids can be kids. It is centered on a shared experience where good memories are created. Kids get to benefit from this the most because it is something that they can carry on when they get older. Memories created at a young age play a significant role in a child’s values and development. Seeing their favorite characters come to life is some dream come true in itself.



Adults are bombarded with responsibilities left and right. As you grow older, you build walls, and create inhibitions within yourself and towards others. Amusement parks are great venues to destress and breakdown walls and take away inhibitions because it brings out the inner child in you. It can be a way to look at things lightly and may create a different approach in dealing with things.



There is a reason why amusement parks offer family rates on their rides and attractions. This is because amusement parks offer a whole new bonding experience among families. Imagine you and your family on a roller coaster or watching a magical show. The bonds created during these moments are irreplaceable.



If you are a creative soul, a passionate dancer, or a talent waiting to be discovered, amusement parks are here for you! Aside from rides, amusement parks also have shows to keep visitors entertained. This is your venue to be as creative as you can be. This is your chance to showcase your God-given talents. This is your floor to show the world how great of a singer or a performer you are! The possibilities are endless.


Company Owners

Theme parks are great venues for company outings especially if the theme of the team building is centered around camaraderie and teamwork. A lot of companies have already made use of theme parks for activities like amazing races.


Aspiring Business Owners

If you are a passionate baker or food is your game, amusement parks are great prime locations to cater to your business. Aside from rides and shows, visitors get hungry. A whole day at the park is not possible without food for an energy boost. What’s cool about this is you get to be as creative as you can be. If you think your ideas are too wild, put it inside an amusement park. After all, nothing is too wild or too crazy in this world of magic.


Engineers and Other Professionals

Amusement parks need to be constantly innovating rides or introducing new ideas. Here is where engineers and other professionals come in. If you are a degree holder especially in building something, you have a room in the amusement parks. Other professions like marketing and advertising can greatly benefit from amusement parks as well. With a great threat surrounding its well diverse competition, amusement parks need professionals to keep the business going.


The State or the Economy in General

Amusement parks like any other businesses provide employment to people and lower unemployment rates. Also, building an amusement park in a semi-urban area can bring the city into a whole new level of progress as visitors love to fluctuate and explore the area especially with an amusement park around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on where you come from, prices always differ from one park to another. Amusement Parks in the U.S. can cost from $78.00 up to $290.00 which includes parking, tickets, meals, and accommodation if you choose to stay overnight. However, if you prefer a day pass, that amount can still be lowered.

Pennsylvania has the most amusement parks in the U.S. with a total number of 14 amusement parks to date with 50 roller coasters to ride. Followed by Florida which is known for major amusement parks in the world. On the other hand, there are states in the U.S that do not have amusement parks like Arizona because of its desert-like heat all year round. However, it boosts a lot of water parks to compensate for the dreadful heat.

Yes. Some abandoned amusement parks can be found in Orlando, New Orleans, California, and Arkansas, to name a few. An amusement park that has been abandoned usually has financial difficulties as an underlying reason.

If you seek adrenaline-pumping rides, head on to New Jersey where you can find the fastest roller coaster in the country with 128 miles/hr. Other states with the fastest roller coasters can be found in Ohio, California, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Step-by-Step Guide on Finding the Best Amusement Park

Step 1: Know what type of amusement parks you want.

Ask yourself if you want to go to a waterpark, theme park, or maybe just an educational amusement park for the kids. Check out the amusement park that best fits the season, weather, and your favorite activities. If you’re going as a group, find out which type of amusement park you all commonly enjoy.



Step 2: Assess your budget.

Whether you’re booking for yourself or for your whole family, you have to determine how much you’re willing to pay for a ticket. When assessing your price range, remember to budget in other costs, such as snacks, gas, souvenirs, and more.

Amusement parks are, by no means, cheap. Going for the all-access or all-day ticket can even cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, amusement parks sites and coupon platforms offer all kinds of deals and promos — enjoy those rides and shows with the best budget-ticket you can get your hands on!



Step 3: Determine the different location branches.

Most amusement parks have different branches around the country, so you need to ensure that the amusement park you’re looking at is placed somewhere nearby. Double checking can save you from booking tickets with the wrong theme park.



Step 4: Shortlist the best amusement parks.

After going through all your choices, narrow them down into a shorter list. From there, cut it down to three to five. 



Step 5: Read reviews and ratings.

Some amusement parks have terrible reviews, some of them even downright illegal—that’s why you need to go through the reviews and ratings to assess whether or not they fall under your standards. By checking their background, you can get a better idea about their customer service, rides-safety, and quality of rides.



Step 6: Book your tickets.

Once finding the best amusement park for you, now, you can book your tickets. Some websites ask you to add it on your cart, while some ask you to just directly book through their forms. You just need to do the following:

Fill-out all the required details, such as contact details, preferred dates, number of adults tickets, number of children tickets.

Check out your order and fill in all your payment details.

Once completing these steps, just press buy or book.



Step 7: Confirm your tickets.

If you’re finished booking your tickets, you should receive a confirmation email, which states your payment and ticket details. If you’ve booked the wrong dates or lacked another ticket, reach out to their customer service team via email or live chat.