What Are Cruise Lines?

Want a vacation of a lifetime that makes your years or months of hard work all worth it? Greet the rising and setting sun, dock at different countries, and wake up to the smell of the salty water when you venture on cruise lines. Cruise Lines are companies that are offering cruise ships that operate through oceans, seas, and even rivers for vacationing and leisure purposes. With cruise lines, your dream vacation will be like no other.

Why Do You Need Cruise Lines?

Cruise lines are your gateway to getting that one-of-a-kind vacation experience of a lifetime. These companies offer multiple benefits that let people lounge and bathe underneath the heat of the sun. So, what’s a good reason to consider cruise lines?


A Peace of Mind

When you’re living in a busy city, you know the frustration that people encounter as they are greeted by all the noise of cars and people early in the morning. The stress gets worse, especially at work, because you will be facing your nagging boss, supervisor, and clients. Therefore, you must go on a cruise trip. It brings healing to your mind because all you’ll be sensing and hearing is nature.


All-in-One Value

Cruise lines are sought after because they offer an all-around vacation of a lifetime for passengers in one value; quality service, five-star hotel accommodation style, gourmet food, and many more entertainment forms while on a ship. And you only pay all of those mentioned at one value.


You Are Curious of the Luxurious Life

Has it ever occurred to you how celebrities and upper-class families enjoy life’s luxuries? If you are curious, live it and breathe it as you go on a luxurious cruise for days or months. You will experience high-quality services from the cruise line’s crews and accommodation during your entire stay duration.


Visit Multiple Countries and Exotic Destinations

Cruise ships dock at different ports for a certain amount of time and give its passengers a chance to explore the location. This allows you to buy souvenirs in that country, take photos, learn their culture, and more—and there is no need to book a hotel. You only have to unpack once and leave your baggage on the ship.


All-Around Entertainment

From theatre plays, rock climbing activities to movie theaters, and more, cruise lines offer you an all-around luxurious experience and entertainment. Cruise passengers will forget all the stress they have gotten from work or at home when they revel in this offer.


Unforgettable Family Vacation Experience

The best cruise lines for families are a perfect vacation experience. They have swimming pools and even areas where both kids and parents can bond and have fun. These cruise ships will bring families closer together as they travel through different countries and enjoy the amenities that cruise ships offer.



Have you always been the person mostly doing the chores, or are you an overworked employee? If you are, then a cruise line is your perfect break from all of the routine work you have been doing most of your life. Pamper yourself with all of life’s pleasures cramped into one through a cruise ship: spas, fitness centers, travels, restaurants, casinos, and more. You can take a break from real life, relax and get fully pampered on this high-class experience with priceless views.


Socialize With Strangers

Cruise Lines are a good option for businessmen and salesmen to build their network.  It is also a great place for singles to meet and mingle. This brings an opportunity for many individuals to meet up with different types of people and forge relationships unexpectedly.


A Romantic Honeymoon Cruising

Nothing is more romantic than going on a honeymoon cruise with your significant other. Watching the sunsets, sunrise, and having an exquisite candlelit dinner under the starry night sky are priceless moments. So, to every couple who wants to experience the most memorable date during their married life, the best cruise lines for couples are the best choice.

Core Features of the Best Cruise Lines

Many people get attracted to the numerous offers on cruise lines day by day. Thus, the demand for cruise ships has immensely grown—prompting companies with cruise ship fleets to increase. First-time cruise passengers and even frequent passengers are mostly confused about which cruise types or destinations to pick. Get guided while picking a good cruise line deal by looking at the following features listed below.


Offer Discounts to Club Members

Each company offers club membership where you can avail of many inclusive services within your itineraries, such as complimentary drinks or even a discount off your next cruise. Spend less while traveling more if you grab the opportunity of becoming one of their club members.

Redeemable Credits for Frequent Cruisers

As a token of appreciation for continued patronage, frequent cruisers will receive credits convertible to rewards. These rewards would often compose of a discounted price during the next cruise trip. 

Cancel Bookings for Free

Depending on the company you booked your reservations at, the best cruise lines offer free cancellation on your booking 48 hours before the departure date. However, if you cancel your bookings in less than 48 hours, charges may apply.

Total Payment Inclusive of Meals

You might run out of money if you keep paying for your meals at a cruise ship’s restaurants. The restaurants there offer meals created by top chefs, and the prices tend to be too much for your pockets. To save on costs, always look for cruise ship deals that include meals in the package, so you can taste different cuisine without paying too much.

Modern Services and Amenities

Do you want the cruise ship you’re going to book to have a pool, golfing area, fitness hub, and other amenities that you still avail of daily? Check out that feature if the cruise ship you want to book yourself into has it. That way, you can still stay fit and resume living out your active daily routine.

24-Hour Room Service

Accidents can happen, such as stains on your bed sheets or broken glass. If it happens during a time like after midnight, you don’t need to wait until morning just to get it done. With a 24-Hour Room Service, they can attend to your call at any hour to cater to your needs.

Multiple Destinations

Cruise liners often take you to particular destinations, which it’s set to dock at the port. In these destinations, you are given a chance to learn the culture and explore historical sites for a particular duration. You don’t need to spend on another hotel stay for that since you are already being accommodated at the liner.

Speedy Internet Connection

Even if you’re in the middle of the ocean or river, cruise ships offer you the speediest internet connection. Although some of them depend on WiFi connection in certain areas, most cruise ships have their own internet connection through satellite. With a fast speed internet presence, you can still satisfy your social media needs.

Classic Bars and Lounges

Cool your head off, grab some drinks at the bar, and stay at the lounge while listening to live jazz singing. Music helps a lot in calming the mind. It is very effective for parents with children to ease their minds—through a few drinks and some beautiful lounge music.

Festive Activities

Who could ever say no to festive activities while onboard? The best cruise liners have a program set for their passengers to experience. Most of these programs revolve around festivals filled with dances, parties, and fun activities.

Celebrate Your Special Events On-Board

Do you want to throw the most unforgettable wedding or the birthday of a lifetime? Hold it onboard so that everyone can celebrate it with you—including other passengers. Experience the merriment of celebrating your most special milestone in life while overlooking the sunset or during the dark sky blanketed with millions of stars.

Earn More Money at the Casino

Get more cash when you gamble your luck at the casino! From the slot machines to the poker tables, take the risk and bet your tokens to win more. Have fun, socialize, and enjoy the different activities laid out for every passenger. Try your luck and win tons of real cash at the casino.

Pay Less with No Booking Fees

The best Cruise Lines offer no booking fees for every client. They bring you the opportunity to enjoy the experience at a price that is affordable and reasonable. You can book without worries and pay the price as shown—cruise to your heart’s content.

Flexible Payment Method

When you book your ticket for the cruise liner, you don’t need to pay instantly in full. Only a refundable deposit is required from you. As for the rest, you can pay them later on. Checks are also accepted.

Easy-to-Use Interface for Convenient Booking

Why make life more complicated with an incomprehensible website layout? Cruise Lines understand that clients do not like a complicated booking interface. That’s why they provide a straightforward layout that is understandable – making your booking experience simple and fast.

Electronic Tickets Available

It is inconvenient to carry around a piece of paper to present during your travel, and it’s frustrating to lose these vouchers. The best cruise lines always provide clients with the best experience through electronic tickets. Electronic tickets are a soft copy of your actual ticket, which can be made accessible through your phone. It is impossible to forget them because phones are essential to people and are always being carried around.

Types of Cruise Lines

You can choose from several types of cruise lines, depending on the experience you are going after. Some cruise rides highlight destinations, while some emphasize on cruise amenities. Whatever you choose, make sure that it's the ride that you'll surely enjoy.


Mainstream Ocean Cruise Lines

These are the common cruise lines that most people hop onto. They are massive ships that can carry a large number of passengers. It appeals to everyone—offering tours to different countries at its most affordable price.

Best for Large families with kids and teens

Pros of Mainstream Ocean Cruise Lines

Offers Extensive Programs for Your Kids

Programs that encourage your children to interact are a bonus on these Cruise Lines. These programs are not only limited to children. Teenagers and adults are also included. That’s why most families are on-board this type of cruise line during vacations.


Vibrant and Lively Interior

Splashes of multicolor designs are perfect for massive cruise ships. They are the design that sits well in an environment filled with large crowds. These combinations of colors greatly influence the mood of spectating passengers. 


Budget-Friendly Price

A Mainstream Ocean Cruise Line is set out for everyone. They match up with the price that interests the mass; hence, the affordability. This will be truly beneficial for those who are budgeting.


Full Features

Due to their massive sizes, mainstream cruise line types are composed of full features. Therefore, they have pools, casinos, and other functions that are suitable for families. Families can bond and grow closer as they take advantage of this experience.

Cons of Mainstream Ocean Cruise Lines

Noisy and Crowded

In a mainstream type of cruise line, there will be a lot of people. Knowing how affordable it can get, families who want an exquisite and enjoyable vacation trip would flock to cruise lines during long holidays. You can expect a lot of people to be on board due to the vacation experience.


Lots of Extra Charges

Although the prices for their tickets are budget-friendly, the extra charges are found in every little thing you avail on-board. These extra charges are set to avail of other basic services.


Long Lines of People at Buffets

With the busy environment at Mainstream Cruise Lines, you can expect most passengers lined up at buffets. There will be a long wait before you can eat because of the crowd. 


Services Are Not Personal

The limited number of crew on-board compared to the number of passengers may not be able to fully accommodate you to your every demand. In other words, these liners will encourage their passengers to do certain tasks themselves.


Premium Ocean Cruise Lines

Premium Ocean Cruise Lines are almost similar in size and features with a Mainstream Cruise Line. The main difference between the two is how Premium Ocean Cruise Lines has a decent atmosphere where you can breathe due to its limited number of passengers.

Best for Couples, families, and individuals that don’t sit well with large crowds

Pros of Premium Ocean Cruise Lines

A Decent Number of Crowd

This cruise line filters the number of passengers allowed. They only welcome a decent number to avoid overcrowding at functions and areas. A cruise line perfect for people who want a refined and peaceful atmosphere.


Glamorous Designs

The Mainstream cruise line has a vibrant yet messy mix of colors and designs. But the Premium cruise line offers a spectacular, subtle, yet outstanding design that beats a Mainstream cruise line’s interiors. They are filled with glamor, making them not nauseating for your eyes to see.


Offer Longer Itinerary Length

These liners do not carry more passengers the same way a mainstream would. They offer deals with accommodation length because they can control the crowd and serve them. 


Quick and Efficient Crew

The crews on deck can assist you quickly with your requests or demands. All you need to do is call them whenever you need them, and they will be at the door to your cabin or suite.


Larger and Better Accommodation

Your cabins will be made up of soft fabric. Experience comfort as you surrender the desire for sleeping because of the high-quality accommodation experience.

Cons of Premium Ocean Cruise Lines

Drinks are Not Free

As much as you want to drink the night away, drinks are not free and may cost you a lot. It is one of the extra-charges you can expect when you book into a  Premium cruise line.  


Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines

Make the most out of your privileges when you book with Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines. Mega Yachts to mid-sized ships fall underneath the category of these luxurious cruise lines. Enjoy luxury while you travel to exotic destinations in different countries.

Best for Prominent people, celebrities, business executives, businessmen, billionaires, parties, leisure, honeymoon, and family vacations

Pros of Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines

More Privacy

They can be considered as an exclusive cruise line for the prominent and those who can afford it. It is the best-rated cruise lines meant for parties and executives meeting important people. These individuals can have a more peaceful environment for either their leisure or transactions.


All-Expenses are Paid

From your drinks to your meals, all expenses are paid. It is rare to have extra charges on this type of cruise line. You will be worry-free when you get on board the ship because you no longer have to pay for any extra expenses while you’re onboard. 


Personal Crew at Your Disposal

In other liners, the crew can attend to your needs if you call them. With a luxury cruise liner, the crews are right by your side in an instant because they will be on standby awaiting your requests. Luxury cruise lines are the best cruise lines for adults as the crew helps bring you a fuller experience of a luxurious haven away from home.

Cons of Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines

They Cost a Lot

For the best luxury cruise lines, everything is covered. It’s the reason these liners cost a lot more than the other ones. The only people that can book them are those that have the extra money to spend. 


Kids Aren’t too Welcome

Most passengers on these liners are adults that want peace and relaxation because of their busy schedules. Although kids can ride onboard, they aren’t too welcome because it is a cruise where people want to unwind.


River Cruise Lines

The best cruise lines for couples is a River cruise line. It has a slow speed during its course. Passengers to this liner can enjoy a relaxed and more peaceful ride.

Best for Couples willing to go on excursions or young adults that want to explore

Pros of River Cruise Lines

Meals Are Included in Itinerary

In this slow-paced traveling cruise, couples can enjoy a romantic dinner. They can relax to the rhythm of the boat on the waters and admire the views being offered. Aside from meals—wine, beers, and soft drinks are also included within the meal sets that are one of the inclusions in the itinerary.


Local Entertainers

The best river cruise lines will add some music during the ride. Some local entertainers occasionally perform for you during the trip. They play the music to ease your mind off stress and post-wedding jitter (especially for newly wedded couples).

Cons of River Cruise Lines

Less Onboard Activities

A river cruise line does not entertain many onboard activities. The only things that River Cruise Lines are equipped with are a deck, lounge, and the main dining room. 

Who Needs Cruise Lines?



Families go on cruise lines to spend their vacation, visit other countries, and grow closer together. The best cruise line for families guarantees relaxation for the parents and fun games or activities for the children. A ship filled with music, characters, and fun interactive games onboard will be the best cruise lines for kids and parents.



Couples can fit in any type of cruise lines. It all depends on which ones they choose from Mainstream, Premium, Luxury, or River Cruise lines. The thing that they only need to look at is which part of the experience they want to prioritize. If they want a more intimate type of cruise line, picking the best small cruise lines would be enough for both.


Young Adults

Many young adults who saved up their salary from their first job would hop onboard a cruise line to de-stress. The best cruise lines for young adults will offer them a fitness hub or other forms of activities that suit their needs.


Single Adults

Adults on a mission to find a potential partner would hop on these rides. What can be considered the best cruise lines for singles would be a Mainstream and a Premium. If they have extra money to spend, luxury cruise lines. Single adults love entertainment, adventure, and a more intimate setting. These single available adults will look for an environment where they can socialize.


Businessmen and Company Executives

These are the people who would love to reward themselves with well-deserved relaxation.  Businessmen or company executives usually go for either a Premium or Luxury Cruise Line. Premium and Luxury cruise lines are where they can gamble and pamper themselves using their well-earned money while building their network.


Celebrities, Prominent People, and Billionaires

The last thing that these individuals would like to face is a flock of paparazzi coming their way to take photos of them. They would choose to book Luxury Cruise Lines instead of having a more private setting for them to unwind and avoid all the drama.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can save more money on cruise ships. They can dock you at any country’s port and not spend any money separately for hotel accommodation. The boat itself is your hotel accommodation. Meals, drinks, and other activities onboard are also paid for, but that depends on the itinerary that you availed. On most occasions, you save more money since you already pay for everything in one value.

It is highly suggested that you take your passports with you. However, for the U.S. Citizens who have availed for the best cruise lines for Alaska or any place within US territory, it is unnecessary.

The answer to that solely depends on the cruise line company you booked into. If they say yes, you need to notify the Cruise line before they board the vessel.

A European cruise liner has several countries that it can dock in Italy, Greece, Spain, and more. One of the major tourist attractions that is a favorite to most visitors is the Santorini in Greece.

Cruise line types such as Mainstream, Premium, and Luxury Cruise Lines are the best liners to work for. Employees from the best cruise lines out of Florida often receive a higher salary and a better experience to add in their resumes. This high salary applies most especially to those that dress up as cartoon characters. Working in these cruise liners indicates that they can manage stress efficiently and still put a smile on their faces despite the high demands of clients on their service.

- Bars and Lounges

- Swimming Pools

- Fitness Centres

- Golf Courses

- Casinos

- Restaurants

- Wine Bars

- Art Exhibits

- Theaters

Experience an exotic shore excursion as you visit specific islands that the cruise ship can dock onto. These virgin islands are mainly preserved and less populated by civilization. They are the best places to go swimming and enjoy different water activities due to its clearwater. Liners offering these are also the best cruise lines from Florida. With their many beautiful marinas and ports, cruise ships can dock in and out of the state.

A majority of the crew from the best cruise lines speak the following:

- German

- English

- Italian

- Spanish

- French

- Brazilian Portuguese

According to global standards, there are few smoking areas onboard. Smoking normal or electronic cigarettes are not allowed in cabins or areas where there is no indicated signage or ashtrays where you can dispose of this. If found, the carrier ship will demand a fee to passengers who are found smoking in non-designated areas on the liner. Once the violator is found on numerous occasions, the passengers will be forced to disembark the vessel.

Yes. There is a club designed to take care of children when parents are attending an event or going on an excursion. However, for it to be possible to leave the child behind, the mini club within the vessel needs to be informed a day ahead.

Yes, there are physicians on-board the cruise. They will run tests and provide you a prescription along with medicines.

Step-by-Step Guide in Finding the Best Cruise Lines


Step 1: Contact a certified and reliable travel agent for cruises.

First-time cruisers have the potential to make bad decisions when picking a cruise line. These are decisions where they are unable to make their itineraries all worth the value. These experts will tell you everything there is to know.


Step 2: Pick your destination.

Every cruise ship docks at different ports. If you want to ride one that docks on a particular destination, select it from the drop-down menu on the site. This drop-down menu contains a list of all the most popular cruise destinations.


Step 3: Select your cruise type.

Do you want a smaller boat or a larger one with all the amenities? If you are coming as a family and are looking at multiple forms of entertainment, larger ships are the ones that offer that. As for couples, if you want a more intimate setting, smaller ships are enough.


Step 4: Pick your sail date and its duration.

Your sail date is the month and year you wish to depart. The duration is how long you want to be on board the ship. When searching for the cruise ship that best suits you, precision is necessary to arrive at the best results.  


Step 5: Select your departure port.

Select a departure port nearest to you. This is to avoid being late and getting left behind by the cruise ship.


Step 6: Select the cruise and pre-deposit payment.

Once you have selected the cruise, you will be required to pre-deposit an amount. Then, you can pay for this later on. 


Step 7: Print out the itinerary.

After pre-depositing a payment, you will be printing out or saving the itinerary that appears on the screen after a successful booking. Bring the itinerary on your sail date and show it to the authorities to board the ship. The itinerary serves as your ticket, so don’t lose it.