What are Flight Lookups?

Booking flights can be a mentally and wallet-draining experience. With flight lookup sites, you'll find the cheapest and most convenient flight itineraries out there. These flight search sites make sure that you get your preferred flight option, and they ensure that you’re constantly updated about its status. Sorting through hundreds of scheduled flights and thousands of airlines, they organize itineraries and offer you the top choices that best fit your budget and schedule!

Why Do You Need Flight Lookups?

The need for flight lookups comes with the need for convenient booking, cost savings, and relevant flight deals. These sites and apps can ensure you that you are all set for your destination. Here are more reasons why you need flight lookups. 



Instead of scrolling through expensive flights and talking to endless customer service loops, you can conveniently look up and book the flight that best fits your taste. Right there and then, flight lookup websites lay down essential details like the flight's price, schedule, and tail number. The best part is that it just doesn’t show one or two flight itineraries like what official airline websites do. They offer you choices you can mix and match to form either the cheapest or fastest flight available.



Most flight lookup sites are available in different formats across the internet. You can easily search for cheap flights or flight statuses through specific flight lookup service sites or apps. They’re incredibly accessible since they don’t require you to have a laptop or desktop just to book a flight. Just with your phone and internet connection, you can book the next trip to Italy!



If you plan to go to a country 6,000 miles away from you, then you better expect to have a few legs to your flight itinerary. Usually, travelers overpay for flight legs because of an airline’s additional fee for organizing a single flight itinerary or another airline’s additional charges for individual flights. Airlines do offer options, but not necessarily the best ones. Flight booking lookup sites usually offer you many choices ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, and the shortest to the longest flights.



Dialing to call an airline or booking through an official airline website usually takes a lot of time – especially if there are flight seat sales or it’s the peak season. Even airline websites crash because of the insane number of people trying to book at the same time. The increased site traffic leads to long waiting hours and, ultimately, your time being wasted. Flight lookup sites fix this big problem through their website or app’s algorithm and coding. Since the website only requires itself to book a flight, the process is comparatively faster and is less prone to human errors.



The beauty of flight lookup’s websites is their artificial intelligence (AI) system’s ability to efficiently and effortlessly organize the best flight itineraries. Through their amazing filtering system, you can instantly search flights based on their locations, dates, and preferred lay-over hours.

After you find your ideal flight itinerary and decide to book it, you will be immediately sent to a booking page endorsed by both the flight lookup site and official airline site. After finishing the whole booking and payment process, you will receive an email that has all your needed flight details.



Most of these websites are securely and formally connected to many official airline sites. This means that each time you book a flight, the official airline will immediately receive those details, and then they will quickly include you in their information system. They also have encrypted websites that keep your debit or credit card transactions safely secured in their system.

In addition, they usually have great customer service representatives and online reviews, which you can refer to for additional assurance.



Through a flight lookup’s incredible filtering system, you can be as flexible with your schedule as much as possible. Want your departure time after getting brunch? Or dying to have a two-day layover in Madrid? Flight lookup websites can perfectly adjust to your plans. 

Moreover, flight lookup sites allow you to change your passenger seat or plans. They can even be flexible when you plan to cancel your flight – this largely depends on the airline’s policies like 24-hour cancellation notices for refund eligibility.

Core Features of Flight Lookup

You probably need flight lookups to save time and effort in looking for the best sites. However, that doesn't excuse you from having to look for the best flight lookup service. To make the search easy, here are crucial features that a reliable flight lookup system should have. 


Complete Filter System

Flight lookup sites and apps should have a complete filter system so they can offer you the perfect flight for you. They should offer if you prefer to book a One-way, Round-trip, or Multiple-City flight. They should also include filters for the number of passengers, the option between economy or other premium flight services, pick-up and drop-off locations, departure and return flight dates, baggage weight, or specific airlines. These filter options would allow you to modify the flight according to your preferences and convenience.

Location Options

There are hundreds of countries and thousands of cities around the world, and your flight lookup site should be able to cover at least 4/5 of those locations. This is extremely important to make sure that you are given options even for the most obscure and remote places.

Efficient Customer Service

In cases of booking or cancellation concerns, the flight lookup website should have a friendly and efficient customer service team to engage with you. They should be dedicated to address your concerns and help you maximize their services. Good flight lookup websites would usually house a responsive and trained customer service team.

Language and Currency Options

Quality flight lookup apps and sites usually have a great number of language and currency options. They do this because they recognize that some people are more comfortable to book official things in their native language. This option would offer a better understanding of details in your native tongue. 

In addition, the currency options would make it easier to view a flight’s price in your country’s currency. Flight lookups make it more convenient for passengers since you no longer have to manually convert US dollars or Euros to your own currency.

Easy-to-Navigate User-interface

Since you are offered many choices for each aspect of the flight, their user-interface or website, in general, should be easily navigable. This is vital since you don’t want to make a mistake in booking a flight – cheap or not, it still costs a lot of money – because of pesky data fields or ambiguous choices.

Sturdy Encryption

Since the internet is filled with scams and phishing sites, you want to make sure that the website you’re using is legitimate and well-encrypted. You can assure the app or website’s encryption by double-checking online reviews and FAQ pages that explain their security level.

Package Deals

For travelers, a flight lookup’s package deals are their secrets to inexpensively going around the world’s amazing cities. One type of package deals is similar to the ones offered by travel agencies. This type of deal is made up of a complete and reasonably priced flight, hotel, and car rental itinerary. 

In addition, they also offer packages where you can book a cheap flight to a specific city like Geneva, Switzerland. Then you get a freebie of some sort like in-flight meals, best passenger seats, or complementary travel tickets.

Popular Routes Suggestions

Flight lookup websites should also have a page or tab for popular route suggestions. This tab would usually have the most common and cheapest flight route suggestions like Shanghai to Madrid or Incheon to Tokyo. This can help you find your next travel destination and also help you find a travel route convenient for your business or personal trip.

Hotel Booking Tab

Similar to its flight choices, flight lookups are absolutely amazing in finding the cheapest and most high-quality accommodations aligned with your tastes. This tab must include data fields for your ideal location and check-in and check-out dates.

Car Rental Tab

Most quality flight lookup sites also have a car rental tab to make sure that your trip is as convenient and fun as possible. If you don’t know anything about the area, instead of potentially getting scammed by black taxis, you can get a cheap car rental service that can pick you up or drop you off. Or you can simply choose to drive on your own, and this is also an available option for car rentals. 

The car rental tab has location options, and pick-up and drop-off date options as well.

Types of Flight Lookup Apps

Since flight lookup apps and websites act in a similar fashion, the greatest thing that differentiates them from each other is their efficiency in searching for the best flight itinerary based on certain filter options. Make sure to find the best flight lookup based on which aspect of the flight you prioritize like the layover period, location options, or prices. Here are some types of flight lookups based on their features:


Cheapest Flight Search Engines

These engines get you the cheapest flights by finding the loopholes in the airline ticketing system. Instead of offering you the conventional Point-A-to-Point-B option, you get cheaper options through the airline’s “hidden cities” category. For instance, if you’re looking for a cheap flight to Barcelona, instead of offering you a direct flight, they can offer a cheaper option for a trip to Madrid with a layover in Barcelona. You can simply choose not to ride the next leg of the flight. Flights with layovers are relatively cheaper than single trips because of a supposed “inconvenience.”

Best for People off to landlocked cities and on a budget

Pros of Cheapest Flight Search Engines

Find Cheapest Flights
These flight search engines prioritize the cheapest flight prices in their algorithm.

No Sneaky Markups

They usually don’t adjust the price based on the number of times you searched for the flight routes. This is a common practice done in other flight lookups to make sure their affiliated airlines can still maximize profits.

Cons of Cheapest Flight Search Engines

No Quality Assurance
The quality of the flights is not guaranteed.

No Flight Class Options

They rarely offer options for your preferred in-flight service class like the economy, premium, or business classes.


Efficient Multi-city Flight Search Engines

Some flight lookup sites don’t have the best multi-city options, which might make your potential flight an inconvenience rather than a benefit. If you only want to travel around a specific country’s wondrous cities, then efficient multi-city flight search engines should be your go-to! These search engines have great algorithms and systems that make sure that your multi-city flight is cohesive and well-organized.

Best for Short-time vacationers and cross-city backpackers

Pros of Efficient Multi-city Flight Search Engines

Time Allowance
These flight search engines make sure that you have enough time to get to your next flight.

Multi-City Route Search

They won’t require you to research each leg of the trip. You can easily find multiple-city routes in one search.

Custom Time and Location

They can adjust to your preferred travel timeline and location itineraries.

Airport Options

They also give you the option to choose specific airports. This is great if your hotel is out of the main city, you can choose the airport that’s nearest to your accommodations.

Cons of Efficient Multi-city Flight Search Engines

Price of Convenience
Even the strongest multi-city flight search engine can’t offer the cheapest flight price for each leg of your trip. Since they adjust to your preferred schedule and location, the most convenient flight might be expensive.


Fastest Filtering Search Engines

Some flight lookup sites can take a lot of time just to load up multiple flight options. This means that the flight lookup’s algorithm isn’t a great tracker of number details like departure and return dates or prices, and it’s having a hard time sorting through the thousands of airlines.

Best for Travelers needing quick flight booking

Pros of Fastest Filtering Search Engines

Friendly Interface
Their user-interface is usually the easiest website to navigate through because they opt for minimalist and sleek designs. 

Quick Booking

You can easily book your flight in a couple of minutes.

Cons of Fastest Filtering Search Engines

Not the Cheapest
They might not offer the cheapest options.

Limited Filter Options

They might lack some of your preferred filter options like preferred airlines or flights that include baggage fees.


International Flight-Based Search Engines

International flight-centered search engines usually have a different algorithm altogether. Instead of directly connecting to official airlines and selling the tickets as middlemen, international flight-centered lookups offer you the cheapest options that link you to other online ticketing agencies.

Best for Frequent international travelers

Pros of International Flight-Based Search Engines

More Flight Options
You are offered more choices that are aligned with your preferences. These websites will show you the most reasonably-priced flights according to the airline’s in-flight service class, location, or layovers.

Cons of International Flight-Based Search Engines

Cancelation Policy Issues
This can become problematic when you plan to change or cancel your flight.

Not Always Real-Time

The communication might not be the best when it comes to flight lookups sending status updates on gate changes or delayed schedules.

Inconvenient Flight Search Engines

Since they just lead you to other third-party apps, international flight-based search engines might offer mediocre search experiences.

Inadequate Loading Speed

The loading speed might not be the best since they go through other flight search engines that are continuously sifting through flight options.


Specific Area Flight Search Engines

There are certain flight lookup sites that perform comparatively better based on certain continents or areas. Some might lack when it comes to American flights, but are completely amazing when it comes to European flights.

Best for Domestic travelers

Pros of Specific Area Flight Search Engines

Quality Airlines
These flights offer quality airlines from that specific area or location.  

Better Options

They have better flight classes options due to reasonable prices and great customer service.

Efficient System

They are more efficient in routing and scheduling multiple-city flights

Cons of Specific Area Flight Search Engines

Rigid Routes
They may not be as flexible when it comes to other continents’ flight routes.

Who Needs Flight Lookup Apps?



Traveling the world can be pretty expensive, not to mention that all the logistical planning gets incredibly tiring. Flight lookup apps are great for travelers because they make the pre-travel experience easier for you. They do this by cutting down some of the bureaucratic processes like manual flight searches and quickening up the waiting time. 

If you’re interested in going to Porto, Portugal, you can simply open up your flight lookup app, book the cheapest flight, get a hotel room, and rent a car. The only thing left is to enjoy the whole trip itself.


Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people that live a nomadic lifestyle of frequently traveling to different countries while gaining stable income through remote work and freelancing. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably an expert in the traveling world already, but the great thing with flight lookups is that they automate all flight planning processes, so you don’t have to do it. Instead of individually and manually booking each leg of your Southeast Asia trip, you can bet that flight lookups can easily schedule numerous flights through their multi-city flight option. 


Business Folks

Flight lookup sites are great for business folks who are eager to organize everything before the big proposal day. Flight lookup websites offer a hassle-free and smooth-flowing booking method. They also have an amazing follow-through system when it comes to flight status updates, flight history lookups, or flight confirmation numbers.


Educational Institutions

Most universities and colleges usually host or join many international conferences, educational school trips, or internships abroad. Flight lookup websites are great for their administration team and students because they can cut down the cost of their flights. In addition, the flight lookup system eliminates any possibility of human error. This means that your students and teaching staff can get to the location safely without fear of different flight dates or different airlines.


International Students

A lot of international students study abroad for better learning opportunities or quality but affordable schooling. In their semester breaks or vacation periods, flight lookups would be amazing partners in booking the next flight to their home country. Doing official matters like booking processes can be scary if you don’t speak the language. Fortunately, flight lookups make things easier because of their friendly user-interface and comforting FAQs page.


Start-up Traveling Agencies

If you’re just starting as a travel agency and still don’t have partnerships with certain airlines, flight lookup sites can help kick start your career. Based on customers, the best traveling agencies are the ones that can maximize a reasonably-priced trip. Also, they prefer it if you can make things easier for them, so the car rental and hotel bookings are great flight lookup features!

Frequently Asked Questions

Flight booking sites are directly connected to official airlines. This means that they are official partners that can receive your payment and book your flight details directly.


A flight searching site means that they only show you possible flight itineraries. They are third-party apps that do not handle your payment nor your booking. They simply usher you towards the official booking sites.

A flight booking confirmation usually takes less than 24 hours before being sent. If you can’t find it in your primary email folder, make sure to check your spam and junk folders. 


If you still haven’t received your email after 24 hours, you have to check if your flight lookup site is a booking website or just a flight search and travel deals website. If they only deal with flight searches and travel deals, then you have to directly contact the airline or travel agent to confirm your booking.

If the flight lookup is a booking site, then you can directly contact them for such matters, but if your flight lookup is just a flight search or travel package engine, you’ll need to directly contact the airline or traveling agency you booked with.

Once you receive your flight confirmation email, make sure to check the sender of the email. Booking confirmation emails usually have the company name and their contact details present in the email itself and the attached PDF file.

If you’re sure that you actually booked it, make sure not to book again. You can potentially end up with two bookings. You can either wait for the confirmation email within 24 hours or contact the company you directly booked to confirm the transaction’s success.

Since the flight lookup world revolves around many currencies and time zones, prices and availability of flights constantly change. Most flight lookup websites update regularly to be aligned with the prices posted by airlines and booking agents. 


In case that the price change appeared to be shady because of unbelievable marked-up prices, feel free to directly contact the flight lookup’s customer service team.

Unfortunately, once it has been canceled, you can only directly usher your questions to booking companies. They’ll have the info about your booking and can advise you further by offering other flight options.

As soon as finding out, please make sure to contact the airline or travel agent that you booked the flight with. They are the only ones that can help you in changing specific details in the booking. They will get in touch with you, and either they will personally change the dates for you, or you will be sent a website link where you can change the details.

These are flights with airlines that practice environmental safety by lessening CO2 emissions. This means that the airlines might switch up the aircraft or fuel used to assure that CO2 commissions are lowered down. This is one of the newest filter options in flight lookup sites.

Flight lookup websites don’t particularly list down this information. You can go to the airline’s official website and check their rules if traveling with pets is possible.

Most flight prices presented on flight lookups are usually just for the flight fare alone – including mandatory charges like airport and fuel taxes. Hold baggage is considered as an extra cost. As you scroll through the booking site, you can see the typical baggage price and allowance an airline offers. You can just add this as you go through the booking process.

1. Search flights in incognito.

Flight search engines usually do this nifty trick, where they offer more expensive options as you search for the same flight route again and again. By the third or fourth time, you would have seen a price that has increased a third of its original fee. So make sure to search using incognito so you can privately browse without leaving behind any relevant data.

This basically fools these flight lookup websites to think that this is the first time that you’ve searched for the flight route.


2. Book two months in advance.

Don’t get fooled by airlines that conduct regular seat sales for nearby future flights. Those are relatively priced the same way. Make sure to book your flight two months in advance to get the cheapest options since the demand is still relatively low.


3. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Weekend or near weekend trips are the most booked days for flight lookup sites. Simple economics states that the higher the number of interested customers, the higher the price gets  – slightly similar to an auction. People usually don’t travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays because they can’t afford to just drop everything in the middle of the week. 

So make sure to book on those days if you can since they offer the cheapest options!


4. Take travel trips in off-peak season.

This one is quite self-explanatory since traveling seasons like spring break or Christmas season mean two things: there is a large number of tourists traveling to different countries, and people are eager to book the cheapest flight as soon as possible.

Basically, it becomes a “survival of the fittest”-kind of thing. To get cheap tickets and stress-free vacations, take your travel trips in off-peak seasons! 

A one-way flight entails that you simply fly from point A to point B. If you want to go to point B and then come back to point A through different flights, then you can choose the round-way option. If you want to go to points A, B, and C, then the multiple-city flight would be the best option.

Step-by-Step Guide in Using a Flight Lookup App


Step 1: Outline your tentative flight plans.

You have to first plan out your travel itinerary. List out important details like the location, preferred airport, departure and return dates and times, or desired package deals like hotel booking or car rentals.


Step 2: Consider being flexible when it comes to dates or times.

If you want to get the cheapest or best flight, then you have to be flexible when it comes to your preferred dates and times. The more flexible you are, the greater chances to get an amazing deal. For instance, try to adjust your schedule to booking flights on Wednesdays for cheaper tickets.


Step 3: Go to the website and input all of the needed details.

Find your preferred flight website or booking site; you might want to consider looking up a website’s past flight record locator performance rate to get the best service out there. Then fill out all the relevant details and choose preferred aspects of the flight options like flight classes or passenger seats.


Step 4: Compare flight prices.

To make sure that you really get the best deal, you have to make sure that you book at least a month earlier than your trip and choose the best flight search engine that offers quality and inexpensive flight tickets. After that, compare the prices and choose your preferred flight offer.


Step 5: Purchase your preferred flight itinerary ticket.

After ensuring that the date and time or other relevant details are correct, head on to the payment process. As you check out your ticket, you are required to input your credit or debit card details as part of the flight lookup registration booking process. After you pay, your card will be immediately charged.


Step 6: Print booking information and other relevant documents.

After receiving your booking confirmation within the 24-hour waiting period, print it out and download the downloadable QR code if possible. Then make sure to print relevant documents needed as if someone else owns the registered credit or debit card, you need to have a signed letter of the owner confirming this purchase.


Step 7: Double-check your details and contact customer service if there are any problems.

Make sure to check all of the details to avoid any stress a few days before the flight. As soon as you spot any issues in your booking details like passport number or departure date, make sure to immediately contact the customer service team to fix the problem. 


Step 8: Check out flight status updates.

After all the details are thoroughly checked, you can search for a flight by looking up your name or number. After going through the flight lookup site by name or number, you will be presented details about the aircraft, your seat number, date and time, and other relevant details.