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🏆 Best Certificate Makers for August 2021

Do you need a certificate? Certificate maker is an excellent way to commemorate and celebrate achievements. They're also a great way to show appreciation for someone's hard work. Start creating your own custom certificate today!

What is a certificate maker

Building a certificate from scratch takes a lot of time. A certificate maker will make it easier without having you think about the color, design, content, and even format. All of which are the essential elements that every certificate should have. Knowing that there are different types of certificates, get the best design instantly through these professional certificate makers. 

Why do you need a certificate maker

An online certificate maker software is quite handy and easy. It innovates the tedious process of producing certificates due to it being built for this purpose. If you want to know more reasons why you need a certificate maker, read on below. 

You Need a Certificate Immediately

Prominent guests often arrive unexpectedly during events. Making a certificate of appreciation is a must during these moments. Thus, to produce one quickly, you’ll need a certificate maker to help you build and get one instantly.

Less Work Done

With it being automated, you won’t be bothered about making adjustments for your certificate. With an online formal certificate maker like this, everything can be set following the pre-made templates’ format available. With automation, users can simply type down the words, and the online certificate maker will automatically position this correctly.

To Build a Certificate for All Events

There are different types of certificate makers meant for various events. A martial arts certificate maker and soccer certificate maker for sports, ham radio certificate maker for the profession, award certificate maker, and even a fake certificate maker are available for you to use whenever it’s necessary.

Saves Your Time

If you have lots of things to do, a certificate maker’s automation can simplify your tasks. Everyone knows that building a certificate from scratch would take time with the adjustments, fonts, and other related matters. Automation like that can ease up the process of creating a certificate. This software will already have the essential tools and effects needed.

You Save Money

Hiring a professional to make the certificate would cost you a lot. Besides their professional fee, charges would include the different resources and the time it took to make these certificates. To sum it all up, by using a professional certificate maker, you can build a formal certificate by yourself without spending too much money by letting other people do it for you.

They Make No Room for Mistakes

Making a lot of mistakes is possible if you are inexperienced with building certificates. Therefore, if it is your first time to be assigned this task, there should be no room for mistakes. Learning how to build a certificate from scratch would take a lot of time if you need to study every aspect. With an online computer certificate maker, that is possible even for beginners.

Consistent Steady Designs

It is important for every certificate design to be the same as the others under that category or type of certificate. You can’t randomly design a new format for them as that will be inconsistent. Moreover, your certificate will be considered unprofessional and unreliable to those who will be checking it. Therefore, certificate makers give you the best option with its consistency. 

Ease of Updating Designs

If you’re tired of your current certificate’s design, you can easily update it using a certificate maker. Most certificate makers suggest fonts and border designs that are most suitable for certificates. That’s why it won’t be difficult to build or update one if you’re using these online services. 

Accessible anywhere

Online certificate makers allow you to produce a certificate wherever you are, whether through mobile or desktop. Drag, drop and click to produce a number of copies for the certificates anywhere. Where there is an internet connection, you can always continue editing your files whenever needed.

They Have Multiple Templates

Having multiple templates is both a reason to use them and a feature. Certificate makers have pre-made templates meant for their users to choose from. These templates are set designs and guides wherein you only need to place the customized texts, and it will automatically appear on the screen. To make that possible, what you need to do is click on a few functions and tools.

To Get a Part-Time Job

It is not advised to create a fake certificate to get a job. However, if you’re in desperate need of money as a minor financially supporting themselves, resorting to this is possible. Before doing that, you need to be aware of the consequences if you’re found out by your employer. 

Core features of a certificate maker

Before moving towards the different types of certificate makers available, you need to know first about its features. Learn more about what these features are that make users continue using these certificate maker apps online. 

Browse Multiple Templates

There are different kinds of certificates with different purposes in using them. Certificate makers are beneficial if you need to make a particular type of certificate for a certain event such as recognition, graduation, workshops, profession, employment, and more. And for those types of events or purpose, is a template with a consistent design. 

Create Free Certificates

Do you want a glimpse of what their functions are composed of? Then try creating their certificates for free without any payment for a subscription. Experience the feeling of building a professional certificate using their tools and features. With this feature, you select their given designs, insert your texts, and print your certificates in an instant.

Quick Download or Finish

With its interface being straightforward, saving and downloading your output is quick and smooth. The explanation behind this is how most free certificate maker software is built with simple features. Hence, a quick finish and download are expected.

Automated Functions

Unlike complicated editing software, you still need to click on a lot of functions to get desirable results. With a certificate maker, word goes that only a few functions are needed to get that and they are right. A certificate maker brings you automated functions with incredible results that can be possible through simple drag and drop functions and a few clicks.

Mobile Apps

To bring more convenience to their users, certificate makers also have mobile apps. Developers of these have made the certificate maker more available and handy to those that are using it. Hence, they can carry the software via a certificate maker app for mobile phones. This is still to promote a more handy solution to making certificates. 

Customized Professional Themes

Do you want a fake certificate maker? Well, whether you’re looking into making a fake or a formal certificate, as long as this feature is present, both can be possible. With a professional theme composed of professionally designed texts, colors, and top layouts—start creating the themes that suit 

Professionally Designed Fonts

When making certificates, there are multiple unique fonts made available for every user to apply and customize their certificates. These fonts come in clear, unique, and in different colors that you can apply to the certificate that you’re building. They are professionally designed to suit every certificate that’s meant for all occasions.

Import Images

Upload images straight from your device, social media, or online storage accounts. Moreover, you may also select from the thousands of uploaded photos on the web and import them. Once imported, you can begin using your device in ways which you prefer. 

Straightforward Interface

Along with automated functions comes an easy to understand interface. A certificate maker’s interface should be composed of straightforward tools where you can easily add texts, pictures, designs, and more. With a direct interface, they don’t need to switch pages since all the functions that they need are already found on one page.

Save in Multiple Formats

Premium certificate makers offer multiple file format downloads. Although PDF is commonly used, there are still organizations that find it convenient to use word, jpeg, and other relevant formats. That’s why these are only being offered in premium accounts as it’s not commonly used by many, unless they were an organization. 

Video Tutorials

If this is your first time to build a certificate using a certificate maker, especially the premium type, you can always study about it. Video tutorials will be available for the convenience of those who are still learning about how things should be done. After you have watched the videos, you will get some basic info about how things are made. 

Feature Suggestion

Do you think the service lacks features? Then it’s finally time for customers to be heard of. Users who would like to see particular features on a certificate maker may now suggest their ideas. A feature like this gives its customers the chance to be heard. Besides that, a setup like this will also be a way of keeping old customers while inviting new ones.

Refund Policy

If you believe the services provided to you were unsatisfactory, you can get your money back. However, the number of days you are guaranteed a moneyback may be subject to the company’s policy. Therefore, you need to read this policy well before you proceed with the purchase to avoid disputes.

Privacy Policy

Developers often ensure that data encryption is present. They will confirm with their clients how their files are being secured and not shared with others. It’s understandable how certificates are also private documents containing the name of the recipients of these certificates and the brand logos of the company. 

Customer Testimonials

Do you want to verify the efficiency of the certificate maker app or software? Then read through all the customer’s reviews and testimonials in connection to using the product. Mostly, those people who are allowed to comment and give reviews, are those confirmed clients who have made purchases via subscription.

Customer Support

Is the software malfunctioning on your device? Then it might not be compatible with it. Seek the assistance of their customer support that could be available for 24 hours. Let them assist you if you’re having trouble with going around the Certificate makers software or applications. 


Gain more insights about the uses of the certificate maker when you read on blogs related to it. By reading these blogs you learn more about its additional uses and even other functions or ideas of certificate styles you might want to use. Always ensure you read the website’s blog. 

Continuous Upgrades

To consistently keep up with innovation, these service providers via certificate building software will constantly bring updated features and tools. Its developers will provide timely updates that will best suit the year, generation, and occasion.

Types of certificate maker

Do you believe that you, your business, or your institution, can benefit from a certificate maker? If yes, you need to get to the next part, which is learning about the certificate maker types. A certificate maker is categorized into two, and they are the following.

Free Certificate Maker

Make your free certificates using basic editing online software via these free online certificate maker software or certificate maker with free download. Spend not even a dollar to build one of your certificates using this type of certificate maker.

Pro #1: Saves Money 

If you’re on a tight budget as a start-up company, institution, or team, then you need to limit your expenses. This includes producing certificates for your employees that don’t need you to spend much money. Therefore, you can choose the certificate maker with free costs and avoid those additional temporary costs. 

Pro #2: Simple to Use 

Free certificate makers are a gift to those who need to use them quickly. They only need to provide the correct texts, a photo to use as a background, then save it as a PDF. Once it has been saved, they can immediately print the document and use it for the purpose they made it to be. 

Pro #3: Risk-Free for Your Money 

You don’t need to attach your credit card to use this free certificate maker. Thus, you can freely use the online or offline software without worries since you won’t be charged. There will be no attachments to begin using them, so you can cancel it anytime.

Con #1: Data is At Risk 

You may be risk-free from the expenses and charges, but you aren’t risk-free from intrusion. Since these materials are being offered for free, the developers managing this put no effort in securing your information as they can’t monetize from it. Hence, your data can be stored, and it can be used without consent.

Con #2: Tools are Basic 

Basic tools mean fewer customization options. Therefore, you can’t really personalize the certificate completely. Your output will be the same as the others who are availing of the service. 

Con #3: Watermarks are Present 

Some websites offering free certificate maker software often include a watermark in the outputs. Thus, you need to be wise by testing out a copy before printing them. This is to avoid encountering certain circumstances such as having the website’s watermark on the output while printing out multiple pages when you have limited paper available.

Con #4: Limited Downloads 

Everyone knows that free stuff always has limits. Free certificate-making apps or software are definitely that. They only allow you limited features and even a number of downloads. Once you have depleted your allowed downloads, you can either wait for your limit to be refreshed or avail of a paid version.

Premium Certificate Maker

If you want to fully customize your certificates, you will need a paid or premium certificate maker. These premium applications or software will open you to more options to personalize your certificates and make this into your institution’s.

Pro #1: Advanced Features and Tools

If you have downloaded or subscribed to a premium certificate maker, you get multiple effects, options, and other special effects or functions. These functions allow you to personalize the certificates you make it into your own. Then you can add your company logo and bring more style as compared to those common and dull certificate designs.

Pro #2: No Watermarks 

From the first pros, you will know that if premium software gives you the ability to personalize the certificates. Therefore, removing the watermark is a given advantage for this type of certificate maker. With a more comprehensive tool or feature in building your certificates, it brings a huge possibility for that. 

Pro #3:  Unlimited Downloads 

A major benefit for the paid users of certificate makers would be the limitless downloads of certificates. If you’re a company investing in this subscription, it will benefit you a lot, since you can print as many certificate types and files as possible. 

Pro #4: Data Security is Ensured 

Paid services always offer unsurpassable security features. That’s why most large conglomerates or academic institutions go for the paid type of certificate maker. For this type, developers will equip encryption to ensure the users the confidentiality of their outputs and people written on the certificates.

Pro #5: Maximum Storage Capacity 

There’s a larger storage limit with paid certificate makers. For the very reason that it’s understandable how institutions need the larger capacity to secure a copy of their certificates. Moreover, it is easier to access in their libraries and edit it if they need to reuse the file.

Con #1: May Be Pricey 

Some websites tend to charge higher than others. So, if you are running a start-up company, it is discouraged to use this type of certificate maker, unless you have the budget. Regardless of the costs, you will also be open to all the comprehensive features to personalize your certificates. 

Con #2: Risky on Your Credit

You need to find a reliable paid certificate making software that will live up to your expectations. Being paid will also put your credit balance at risk since you need to input your credit information there. Therefore, always look at reviews regarding scams and the legitimacy of a website with promising marketing features for a certificate maker app.

Con #3: Unfamiliar Tool Names 

With its comprehensiveness, regardless of its straightforward interface, a premium certificate maker will have tools that are unfamiliar. These tools will give every beginner complications and this would also take a lot of time. Therefore, it’s best that you dedicate some time in studying these features for a smoother editing process.  

Who needs a certificate maker?

Academic Institutions

It is common knowledge that educational institutions will have a large need over the need to use a certificate maker. From recognition, appreciation, and as proof of finishing an education level, certificates are necessary. Thus, with the demands to use it in high quantities, they need an online computer certificate maker to produce them fast.


Corporations often invite speakers to give seminars to their teams or people to motivate them. Thus, they will need an online certificate maker with a logo, so people will immediately know that the certificate was given by their company. Besides that, this can also serve as a marketing strategy for companies to promote their brand or their name through these certificates.

Sport Institutions

Running a sports institution is similar to an academic institution. With levels of achievement or mastery over a particular sport, a certificate will be necessary. In addition, they will also need it during sporting events as official recognition of participants and winners.

Workshop and Event Organizers

These people are in charge of preparing for all the necessities when holding workshops, seminars, and even events. Thus, it is essential to have these certificates to show appreciation for the invited guest speakers during an event. Moreover, aside from the speakers, certificates are handed out to attendees as proof of knowledge over seminars.

Insurance Companies

Most clients love being recognized as a top investor. Thus, insurance companies will need these certificate makers to produce a copy that they can give to their clients. These documents or certificates are used in recognizing those who have achieved a milestone with their investments as a company or an individual.


These are the people who use fake certificate makers online for entertainment. They do not intend to bring these materials onto institutions or outside their private group. Such software is merely used for their targeted prank victims and not for illegal purposes. 

Minors Seeking Part-Time Jobs

Although it is totally ineffective to use these fake certificate makers online, some small shops that don’t bother doing background research may accept it. Every student in college or high school is not supported by their parents financially. So, to earn money, they need to prepare something to present to employers to confirm their legality to work. However, this is not advised.

Step-by-step guide to using a certificate maker

Do you already know how to use a certificate maker? If not, it is actually quite easy to use it. Follow the simple steps laid out below to learn how you can produce a good certificate instantly with a certificate maker.

Step1: Create or sign up for an account.

Most websites offer free sign-up, so you can enjoy using their services without charge immediately. Register the commonly needed details such as the email address, name, and even password to begin using it.

Step 2: Choose a template you prefer.

Out of hundreds of templates, pick one that’s best suited for the occasion you hope to use the certificate for. Browse through the options that are displayed on the screen. If you have a paid subscription, you will gain more access to advanced and better template styles than what’s being featured on the free certificate maker.

Step 3: Get creative with the certificate. 

The key to having a professional and beautifully designed certificate is by editing it. Use your imaginations and begin editing your certificate by adding your company logo, editing the text font, color, and more. Other advanced options will be featured only in paid certificate makers. 

Step 4: Once you’re done, download the file to your preferred format.

A commonly used output for certificate makers is a PDF. When you are done reviewing and making the final changes or designs on your certificate download this immediately to your device.

Step 5: Now that your file is ready to print, preview how it looks on paper. 

Do not assume that the presentation or whatever is shown on the print preview is how the output will be. Always proceed to check the “print preview” option to know how the file will look like when printed on paper. 

Step 6: After implementing all the necessary adjustments, print it. 

Adjustments are essential if you’re not confident about whether your output is going to fit within your material. So, to get that right, you need to implement changes after you have previewed how it will look like on paper. Once that’s confirmed, then you may print it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This totally depends on which online certificate maker you have used. That is why before you pursue using one and inputting your private information, you will need to do a background check on its legitimacy. Although the process will be hassling, it can get you out of impending trouble. 

Yes. If you are using a premium certificate maker, you may save and download as many certificates as you need. However, there might be a limit to how many downloads or storage capacity your subscription has. Before you assume, always check your limits before randomly creating certificate templates.

Your printer and the position of your paper will highly affect the printed output. If your blank paper is positioned to the farthest right, changes are, the left side of your certificate will not be printed. And that will be a waste of special paper, usually used in certificates.

Pre-made templates are already automatically set by developers to help users produce certificates quicker. So, if you are thinking about using a particular design, it’s best to click on which theme or template is best suited for your event. If none of them are suitable, you can always start from scratch and create your own copy. 

There are two explanations for this. It can either be you are still using the free certificate maker, or the premium certificate maker software is still new. Don’t fret if you have subscribed to the latter, as there will be updates added regularly to match up with user expectations.

Yes, there will be discounts for non-profit companies and academic institutions. However, it all depends on these entities if they will recognize this as part of their terms and conditions. Best check with the company before you make purchases. 

A money-back guarantee is a form of refund for those purchasing the premium certificate maker software. If the refund policy states a 30-day money-back guarantee, then you are given 30 days to change your mind during your first purchase. So, if you decide to change your mind about the purchase beyond 30 days, a refund is forfeited.

The essential data that you need when making an award certificate are as follows:


Title of the award

The Presentation Line

Recipient's name

Representative or organization giving the award

The reason how the award was earned

Date awarded


The size actually varies depending on the material used for printing the output. Commonly sizes would be around an 8.5x 11 in. This is the landscape orientation of the paper as that is popular among award certificates.

Believe it or not, parchment paper is commonly used for certificates. They are not only used for placing your cookie batters on and going into the oven, they also get used for this purpose. Although it’s almost transparent in color, parchment paper is often stronger than printing paper.