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🏆 Best Driver Updater for August 2021

Go for a slick, smooth driver update experience. A driver updater will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available so that your PC is as safe and secure as possible.

What is a driver updater

Your day might not go well when your computer crashes and keeps on urging you to update your driver. That is when you secretly wish to have a driver updater already. A driver updater checks your computer for any possible problems. It gives a report on outdated or missing drivers that it detects and quickly updates them to the latest and recommended versions.

Why do you need a driver updater

Your device drivers are programs made for your computer to communicate with various hardware components. So, an outdated driver might result in a sluggish system operation and some noticeable performance degradation. Aside from these, here are the common reasons you need a driver updater to recondition your device driver from time to time:

Less Screen Crashing 

A screen or computer crash happens when the computer itself stops working or a specific program fails to function unexpectedly.  To avoid experiencing this scenario at the most needed time, you’ll need a driver updater. Your chosen best driver updater software automatically updates your device driver for less screen crashing.

Reduces Computer Freezing

Your computer might hang or freeze when a process or a system fails to respond to inputs. To reduce the constant freezing of your computer, you’ll need a free driver updater. It can prevent the most common example of a computer freezing, which is when your graphical user interface no longer responds to your typing or mouse movement.

Faster Browsing

Automatic driver updater helps fix your Wi-Fi connection, which then spontaneously speeds up your browsing and downloading experience. The best driver updater freely extends its services to help you solve slow connection problems by fixing all your device drivers and adding new features for improved performance.

Better Graphics Display

A screen with a distorted graphics display just won’t go right with your experience in using your computer. And the best option you could have is by using driver updater tools. It can help you get significantly sharper graphics to enjoy better images in games, quality Virtual Reality and streaming experience, and media editing.

Prevents Hardware Problems

If you’re having a problem connecting your hardware devices with your computer, you need a driver updater.  Even the best free driver updater in 2018 regularly updates the different drivers in your computer, including the audio drivers, to improve all the essential qualities that you need when using your computer.

For Security Updates

Outdated drivers are a security risk. It makes your computer vulnerable to hackers and malicious software lingering around the internet. But with the help of your driver updater, you wouldn’t need to worry about your security risk. Their software updates include the latest patches for security flaws, which ensures that everything is safer.

To Avoid Webcam Problems

One of the common problems that you might have encountered is relating to your webcam. You wouldn’t want to continually experience a dysfunctional webcam, especially since it is one of the most crucial elements we frequently use. Using the best driver updater to update your webcam drivers will boost your PC webcam functionality.

Full Features Accessibility 

An outdated driver limits your access to all the features available on specific software. It prevents you from using the new features they offer. And to get the full functionality of these features, you’ll need a driver updater. The best driver updater in 2019 makes sure that your device drivers are updated for you to access all the features they have.

Smoother Video Playback

For smoother video playback, a driver updater is a great help. It can provide a quality playback experience by updating all your video drivers. The software updates will enable your device to have all the needed graphical displays for better viewing and streaming.

For Faster Gaming Speed

If you constantly experience gaming problems, then your device driver needs an update. And with the different driver updater tools, you don’t need to worry about having an outdated device. They’ll automatically update your drivers for you to enjoy your gaming experience continually.

Core features of driver updaters

Almost all individuals use a computer daily.  And this rising demand for PC electronic devices has increased the device driver updater market. Therefore, you must always look at their offered features before selecting a device driver application. With that, take a look at the following software features that you must look for in a driver updater.

Complete PC Scan

The main feature that makes a driver updater worthy is a complete PC scan. It must quickly identify all the outdated and faulty drivers that make your computer dysfunctional at times. It should also locate the missing driver updates that cause trouble to your hardware device’s full functionality.

One-Click Update

A one-click update is one of the many features you must consider before choosing a free PC driver updater. It automatically installs all the latest official driver versions recommended by their manufacturers in just a single click. This will make your work easy and save you time from separately doing an update process for each driver.

Offline Driver Update

When looking for the best driver updater in the market, you must consider their offline features if network unavailability occurs. One of these features is an offline driver update. It is handy when you want to update your Network card drivers to make the network available. It offers an easy solution to download drivers in advance.

Backup and Restore Option

Although the main reason that you purchase a plan from a driver updater software is to update your device drivers, you’d still want to have your previous driver version backed up. With a backup and restore option, it’ll be quicker and easier for you to put back the old versions of your device drivers if you’d want to.

High Compatibility

You must look for a driver updater that offers a long list of compatibility. It should be compatible with the current window you’re using and the possible windows you’re planning to update next. A good driver updater should be able to support your device’s windows to be useful.

Easy-to-Use Interface

One of the key features that a driver updater with good reviews has is an easy-to-use interface. It includes a simple but distinctive layout that enables its users to operate their programs efficiently. Your chosen software’s features and services must also be manageable and quickly accessible without deep technological background.

Exclusion List

There are some instances where you don’t need to update all your device drivers. And during these times, an exclusion list feature could be a great help. It lets you ignore the drivers, which you don’t want to scan or update and then proceeds to other drivers that need updating for your computer’s better performance. 

Scheduled Updates

A scheduled update is one of the great features that your driver updater software must-have. It can help you protect first your files before getting lost during the update session. Also, scheduled updates can eradicate the need to continually check for your driver updater of when it will update your device drivers.

Web Protection

To keep your system safe from malware threats, you must look for a driver updater with web protection. Aside from this, it can also protect your identity from suspicious websites trying to invade your privacy. Web protection is one of the essential features that a safe driver updater should have.

24/7 Online Support System

One of the essential features of a freeware driver updater is a support system that is available 24/7, especially when you are unfamiliar with their interface. Having a 24/7 online support system can help you answer your questions right away. It can also assist you in solving possible problems that might occur when you’re using their services.

Multilingual Functionality

Before you get fascinated by the features that your candidate driver updater offers, you first must check if they have multilingual functionality. Support for multiple languages will help you understand how their services work better as instructions are in your native tongue. It would also be helpful if you’re still having a hard time using other languages.

Affordable Plans

It is also essential to consider how much you’re going to spend when finding a driver updater software. The best drier updater doesn’t just offer the best tools, but they must also have various affordable pricing plans. It can save you from spending too much money without compromising the quality of services they offer.

Types of driver updaters

Driver updater applications can update device drivers with convenience to save up time in updating drivers. These software types use different tools to identify and optimize your device with the latest and most compatible version of your operating system’s device drivers. You can categorize such into the following types of driver updater.

Multifunctional Driver Updater

This type of platform was considered one of the best driver updater in 2018. It offers multiple functionalities like PC optimization, removal of sensitive data, file recovery, and many more. It also provides different features in one interface, which include security, privacy, and excellent performance.

Pro #1: Complete package

As stated by its name, this type of driver updater has all the possible functionalities you want to look for in a driver updater application. It is a complete package driver updater, which eradicates the need to look for another driver updater when you want to update specific device drivers.

Cons #1: Costly

Since multifunctional driver updater applications have everything you’ll need, their offered prices are also pricey than the other types of driver updater. It is important to consider first your budget before planning to invest in a multifunctional driver updater.

Single Click/Automatic Driver Updater

Single-click or automatic driver updaters are a one-stop driver updater solution that helps boost productivity and maintains your system’s performance. With just a single click, their tools can instantly update your device drivers.

Pro #1: Hassle-free

A single click or automatic driver updater offers a very convenient way to update all your device drivers. You only need to click a single button then all your device drivers will get updated and perform better.

Con #1:  Automatically updates all the device drivers

.Since this type of driver updater automatically updates all your device drivers, there’s a tendency that even the updated ones can be affected, which is not an excellent move for a device driver’s performance.

Gaming Driver Updater

As stated by its name, the gaming driver updater is one of the types of driver updater software specifically designed to boost gaming performance on your PC. This software uses different tools that offer priority updates on gaming device drivers. It can also improve your gaming experience through its gaming components and graphic drivers.

Pro #1: Game booster

Not all driver updaters offer useful features to boost your PC gaming drivers, making this type of driver updater the best option. Since it is designed for gamers, the advantage of using this driver updater software is mostly for them.

Con #1: Costly

Unlike the common types of driver updater software, gaming driver updaters are made with special features for gaming. These gaming features add to this software’s market cost, which makes them pricey compared to the other driver updaters.

Free Driver Updater

Free driver updaters are software that offers simple and free tools to detect and fix device driver issues. The best free driver updater in 2019 also has tools that quickly download and update your outdated drivers for free.

Pro #1: Easy-to-use

Aside from its free features, this type of driver updater also offers a simple interface. An easy-to-use interface specially made for beginners.

Con #1: Limited features

Since this is an entirely free driver updater, it commonly lacks other essential features. This type of driver updater software offers only limited features, unlike the paid driver updater software.

Who needs a driver updater?


It is your job as a programmer to write codes for computer programs and mobile applications. Your work involves maintaining, debugging, and troubleshooting software systems to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To do your job properly and compete with other programmers, you must have all your device drivers updated all the time. 

Software Engineers

As a software engineer, you must have a driver updater to avoid having an outdated driver that might affect your work. It can help you automatically update all your drivers for a better computer experience while you’re creating tools to develop software. Also, driver updater can help you do your work smoothly by providing needed device updates.

Software Developers

Tools are essential in developing software. It is the main key to produce good software in the market. As a software developer, you need to make sure that all the tools that you’re using are up-to-date. And to continually enjoy the features that your specific tool software offers, you need to have an updated driver to support it. 

Online Streamers

Online streamers, also known as live streamers, broadcast themselves online through a live stream on the different social media platforms. And to have a successful online streaming platform, you need to make sure that you’re using updated drivers for your live streams. This will enable you to produce a smooth live video for your audience.


A gamer needs to have a smooth device when playing online games. And one of the best solutions for this is an updated device driver. It can help you have a better experience with your computer, even if you play a lot of online games. Driver updater makes sure that you get the best features from the latest driver versions.


To create quality content, you must use device drivers with up-to-date features. This all could be automatically done with the help of the best driver updater software. With this software, you wouldn’t experience any trouble creating your vlogs until you posted them. It can also help you produce content at a fast pace without facing problems.


As a blogger, you must continuously update your website. But this could not be possible if you have a computer that keeps on crashing and freezing. To completely move forward from this predicament, you must have a driver updater. It can automatically put your drivers into condition, which results in smoother and faster blog content updates.

E-Commerce Businesses

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, then you must have the list of the best software on the market, as well as up-to-date device drivers. Since an unconditioned computer will make your work slow, it wouldn’t be possible to successfully operate your online business, which is why you must have the best free driver updater utilities.


It is your job, as an educator, to produce the best presentation for your students or audience. And if you have outdated device drivers on your computer, it would be impossible to create the best out of it. You must have a driver updater to help you automatically update all the outdated drivers while you’re busy doing your work.


Students are usually required to pass an output that is computer-related. Almost everything you do as a student needs the help of a computer, which is why you must have the best device performance you could have. And a driver updater can make all of this possible, from a smooth computer experience to all other services.

Step-by-step guide in using a driver updater

Step1: List down drivers and driver updaters.

Having a list of all the best drivers you can find in the market is the first thing you must do to land in the right one. This step will narrow down your process of choosing the most suited driver updater for you. It can also help you identify which to consider and which not. You can refer to the list of types of driver updater to know what you’re looking for.

Step 2: Choose the best driver updater. 

After you have completed your list of driver updater candidates, you should then choose the best one. In doing so, you must consider the listed core features above. It will guide you in figuring out what’s the right driver updater software for you. Make sure that you meet all the set standards before choosing one.

Step 3: Apply for the best pricing plan. 

There are possibly various plans that a specific software might offer, but don’t get too excited by those digits. It is always safe to check first what pricing plan fits what you want. You can also check their discount codes and enjoy their offer at a lower price. Apply for the best pricing plan that will give you everything you’ll need.

Step 4: Download and install the software.

After applying for a plan, make sure that you download their driver updater software entirely. They will then instruct you on how to install this software. During this process, check the steps thoroughly to avoid error in launching the software.  

Step 5:  Launch a scan.

After you have downloaded and installed your driver updater, you can now launch a scan. It will detect all the outdated hardware and update it for better functionality. Some driver updater software automatically scans your hardware to save you time and effort. 

Step 6: Update now. 

This step doesn’t apply if you have a driver updater software that automatically updates all your outdated program drivers. But some types of driver updater software let you choose what to update and whatnot. Make sure that you don’t repeatedly update an updated driver and only update those outdated ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you need to update your outdated device drivers. If your driver is up-to-date, it’s best to keep it as is. Remember to change only those who should be changed or updated. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Start by figuring out which drivers are obsolete and need to be upgraded. You can then narrow it down from there if you are having issues with your computer. You can also navigate through the system manager to your hardware and manually update the appropriate drivers.

However, merely using a software solution is often much more efficient and easier. These types of software can help you find all devices in need of driver updates and perform them automatically without having to run through all of your hardware.

The alternative to using a device driver is to update the driver manually. It involves visiting the device manufacturer’s website and looking for the latest driver. You will find different device drivers for 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Select the device driver that matches the device model and the operating system.

Yes! Most device driver apps are safe and can conveniently update drivers. But some malicious update apps install malware or Trojans. You need to install only a trusted device driver app. 

Plenty of free driver updaters in the market offer features to improve your PC performance better. You just need to list down what you want in a driver updater and choose which free driver updater suffices your needs. Make sure that you choose the best one.

Computers can start to become sluggish and cause visible performance issues that can be a significant nuisance when system drivers are outdated. Device drivers are an essential piece of software that makes your machine function smoothly with various hardware components.

It depends on the type of driver updater you’re willing to take care of your driver updates. Although a hardware driver needs to be modified periodically to keep the device running smoothly, there are still necessary driver updaters that are entirely free of charge.

Aside from the manual driver updater, which mostly is completely free, you can also look for a free or even cheaper driver updater software. These software types can help you keep your device drivers updated without having to spend a lot of money for some necessary updates. 

There are actually simple steps to check for any updates for your PC, including driver updates. If you’re using a PC with a windows desktop, you need to click the Start button on the Windows taskbar first. Then click the Settings icon. Finally, select 'Updates & Security,' then click 'Check for updates’ to complete the process.

Each type of driver updater software provides various and specific procedures for restoring your drivers from their backup files. You need to search the app for your driver updater, or you can directly contact them to guide you in restoring your drivers.

It's always a good idea to update your drivers, but manually doing it isn't always the smart choice. Aside from the several hours of head-scratching and one-sided shouting matches against your monitor, they are also potentially dangerous to execute, particularly for those who are relatively inexperienced with technology.

For those of you who are not really tech-savvy, it's going to be a hassle to manually update your drivers, which is why it’s important to invest in the right driver updater. With these types of software, you’ll have hassle-free, updated drivers all the time.

Unsigned drivers are those types of driver updater without the digital signature of the vendor. In most cases, these drivers are also considered the same as unofficial drivers. Make sure that you avoid using these types of driver updater to have safer device updates all the time. 

FPS or frames per second is one of the most important factors considered by gamers in one device. FPS is the frequency rate at which consecutive images called frames to appear on display. An increased FPS results in a smoother and visually enhanced gaming experience.

Driver updater will improve your machine's FPS and make many of the latest video games run like a dream without sluggishness and beautiful graphics that will entertain gameplay for many hours. And the best part is that you don't have to do anything other than just install the program for a driver update on your device.

It is easy to use a software update tool. All you have to do is press the Search System Driver button and upgrade the outdated driver. With one click of a mouse button, some computer drivers automatically update the drivers.