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🏆 Best Email Newsletter Templates for August 2021

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What is an email newsletter template

Email marketing has been the most reliable marketing tactic with the highest ROI for years. Email newsletter templates are HTML files that you use to create email campaigns.  Since then, email marketers use email newsletter templates to make email campaigns effective and consistent. 

Why do you need an email newsletter template

Effective communication is essential in every industry. Thus, email marketing has been popular among brands to get their message across effectively without spending much. Email newsletter templates can help brands in more ways than they can imagine to get their email marketing going. Here are some of the benefits you get from using email newsletter templates.

Save Time

You need to accomplish lots of things in a day when you’re running a business or just a personal brand. Coding your email newsletter template can take a chunk of your time, especially if your coding skills are subpar. You only need to spend a few minutes to write your message and add images or videos with an email newsletter template.


Using email newsletter templates promotes consistency, which makes the customer experience more pleasing. Moreover, customers stay subscribed longer if you use a consistent email newsletter template. You can easily insert your brand’s logo and other contact information that makes you recognizable to your audience.

Save Money

You can save tons on template production costs with email newsletter templates. You can find several email newsletter templates you can download for free online to use for your email campaigns. There are also email newsletter templates you can buy online as low as $1 with more features and more design options you could choose from. 

Look Professional

A well-designed email newsletter template has an organized layout of the newsletter elements to make you look professional to your readers. A professional-looking email builds trust between you and your subscriber. In this age where spam emails can reach anyone’s inbox, it’s best to look professional to increase open rates.

Create Anytime and Anywhere

Creating email newsletters is more comfortable with a template. You can now create, edit, and send email newsletter templates on your phone anytime and anywhere you want. You don’t have to use a desktop to drag and drop texts and images in a template.


Your audience will most likely open your email when you make it more personal between you and them. The subscriber will most likely open your email if you address them in your email and angle your message toward what they currently are interested in or need. You can edit each of your subscriber’s names in a good email newsletter template.


Email newsletter templates can be reused as many times as you want in your email campaigns. All you need is to edit the content to match your newsletter’s purpose. Reusing templates promotes brand consistency, so it’s important to choose and design templates that match your brand.

Get Started Quickly

An email newsletter template doesn’t need a tedious brainstorming process for design, layout, and content. Since everything is pre-designed for you, all you need is to fill up every element in the template. You can get started as soon as possible, even without expertise in email marketing and graphic design. 

Makes You Stand Out

You need to grab your reader’s attention as soon as they open your email, so you need a well-designed template to get a good first impression. People often receive many emails every day, so it’s your job to stand out from these heaps of emails. The best email newsletter templates have clean, unique designs that make you recognizable from other generic emails. 

Increase Engagement

In this digital age, customer engagement is considered an important metric in marketing. Getting an email newsletter template helps you connect more with your audience and keep them engaged. A well-structured newsletter and irresistible content not only attract new customers but also retains the number of your existing customers. 

Boost Sales

A well-structured email newsletter can make or break your sales. It allows you to offer your products or services and explain their benefits. With a pleasing and well-structured email newsletter template, it’s easier for your customers to see your website’s or shop’s link, driving your customers to take action. 

Increase Website Traffic

A visible call to action and links in an email newsletter can increase website traffic. Aside from encouraging a call to action, the structure of your email newsletter template can convince your readers to check out your website. From a customer’s perspective, a well-designed template can also mean a well-designed website. 

Core features of an email newsletter template

You can find lots of email newsletter templates online to kickstart your email marketing campaign, but not everything you see on the internet are of the best quality. You need to look for specific features that are vital to your campaign’s success. Below is the list of core features you should consider when choosing the best email newsletter template.

Merge Tags

Personalization is an essential element in email marketing. You can personalize your email newsletters with merge tags by addressing your recipients by their names, coupon codes tailored to each recipient, add videos, and more. Merge tags allow you to create dynamic content and build connections with your subscribers.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

An easy email newsletter template lets you drag and drop images or texts anywhere you want them to be located in the newsletter to suit your email marketing needs. The drag-and-drop function makes it easier to relocate elements even without HTML knowledge. It makes customization more accessible and quick.

Layout Design

Your email newsletter template layout is one of the essential factors that determine your newsletter’s effectiveness. The most suitable design depends on the type of newsletter you’re sending. An effective newsletter should be scannable, so choose a template with evenly-spaced blocks for each element. 

Edit Text and Images

A great email newsletter template lets you edit your text in any font style, size, and color options you have. Some templates may have preset fonts when you download them, so you only need to edit the text. Images are compelling attention-grabbers, so choose email newsletter templates that let you add and move images around the template.

Responsive Design

A responsive email newsletter template can be readable on any device and from any email client. Reading your email newsletters should be convenient for your readers. Since most people check their mobile phones’ emails, it’s vital to choose mobile-optimized templates to make their reading a pleasurable experience.

Color Scheme

An effective email newsletter should match your brand, so it’s essential to choose a template with a color scheme that best fits your brand. Some email newsletter templates allow you to freely change the background and font color, while some offer different color schemes of the same design. 

ESP- Ready

Most email service providers have built-in email newsletter templates included in their subscription plans. However, if you choose to use your email newsletter template or another source, make sure that it is compatible with your preferred email service provider. A great email newsletter template should be easy to export to any email service provider and download.

Affordable Price

If you opt to buy email newsletter templates, make sure to choose a paid template that is worth every cent. An expensive email newsletter template doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the best in the market. Most often than not, you can find email newsletter templates that offer high-quality features at a more affordable price. 

Types of email newsletter templates 

Email marketing is more manageable than ever, thanks to the vast amount of resources you can get from the internet. Before you kickstart your email campaign, you need to know the types of email newsletter templates that you can find on the internet. Knowing the types can help you determine what type of email newsletter template suits your needs.

Free Email Newsletter Templates

You can almost get anything on the internet for free, including email newsletter templates. Free email newsletter templates are simple and easy to use without needing to spend a dime. You don’t need to sign up for an account or give your credit card details.

Pro #1: Free

Most small businesses procrastinate on starting an email campaign mainly because they think it’s costly and time-consuming. Free email newsletter templates are perfect for getting your email campaign started to boost your sales and amplify your brand’s visibility if you’re on a limited budget.

Pro #2: Ready to Use

You can get started as soon as you’ve downloaded the file. All you need is to add images or videos and create valuable content. It only takes a few minutes to complete the template and one click to send it to everyone on your mailing list.

Con #1: Generic

Free email newsletter templates mostly have generic designs that could fit anyone’s marketing needs. Moreover, it shows no unique personality that could help your audience to easily recognize your brand aside from your logo, making it difficult for your brand to stand out from the rest.

Con #2: Limited Scope of Customization

Although free email newsletter templates promise manageable customization, you can only customize the most important elements. The designs and layout are limited, so there’s not much creative freedom you can exercise.

Con #3: Not Always up to Date with the Latest Standards

Most free email newsletter templates are outdated and less effective. Although this email newsletter template helps brands start their email campaigns, free email newsletter templates can only deliver the bare minimum and are not sustainable in the long-run. 

Premium Email Newsletter Templates

If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, premium email newsletter templates allow you to customize your email newsletter in any way you want. Packed with more designs and features, you have more options to make your email newsletter as attention-grabbing as it can get.  

Pro #1: Customize as You Wish

Premium email newsletter templates come in with more features and design. There are more color schemes and layouts to choose from, so it’s easier for you to match your newsletter template to your brand. Unleash your creativity with more styles and graphics to match your content.

Pro #2: More Unique and Professional-Looking Designs

Premium newsletter templates offer more unique and professional-looking designs than generic free email newsletter templates. Aside from a wide range of color schemes and layouts to choose from, premium email newsletter templates have sleeker typefaces. 

Con #1: Not Your Own

Although you pay for a premium email newsletter template, you don’t own the email newsletter template. Premium email newsletter templates don’t guarantee a successful email campaign unless it fits your marketing needs and aesthetic well.  

Con #2: More Costs

You need to buy email newsletter templates if you want to avail premium features, meaning more costs for your business. Although it won’t hurt to use a free email newsletter for a while, generic designs will hurt your brand’s consistency.

Custom Built Email Newsletter Templates

A custom-built email newsletter template lets you create email newsletter templates on your own with the help of coding experts or your email service provider. This type of template allows you total creative freedom since you get to decide how the newsletter should look like from colors, layout, typography, and more.

Pro #1: Create a Unique Design

Custom-built email newsletter templates allow you to create unique designs that best fit your brand’s aesthetic. Unique designs are more recognizable and more memorable to the audience. If you wish to establish strong brand recognition, a custom-built email newsletter template is a great start.

Pro #2: Visually Attractive

Since you have total creative freedom in the creation process, you can make the email newsletter as visually appealing as possible. With graphic designers' help, you can create visually attractive yet functional email newsletter templates that could easily grab and hold your reader’s attention.

Pro #3: Tailor-Made

Custom-built email newsletter templates are specifically made just for your brand. Thus, it will make you stand out from the rest of the email newsletters that your audience receives every day. A tailor-made email newsletter template is recognizable, making it easier for the audience to remember and share about your brand. 

Con #1: Increase Turnaround Time

Since you build this template from scratch, you need more time to code and design the template. If you don’t have excellent coding and graphic design skills, you need to allot more time for finding the right person that can do the job well. An email service provider may expedite the process, but you still need more time to design the template.

Con #2: More People Involved

You need more people involved in the template production process if you plan to use a custom-built email newsletter template to ensure that your email newsletter is effective and responsive. With more people involved in the creative process, it can slow down production because of idea overload. 

Con #3: Not Suitable for Last-Minute Email Campaigns

Since your audience receives an overwhelming number of content from everywhere, you need to create and send out content as quickly as possible to ensure that the readers get valuable information from you first.  Custom-built email newsletter templates take time to produce, so it’s not suitable to customize one for a last-minute email campaign. 

Con #4: Expensive

Building an email newsletter template from scratch is costly. You need to pay for a coding expert and a graphic designer. On the other hand, custom-built email newsletter templates from email service providers are more expensive than ready-to-use premium email newsletter templates.

Who needs email newsletter templates?

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites send email newsletters to inform existing customers of new products, discounts, and more. Email newsletters can also help e-commerce sites generate new leads. An email newsletter template makes it easier for e-commerce sites to add product images and descriptions in an organized manner with a premade layout. 

Small Businesses

Small business owners need to accomplish a lot of tasks in their daily business operations, including marketing. A ready-to-use email newsletter template can save their time on design and focus more on creating unique content. Also, well-designed business email newsletter templates can help build trust and credibility for their customers.

Online Course Creators

Online course creators can focus more on creating courses and keeping their students informed of new classes or other resources with email newsletter templates. A professional-looking email newsletter template can also encourage existing students to share about you and your course.


Before the school e-newsletter happened, disseminating information to the entire student body was challenging. School newsletters can keep the student population, faculty, staff, and parents informed of important school events systematically and organized. School email newsletter templates keep information dissemination consistent and straightforward.

Financial Institutions

There are several financial email newsletter templates that financing firms can use to keep their clients updated. Email newsletters can help financial institutions find new investors, strengthen relationships with existing investors and clients, and create awareness of your brand. Financial newsletter templates can be simple or detailed.

Nonprofit Organizations

Email newsletters are not only for for-profit enterprises and organizations. Nonprofit organizations can attract new donors and keep their existing donors updated with current projects and events. Most nonprofit organizations have a limited budget for marketing, so email newsletter templates can save them production costs and time.

Travel Agencies

Travel agents prefer email marketing because of low costs and immediate results.  Email newsletter templates can help promote your travel agency and grow your customer base with intuitive design and scannable text. It’s easy to modify text and images with well-designed travel email newsletter templates.


Content creation takes a chunk of a blogger’s time. Besides content creation, they also need to market their brand to connect with their audience and keep them updated. With simple email newsletter templates at hand, bloggers don’t have to design from scratch and focus more on writing content. 

Software Developers

Software developers use email newsletters to let their customers know about software upgrades or product launches. Aside from the regular product launch email newsletters, software developers can share their best practices and expert advice using email newsletter templates. Thus, it nurtures customer relationships and helps build new ones.

Real Estate Agencies

A great real estate email newsletter templates create intrigue that leads to higher open rates. Generic real estate listings and other sales-y emails have the lowest conversion rates. Improve your real estate email marketing with unique template designs that allow you to add high-quality images and valuable content.

Step-by-step guide in choosing email newsletter templates

Step1: Identify your email marketing goals

Knowing your marketing goals is essential to narrow down your options in choosing the right email newsletter templates. Some email newsletter templates work well for specific purposes and underperform in some. Aside from your goals, you should also consider the type of audience you have for individual newsletters.

Step 2: Check the sample email newsletter templates in the template gallery. 

If you wish to use an email service provider to make email marketing more manageable for you, check the sample newsletter templates in their gallery. A great email service provider has a wide variety of templates for different industries. Check if there are pre-designed templates available for every type of email newsletter you need. 

Step 3: Check the features of the email newsletter templates. 

Some email service providers allow you to preview the template before you download or purchase it. Check if the core features are present in the template, so you don’t have to worry about it later when you start your campaign. An email newsletter template should be well-designed and easy to manipulate.

Step 4: Compare prices. 

If you wish to avail the premium email newsletter template, you can compare prices from different email service providers and websites. Premium email newsletter templates vary in prices but sometimes have the same design and layout. Comparing prices can help you know which template is the most valuable for your money. 

Step 5: Try a free trial email newsletter template. 

If you still doubt whether the template is worth your money, you can try editing the email newsletter template on the website before making the final decision. It lets you know if the template is manageable and has every feature you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is safe to download a free email newsletter template. You don’t need to sign up using your email address. You can download the file in just one click and use it as soon as it’s downloaded. To be extra safe, download email newsletter templates for free from reliable websites or email service providers. 

Most email newsletter templates adapt to whatever medium they are viewed, so you don’t have to worry about how it would look on every device. However, if you still want to make sure it looks good on mobile or desktop, you can run a test campaign and send it to a burner account and check if it is compatible with the email client and device.

While email service providers make it easier for you to instantly send the email newsletter as soon as you finish putting in content and adding necessary elements, you don’t need one to get newsletter templates. Several marketing websites offer free email newsletters to download that are ESP-friendly.

You can send your email newsletter templates with the help of your email service provider or by yourself. The advantage of getting an email service provider is it automatically sends your newsletter to everyone on your mailing list. Sending emails is time-consuming, so it’s best to use an ESP to send automated emails.

The standard email newsletter template has a width of 600 pixels and unlimited height. Most email service providers set their templates in this size. However, the 600-pixel size isn’t mandatory anymore. Thanks to better screen resolution, wider emails look good on any device and email client. 

One-page email newsletter templates are enough for daily email newsletters. Weekly email newsletter templates are usually two to three pages long, just enough to cover everything the audience needs to know. Make sure the content is scannable and concise so that readers can keep reading until the last word.

A mailing list is a list of all of your subscribers’ email addresses and names. Although you can send an email newsletter without a mailing list, it’s highly recommended that you make one ensure that your email campaign runs smoothly. Your email service provider can help you create and segment your mailing lists.

An effective email newsletter provides valuable and insightful information to the readers. Avoid sounding too “pitchy” or “sales-y” in your content since it puts readers off. Include a call-to-action in your newsletter to get immediate results. You can add your social channels, so the readers will know where to contact you.

Dynamic content is a block of content that will only appear for some recipients to improve content relevance. This block of content will be added once the email is ‘dynamically’ sent. Dynamic content can be applied on content depending on the life cycle stage of the subscriber or the existing subscriber’s preferences.

It’s essential to send your emails not too frequently that you appear spammy nor too seldom that your customers will forget about you. Most email marketers send out weekly email newsletters to keep the readers engaged and updated. Also, be consistent in sending your email newsletters.

The best time to send your newsletter is when your recipients are checking their email. The recommended time to send emails is around 8 AM to 4 PM. The ideal time may vary, depending on the purpose of your campaign.

However, this can be challenging if your recipients live in different parts of the world. The recommended approach is to test different times to see when most of your readers can read your newsletters. 

The success of an email newsletter can be measured in delivery, clickthrough, and open rates. Your email service provider or any email marketing software you use provides these metrics to help you improve your content and email marketing strategy. Knowing how your newsletters are performing is vital for your business.

The delivery rate is the percentage of emails that didn’t bounce to the number of emails sent. Remember, not all your newsletters are received by the email service providers of your customers. A newsletter can be returned if your recipient’s inbox is already full or they used an invalid email address.

The clickthrough rate, on the other hand, is the ratio of people who clicked the links in your email to the emails delivered. The clickthrough rate indicates whether the newsletter is compelling and relevant to encourage the recipient to take action. The clickthrough rate can help your business improve your newsletter content.

The open rate measures the percentage of the number of recipients who opened your newsletter to the number of emails delivered. Improving your open rate is important to get a better clickthrough rate, so it’s important to create a compelling subject line and use a personal email address.

Several factors can put your newsletters in the spam folder of your recipient. A misleading subject line and irrelevant content can drive your recipient to put your newsletter in the spam folder. Using a double opt-in and appealing newsletter template can also help you avoid ending up in the spam folder.