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🏆 Best Essay Writing Services for August 2021

Do you need help with your essay? Essay writing services is best for you. Essay writing services give you the convenience of making essays without sweat!

What are essay writing services

Are you having trouble with what to write for your essay? Don’t worry—essay writing services are widely available! Essay writing services can assist you in producing a top-quality essay. These services are headed by a group of writing experts who are willing to help you write your paper for you, whether it would be persuasive, argumentative, and many more. 

Why do you need essay writing services?

Whether you’re a student who's taking up a lot of classes or someone who’s juggling a job on the side, it’s tough to catch up on a deadline. Besides, sometimes it’s difficult to overcome a writer’s block—the frustration you experience when you can’t see your work’s progress. That’s why you should take advantage of essay writing websites.


Writing an essay is time-consuming, so resorting to a writing expert is the way to go. Essay writing services are convenient and readily available—all you have to do is submit your order and wait for your writer to submit it. That way, you don’t have to worry about deadlines and how you can juggle through your tasks.


There’s no question that writing essays can be stressful. With the help of experts, you can relieve some of the pressure that comes with your task. Moreover, when you’re stress-free, you can be more productive and be more motivated to work.

More Knowledge

Even if you’re well informed about a particular topic, it still doesn’t hurt to opt for an essay writing service. Your chosen writer can throw in more ideas into your essay, helping you widen your knowledge on a specific topic. Plus, they can also drop you some tips on improving your work in the future.

Lack of Proper English Skills

If you just moved into a country where English is the primary language, and you’re not a native speaker, chances are you may lack some speaking and writing skills. To produce a top-quality essay, you need to know the correct grammar, punctuation, and structure rules of the English language—that’s where essay writing services come in handy. 

Core features of an essay writing service

Undoubtedly, many websites will claim to have the best essay writing services. Still, it would be wise to look out for the features that make an essay writing service worth the money. The following are the features that you should search for when getting this service.

Full Confidentiality and Secured Transactions

The best writing essay services should provide you with full confidentiality. Some of your content can be sensitive and must be kept private, so you have to confirm that your service provider guarantees 100% confidentiality. Plus, you want to ensure that your personal information and payment details are secured when transacting.

Wide Variety of Services

Essays come in different levels and types, and each of these requires particular writing skills to capture the essay’s needed tone and voice to achieve its purpose. To ensure that their clients are getting all the help they need, the best essay writing service providers ensure that they have varied services fit for everyone's needs.

Writing and Proofreading Experts

Because your essays will be checked by a professional, you want to make sure that your paper’s being worked on by a legitimate team of writing and editing experts. These writing professionals are well-educated in using proper grammar, punctuation, and writing structure, so you can ensure that they can give you high-quality services. 

Affordable Rates

Essay writing websites mostly attract students. For that reason, these service providers guarantee that they have affordable rates to cater to their most widespread audience. Plus, some websites can offer discounted services if you become a loyal customer. 

On-Time Delivery

One of the main reasons why you are availing of this type of service is that all essays have a deadline to meet. So, make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable essay writing service provider and check some clients’ reviews if they are respectful of their deadlines.

Available Revision Requests

Custom essays are typically sent in a digital document format that can easily be edited. If you hired a professional writer from a reputable writing service provider’s team, they would indeed consider and accept any revisions you may want in your papers.

24/7 Customer Support

Your chosen essay writing service should offer you an excellent 24/7 customer and support line since you have the right to have any content requests or/and questions that must be answered. Especially if you’re catching up on a deadline, then a fast, responsive line would significantly be helpful!

Types of essay writing services 

It’s no secret that many people, especially students, would love to get some help with their assignments, specifically writing essays. Essays can be a simple task or a complex one, depending on whether there’s some research involved. The following are some of the most common essay writing services that these websites offer.

Essay Help Services

If you only need assistance with writing an outline, editing, proofreading, or finding research sources, this is the option suitable for you. When you opt for essay help services, you only ask for your writer’s help in doing specific tasks related to writing your essay. It’s similar to hiring a mentor as you progress through your work. 

Pro #1: Enhance Writing Skills

This type of service can help you broaden your knowledge of essay writing skills. It allows you to develop your writing skills as your hired writer helps you write your whole essay—from its outline to the research and to the part where you have to edit and proofread your work.

Pro #2: Expand Your Vocabulary

With your writer being hands-on with your essay, you could learn some new words from their writings. This enhances your vocabulary and encourages you to use more unfamiliar words for your future papers. This service is beneficial, especially when you are not that comfortable with your English skills.

Con #1: Missed Opportunity

Hiring essay writing services saves you a lot of your time and helps you be more productive with other tasks. Still, you would be missing the opportunity to develop and enhance your writing skills on your own. There’s a tendency that you’ll solely depend on your writer’s help so you won’t learn much from your work.

Buy Essay Services

Buy essay services are considered the best and cheapest essay writing service that websites may offer. This service guarantees you original, 100% plagiarism-free, custom-made essays written by an expert from their team. All you have to do is give the proper format and content, or in some cases, your writer could even suggest a topic for you.

Pro #1: Efficient

Once you have placed an order and it has been processed already, the next thing you would do is wait for the website’s team to choose the best professional writer who is suitable for your needs. Buy essay services assure you that the selected writer for you can understand your needs.

Pro #2: Low-Cost

Most buy essay services offer cheap essay writing services. These service providers’ market is mostly students who have a lot on their plate, making sure that their prices are affordable.

Pro #3: All-In-One Help

This service guarantees that the chosen writer assigned to you will follow through with how you want your format and content to be. Besides writing your essay, your writer can help you with the whole revision process if there are any changes you would like to address.

Con #1: Possibility of Being Plagiarized

If you didn’t search for the top-rated essay writing websites, your writer might provide you with plagiarized work. So, it’s better to be on the lookout for well-known and best-quality essay writing services on the internet as there may be scam artists that offer the same low-quality services.

Con #2: No Learning Opportunity

Yes, you could pick up and learn some new writing skills from your chosen writer. Still, in the first place—essays are given to educate you on a particular subject matter. Getting a professional to do your essay task would just leave you with a paper full of missed knowledge.

Admission Essay Help

Admission essay help is mainly for high school graduates or undergraduates who want to submit an admission essay to their colleges or universities of choice. These essays collect personal anecdotes and letters of recommendation. Your paper can be edited and proofread to be the best admission essay with your hired writer’s help.

Pro #1: Effective

The best essay writing service will offer you adept writers who specifically know what an admission essay looks like. You could trust that your admission essays will be thoroughly well-written and edited to perfection.

Pro #2: Bundle Packages

Essay writing websites that mainly offer admission essay help will provide you with various bundle packages. These bundles may include many variations of your essay that you could choose from, including revisions.

Con #1: Expensive

College admission essays are your “make-it-or-break-it” profiles that should make you stand out among the many lists of applicants of a particular college. This service can be more costly, and it entails you to still be hands-on with your writer.

Con #2: May Take Longer to Receive

Students who wish to get this service should consult the writer weeks or months before the said admission essay deadline. Admission essay writing services can take days or an entire week to receive your purchased essay. 

Scholarship Essay Help Services

Scholarship essay help services are also particular to students and those who want to grab a chance to receive a scholarship. Experts would have the option of drafting you an essay for your approval or better your already written paper—these are all up to you.

Pro #1: Reliable

Scholarship essay help service assures you that the selected writer understands your scholarship essay’s content and format. Writers assigned to this are typically well-versed in composing a scholarship essay.

Pro #2: Comprehensive Help

Your chosen writer helps you draft your scholarship essay and eventually compose one for you. The writer is helpful when you have no exact idea of what to put in your paper. If you already have a draft of your paper, your writer can help you edit, proofread, and revise your writing.

Con #1: Costly

An in-demand service means that the service would cost more than usual. Besides, the fact that scholarships are limited and competitions are high makes it crucial to compose a highly persuasive, thoughtful, and unique essay. 

Con #2: May Be Questionable

The whole point of writing a scholarship essay is to “sell yourself” to the university or college’s committee handling scholarships. When hiring another person to write for you, they may not capture your whole persona in their writing.

Who needs an essay writing service?

Working Students

Some students work part-time to pay off their student loans, or in general, just to pay off their daily living expenses. These students have a lot of tasks at hand and would not resist help with essay writing tasks. As students are mostly obliged to deal with many essay writing assignments, these services can reduce stress and pressure from school.

International Students Who Have Limited English Skills

Most international students come from non-English speaking countries, and sometimes English is not even taught in their schools. So it’s not questionable that some international students may need some help when it comes to essay writing as it's mainly one of the demanding tasks that they may encounter in their schools or universities.

Business Companies

Some business companies hire people or a team of experts to do and write their research for them. A reason behind this would be the company needs to ensure background research of their particular product or service they’ll be releasing in the future. Or, they need supporting research to prove that their product or service works.

Step-by-step guide in finding the right essay writing service

Step 1: Look for the website that suit your needs.

Consider what level and type of essay you’re going to ask for. After, search for an essay writing website that exactly offers the service that you are looking for. This will lessen any future problems that you and your would-be chosen writer will encounter.

Step 2: Examine their sample works. 

Reading through their examples from their essay writing services will let you know if their skill is up to your standards. Besides, knowing how the team’s various professional writers compose their essays may help you pick who to choose.

Step 3: Inquire about their prices for the content that you are requesting. 

After looking through different samples of their work, contact your desired writer, and make a query about their pricing. Be sure to provide all the necessary details, such as your chosen topic and content, the essay’s deadline, and the preferred delivery service.

Step 4: If you're finally satisfied, get their service.

First, check the different price packages, then pick the one that meets your needs. Place your order and wait if your desired writer has accepted your offer. Finally, settle the payment, and wait for your essay.

Step 5: After receiving, review the work and use their 24/7 support line. 

Using their 24/7 customer and support line at your comfort will help you receive the most out of their service. If you have any questions or changes that you want to make, you could reach out to your writer or their team for any concerns.

Step 6: Be sure to leave a review for your writer and their company's website.

Leaving a review for the writer you hired and their whole company would certainly benefit you and the team. It would be of great use to you in your future transactions with them to leave a positive review. In return, the company would establish a good reputation for being trustworthy to its clients, attracting more customers in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Essay writing services allow people to hire a professional writer from a team of experts. These experts can assist you in writing or write a custom essay suitable for your needs. All you have to do is submit your order, fill the writer with details, and wait for your paper.

The ordering process is simple. Look through the different writing services available on their website and find the most suitable for you and your needs. After, fill up the order form, place all the necessary details needed, and pay your order up-front.

Essay writing service providers usually employ only skilled and adequately qualified writers. For high-school and some college-level papers, writers who hold a bachelor’s degree are assigned to those tasks. Complex essays, such as corporate-level ones, are typically made by writers who have a master’s or a Ph.D. degree.

Yes, there are available samples that you could access and read through on their website to know their writing style and form is. This is important for you to know since you want to be sure that you’re receiving top-notch writing services.

Absolutely! These teams of professional writers are considered “ghostwriters,” writers who are paid to produce written content without having to receive any type of credit for their work. Therefore, these types of services are, indeed, legal. 

Essays are short samples of writing, and it comes in many kinds, and examples of such include the following.

Descriptive essays refer to the type of writing that describes something—may it be a person, place, event, etc.

Narrative essay writing is similar in a way as it’s still describing something, but it’s told like a story. The only difference between descriptive essays and narrative essays is that narrative essays allow you to be more personal.

Persuasive essay writing influences your reader to be of the same opinion or point of view (POV) on a subject as yours. It requires you to be factual with your claim to appeal to your readers’ emotions and convince them of your POV effectively.

Compare and contrast essays are one of the most common pieces required to do in an academic environment. Writing compare and contrast essays asks you to inspect the similarities and differences between two non-identical subjects.

Process essays are similar to a step-by-step guide. It shows you how you can go through a particular method.

Argumentative essay writing gets your reader to consider your POV of a particular topic. This essay presents more factual reasoning and evidence to support your claim. Unlike a persuasive essay, this lacks your reader’s emotional appeal.

Essays vary in types (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, etc.) and levels. Different levels of essays are listed below:

High school-level essays have ready-made structures that you are obliged to do. These essays are usually given to students as part of their academic activities.

University of college-level essays is more complex than high school essays as this requires more research and analysis of the given material. Critical thinking is also needed for this kind of paper. Also, there are three particular kinds of services for college essay writing—an admission essay, scholarship essay, or a course field essay (essays specifically for law, medical, education, etc.).

Corporate-level essays are for people who are mainly affiliated in the business world (e.g., a company hires a writer that will make articles to put on their company’s website).

Essays are priced based on how many pages you plan for your writer to do. It also depends on the level or type of paper you are requesting. Lastly, your custom essay’s pricing is also based on how many days you are allotting the writer to finish the given task.

This depends on you and your task’s deadline. Most essay writing services provide up to 2 weeks (14+ days) to 12 hours of writing time to finish what you requested. There are only a few essay writing websites that offer their service for less than 12 hours.

Of course! Since availing the best essay writing service out there, they would certainly have a 24/7 customer support line. You can use this feature to contact your writer if you would like to request your essay’s drafts.

There are different options available for you to choose from. The first option is receiving your order by hardcopy (paper) that is sent through the mail. The other option is receiving your purchase by softcopy (digital document format) sent through your email.

In cases where your writer is hard to reach, you could always contact the essay writing service provider’s 24/7 customer and support line. These customer support lines can be contacted by phone, email, or chat (if there is a live chat feature).

When availing for the top-quality essay writing service out there, meeting deadlines should be your chosen writer’s top priority. If there are any instances that you have encountered this particular issue, contact the website’s customer and support line, and you may ask for a refund.

You can look for the best writer on your own by sifting through their sample works on their website and examining their writing style and approach. Search for the writer you think has the best form and tone for you. Also, you could read through the testimonials or reviews from their essay writing service.

You can also let the team choose for you. This option is also available if you want the best writer in the service provider’s team to write your essay.

Contact your hired writer for any concerns regarding the quality or content of the paper. Requests for revisions are always considered and given to customers and sometimes may not incur you any additional charges.

However, if you will send a request for revision of their custom-made essay, please do attach a clear set of directions and comments so that the writer knows what they will edit. In cases of detecting plagiarized content on your paper, do notify the writer and the company so the issue will be quickly resolved.

Utilize plagiarism checkers from your writing service provider’s website or other checkers on the internet. Besides, when you choose from the top essay writing services, you can ensure that the writers are professional, and they guarantee you 100% accurate, factual, original, and plagiarism-free papers. 

If you can’t think of any topics for your essays, fret not. Some service providers offer a topic suggestion tool, which you can use to look for your essay’s subject.

Also, you can communicate with your writer while your work is in progress. With that, your writer can provide you with suggestions regarding the topic of your essay.  

That depends on the service provider you’ve chosen. Some service providers offer proofreading and editing services only, which is handy for students who are on a tight budget. Through this, you can simply submit your work to your writer and have them polish your essay before you submit it.