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What is a floor plan creator?

Are you planning on building your dream house? One thing you need to consider when you decide to make your home is the floor plan. A floor plan is an architectural depiction of the layout of a house. There are floor plan creators that will help you produce beautiful floor plans that would make your dream home a success.

Why do you need a floor plan creator?

All designers would agree that good designs always start with space planning. A floor plan is drawn to present a view from the top, giving you a better idea of the spaces and dimensions. Floor plan creators will make your lives easier by having the necessary tools to create your draft. You can read further to know more about the benefits of floor plan creators

Create Custom Floor Plans

When you decide to build your dream house, you know what you exactly want in your plans. With a floor plan creator software, you can create your dream home from scratch and tailor it to your taste and preference. What can’t you live without? You can make the layout and design of your house based on what you need the most.

Turn Ideas into Graphics

Everyone has ideas for their dream home, and those concepts need to be translated into drawings before the start of construction. There are floor plan creators online that will represent how your ideas will turn out in the end. You can even include the smallest details like where you will place the television or which wall is used for wardrobes.

Serve as Foundation for Blueprints

A house design and construction are regulated, which means you need to present the blueprint to relevant authorities before the construction begins. You can use an online floor plan creator to draw the base for developing the blueprint necessary for approval. It will serve as your foundation when you decide to start making the blueprint of your house.

Guide the Construction Team

The architect designs the house and hands over the next tasks to the construction team. Each of the professionals needs to work according to the plan so the house will turn out a  success. You can use a floor plan creator that will set the reference for the workers. It will become easier for the construction process because it provides a detailed layout.

Select the Right Furniture

One of the challenges of choosing furniture is it needs to be the perfect size for a specific room. You can use floor plan creators for PCs to help you work out the measurements of each area. With their features, you can select appropriate furniture for a specific room. You can ensure that the furniture will fit depending on the design of your home.

Facilitate Understanding of Spatial Dimensions

Another benefit of using simple floor plan creators is that they effectively map out eachroom’s right location. If you have small children, the nursery needs to be closer to the masterbedroom so you can keep an eye on them. Plus, if you are physically disabled, you will havean idea if the house has many steps included in the design.

Provide Insights for Designers

A house floor plan creator will make sure that the construction doesn’t deviate from theblueprint. With this, the designers will get a clearer idea of the interiors to make recommendations on the theme and materials. The floor plan will provide insights into the house so the designers can start planning the interiors immediately.

Make Comprehensive Plans

You can use floor plan creators to make accurate and comprehensive plans of your concepts. Floor plans are more credible than photos because they will portray the actual space of the classroom. Without even visiting the place, you can perceive the space usage through the high-resolution blueprints and plans.

Help with Real Estate Sales

In some cases, the developer might want to sell the property even before the construction begins. You can use an online floor plan creator, including those free ones, to help the prospective buyer understand the house’s layout and dimensions. You can easily make real estate sales with the features of floor plan creators.

Highlight Features of the House

Images are useful for showcasing the garden area and house exteriors. With the help of floor plan creators online, you will get a feel for the spaces and interiors’ actual layout. The buyer can understand how to use the available rooms when he decides to purchase the property. Plus, you can also highlight significant features like swimming pools, bars, etc.

Determine the Floor Area

The most significant benefit of using free floor plan creators for PCs is that you can easily comprehend your property’s floor area. When you visit a property, you can understand the value of the investment. You’ll know if the money you will spend is worthy of the available floor area of the place.

Create Unique Designs

Another advantage of a business floor plan creator is that you can customize your design, especially if you don’t have a standard lot. There can be a rocky area or an interesting shape that you need to build around. With their services, you can create unique designs and make great use of the environment around the unique lot features.

Give Flexibility with the Terms of the Property

When you buy a lot, there will be terms and conditions for any property you want to build. One thing you can do is use floor plan creators online to have fewer setbacks later on. You can create the design so it will fit in the specifications of the terms of the property. Plus, this will give flexibility when you design your dream home.

Core features of a floor plan creator

Do you want to create a detailed floor plan? A floor plan shows the flow of spaces in an area that may indicate the footprints of furniture. It also includes the appliances and other elements that are arranged within the room. When you choose an apartment floor plan creator, here are the features that you need to look for.

Easy to Use

One essential feature of 3D floor plan creators is they have easy to use and powerful tools. Some have alignment guides that can position shapes accurately and quickly. They have drag and drop features that will make designing easy for you. Plus, they have wide formatting options you can use for shaping and connecting the floor plan elements.

Provide Templates and Examples

An easy floor plan creator may also provide you with floor plan examples and templates. If you are a beginner in this platform, this will guide you in making your first-floor plan. This will benefit you because they can quickly assist you with their templates to make your design. You will have ideas on how to start your floor plan by looking at their examples

Cross-Platform Supported

You can also find different floor plan creators that support various platforms. They can be accessed on Mac, Linux, Windows, and many more. You may also use some floor plancreators with your mobile phones. This will bring convenience to most people, and it may encourage more users to use their platform.

Share Anywhere

A floor plan creator can have this additional feature that enables you to share your work anywhere. You can keep your designs and share your floor plans on any social media network or website. You turned your ideas into visuals so you can share them wherever and however you want. Plus, you can download your floor plan and share them with your client.

Offer Several Designs

Do you want to recreate a space but don’t have professional design skills? There are online floor plan creators that provide top-quality symbols, icons, and elements to help you with your layout. All characters are resizable to make your lives easier. You can generate your designs quickly with this feature.

Provide Scale Tools

To ensure that everything is accurate in your floor plan, you can use the built-in scale tools in an online floor plan creator. When you adjust any element in your layout, they will show the correct dimensions and proportions to make designing quicker. With these scale tools, you can create detailed designs in a variety of scenarios.

Support Various Formats

Another significant feature of floor plan creators for PCs is you can export your floor plans to commonly-used formats. They support formats like pdf, jpg, png, SVG, and many more. With this, you can easily share the layout of your space or print a high-quality drawing in just a few clicks. This would be useful if you need to share your work with your teammates.

Shape Library

There are house floor plan creators with extensive shape libraries that will produce and design any space quickly and simply. You can choose from the library any layout you need for your home or even other design types. You can customize and scale them to your needs with permanent fixtures like doors and windows.

Real-Time Collaboration

With a variety of sharing options, your latest floor plan can be shared virtually to any location. This would make real-time collaboration easier for your whole team. You can share and access your project to start designing within seconds. Plus, you can collaborate with your designer or coordinator by using commenting and chatting features.

Presentation Mode

There are floor plan creators that can quickly shift from editing to presenting your concepts. Using the presentation mode, you can capture even the smallest details of your floor plan during design meetings. You can split your floor plans on separate slides so your client can focus on specific aspects of your blueprint.

Free 3D Models

There are free online floor plan creators that give access to thousands of 3D models like sofas, chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, windows, etc. Some will provide animations of these models with simple clicks of your mouse. You can also change any object’s dimensions and size to fit your floor plan’s necessary space.

Unlimited Projects

If you need to use simple floor plan creators frequently, you may find some that provide unlimited projects in their service. Once you subscribe to their plans, you can access all their features and do as many projects as you need. This would be beneficial for people who make use of this software for their careers.

24/7 Live Support

Do you have questions about creating a floor plan? Some floor plan creators for free provide 24/7 live support for their users. You can quickly resolve your issues with their features and tools using phone, chat, or email. Whenever you have questions regarding their services, you can reach out to them at any time of the day.

Panoramic View

An additional feature you can find in some business floor plan creators is they offer a panoramic view of your project. This is the perfect way to showcase a real estate property because of its interactive feature. You can capture and view an entire room and even experience them as if you’re there.

Custom Made Floor Plans

If you have no time to build your floor plan, there is floor plan creator software that allows you to order them from their designers. They have a fast turnaround and let you receive  them on the next business day. After receiving the rough draft of your floor plans, you can edit them and customize the details based on what you need.

Types of a floor plan creator 

Do you want to save time in planning your floor plan? There are platforms that make accurate floor venue or event space in just a few clicks. You can use their features to bring more life to your property or events in stunning details. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of floor plan creator.

Mobile Floor Plan Creator

In this modern-day era, many people are using their mobile phones wherever they go. That’s why there are mobile floor plan creators that you can access anytime you need to. There are apartment floor plan creators that you can download and use with just your mobile phones. They offer all the essential features that you can use to create a unique floor plan.

Pro #1: Good Accessibility

The significant advantage of this type of floor plan creator is it has great accessibility. You can access their features anytime you want and wherever you are. By just using your mobile phones, you can quickly collaborate with your team in real-time. This would be convenient for people who don’t want to bring laptops everywhere.

Pro #2: Ease of Use

There are free 3D floor plan creators that can be accessed through mobile phones. With their easy and simple features, anyone who wants to design any space can try this mobile floor plan creator. Even if you don’t have prior experience in this software, you can still use their platform because they made it beginner-friendly.

Pro #3: Various Templates

There are floor plan creators that offer several built-in templates for your projects. You can search for the available templates for whatever purpose you may need your floor plan. Plus, you can always make your template and customize them for your liking if you don’t find anything you want.

Pro #4: Free Features

Another essential advantage of floor plan creators is you can use some of their features for free. Everyone can try their tools so you can build your space without spending money. If you need to save money for other parts of your project, you can use free floor plan creators online to make your concepts come to life.

Con #1: Limited Features

Since this type of online floor plan creator is accessible through your phones, they can only offer limited features. Some services on their platform may only work if you use your laptops. Others would have some restrictions on using their tools. You may choose other types of creators if you want to use robust features.

Con #2: Few Services

Since some of them are free of charge, they may only provide a few services for their users. You can create new floor plans from scratch, but some tools are only available once you pay for the full version. You won’t have the freedom to use some of their features to prevent you from customizing your floor plans efficiently

Desktop Software Floor Plan Creator

Another type of floor plan creator available for you is using your desktops. If you want to make accurate floor plans, you may choose this type of software. All of their tools and features are accessible by computers and laptops. With their wide range of services, you’re sure that you can get all the details right to make a unique floor plan

Pro #1: Simple to Use

With a desktop software floor plan creator, they made their features simple to use to accommodate everyone. You can design your floor plan with just a few clicks. Even if you didn’t know how to make one, they have simple features to guide you in the process. Regardless of your skills, anyone can try this floor plan creator.

Pro #2: Collaborate with Others

One significant advantage of desktop floor plan creators is you can design together with your teammates. If you need to collaborate in real-time with other designers or constructors, this will benefit you. Plus, you can make changes with your work efficiently and create designs together all in one platform.

Pro #3: Share Easily

With an easy floor plan creator like this, you can quickly create your concepts and ideas into visuals using laptops. Because you are using your computer, you can efficiently share your designs through emails and social media accounts. You can reach your clients and members with just a few clicks and show them your plans.

Pro #4: Wide Range of Services

With desktop software floor plan creators, you can access all their unlimited features once you register for their services. You can use their robust tools to make all the details and make accurate floor plans. They also provide additional features that you can use to create professional and high-quality floor plans.

Con #1: Lack of Convenience

If you don’t usually have your laptops by your side, this is not the best floor plan creator for you. For those people who are always on the move, this would be a considerable disadvantage. You always need to open your computers to make changes in your design and get feedback from your teammates.

Con #2: Complicated Features

This type of online floor plan creator would be a bit difficult for others to use. Since they offer an extensive range of features, some may find them challenging to utilize. For beginners, it may take you some time to get used to their characteristics. If you need only to use this one time, you may choose another kind of floor plan creator.

Who needs a floor plan creator?

Interior Designers

If you’re an interior designer, you can significantly benefit from online floor plan creators. Since your job involves designing different areas, you can use their features to make details in your projects quickly. If your client wants to make changes, you can quickly do this on floor plan creators.


Another group that may use free floor plan creators are architects. When you plan on your dream house, you need the architects’ help to make your project a success. Architects use the features of floor plan creators to make use of the spaces and dimensions of an area efficiently and wisely.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can use  houses they are selling. With their features, you can showcase the strengths of the properties assigned to you. The potential buyers will understand more the details of the real estate properties they are interested in.

College Students

Free online floor plan creators may be useful for college students. If you are leaning towards this career, you can develop your skills as early as you can. You can also see your potential if you want to have a career in this field in the future. If you’re a design student, you may benefit from the features of this software as well.


Engineers need to make sure that the house they are building will be strong to withstand thousands of years. By using floor plan creator software, you can make your plans into visuals so your client can easily understand them. Plus, you can ensure that you can use the available space of the area efficiently.


If you’re a freelancer, you can also benefit from floor plan creators for PCs. Knowing how these work will let you get more skills, so you can offer more to your clients. This will widen your target customers that may provide more job opportunities. Plus, this will be an edge among other competitors because of the basic knowledge you have.

Step-by-step guide in using a floor plan creator

Step 1: Do a site analysis.

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is a site analysis. You need to find out the restrictions of the available spaces. You also need to know the physical characteristics like the sun, view, wind direction, etc. These will all affect and determine your final design when you use an online floor plan creator.

Step 2: List your requirements.

After your site analysis, you need to list your requirements based on the area you’ve checked. Whether you’re redesigning or building one entirely, you need to consider them to use free floor plan creators efficiently. If your family loves to cook, it is best to give one of the largest spaces for the kitchen and dining areas.

Step 3: Measure your space.

Once you listed your requirements, another thing you need to do is to measure the space. You need to make sure that you accurately measure the dimensions of each room. Also, take note of the measurements of furniture and other room features. Don’t forget to survey buildings in similar areas for easier estimation.

Step 4: Start with a sketch.

After knowing your available space, you can start your design from scratch. You can use a house floor plan creator and begin dragging and dropping individual walls for your sketch. You can have a layout of your design, a simple representation of what you want to achieve.

Step 5: Add more features.

When you’re done with your sketch, you can now proceed in adding more features. There are free online floor plan creators that provide libraries for easier design. You can add more detail using their robust tools that you can use. Plus, you can upload your images to give them a more personalized touch.

Step 6: Share your work.

Once you’ve finalized your work, there is a floor plan creator software that lets you share your design with others. You can have them double-check your work and get feedback to make a few changes. Having others’ opinions will help you create a unique and fantastic floor plan to make the construction a success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With scale tools and auto-measure features, you can adjust the walls, doors, and other fixtures in your floor plan. There are restaurant floor plan creators that offer you all these tools and more to make sure your project is accurate. You can also use built-in grid lines and rules to help you arrange elements. 

There are free online floor plan creators that offer various sharing options you can use. You can export your floor plan as word, ppt, excel, or slides if your teammates are using MS offices or Google Slides. You can also send them through your emails or social media accounts for easier distribution. 

It is not mandatory to create an account to start drawing a floor plan. There are floor plan creators for PCs that allow you to start a floor plan without logging in. However, if you want to save your design, you may need to sign up first. Depending on your platform, others require you to pay for their services to use their features

Yes, some floor plan creators online for free give a trial for their services. Depending on your provider, some may offer limited days of practice for their users. You can test the platform’s online version, while others allow you to start a trial of the desktop 2downloadable version.

Yes, some free classroom floor plan creators allow you to work offline. Depending on the platform you’ve chosen, you can download a desktop version of it to work offline. You can transfer your work from the online version to the desktop version. This would be beneficial for people who have internet connection problems.

Some business floor plan creators allow you to order one by merely uploading your sketch. The illustrators will draw the floor plan for you for several hours. You can do this if you want to jump-start your career in interior designing. Plus, you can also avail this if you have no idea how to make your first-floor plan.

This depends on the service provider you’ve chosen. Once you make your order, the standard delivery will be within several days, from 7 to 10 days. If you want a priority delivery, you can have them delivered from 3 to 5 days. You can contact the support team of your provider if you want a rush order.

Yes, you can make impressive designs even if you have no prior experience. There are simple floor plan creators that are made for non-designers. They have professionally-designed templates to help you start your project. You can also use their editing tools to create incredible designs. 

Depending on your platform, some classroom floor plan creators need a subscription before starting your project. The payment is made automatically for your convenience. You can cancel anytime, and they won’t charge you for the upcoming cycle. Once you paid for the plans, you can use all their available features.

It depends. In most cases, you can have five or more sets of floor plans or blueprints—one set for you, the contractor, subcontractor, building department, and

the bank. You may check with your builder before making your blueprints. With floor plan creators, you can create as many or few copies as you need.