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🏆 Best Greeting Card Makers for August 2021

Do you know what's better than a store-bought card? A personalized one. Greeting card maker is the perfect app for those who want to make their own cards, but don't have time to go out and buy supplies. Try one greeting card maker today!

What is a greeting card maker?

A greeting card is a classic and timeless way to express one’s feelings. Also, it’s the most thoughtful manner to tell someone that you’re thinking of them. Greeting card makers help you go the extra mile in conveying your messages. Tell your family and friends exactly how you feel, directly or not, through well-crafted greeting cards.

Why do you need a greeting card maker

Greeting card makers come in handy in expressing deep emotions, making connections, and strengthening relationships. You can turn the ordinary days unique with greeting card makers. Learn more about how you can achieve those special days.

Convey Conveniently

Cards, packed with heartfelt greetings and messages, create the warmest and strongest bonds ever. Online greeting card makers help you achieve in strengthening your connections with everyone. With a few clicks here and there, you can create cards in no time. Send them over to your lovers and friends and let them know how much you treasure and love them.

Create Festive and Seasonal Cards

Create smiles all season long through Christmas greeting card makers. They help you create an affordable tradition of exciting the holiday spirit. You can add as many graphics as you like, such as snowflakes, reindeers, and mistletoes, to create festive pieces. Don’t forget to add some personal notes and wishes of good health and more wealth for the coming new year.

Stand Out on Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion may be, greeting card makers cater to your needs so you can impress everyone without shedding off some sweat. With the infinite possibilities of crafting your cards, you can make one for every occasion. Convey your messages and wishes wholeheartedly with the most fitting greeting design you can make.

Create Handcrafted Messages

Homemade goods always make a profound and huge impact. Hence, they are always appreciated and cherished. Get free printable greeting card makers online and print their available templates that suit your needs. Grab your pen and start adding handwritten notes or poems. Let the kids add some scribbles with their crayons for a more personalized touch.

Connect Faster

You don’t want your greeting cards to arrive when the party’s all over. Traditional physical cards can take time to come because of unexpected shipping conditions. Luckily, This is an era where greeting card maker apps and greeting card maker software with free download features are readily accessible. Send in your electronic greeting cards through email or a post on social media.

Customizable and Unique Choice

Not everyone wants to send out generic store-bought greeting cards. They can be boring and old-fashioned in expressing intentions. And since store-bought cards are mass-produced, the odds of giving the same card to the other guests are highly probable. So, save yourself that awkward moment and design your cards with custom greeting card makers online.

Inexpensive Alternative

Don’t force yourself to go beyond the budget so that you can get your friend a present for her birthday. Fear not because free online greeting card makers with photos and graphics may be what you need. You can give her the most heartfelt and genuine birthday gift through your DIY cards. Add some of your photos together and finish the card’s theme with her favorite color.

Construct Creativity

Never underestimate a good greeting card maker up for free download. It’s loaded with a lot of design tools enough for you to achieve perfect and festive greeting cards. This is your opportunity to run those creative gears and create greeting cards to your heart’s delight. Don’t forget to add graphics here and there to give your greeting cards a little cheer.


Get your hands on your greeting cards in minutes through a free printable greeting card maker. Whether you’re a professional designer or a person who has a non-designer mind, you can create and print greeting cards quickly and easily. No design skills are necessary. All you have to do is create a card to achieve the message you truly want to convey, and you’re good to go.


Take this opportunity to launch a business and generate cash. You can make a for-all-occasion template, sell your design, and make money. Meanwhile, photo greeting card makers allow you to upload your customers’ photos to give it an overall exclusive and personal touch. Customize them according to your customer’s requests, and you can profit from them in no time.

Core features of a greeting card maker

Create the most beautiful and festive greeting cards only with the best. The best greeting card makers are packed with features you thought you never needed. Essentially, you should look for greeting card makers that can help you create effective and efficient greeting cards. Learn more about how you can get the most out of your greeting card maker.


Greeting card makers provide professionally designed templates for all occasions. Be it a holiday-themed or get a well soon-themed greeting card, they’ve made ready-made templates for you. Select the layout you want to work on, add more elements for a personal touch, and you’re good to go. Templates are the easiest way to get your greeting cards done.

Blank Canvas

If you already have an idea in mind on how you would like your greeting cards to look like, a blank canvas option is what you’re looking for. If you don’t feel like using the ready-made templates, you can always start from scratch. Like any other artwork, you can start with a blank canvas and work your way to create beautiful greeting card masterpieces.

Drag and Drop

If you think you need to be computer savvy to generate the most advanced electronic greeting cards out there, you’re wrong. With the drag and drop feature of most greeting card makers, you can create your greeting cards code-free. Add elements to beautify your greeting cards with a few clicks; then, your greeting cards are done in no time.

Vast Typography Options

Do you want your greeting cards to look clean, sleek, and professional? Then choose the best formal and neat looking fonts to convey your messages. But if you are going for fun, crazy, and quirky greeting cards, go all out and look for wild and creative fonts that shout your messages. Also, you can upload a font of your choice in a few greeting card maker software.

Graphics Library

Cliparts and illustrations can help convey your messages better. You should control how your greeting cards should look like, so don’t hesitate to add graphics to dazzle them up. Look for free online greeting card makers that allow you to add effects, crop, and resize your pictures. These are just the little things that shouldn’t stop you from crafting your greeting cards.

File Upload

Your creativity shouldn’t be confined to the graphics library alone. Upload your illustrations and insert them anywhere on your greeting cards. Also, you can upload videos and music to make your electronic greeting cards extra. Your online greeting card maker should never limit you to creating the best and memorable greeting cards.

Image Format

In connection with the file upload, you can add your favorite images to your greeting cards. Look for a great greeting card maker software that supports the import of images in your greeting cards. Create touching Father’s Day cards by adding a photo of your dad holding you when you were still a baby. Take your recipients on a trip back to memory lane with this feature.

Photo Editing

The best greeting cards are made with heartfelt messages, complementing color schemes, and high-quality graphics and photos. Photo greeting card makers allow you to insert the best quality photos on your greeting cards. With anti-blemish, bokeh effect, and photo frames, add high-quality images that will surely impress everyone.

Multi-Page Card

Create as many greeting cards as you like with the multi-page feature. If you’ve got a lot to say and still want your cards to be visually coherent, the multi-page card feature makes it possible. This can make your greeting cards compact and less wordy, as well. It allows you to add as many pages or cards as you like. You can send them to your recipient in one go.


Are you a non-English speaking sentimental fellow? Then, stay away from American greeting card makers that can only speak English. Try for a more multilingual greeting card maker that translates the whole greeting card software into your chosen language. Create your cards effortlessly without trying too hard to pretend you understand how to do it.

How-To Tutorials

Although greeting card makers are easy to use, you are not expected to know how to use them immediately after downloading them. What’s good is that most greeting card makers provide tutorials for you to maximize their functionalities. Don’t waste time exploring on your own. Tutorials don’t slow you down; instead, they help you create greeting cards efficiently and effectively.

OS Compatibility

Don’t fret over things you can’t control. You shouldn’t be the one to adjust. Fortunately, that’s the least of your problems if you want to make greeting cards. Whether you own a Mac or a Windows-operated computer, free online greeting card software can adapt anywhere. Just make sure your laptop or computer complies with the system requirements.

Mobile App

Are you so caught up with work to the point you forget your anniversary in a few days? Or, did you lose track of time and suddenly remembered that it’s your best friend’s birthday today? Worry not because greeting card maker apps will save the day. With this, you can create last-minute greeting cards on the go.

Export and Share

Save yourself a copy of the greeting cards you make before sending them out to your friends and family. Search for free greeting card makers that allow you to export your greeting card masterpieces on your computers. Also, you can send your greeting cards instantly via email or URL link. Plus, let the people see your greetings by sharing them on social media.

Cloud Storage

If you want to access your greeting cards anytime through any device online, greeting card makers’ got your back. Some online free greeting card makers partner with third-party cloud storage apps and websites to allow you to store your finished greeting cards. What’s good about it is you can access your stored greeting cards online anytime and anywhere.

Delivery and Shipping

Online greeting card makers provide the delivery and shipping option of your physical greeting cards. You can book in advance to have your greeting cards delivered according to your set date. Shipping options are also available for senders who are away from their recipients. However, be mindful of unexpected and uncontrolled shipping delays and problems.

Types of greeting card makers

One of the critical secrets of making the most creative birthday and holiday greeting cards is the method of doing them. Indeed, you can play with your messages and have fun adding snowflakes and cake graphics. But everything will be made possible with the type of greeting card maker you use. Here are the types of greeting card makers you can choose from.

Mobile Greeting Card Maker

Mobile greeting card makers are your on-the-go partner to say hello to friends and send out birthday wishes. They are the fastest way to make greeting cards. So, you no longer miss out on celebrating life’s milestones with your loved ones. Create greeting cards anytime and anywhere as long as you’ve got them downloaded and installed on your mobile devices.

Pro #1: Easy-To-Use Interface

Mobile greeting card makers are designed to be user-friendly. They can accommodate the most basic to the most sophisticated-looking greeting cards. Impress your recipients, and don’t hesitate to maximize the features of a mobile greeting card maker.

Pro #2: Fast

With just a few clicks and tweaks, your greeting cards are done instantly. Mobile greeting card makers are embedded with social media sharing features, so you can send your cards as soon as you finish them. Convey your true intentions, add clipart here and there, and you’re good to go.

Pro #3: Inexpensive

This is the most heart-warming gift you could ever give without even spending a single penny. You can use a free mobile greeting card maker to send greeting cards via email or a shared post on social media.

Con #1: Not Unique

Like you, anyone who can access a mobile greeting card maker with ready-made templates gets to use them as well. Special occasions will feel ordinary and generic. It doesn’t give off a wholesome vibe. You don’t want to end up giving the same greeting card the other guests have already gifted.

Con #2: Limited Customizations

Since some mobile greeting card templates are already pre-made, you’re not necessarily given the freedom to make some more tweaks. There are even downloadable templates that no longer give you a chance to edit.

Website Greeting Card Maker

Forget the generic store-bought greeting cards that are quickly discarded. Create your greeting cards according to how you want them to be through website greeting card makers. Greeting cards maker websites offer tons of editing features you can use to achieve your greeting cards in mind.

Pro #1: More Customization

If you’re more open to adding personal elements to your greeting cards, get yourself an online greeting card maker. It’s equipped with more editing features to modify and enhance your greeting cards.

Pro #2: Store Online

Your work-in-progress greeting cards save as ‘Draft’ until you delete them. Never have to worry about vanished unfinished greeting cards due to interrupted online connections. Once you’re done, you have the option to export and save your finished outputs on cloud storage online.

Pro #3: Share Instantly

Let the world know how much you value your dad on Father’s Day. Share your Father’s Day greetings instantly on your online greeting card makers. Post them with pride on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms in no time.

Con #1: Needs Internet Connection

Unfortunately, you can’t create unique greeting cards in an online greeting card maker if you don’t have an internet connection. It sucks if you’re in a remote place away from the nearest internet hotspot.

Con #2: Hassle Log-Ins

Most online greeting card makers require you to sign up before accessing their workspace. So, if you want to create greeting cards through them, you have to log-in every time. And if you’re not working on an exclusive computer, it’s a hassle to log-in and log-out each time.

Con #3: Subscription Prices

Although there are free online greeting card makers, you’d have to pay an extra fee to maximize all the functions. Monthly or yearly subscriptions aren’t the most practical method to make greeting cards, especially if you don’t do it as much.

Greeting Card Maker Software

If you’re planning to make beautiful greeting cards in bulk, a good greeting card maker software is what you’re looking for. They give you the most features and functions in creating your greeting card masterpieces. Should you wish to sell your designs, you can make uniform greeting cards with your branding.

Pro #1: Access Anytime

As long as it’s installed on your computers or mobile devices, you can create your greeting cards with a breeze. Run your chosen greeting card maker software to create sophisticated yet wholehearted greeting cards.

Pro #2: More Functions

Greeting card maker software is designed to be more functional. Since it’s a one-time purchase or download, it’s built to have everything a user would need to create greeting cards. Discover more features you thought you never needed.

Pro #3: Clean Interface

You create the best looking greeting cards when you’re at your most inspired and productive space. Greeting card maker software doesn’t have the annoying pop-up ads you get when you’re on the web browsers. Also, they are designed to be sleek and clean for a more user-friendly experience.

Con #1: Takes Time

This is best for advanced designers who want to create their greeting cards as personal as they can get. However, it may not be a beginner-friendly option. Aside from the fact that it would take time to get how to use it, your festive and artistic greeting cards all have to come one element at a time.

Con #2: Installation Required

Downloading time takes a while. The installation process may not be as convenient as it may seem. Also, you need to free up some computer storage to give way to the massive weight of greeting card maker software.

Con #3: Expensive

Greeting card maker software doesn’t come cheap. If you want to access all the features and maximize all the potentials of generating a greeting card, you have to pay more. Most of the best things in life come with a price, anyway.

Who needs a greeting card maker?

Business Owners

Greeting card makers help business owners maintain good relationships with customers. It’s one of the most underrated marketing strategies in growing your business. Little do you know that giving greeting cards to customers can boost loyalty, strengthen long-term business relationships, and build brand recognition.

Stationery Stores

Whether it’s just a stationery section of a department store or a local book shop, a printable greeting card maker is another way to increase your income source. Rather than looking for a supplier to stack up against your greeting cards aisle, create your greeting cards and produce them anytime. You can even design the cards to match and the whole store’s branding.

Gift Shops

No gift shop would be complete without a greeting card section. Thus, online free greeting card makers are one of the must-haves of every gift shop owner. Create a birthday, holiday, and for-all occasion cards that would perfectly go with the gifts your customers will be purchasing. Design the most festive cards and Lead your customers with pride in your greeting cards section.


Be grateful for all the donations and contributions received by your charity through simple ‘thank you’ cards. People with big hearts share and donate without expecting anything in return. Surprise them with customized thank you cards and let them know you appreciate what they’ve done. Sure enough, your friendly way of being grateful will brighten up their days.


Huge “Happy Birthday, We Love You” messages written on top of cakes complete the whole birthday celebration. Make birthdays more special with greeting cards. Everything you want to say won’t fit on top of a cake, so express all your wishes and dreams for the celebrant through the birthday cards. Offer this extra choice to your customers for a wholesome experience.


Greeting card makers emphasize a teacher’s fulfilling journey. Remember the days you’ve been sending “Job Well Done” cards to your students for homework done and exams aced. Now, you can send them your most wholehearted “Congratulations” for graduating and finishing their studies.

Event Organizers

Events don’t end when guests leave and cleaning up begins. Be extra and finish the moment by saying thank you to everyone who came. Do it with the most beautiful greeting cards through online greeting card makers. You can send them online or have them physically delivered. Your clients will surely love how extra you can be.

Sentimental People

Greeting card makers are for the sentimental people, of course. You make each moment count, from the most ordinary moments to life-changing events in their lives. And for that every valuable moment, you’d like your recipients to remember them, too. Create your touching greeting cards and send them with love in no time.

Step-by-step guide in making a greeting card

Step1: Choose your greeting card maker. 

Open your greeting card maker of choice. If you’re using a web-based greeting maker online, make sure you do the necessary log in activities. But if you’re using a greeting card maker software, click the icon on your desktop and wait for it to take you to your workspace.

Step 2: Scroll through available templates. 

Whether you’re using greeting card makers for free or a paid pro version, they offer a ton of ready-made templates for you to choose from. There are also occasion templates for birthdays, weddings, and baby showers.

Step 3: You can start from scratch.  

You could always opt for the blank canvas version. Greeting card makers open an open white canvas where you can create whatever you want with your greeting cards. Or, choose a greeting card maker with photos to add your very own favorite moments with your loved ones.

Step 4: Personalize greeting cards. 

Customizing greeting cards is the most exciting part. You can add graphics, icons, and illustrations to spice up your greeting cards. Don’t forget to add a few lines to convey your good wishes and sincere sympathies. This step is where you craft your artwork, be playful, and have fun doing it.

Step 5: Pick a color palette.

Free greeting card maker software lets you create greeting cards to your heart’s delight. To give your cards an overall pleasing look, pick a color palette that best matches your theme, and that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Or add elements that complement well with your recipient’s favorite color.

Step 6: Add and enhance your images. 

Photo greeting card makers give your greeting cards the upgrade you thought you never needed. Go sentimental by adding throwback photos with the person to whom you’re sending the cards. Enhance the pictures with the beautification and image editing tools that go with the photo greeting card makers.

Step 7: Download the design. 

As soon as you finish your greeting cards, hit save. Download them and store them on your computers. There are online greeting card makers online that directly save your artworks on your choice online cloud storage.

Step 8: Share your design.

If you want the whole world to know how much you appreciate your mom’s on Mother’s Day, share your greeting cards on your social media platforms instantly. If you’re going for a more exclusive birthday greeting, you can share your designs via a URL link or email them.

Step 9: Print your greeting card. 

If you’re still the traditional and classical person who wishes to send hard copy greeting cards to your loved ones, worry no more because free printable greeting card makers allow you to print your works. With your chosen greeting card maker machine, you can get a hold of your greeting cards in a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Save and export your greeting cards as PNG for the best quality. All social media websites and online web browsers support this format. If you want a light form to save storage space, you can choose to export them as JPG. Do note that there is some loss in quality, however minimal and unnoticeable.

Yes, printable greeting cards are in PDF format. This is to preserve the quality of your beautifully designed greeting cards. Also, this can make your printing journey easy and fast. Set your greeting card with excellent printing properties, and you’re good to go.

Yes, there are available greeting card maker templates professionally created to be as good as done. Use them on the go. If you want to make greeting cards for more specific occasions, you can choose between getting an online greeting card maker or a greeting card maker software.

Yes, you can use your photos to design your greeting cards. Online greeting card makers have a File Upload feature that allows you to upload your photos, preferably in JPG or PNG format. Insert your favorite photos and memories to make your greeting cards memorable and sweet.

Getting a greeting card maker machine may not be the most practical choice. Most greeting cards can be printed on ordinary printers you have at home. Greeting card maker machines are suitable for those who produce greeting cards in bulk and those whose greeting cards are designed to have unusual shapes.

Most greeting cards can be printed at home, with your usual go-to printers. The more advanced printers equal the more high-quality produced greeting cards. Professional printers are an optional choice for those who want to sell their greeting cards. This is to ensure that the printing quality does not destroy the overall look of the greeting cards.

Yes, some online greeting card makers offer a free trial period. This option is available for those who are still not willing to commit to monthly or yearly subscriptions. Take your time and explore the things you will be missing out on if you don’t avail of the premium features.

Greeting card maker software is equipped with multi-language features that support texts written in different languages. However, you have a particular font that you fancy and want to use in your greeting cards; you can do so. Some greeting card makers allow you to upload your chosen fonts.

Yes, you can pick and set your color scheme. Greeting card makers have a color picker tool that allows you to select the exact shade you want to use. After picking out the right shade, a color wheel or color hex coding pops up to help you choose the family of colors it comes along with. Create clean greeting cards by picking your color scheme.

Yes, online greeting card makers and greeting card maker software have an autosave function. It allows you to return to your work even if you accidentally close your browsers or your computers unexpectedly shut down. It automatically loads the last project you’ve been working on so that you can finish it in no time.