The Science Behind our Rankings

We never manually edit rankings. Consumerchoice rankings represent the voice of the people.

Most popular ranking sites are BIASED!

Spiegel Research Center reports that about 95% of customers read reviews before making an important purchase online...

And 72% of customers won't take any buying actions until they've read reviews, says the Testimonial engine.

But, you're actually being taken for a ride.

Because popular ranking sites are actually incentivized to refer traffic to the highest bidder... Hence, you don't always receive the #1 Consumer choice.

Instead, you get a bunch of fabricated rankings, with a sprinkle a biased reviews.

Yes, we know, it's not fair and you deserve better!


We never manually edit rankings. Consumerchoice rankings are based solely on our AI algorithms

Did you know: 25% of reviews online are FAKE!

YES! That's true!

You see, fake reviews are a huge problem & prevent you from making informed decisions.

And we know this, so we've solved that by training Sophia (our AI) to detect FAKE and SUSPICIOUS reviews.

And to date - we boast to have achieved over 90% accuracy in flagging suspicious reviews.


We remove suspicious reviews to give you tje most accurate rankings

From MILLIONS of reviews to our TOP 10 categories!

There are literally thousands of web hosting options, thousands of beauty products, and millinons of other products and services online

We have perfected the science behind analyzing all these relevant sites in each category, to show you the ones that REAL customers have loved the most.

And we also recalculate rankings daily and show you the top ones, in real time!


We calculate rankings daily from analyzing millions of reviews, social media posts and videos

We eliminate the need to jump around other review sites, Because we've got you covered.

Sophia starts by crawling every review site and every social media network to find all reviews for any product AND service in the internet.


You don't need to visit any other review sites anymore. We've analyzed them all.

We analyse the sentiment of all the reviews

Sophia reads all the reviews and extracts everything positive and negative said about a company.

She then goes through millions of reviews and understand what people love the most and what others love the least.


We analyse the sentiment of the reviews and summarize the results for you.

We give a score to each option and show you the Rankings!

Once she's analyzed all reviews, Sophia is able to calculate a score for each company within a category.

This means that we can then use that score in creating The Best Ranking System is The World!

And since new reviews are written daily, we recalculate the score at regular interval, so you get the best rankings for you to make the best consumer choice IN REAL TIME!


We give each product a Consumerchoice score and show you how they compare to other alternatives.