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🏆 Best ID Maker for August 2021

Creating a new identity through an ID maker can be as simple as adding a name, birth date, and photo to an existing metro public id! As long as you have at least one valid form of identification, you can download and print your own custom-designed ids from ID maker.

What is an ID maker? 

An ID maker software helps you produce professional-looking IDs. You can have fun customizing text and layout. IDs made out of ID makers are more organized and detailed. ID Makers can help you and your organization look more presentable to client prospects and scale your business.

Why do you need an ID maker? 

Gone are the days of making IDs from scratch. Now, start-up companies can create company cards that suit their style and personality. ID makers have so much to offer at low costs. With that said, here are the reasons why you need an ID maker. 

Efficient Production

Creating IDs for huge organizations can be such a pain. But with an ID maker, you can make quick templates for everyone to use and fill out. You don’t need to make the layouts repeatedly, as an ID maker can make mass production convenient and efficient. 

Uniform Design

Once a design is selected, ID makers are capable of copying and pasting this for bulk reproduction. Little alterations, such as shades of color or brand placement, can be made to indicate company positions. For example: the darker the hue of the background color, the higher the position is. Uniform designs with slight enhancements identify each personnel.


ID makers offer a lot of security features. These security features can then be added to the company system, but they require uniformity (like design) and their form of coded ciphers. It can be through RFID (radio-frequency identification), bar or QR codes, and more. Security measures are an added feature brought to you by ID makers.


Now, ID Makers have a database that monitors all the personnel released with which ID designs. Depending on your system’s sophistication, IDs keep track of the company population, whereabouts, and transactions. ID makers help you be on top of security and keep tabs on data management without much stress and hassle on your part.   

Brand Image Enhancement

Having an ID that says it all legitimizes all of your claims aside from the paperwork that you do. Good thing ID makers are free ID maker apps that can aid you with just backing up your brand. From minimalist designs to bombastic colors, what you incorporate in your ID while using an ID maker speaks volumes on what your brand stands for.

Time and Cost-Efficient

You don’t have to hire a professional layout artist to pump up your company identity; there are tons of ID makers online for free. These have pre-installed tools that can help even the office intern navigate through id makers like a pro. Time is also used efficiently, considering you don’t have to do anything manually: choose designs, input text, and reproduce with ID makers online.

Compliance to Regulations

Regulatory boards for companies and businesses have corresponding standards and guidelines, including what things should be present in IDs. Luckily for you, online ID makers can do badge IDs to state IDs all in one maker. Take advantage of this versatility by simply inserting the required details into your desired ID designs. 

Core features of ID makers

ID makers get the job done with less stress and hassle. With the right instructions and precise element directives, anyone can make use of ID makers. But what are the secrets behind ID makers’ fluidity? The following features provide the answers.

Custom Themes

There is no need to create templates of your own. With customizable themes, ID makers can make your ID creations stand out effortlessly. You may even be later tapped on the shoulder and asked which ID maker site you have worked with. Themes stand out on every digital creation. Choose one that best represents you.

Functional Typography

ID makers give you the power to choose from their wide array of typographies. Choose from simple book style fonts to grand and catchy font styles. Then, click on font size to pair this with. This lets you think through what the company image should look like and how employees are to be perceived across the table.  

Logo Creators

Logos are how your company will be imprinted hereon after. You may want a professional help for it, or you can simply hop into one of the many features of ID makers. ID makers are now imbued to create logos that are both stunning and captivating. Logo creation helps make your company identifiable. Logos are also one of the many indicators of successful companies.

Flexible Gallery

Whenever you need to add images in your ID, ID makers have curated for you different images with varied styles, tones, themes, sceneries, and character images. Its enormous online resources also feature other picture formats that make it easier for you to tweak it—to level up your ID making game.

Photo Editing Tools

Another added feature is the photo editing tool. Choose from the gallery and get it sorted with photo editing tools for your use. If that is not the case for you, you can import your photos and download them after applying the effects accordingly. Edit hue colors, adjust shades, crop photos, and more using photo editing tools.

Drag-and-Drop Functions

Easily import and export files, images, text, and company logos with drag and drop options. Simply open templates and insert the necessary details to make new uniform ID batches now and then. Drag and drop functions make the software more accessible and easier for all entry-level users.

User-Friendly Interface

Because even the most novice of users can use it, most online ID makers have a user-friendly interface. It makes the sites easily navigable and understood. Icons stand for themselves, and instructions are easy to follow. The icons even “move” to signal you about the steps to take next. ID makers are designed to be fast and efficient for your ID making needs.

Security Add-ons

Different ID makers offer different security features with varying levels of security. Choose ID makers that you feel the company’s best interest is in. If the company can afford high-end security systems, laser engravings are the ones to opt for. If you have a modest budget, barcodes are your type of security add-on.

Replicable Designs

Design replicability means you can reuse multiple times the same design and templates. If the site you opt-in would need you to register, much better. Your design would be saved in the cloud or on the site itself. If you can download it, then you need to have software to view it and save it for a long time. Lost IDs are not anymore a problem if you can replicate the same design over.

Free and Online

Lots of ID makers are readily available over the internet and free of charge. The service levels up when you start to choose the paid features. They offer you more extensive toolsets and tricks for your ID-making solutions. However, most people live by the basic versions. If you can satisfy your needs with the basic versions, all the better.

Types of ID makers

Corporate ID Makers

Corporate ID makers are photo ID makers for company workers and security personnel. They usually provide information such as names, positions, departments, company numbers, and ID security features. These are great for remembering someone you forgot after team building activities or approaching someone running errands.

Pro #1: Identifiable

The office can feel less organized if it were not for the ID. ID makers help produce identifiable IDs that avoid confusion with somebody else or being called unwarranted names. With ID makers, you can proudly state your name and define your designation without actually saying anything.  

Pro #2: Secure

Corporate ID cards are made with uniquely verifiable features like bar codes, QR codes, smart chips, and another one of a kind authenticating tools.

Con #1: Maintenance

Like all company-related dealings, ID maintenance is a company endeavor. As such, everyone has to do their share in taking part in this. Employees have to make sure they are free from contaminants and contortions. Employers also have to update this on an annual or bi-annual basis. Maintenance in-between is essential.

School ID Makers

ID makers for school are essential. They identify student names, sections, and other defining characteristics (i.e., school council position). They are also used by school teachers and instructors, principals, administrative staff, clerks, cleaning staff, and security personnel. Temporary IDs may be issued as well. 

Pro #1: Visibility

School ID makers make a point in making names visible. Students and teachers can easily be called out in class, outside regular class hours, or just by walking past the hallways. Having visible ID names is significant because everyone involved can be easily contacted in case of an emergency.

Pro #2: Uniform

Different schools have different ID patterns and schemes. Each school submits a unique template from the ID maker to their supervisory offices so that they can submit a design that hasn’t already been done and used. One look from afar off, even when the school name is not yet visible, and you can recognize the school in question.

Con #1: Redundancy

It’s not as if your name changes annually. However, a school may or may not issue a new photo ID each year. If you didn’t switch schools, changes might not be much. If anything, the school could have allocated those funds for better purposes. The students would value their ID cards all the more by just having one.

Government ID Makers

ID making for government purposes is the most all-encompassing type of ID making. Government IDs can be used for the most minute of transactions. Depending on its type and need, government IDs consist of your photo, name, place of birth, current address, and other proficiencies. Government ID makers layout this information so they don’t look as stuffy as they should be.

Pro #1: Basis of Identification 

Government ID makers can embed very personal touches to your government ID. These can include biometrics, fingerprints, and other bodily signifiers. Security features of the ID can also include chips and cyphers.

Pro #2: Requirement Compliance 

Government IDs signal that you belong to a particular state and socio-political body. That is why employers usually seek government IDs as part of their application process. They need to see if there are certifications that backup your claims as to who you are and what you represent.

Con #1: Forgery

Because almost everyone has them, government IDs are most susceptible to forgery. While they can be used for fun and pranking games, fake ID makers online are rampant enough to be used for greater evil and deceit.  Online fake ID makers can make illegally reproduced IDs inconceivably similar to legally issued ones.

Medical ID Makers

Medical ID makers have a wide array of layouts to choose from. Hospitals share a common theme but may designate different colors for doctors, nurses, medical technologists, and other healthcare personnel. Given that the medical field is an area of volatile emergency situations, their field IDs should contain easily identifiable properties.

Pro #1: Reproduced as Needed 

With growing pandemics and the rise of new diseases, medical professionals specializing in different fields are direly needed. Good thing medical ID makers have drag and drop tools that make it easy for hospital managers to effectively manage new and additional healthcare workers.

Pro #2: Issued Per Position 

Different colors in different specializations may be observed at initial organizational plans per hospital. This is to identify departments and duties. Medical ID makers may be customized to fit the qualifications as needed and as accessible as ever.

Con #1: Overlooked

Medical ID makers are often overlooked just like their offsprings—the medical identification cards. People simply look at the uniform and never even bother reading the ID. But IDs are as essential as uniforms. The programs or subscriptions need to be securely stored and easily pulled out at the time of necessity.

Fake ID Makers

Free fake ID makers are getting better. Their styles and features are getting more similar to the real issued IDs. Fake school ID makers and fake government ID makers constantly butt heads as to which produced IDs get confiscated and reported annually. As fake ID makers are more accessible online and free, it gets problematic, especially for places in certain places.

Pro #1: Free and Online 

Readily accessible, fake photo IDs can be countlessly reproduced online. Choose which sites can produce realistic ones to portray your intentions. May it be for your play or mini movie; fake IDs can provide solutions for you.

Con #1: Real ID Substitute 

Because of their uncanny similarities, fake IDs made out of fake ID makers can pass out as the same thing as the real ones. Please be mindful when trying to use one as an actual substitute for your student ID, driver’s license, and more government issued ID because it may lead to the second con.

Con #2: Felony

In some places, using a fake ID is actually a ground for felony. Its punishment may include one up to three years in jail and up to ten thousand dollars of monetary fines. Possession of fake ID includes duplicating, forging, falsifying, altering, counterfeiting, and reproducing any government-issued ID card.

Who needs an ID maker?

Business Teams

Whether it is for the daily attendance or the weekend team-building, business teams need an ID maker to produce the highly valued IDs. IDs made through ID makers encourage company camaraderie. It encourages a sense of belongingness once you have similar IDs as an extension of your being.

Education Staff

ID makers help produce IDs that best identify people. It entails what responsibilities they have in an institution. Education staff can best assign roles with an ID maker. The ones assigned with managing IDs and ID databases can best distribute these roles to the education body: whether they are division superintendents, school principals, homeroom teachers, or students.

Government Agencies

Each government agency is tasked with a mission. For example, there are different agencies for labor, agriculture, education, and so on in dividing the labor of serving the people. In order to know their positions and scope of responsibilities, ID makers are here for them. ID makers help them count personnel in their workforce, assign tasks, and move forward in their roles.   

Healthcare Personnel

Emergencies and life or death scenarios are pivotal in one’s life. These do or die moments are considered to be unforgettable scenes. People remember. The ID that healthcare workers wear aids on this, especially that most people are visual learners. Healthcare personnel also need ID makers so that they can have multiple sets of identification wherever they are.

Club Designates

Club memberships promise more perks and discounts. Those who are designated to monitor these data need especially designed and curated IDs out of intricate ID makers. Through ID makers, they can ensure the legitimacy of the IDs that are produced and apply terms and conditions. They can also track the card activities so club designates can apply the discounts.

Step-by-step guide in finding the right ID maker

Step1: Identify the type of ID you want to make.

Do you want an ID for your business? School? Camp? Clearly define first what kind of ID you are eyeing to make. Identify details on what to include inside it and gather them. Do a rough sketch of the ID with ideal shapes, colors, and logos to be included. See to it that there is a balance between the details and the design.

Step 2: Check if the ID maker is paid or not. 

ID makers are commonly free now, yet there are more customizable features when you decide to tip in a few dollars. ID makers don’t cost much, and the basic features are free of charge. Once you have decided on the design, check if all of the elements are available. It can be a bonus if there’s already a template close enough to it.

Step 3: Read ID maker guides and watch previews. 

To make the most out of your chosen ID maker, make sure to read the site or program guides. If the ID making site has official social networking accounts, you can opt to watch those for some neat tricks on using the ID maker. With this, you can save time navigating through the site for best ID making practices.

Step 4: Do a prototype on the site.

Since most ID making sites are free, why don’t you go ahead and do your test run? You don’t have to do the actual ID design yet. You can play around with the design tools, color hues, and installed templates to see if they have more to offer than meets the eye. Hover around and see if you can one-up your design sketch with the prototype you are making.

Step 5: Bulk create.

Now that you have selected and designed an ID template, you can create for the team. Have your data ready to input employee details, company signatures, and security features. When designing to mass-produce, it’s best to choose sites that readily offer shipments and deliveries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fake ID makers online are spread and used for free. It’s good to know which things to watch out for. For the basics, look into the photograph. Usually, government IDs must have an holographic coating over it. Check also signatures and spelling mishaps. Fake IDs have uneven surfaces with bumpy textures. Look into font styles, watermarks, and holograms if they are correctly put.

Photograph identification is the most basic. Various holograms are the most complex. However, all have the same purpose of combating counterfeits and promoting security. First, assess the company’s security needs to know if the security features you need are compatible with it. Ideally, you want something that is both sustainable and non-intrusive.

Yes, most ID making sites offer physical ID printing, too. Simply skim through the site if the option is available. The most common things to be used in ID making are either bio card or PVC composite; these are the same things as your bank cards. Some sites offer high-quality bulk printing for ordered IDs and same-day shipping.

Whether landscape or portrait-oriented, most cards are credit card sized. Specifically, IDs produced via ID makers have 3.370 inches in width and 2.125 inches in height. They are mostly made out of PVC or bio cards. These are thick and durable components that are similar to your credit card ensuring the longevity of each ID card produced.

Yes, there are. ID maker sites provide step-by-step tutorials on how to maximize design tools and templates available at their site. These video tutorials can be found within the ID maker site or over free video-streaming apps. From 6-step to 12-step video tutorials, you are sure to be a pro-ID maker site in no time. Tutorials also have a playlist that you can continuously learn from.

Because of the program and time availability that differed from the website creation up until the continued site patronage, things like this are bound to happen but are not instant testaments of inconsistency. It may be due to incompatibility between the actual software used by the ID maker developer and the browsing site. One of those two may need an upgrade. 

Yes, this option is readily available over ID makers. ID makers know that logos are essential in building quality ID. You only need to have a valid image file to upload to the site (.jpeg or .png files). However, most sites that offer printing and shipping require you to submit authorization notes of the logo.

Yes, ID card generators are available offline. There are free and downloadable ID-making programs over the internet. With templates available without an internet connection, you can make use of these programs anytime and anywhere. ID-making is always accessible. 

ID makers are meant to produce highly regarded IDs. But these IDs can be rendered useless if not used properly. Check on organizational needs to know how many employee IDs will be required, the number of visitor IDs to set aside, ID designs per team, security features and verification engagements, duration spans, and backup databases and systems for all IDs.

If you are going to order physical IDs from a site, you will be giving your bank details to proceed with the transaction. ID making sites have SSL encryptions that protect your input details including your name and location. Your provided details are safe and secure during the entire process. For more insight on privacy, check the site’s “Privacy Policy” and “User Agreements”.

Except for slight variations in color hues and tones, IDs made out of ID makers look more the same than not. On a more serious note, ID makers do not apply autocorrect. This means they can’t correct spelling mistakes done by mishaps in data entry. ID makers can only produce what has been inputted. So, double-check entries. If the received IDs have a defect, contact customer service.

Barcodes, of course! Among the most widespread types of security encoding, barcodes are readily available in all ID makers. You can skip all the complicated advanced software, module encoding schemes, and sophisticated ribbons; barcodes let you have the basic tenets of security without all the information overload.

Try to clear cache in the internet browser. This is likely because your browser has stored so much cache and cookies that the program cannot run. Do a quick check-up as well if the site requires a specific browser to work more smoothly with. This will make the creation process even smoother.

There are indispensable parts in making an ID card. This is what the ID maker helps you out with. Never miss a detail by crossing out the following important components of an ID: logo of the organization, design of the card, single/dual-sidedness, picture, encoded data, pertinent signatures, security features, and necessary personal information.

Not even the slightest. You can let the ID maker generate your design for you, or you can choose from its wide array of templates and elements. All you have to know is the purpose and function of the ID you are currently producing. Once done, you can order it and even expect it on the same day as ID makers that physically produce IDs have a same-day shipment offer.