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🏆 Best Internet Radio Hosting for August 2021

Distribute music to listeners through Internet Radio Hosting! Internet Radio Hosting is a web-based service that hosts pre-recorded radio shows so you won't have to pay for old broadcast spectrum anymore!

What is internet radio hosting

Are you planning to start your own radio station? Internet radio hosting lets you host your own radio station through the internet. With internet radio hosting, you can create a solution for common issues with traditional broadcast radio stations found in one platform. 

Why do you need internet radio hosting?

Since the start of electronic communication, radios have become part of your daily lives. You all have your own favorite stations and hosts. The best free internet radio hosting can offer radio stations a new platform for extending their services. Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest in internet radio hosting. 

Low Start-Up Costs

If you want an internet radio hosting with auto DJ (Disc Jockey),  they can provide services with low start-up fees. For newbies, this is a great benefit of internet radio hosting because it is quick and easy to manage. You can set up a small studio room in your home and search for radio hosting that would be within your budget range. 

Low Running Fees

Cheap internet radio hosting has made running an online radio station affordable. This is a key advantage for those who are trying to start their own business. You will just need to subscribe to internet radio hosting plans, and you can immediately use their features. You won’t need a lot of personnel because all services will be done online. 

Access to an International Audience

Internet radio hosting with royalties included knows no geographical restrictions. Radio broadcasters can reach global audiences, even in the most remote areas, with an internet connection. You can listen to a US radio station while you are in the UK. This advantage will help you gain more audiences all over the world. 

Better Audience Insight

Free internet radio hosting can provide a better audience insight into your business. You have a more efficient way of collecting data and stats from your listeners. Through this software, you can tell the total number of listeners for a specific period and the entire listening hours. In this way, you would know what to improve from your services. 

Available in Poor Service Area

Many internet radio hosting services are available even in areas with poor services. Not all places are great for AM or FM radio signals, especially in remote areas. However, with a good internet connection, you can take advantage of internet radio stations. You won’t need to worry about low signal strength.

No Need for an Antenna

No one really likes to deal with antennas while listening to their favorite songs. You can try and read some internet radio hosting reviews to know that antennas are not a problem with internet radio stations. You won’t deal with messy wires with internet radio stations to find the exact position just to get a signal.

Automatic Updates

The best internet radio hosting will update your features automatically. With FM or AM stations and their broadcasting network, your signals will be affected by their updates. However, internet radio stations don't suffer the same fate. There is no specific frequency to correspond to, and you won’t need to have to use the retune buttons. 

Fewer Advertisements

The best internet radio hosting providers can ensure that shows have fewer advertisements.  All radio stations need to generate income through their advertisements, but FM and AM stations need to pay a lot. Internet radio stations are a lot less needy for commercials; costs for these stations are very cheap, including fewer ads. 

Extensive Song Variety

After you’ve selected the best internet radio hosting site, you can immediately benefit from their plans. You can play more variety of songs with internet radio stations. FM and AM radio stations undergo format changes in their lifetime. They will change genres according to the latest trends. Internet radio stations can offer all genres at the same time. 

Better Sound Quality

With the cheapest internet radio hosting, you can be ensured of the better sound quality of your playlists. The audio is loud and clear, which is also free of static sounds. It’s like listening to downloaded songs from your Apple Music or Spotify. You would need to adjust the buttons in FM radio stations just to get the clearest sounds manually. 

Improved Listening Experience

Internet radio hosting services are compared to show which one can provide an enhanced listening experience for their users. Internet radio stations offer a display of song title, artist name, list of albums, etc. There are also other features that radio hosting offers, like a list of previously played songs and the ability to pause and rewind a stream. 

Highly Accessible

There is internet radio hosting for free that will make your radio stations easy to use. Access to the internet is very attainable nowadays, so your radio stations would be easy to reach for users. Unlike AM stations that rely on their transmitter, online radio is accessible anytime. You can use any of your devices and check your stations wherever you are.  

Interactive Show

Requesting your favorite tracks has never been easy with online radio stations. Many internet radio hosting providers will make your programs more interactive with listeners. You will have the freedom to control your shows that would attract more users. Plus, you can design your site, accept chats, and make conversations to engage with your listeners. 

Core features of internet radio hosting

Many internet radio hosting services that handle licensing can help you create your own radio stations. You can transmit your audio to audiences across the globe. With their simple to use services, you can discover the best solutions for your radio stations. Here are some of the features that you need to consider for your internet radio hosting. 

24/7 Streaming

The best internet radio hosting service can provide 24/7 streaming for your audiences. Since you can reach global audiences, it is significant to stream with their time zones. With this advantage, you can share your program with almost everybody with an internet connection. This feature would attract more users to play your shows. 

Unlimited Listeners

One essential feature of a free internet radio hosting service is their unlimited listeners. With this feature, you can have as many listeners as you want to listen to your program simultaneously. Internet radio stations with unlimited listeners would help you promote your business more and spread the word as far as they can reach. 

Accessible in Many Devices

Another good feature of internet radio hosting relay streams is it can be accessible on different devices. Your listeners can watch your programs whenever they want to. You can be reachable through your mobile phones and laptops. If your internet radio station were this convenient, more people would love to choose your shows. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the most significant features of the best internet radio hosting app is offering unlimited bandwidth. If your radio station has an unlimited volume of information that you can send, you can provide your listeners with better services. You won’t have to worry about the amount of data you're using and focus more on your other important activities. 

Live Broadcast

If you read internet radio hosting services reviews, you would find most offer live broadcasts of their shows. This is an excellent additional feature because you can interact more with your viewers. A live broadcast will help you attract more customers because most listeners prefer live performances. 

Weekly Audience Report

The best free internet radio hosting can provide weekly audience reports from your daily or weekly programs. This is beneficial for you to know the status of your shows. You’ll learn how many listeners you have and what broadcasts they like the most. When you have this feature, you will know what aspect to improve on your internet radio station. 

Instant Setup

Internet radio hosting with royalties included must provide an instant setup to their customers. With no contract necessary, you can easily create your own radio station with an easy setup. This will mostly be useful for beginners who follow a time frame and want to start their business as soon as possible. 

Amazing Customer Support

One significant feature of cheap internet radio hosting is their fantastic support for their users. They can accommodate any of your inquiries about how to make your own internet radio station. With their priority support, you can resolve your issues immediately to provide the best service for your listeners. 

Multi-Server Setup

Another essential feature of free internet radio hosting is their multi-server setup. Your content will be distributed across a network of servers with no geographical restraints. No matter where your listeners are located, they will receive the best service you can offer. You can attract more customers with your clear live show streaming. 

Live Calls

Several internet radio hosting services offer live calls to their listeners. During your broadcast, you can interact with your viewers and even make conversations with them. Listeners will love this feature because they can be a part of your programs. This can provide more engagement to your viewers and would help boost your business. 

No Website Required

If you search for internet radio hosting reviews, you may find that some would offer no website required. A web page is provided for your radio stations, and you won’t need to make your own site. You won’t have to worry about the technicalities of creating a site. The web page will be provided with your radio hosting accounts. 

Auto DJ Playlist Service

Another additional feature of internet radio hosting with auto DJ (Disc Jockey) is its playlist service. You can create your playlist and start streaming whenever you want. You don’t need to be on the computer 24/7 because it will be saved on your cloud services. Once you’ve made your playlist, you can automatically play all the songs in your program. 

Multiple Formats Supported

One essential feature of the best internet radio hosting is they must support multiple formats of songs. If your internet radio station can play various formats, you can provide a more expansive playlist for your listeners. It is important to have different genres in your stations. With this feature, you can accommodate almost anything that your viewer wants to listen to. 

Types of internet radio hosting?

If you search for internet radio hosting reviews, there are several types of hosting providers that you can discover. With the popularity of the internet, online radio stations are now available, and even the traditional ones are joining the current trend. Here are the types of internet radio hosting, so choose what best suits your needs.

Desktop Internet Radio Hosting

Many internet radio hosting providers are offering their services through your computers or desktop. You can use your laptops to manage your radio stations. With this type of internet radio hosting, you can easily track your listeners and make changes when improving your shows.

 Pro #1: Easy to Use

With desktop internet radio hosting, you can efficiently utilize all their features using your laptops. The best internet radio hosting service will give you features like unlimited listeners you can quickly interact with. You can easily solve your problems with just a few clicks. 

Pro #2: More Storage

Since you are using your desktops, it will give you more storage for your radio station’s files. You can do multiple things at a time and still have enough storage for your other shows. You can save your live streams and videos to have a copy of it if you need one. 

Con #1: Lack of Convenience

Since it must utilize a desktop, this type of internet radio hosting might be inconvenient for others. For people who are always on the go, they can’t fully take advantage of desktop internet radio hosting services. You need to do it at your studio or at your home to make changes in your program. 

Mobile Internet Radio Hosting

If you compared internet radio hosting services, you might find that they are available on many types of devices. You can use your mobile phones to access the features of the hosting provider. Imagine starting your own radio station with your cell devices only. You can still do what a regular radio station can provide with this type of internet radio hosting. 

Pro #1: Convenient to Use

With mobile internet radio hosting, you can use the available features using your mobile phones. This is very convenient for most people because they won’t need to carry their laptops wherever they go. You can easily make an announcement for your viewers with just one click. 

Pro #2: Available for you 24/7

The best internet radio hosting app would be available for you whenever you want.  With this type of internet radio hosting, you can quickly contact their support team through your phones when you encounter a problem. You can also make changes in your program even if you’re away from home; you just need an internet connection.

Con #1: Restraints on Some Features

Since this is mobile internet radio hosting, you may have some restrictions on some features. You can find difficulty navigating through the services that would be easier to do on computers. This is also a massive disadvantage because there will be some features that you can only access through laptops.

Free Internet Radio Hosting

There are free internet radio hosting services that are available for you to choose from. With this type of internet radio hosting, you can use all their features even if you’re a beginner. You don’t need to have prior experience for you to use this type of radio hosting. You can also quickly learn the necessities of creating your own radio station. 

Pro #1: Free of Charge

The biggest advantage of this type of internet radio hosting is that you do not need to invest any money. You can access their robust features and resources without spending a dollar. This can encourage more people to try and create their own radio stations. It is best to try free hosting, especially if you’re a beginner in the industry.

Con #1: Limited Features

Since this is a free internet radio hosting service, you can only access a few of their features. You need to upgrade to a paid radio hosting if you want to make your radio station stand out from the rest. If you wish to have an internet radio station that is fully packed with features, you may opt for another radio hosting type. 

Con #2: Limited Customer Support

Some free internet radio hosting doesn’t have the customer support that you may need. Yes, you get access to their features, but their support team will not prioritize you. This would be a disadvantage if you seriously want to pursue this industry and create your internet radio station.

Who needs internet radio hosting??


The best internet radio hosting site can benefit broadcasters. Internet radio stations don’t only contain entertainment but also news updates. Broadcasters can use internet radio hosting to reach more audiences, even those in distant places. This will inform more people on the current news all over the world. 

Radio Company

Radio companies can also use the best internet radio hosting service providers. If you want to convert your company to an internet radio station, you can subscribe to hosting services. You can improve your services to your listeners and offer additional features for your radio station.  


The cheapest internet radio hosting would be useful for DJs. The disc jockeys can interact more with their listeners through internet radio stations. They can also cover a wide range of genres for the different tastes of the viewers. If they use internet radio hosting, they can also reach more listeners and be known across the globe. 

Aspiring Radio Hosts

If you want to be an aspiring radio host, you can try the services of internet radio hosting providers. Even if you’re new to the industry, the hosting sites will give you all the necessary features you need to start your own radio station. With their easy to use tools and services, they can help boost and promote your business. 

Step-by-step guide in an choosing internet radio hosting

Step1: Determine why you need internet radio hosting.

The first thing you need to do is to know the purpose of why you need internet radio hosting providers. You may need it to start your internet radio station or improve our current radio station’s performance. Several internet radio hosts are available for you to choose from depending on your liking. 

Step 2: Find the type of hosting most suitable for you. 

After knowing your purpose, find the type of internet radio hosting that is suitable for your lifestyle. The best internet radio hosting service will have advantages and disadvantages according to its types. You can select free radio hosting if you’re a beginner and would only want to test the features they offer.

Step 3: Consider the features of the hosting provider. 

When you find the type of hosting provider depending on your need, you must also consider the features included in their packages. Find the best internet radio hosting app that provides all the services you want. If you need all the best qualities for your radio station, you can choose paid internet radio hosting. 

Step 4: Determine a reasonable price.

The most significant factor when choosing an internet radio hosting service is the price for their packages. After finding the perfect type that matches your preference, you must look for a price within your budget. Make sure that they have all the services you want, so you won’t waste your money.

Step 5: Start working on your internet radio station. 

After many considerations like pricing and features, you are now ready to start your own internet radio station. You can begin registering on their monthly or yearly plans so you can have access to all their features. Remember to ask for assistance from their support team, so your internet radio station will be a big success. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, you don’t have to sign any contract. Internet radio hosting providers that handle licensing will give you the freedom to your internet radio station. You won’t have any commitments and would only need to pay for their monthly or yearly subscriptions. Plus, you can upgrade your plans anytime. 

Yes, you can broadcast from different computers. The best internet radio hosting service lets you use other computers, but not at the same time. You can do your live streaming from different locations and computers. But, if you want to open another stream from another computer, you need to stop your current stream. 

Internet radio hosting with auto DJ will allow you to keep your server online 24/7 without running a source. You can upload your music files to auto DJ, and they will play it from the server. You may switch off your devices overnight, and your stream will be on air for people to listen to. 

The best internet radio hosting apps have a radio player that you need to configure for your website. The first thing you should do is to arrange your radio player. You can add multiple radio streams to your website. Simply go to your account, add a player, and you’re good to go. 

If you plan on doing live streaming, yes, you need to turn your computer on. You’ll need to provide the audio live for your stream to broadcast. If you have an internet radio hosting with auto DJ, you won’t need to connect it yourself as the auto DJ will stream on your behalf.

The best free internet radio hosting will take care of the security of your site. You don’t have to provide an SSL certificate to secure it. You can contact the support team, and a member of the technical team will add it to your website. For your site to be totally secured, make sure that it doesn’t contain any content that is not safe.

Yes, you can still broadcast live with an auto DJ, but you need to turn it off. A free internet radio hosting service lets you stop your auto DJ at any time, so you can connect your live broadcast. You will have an auto DJ access password that will allow you to turn the auto DJ off. 

After logging in to your account, fill in the general information needed. Then, choose the server type for your new radio server. For optimum performance, select a datacenter region that is closest to your location. Set a size for your radio by choosing the number of listeners who can connect to your stream, then create. 

Internet radio hosting services that handle licenses will allow you to stream commercial music. Unlike regular radio, internet radio stations are not protected against copyright infringement if you broadcast commercial music without a license. The record label or recording artist holds the copyright for the commercial songs. 

Yes, you can monitor your radio from any of your devices. It is inconvenient when a server goes down unnoticed. That’s why cheap internet radio hosting has added a feature where you can get email notifications when your radio goes down. They will let you know when you are broadcasting dead air. 

Yes, you can increase or decrease the number of your listeners. Internet radio hosting services can resize your radio, which means you can reduce or increase the maximum number of simultaneous listeners. After you have made these changes, you will be billed accordingly at the end of your subscription. 

There are several reasons why you need to migrate your radio when you read reviews of internet radio hosting. You can migrate your radio when there is a connectivity issue between the radio and the server. If you change your studio’s location, it is best to choose a server closest to your broadcasting server.

The best internet radio hosting will help you migrate your radio to another server. Your radio will be moved with all its settings to the new location. Your radio IP may change, and your listening links will be automatically updated. So you don’t need to worry because it will work the same as before. 

Yes, migrating your radio may cause some downtime. Unfortunately, even the best internet radio hosting providers will cause downtime of a few minutes as you upgrade your new IP address. It is recommended that you migrate outside your peak hours, so your broadcasting won’t be much affected. 

Yes, there is internet radio hosting that relays streams with your radio server. Your radio will grab the online stream of that server, and you can broadcast it on yours. You can benefit from this feature if you need to scale up a stream. If your server is full, you can add more capacity for your listeners without disconnecting them. 

The best internet radio hosting site offers advanced features for your radio station. In the advanced radio options, you can limit the time a listener can stay connected. Once the time limit is reached, the listeners will be kicked from the server. When the radio disconnects, the listeners will also be booted from your server.