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🏆 Best Online Banner Makers for August 2021

Let your brand be known to everyone by creating banners with just a few flicks of a finger. Online banner maker is a platform that can get your designs outstanding to attract more people and increase your business' demand.

What is an online banner maker

Do you need a banner to attract more customers? Online banner makers are websites, apps, or software programs that help you create banners. These can also be companies that take your design preferences and make a banner for you from start to finish. Either way, these online banner makers make it easy and affordable for you to create banners. 

Why do you need an online banner maker

Banners are usually big signs that display minimal text with or without an image. These are especially good as advertisement materials to attract the attention of your potential customers. Whether you need a banner for your brand or entice others to your event, an online banner maker for printables and websites can surely come in handy. Here are more of its benefits and uses:

Create Displays for Events

Events need lots of attendees. So, for those who organize events or need to find volunteers, a banner is just what you need. Having a good banner maker can ensure an eye-catching result, making your sign look good while serving its purpose.

Develop Brand Awareness

One of the first steps of brand building is making yourself known to the public or, at least, your target location. Creating a personal or on-brand banner via a banner maker might just be the kickstart to your brand needs. You can even use your sign as an opportunity to be memorable among potential customers.

Make Advertising Materials

Banners are excellent advertising materials because they’re inexpensive, durable, and memorable. Plus, they’re practical, simple to make, and are not tiring to the eyes. Simply put, having the ability to make your banner will help you have an advertising advantage, whether it's for a business or event.

Target Your Ads

Advertisements work better when targeted to the proper demographic. By searching for the websites where your demographic usually goes, you’ll have better chances of getting clicks by strategically placing your banners there. The ads can then drive the traffic to your page or make them aware of your business, product, or event.

Attract Prospects

Once they’ve encountered your brand banner, constant exposure to it can drive an ordinary passerby to a paying customer. Using an online banner maker to create or order one can increase your chances of attracting possible prospects while displaying eye-catching designs.

Gather Information

Aside from spreading information, your banner can also be a means of gathering it. By merely typing your contact details on your banner maker, those who can see your finished banner can easily reach you. Your banner can also divulge the information you need, such as job recruitment and volunteer scouting.

Safe Effort and Time

Banners can get tedious if you’re a beginner, but as long as you have the best online banner maker out there, you’ll have no worries. Simply create a banner with templates, or better yet, order one. Either way, you’ll experience less hassle in the banner-making process.

Save Money

Currently, digital advertisements are all the rage. Why? It is quick, is trackable, and updatable. Most importantly, it is cost-effective. Compared to traditional methods using digital ads, such as TV commercials,  online banners costs way less.

Core features of an online banner maker

Having the best features of a banner maker is a must, even if you’re a beginner or not. Like most online art makers, it should make banner creation easy and enjoyable. Get ready to start creating. Here is a list of features you need to look out for when picking out your next project’s online banner maker:

Intuitive Interface

Having a primary user interface similar to most digital art makers can make creating a banner easier if you’re a newbie. Feel free to explore through banner makers to find the set-up you find most comfortable and efficient. Or, you can refer to prior assistive digital art makers you’ve used.

Tutorials and Guides

If you’re a total beginner with no digital art design background, tutorials and guides will be your best friends. So, find a banner maker that provides tutorials to refer to, preferably ones exclusive to them. Also, have an instructor or professional help you put the right themes, color schemes, fonts, and other design elements together. 

Template Variety

Most banners rely on using a minimalist background with striking bold texts, images, and graphical elements. However, if you have no idea where to start, having many templates will give you the options to use or refer to them. Take note that more templates result in more possibilities.

Customization Options

If you’re more of an artistic visionary and maybe want to start from scratch or have unique ideas, you need all the customization options you need, like the drag-and-drop feature. Templates are helpful but customizing your banner ads according to your brand’s identity adds a unique appeal to them.

Flexible Sizing Options

Each banner serves a different purpose and has its appropriate size. For instance, printed banners can range from standard signage to those covering infrastructure. The best banner makers allow you to resize your banners flexibly without compromising their quality when printing. So, opt for a banner maker that has flexible sizing options.

Print Mockups

For printed banners, location can be a central aspect of designing them. It has to stand out from the place while also not looking awkward or out of business. Print mockups are helpful to adjust your banner accordingly in terms of style and size.

Reasonable Price

Useful features have a specific price, so it is up to your budget and the situation you’re in to choose the banner maker you want. Try to assess if the features are worth the price, how long you intend to use the maker, and your budget.

Reliable Customer Support

An excellent online banner maker will make your experience smooth sailing. However, there will be some inevitable times where you need to contact support. From inquiries about the product, memberships, etc., a banner maker with reliable customer service can easily prove to be much more convenient.

Types of online banner makers

Different users might need a specific variant of online banner makers. Maybe you want to use this software for long-term use. Or, perhaps you want graphic design artists who can get the job done. You may even specifically want a free online banner maker for websites, but beware of some disadvantages. Regardless of which, there’ll surely be an online banner maker fit for your needs.

Online Banner Maker Websites

The internet is home to many production sites, and online banner makers are one of them. Simply subscribe to an online banner maker for printing or otherwise, and then just start your project. If you ever need a banner maker for short-term use and is affordable, this type works great for that purpose.

Pro # 1: Beginner-Friendly

If you have used any graphic design software before, you may find a familiar interface with similar icons, features, and buttons. This interface is beginner-friendly, which is common amongst these websites, making your online banner maker experience commence in a flash.

Pro #2: Template Variety

Banners serve a lot of purposes, with different styles for each one. Having a wide array of online banner maker designs is a great option to have so that you can refer or merge multiple templates and maybe create your own. Also, whether you’re making it for business or a blog, you’ll undoubtedly find one for you.

Pro # 3: Cloud Storage

Banner drafting can leave you with multiple revising files, which is not precisely suitable for your device storage. However, when you use a banner maker website or app that houses cloud storage, you can only choose to save the final draft while having the option to go back to prior works.

Pro # 4: Multiple Devices Compatibility and Sync

Banner maker websites usually have an app that is accessible on phones and tablets. Even better, your registered accounts for the site can be linked with each other so that your progress for projects is on the devices you have. This way, you’ll be able to edit the device configuration you like.

Pro # 5: Affordable

Out of all the types, this is considered the cheapest. However, the website may be a graphic design platform that offers online banner templates. There are free online banner maker websites, but memberships are still at a low price and will be worth it considering the inclusions.

Con #1: Internet Connection Dependent

Everything done online is dependent on the internet. You will not enjoy the experience if the site doesn’t load, downloading graphics are slow, or your changes don’t get saved. So, if you find that your connection is often unstable, reconsider choosing this type.

Online Banner Maker Software

If you’re more artistic, your online banner maker should let you be free to materialize your original concept. The software works well for that purpose as it has tools built for customization. This way, you can let your creative juices flow, use your digital art knowledge rather than relying on pre-made templates.

Pro #1: Create While You're on the Go

The tool will be installed on your device, meaning you can create offline. It is excellent for those with unstable internet connections or might need an online banner maker for long-term use, maybe for constant advertisements for their brand or an event.

Pro #2: Premium Design Features and Elements

Free online banner makers with no watermark and outstanding design options are hard to find. That’s why opting for software is a good investment. You will gain access to unique design features, premium elements, and tools with no pesky watermarks in sight. You’ll also be able to use exclusive graphical aids, transitions, animations, and more!

Pro #3: Highly Customizable

Customization tools are one of the unique features of this software. Feel free to explore your online banner maker to find what little details you can customize. You might be surprised just how tedious you can get when using software to entirely create your idea by minute component. 

Pro #4: Encourages Creativity

Most software would require you to start from a blank canvas, which shows the endless designs you can do. Creating from scratch may seem challenging, but that’s just the creative push you need. Think outside the box and produce unique work.

Con #1: Pricey

Compared to the previous type, this one is pricier because of your online usage and its one-of-a-kind features and tools. It is still up to you whether you need the software for long-term use as long as it’s within your means.

Con #2: Requires Graphic Design Software Background

Learning to navigate the software with zero experience will be time-consuming. So, it is ideal to have some design knowledge for a better experience with this type. There are also online banner makers in flash that only fit for a specific platform, which can be a hassle if you have no such built-in computer software or have no background.

Con #3: Tedious and Time-Consuming

Softwares and speed don't quite go together if you’re a beginner. If you are up for a challenge, get ready to spend time learning the interface and controls. Plus, if you have no idea where to start nor some artistic motivation, the other two options can certainly accommodate your needs.

Con #4: Can Take up Device Storage

Graphic design application software needs to be installed and set up on your computer.  Besides taking up storage there, your multiple saved drafts and progress must be stored in your computer. It can be a hassle if your device has a low storage capacity.

Online Banner Maker Companies

If you need a banner right away and have the budget, try ordering from an online banner maker company. By only getting the details of your sign and the style you want, expert graphic designers will work on your banner as quickly as you want them to. Feel free to request revisions for that perfect banner!

Pro #1: No Hassle

Maybe graphic design and banner making isn’t quite your forte, and no effort nor time will get you the results you wanted. These banner makers are perfect for those who do not intend to make their banners but need online advertisement.

Pro #2: Work with Professional Creators

Every time you order from these companies, you will partner with graphic design experts who have advertising experience. More so, you can even leave it up to them to develop a unique design with the details you give them.

Pro #3: Premium Results

These professionals have all the sophisticated software they need, so expect a clean and eye-catching online banner every time. Your custom online banner maker sees to it that you get your ideal online banner that catches the attention of any passerby or netizen.

Pro #4: Adjustable Deadlines

If you’re chasing a deadline and yet still want to have excellent results, this online banner maker will get you out of any cramming worries. More so, you can even rush the order as much as you want so that you can have it for the next day. 

Con #1: Expensive

Such a hassle-free service that ensures excellent results costs a price, of course. Rightfully so, out of all the types listed, this one is the most expensive. Take your time scouting different companies to find one that fits your budget and has a reliable portfolio.

Who needs online banner makers?


Banners are known to be a great advertising tool. Currently, the digital age has brought about the rise of a new form of banners, web banners. Since advertisers are responsible for increasing online presence, having an online banner maker can come in handy.

Small Business Owners

Nowadays, anything is doable online; that is why most businesses are expected to have an online presence. Having multiple followers is undoubtedly an advantage for growing businesses, and online banners might just be the kickstart you need to increase your following.

Event Organizers

Events need attendees, and banners do a great job of getting the information out there. Organizers have to make sure the occasion is booming and that the venue reaches full capacity. What great way to attract possible participants than to post the details online or outside.


Every influencer has a way of gaining followers, and creating online banners are great for this. By exposing netizens to your content on multiple social media platforms, you can steal their attention, be memorable, and continue to increase your following everywhere.


Blogs can be for personal, brand, or business use. If you want to remind readers of upcoming events, freebies, or other information constantly, try getting an online banner maker to fill your website. You can then effectively share details with your readers.

Student and Professors

For the budget-wary, there are some free online banner makers for classrooms to use, but with some cons. Either way, both teachers and students can utilize a free online banner maker with custom size to create a helpful visual aid to post announcements, upcoming events, celebratory greetings, and schoolwork requirements.

Step-by-step guide on how to create an online banner

Step1: Select a banner type.

You must choose a banner type first to plan how you will go about the process. It is because the components and effort you put in will vary greatly. Remember, the following steps may differ for the specific type you choose, so take the general gist of each.

Step 2: Pick a web banner size and brainstorm.

Next, you must choose a banner size. Try visualizing which configuration works best for the elements you’ll be putting in, or refer to the most suitable measures mentioned earlier. Take this time to explore different sizes and designs, especially if you plan to create multiple social media platforms.

Step 3: Create a draft in a banner maker.

Open your online banner maker; others have no log in while others do what is asked. Select your banner size accordingly and try to designate a place for each element roughly. You can even start scanning through templates. No need to be perfect at this point as you have the opportunity to develop your work further.

Step 4: Organize texts and other elements.

Once you’ve roughly placed texts, images, and illustrations, try to switch them up to create an excellent flow for the eyes. Think like a netizen scouring through the internet and which organization type can grab your attention. Do not forget your personal or business logo, as it is a form of identification.

Step 5: Pick a color palette.

Now, you must have finished work, but it is best to have multiple options. Most online banner makers provide pre-made color palettes, so feel free to go there for reference. But, if you already have brand colors, stick to that. If you already know where to place the banner, try to make it pop yet not distract from the site.

Step 6: Edit and revise. 

This will be a process so take your time to go back to everything. Check grammar, spellings, fonts, readability, and if your banner does justice to what you’re trying to tell viewers. Maybe you want to animate it now, then do it. Just make sure you’re crystal clear yet not aggressive in persuading them.

Step 7: Explore alternate styles.  

There’s always room for improvement. So at this step, keep asking yourself, “Is this banner clickable or at least noticeable?” Keep repeating that question throughout your revising stage, and feel free to consult others for some advice. It is never too late to rework your banner to get it ready for publishing.

Step 8: Save in the appropriate file format. 

As mentioned, each type has a complementing file format. This is to ensure that your banner can have the highest quality while doing what it’s supposed to do correctly. You wouldn’t want to have blurry images or animations with no movement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Online banners are also known as those web banner advertisements you see on websites and social media platforms. They are visible in between or at the side of blogs, articles, and sites. You would often see them in a rectangular or square shape, promoting a product, business, company, etc.

There are generally three types of online banners: static, animated, and video. Static banners are simply just a picture that has no movement whatsoever. They usually contain some images, illustrations, and text but are still the most popular layout.

Animated banners have a repetitive motion in their elements. Most of the time, the images and texts would move to their place, a specific action. This can turn your web banner eye-catching, but note that online banner makers with free animation usually have simple shifts that aren’t as striking as paid platforms.

Lastly are the video banner ads, which are simply the full-on video form of a banner. In-banner video ads have a designated space to show a video experience, meaning you can include as much information as you need. Its three types are click to play, autoplay with no sound, or hover to play.

For each platform, they will indicate what banner sizes they prefer. However, some of the most popular and reportedly effective are a 300x250 Px medium rectangle, 728x90 Px leaderboard, 160x600 Px wide skyscraper, and 300x600 Px half page. The less used ones include the billboard, large rectangle, portrait, etc.

Of course, each type of web banner has a suitable file format. For instance, if your banner has images, you should choose the free JPG file in your online banner maker. If it only has illustrations and text, download it as a PNG; for videos, use MP4, while for short animated banners, choose GIF.

There are four main elements to create a striking web banner. First is a popping headline and subtext, which needs to be easily readable and memorable. Limit yourself to type in only a phrase up to a sentence, so you don’t bombard viewers with text.

The second is an exciting image, illustration, or color scheme. You should learn the most enticing point of the information you’re trying to share and highlight this. If it’s a product, place its picture; if it’s an event, try to show its causes. Put merely, attract them visually if ever your text fails to do so.

The main point of advertising and marketing is to be memorable, so the third element you must add is a personal or business logo for that unique touch. If you’re doing this for a business, the fourth element would be a call-to-action; this seals the deal and makes the viewer click for more details.

Every maker does its service inclusions differently. However, in general, the benefits you get for paying a plan include unlimited downloads, no watermarks, social media sharing, custom font uploads, image modification features, and other unique and exclusive features.

There are four things you must remember when making a web banner. First is your demographic; try to learn more about which people you can appeal to and target their likes. However, you must also balance that out with originality. Do not be afraid to be personal if it fits your brand image.

The second is to remember technical design rules. Simple is okay, as long as you get your point across. Take note of your typography and color choices. Be wary of clashing fonts, color palettes, and images that may just clutter your banner.

The third is to pick the right type of banner to do. Find the one that best suits what you’re trying to share. For example, events may be enticing enough as a static banner. Products may look better as an animated GIF while promoting personal channels can be more effective when there is a video banner.

If you need to advertise or get some word out, online banners are a must. The current digital age says so. Almost everything is online nowadays, so utilize this power to efficiently reach other people to maybe make them into customers or followers. You can always rely on an online banner maker to customize one.

Before picking a blog or website to place your online banner, assess if the location fits your brand or theme or have the same demographic. Next is to decide what kind of ad fits the site and how you will promote it. Sizing is also an essential factor you must carefully pick.

Finally, don’t distract viewers from the content that might make them leave. Don’t go overboard with banner ads everywhere because it’s aggressive and off-putting. Also, be wise in targeting your demographic. For example, use your online banner maker with an Indian demographic. However, do try publishing on a website related to that.

Banner ads are as effective as you intend them to be. Try to put yourself in a netizen’s shoes and what might make you click in and add. Generally, to be clickable, you need to convey a clear message, deliver a high-quality design, take note of branding so that the reader can trust you.

Statistics show that among those aged 15-24, 58% of them have clicked on an ad. 71% of college students have clicked on an advertisement in the past six months, while 39% reportedly clicked on an ad because of interest in banner products. So, if your demographic fits in those mentioned, try using online banners.

Banners in image files such as GIF and JPG, which will be uploaded in a website made with MS Frontpage or Expression Web, the Insert Picture command will do the trick. However, if you are coding your website with strictly HTML, use the IMG tag to add your banner.

Free banner makers are available, even free online banner makers with no login. But they do have a significant share of inconveniences, from generic templates to lack of features. So, it is always best to keep in mind that having something for free has its compromises.

There are also free online banner makers to print and customize that you can easily use, but there will be no guarantee that you can create your ideas as you envision them. You might need to assess if paying is the best option, which it usually is.

The main pro of these makers is that they are easy and free online banner makers. However, that’s about it. Of course, you can get creative, but nicer results are more achievable with better tools. So, take time to find a banner maker fit for your needs and budget.