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🏆 Best Online Marriage Counseling Services for August 2021

Struggling in your marriage? Online marriage counseling is a safe and effective way to get the help you need, perfect for people who are too busy and can't afford in-person therapy.

What is online marriage counseling?

Rebuild your relationship with your partner through online marriage counseling! Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples make thoughtful decisions for their relationships. Marriage counseling itself can be expensive and unavailable in some areas. Luckily, you can now have the professional help you need in the comfort of your homes. 

Why do you need online marriage counseling services?

If you are having trouble in your relationship, online marriage counseling services can help you mend your relationship with a licensed professional’s guide. Moreover, here are some reasons to need online marriage counseling services to help you rebuild your bond with your partner.

Get Professional Help

Marriage counseling provides you with the treatment that you and your partner need. Also known as family or marriage therapists, licensed professionals are ready to help you. They either have a graduate or postgraduate degree, so you can stay rest assured that you're in the hands of experts and get the adequate help you need. 

Choose Between Many Treatment Options

Most online marriage counseling services allow you to choose the treatment method that works best for you. For instance, online marriage counseling comes in audio, text, and video messaging. If you can’t accommodate frequent calls with your therapist, then you can opt for counseling through chat or text instead.

Experience Affordable Counseling Services

If you can’t afford in-person marriage counseling services, you can opt for online marriage counseling. These services are affordable, and tons of websites can offer you reasonable prices while providing quality services. Some even offer free online marriage counseling sessions. The average pricing for counseling sessions ranges from $75 and $150 an hour. 

Suits Couples of All Types

Don't worry if you and your partner aren't married yet. You still are eligible for pre-marriage counseling services. Marriage counseling helps couples of any type to build stronger relationships.

Core features of online marriage counseling

Rebuilding a relationship is crucial, so you’d want to ensure that you can get the best counseling session possible for you and your partner. With that said, here’s a list of the different features that you have to look forward to when opting for an online marriage counseling service.

Accessible Counseling Sessions

Online marriage counseling is more accessible compared with in-person counseling. If you and your significant other are busy people, you can have your sessions online. It gives you access to counseling services 24/7, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Affordable Services

The prices for online marriage counseling are more cost-effective than in-person marriage counseling. Having an affordable service is ideal for couples who have a tight budget. Approximately, online marriage counseling ranges from $25 to $950. However, the prices may vary depending on the therapists' expertise levels. 

Free Sessions and Appointments

One of the essential features that you should always look for online marriage counseling services is their free initial appointments. Free online marriage counseling helps you get the initial experiences of these online counseling websites. These free sessions may include chat counseling, worksheets, marriage counseling courses, and quizzes. 

Convenient Counseling Methods

Online marriage counseling services are convenient since you don’t need to go out of your homes for your sessions. You can also take breaks if needed. With online marriage counseling, all you have to do is log into your devices and attend your scheduled appointments. The therapist or counselor should provide the same kind of services that a face-to-face counseling session does. 

Comfortable Counseling

Pouring your feelings out is nerve-racking, and most couples feel anxious to share their sentiments. Worry not, since online marriage counseling can ease these feelings for you since you can have your sessions at the comfort of your home. Being in a familiar setting helps reduce your anxiety and makes opening up more manageable.

Private and Confidential Sessions

You don't have to worry about your privacy with online marriage counseling. Like face-to-face counseling sessions, they ensure your privacy and safety by maintaining all records and meetings confidential. 

Accessible Documentation

You will not have to worry about your sessions not getting tracked since you can see your progress because your counseling sessions are correctly documented and are accessible. Up-to-date records can help you and your significant other monitor specific changes in your relationship. 

Versatile and Specialized Sessions

Online marriage counseling services are versatile and can be done anytime and anywhere. It can also help if you have a long-distance relationship and you’re experiencing problems with your partner. They also provide specialized treatment methods that can range from individual to group sessions, effectively helping couples feel more comfortable. 

Accredited Therapists

Having an accredited therapist is also essential in online marriage counseling. The therapist will help you and your partner throughout the process, but they must have the necessary marital counseling training. This ensures that you get the best quality services and all the help that you need.

Positive Client Feedback

When choosing an online marriage counseling provider, you should check for their former clients’ reviews. Since these services are crucial and not cheap, you need to know if the previous clients were happy with their services. Take the time to read about online marriage counseling reviews.

Types of online marriage counseling 

Before you get your online marriage counseling services, it would be best to understand the different types of therapies they provide to maximize your sessions. Marriage counseling companies are expanding their services to tailor their meetings to the specific needs of couples. Here are the most popular and effective therapeutic approaches for troubled couples.

Emotion-Focused Marriage Counseling

This type of counseling focuses on controlling and understanding you and your partner’s emotions. It encourages you to let your feelings out in a judgment-free environment. This helps you know your partner's sentiments better so you both can gain a new perspective about your relationship.

Pro #1: Open Up With Each Other 

This therapy will help you and your partner open your feelings with each other more, which can help you have a better understanding of your sentiments.

Pro #2: Secure Your Emotional Bond 

By openly sharing your emotions, both you and your partner will achieve a stronger emotional bond because of the formation of trust and understanding.

Con #1: Limited Issues Approached 

Other problems that affect your relationship, like money issues, may not be addressed in this type of counseling.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) encourages you and your partner to challenge your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. Through these, you can discover the cause of your behavior that is affecting your relationship. 

Pro #1: Reflect on Your Behavior 

The CBT allows you and your partner to reflect on your behavioral problems that may be affecting your relationship.

Pro #2: Changes How You Interact With Your Partner 

Addressing these problems can help you and your significant other improve your behavior towards each other.

Con #1: Refusal to Admit to Issues 

Some individuals may refuse to admit their behavioral problems, leading to conflicts during the counseling sessions. You may find it hard to share the cause of your behavioral issues, which can lead to a challenging session.

Imago Therapy Online Marriage Counseling

The term imago means “image” in Latin. This type of counseling is still relatively new, and it can help you transform relationship conflicts into opportunities for healing growth. Imago relationship therapy aims to find the “unconscious image of familiar love.” 

Pro #1: Works for Any Type of Couple 

Undergoing this form of counseling can help you and your partner overcome your problems and use those as an opportunity for healing and growth. Counseling is simple and may work for you no matter what phase your relationship is in. 

Con #1: Relatively New Approach 

Imago therapy is still new in the field of online marriage counseling, so not most therapists may now know how to use this approach properly. Also, there are only a few studies recorded regarding the success rate of this counseling.

Localized Online Counseling

This type of counseling is recommended for those who want help from professionals located in their area. You may feel a sense of comfort and familiarity since you and your therapist come from the same area. You can find a wide range of localized online counseling companies and websites.

Pro #1: More Comfortable 

Although you're getting therapy through virtual means, if you know that your counselor is a local in your area, you may feel more comfortable opening up during the session.

Con #1: Not Readily Available 

Online marriage counseling is still unknown in different parts of the world. This option may not be available for you, especially if you live in remote areas. There are not many certified online marriage counselors; that's why finding localized help may be difficult.

Gottman Method Online Marriage Counseling

The Gottman Method of marriage counseling is a more scientifically structured counseling technique. It combines exercises and therapeutic interventions to rebuild the bond between you and your partner. This method will help you achieve a deeper understanding and respect for one another from a new perspective.

Pro #1: More Structured Approach 

The Gottman Method relies on data from research and other therapeutic means in creating more structured solutions to your problems. It provides more structured solutions to the couple’s issues.

Pro #2: Lets You Share Secluded Thoughts 

The therapist will ask you and your partner more in-depth questions, which can help you learn new things about each other.

Con #1: Long Assessment Forms 

Since the Gottman Method relies on data, you and your partner have to fill out long assessment forms that can take up to an hour to fill out before your session.

Con #2: Based on Data and Not Emotions 

In this form of counseling, you and your partner will not be asked to share your feelings too often since the therapist will rely on the forms you filled out. This will lead to an unnatural feeling between you and your partner.

Tailored Programs

Tailored programs can help you if you need long-term mending. This effectively helps you throughout your journey of reconciliation. The goal of this online marriage counseling program is to help you resolve your issues slowly while maintaining a steady pace for you and your partner to a more in-depth understanding of each other. 

Pro #1: Long-Term Help 

If you and your partner have undergone huge issues, such as dealing with a third-party, tailored programs can give you long-term help until you resolve your conflict completely.

Pro #2: Tailored to Your Needs 

You can schedule your sessions with the therapist and decide how long you want the session to last for the day. Approaches done will also depend on your existing issues. 

Con #1: Time-Consuming 

This type of counseling may take months or years to finish. Depending on the severity of your relationship's issues, the therapist may suggest months or even years of therapy in resolving your conflicts fully.

Con #2: Tendency to Give Up 

Couples that have been placed in year-length sessions may lose interest and give up half-way through the program.

Religion-Based Counseling

Suppose you and your partner are firm believers of a particular religion, such as Christianity. In that case, you can also find online marriage counseling that provides easy and readily accessible marriage counselors that are clinically trained and are devoted followers of the religion. These counselors utilize treatment methods based on the bible’s teachings. 

Pro #1: Catered to Your Religion’s Teachings 

You can get this type of counseling if you want the treatment methods that follow your religious beliefs. These are most common among Christian couples. Help may be provided by pastors or counselors that have the same beliefs as you and your partner.

Con #1: Minimal Services Available 

Religion-based counseling is rare, and you may only ask for this service through providers that offer specialized online marriage counseling services.

Con #2: Restricted Solutions Are Offered 

If the therapist suggests a treatment method that goes against your beliefs, this may not be the choice for you. 

Messaging Online Marriage Counseling

This type provides counseling through messages via text, video, or audio messaging. Online marriage counseling offers unlimited messaging features that let you have professional help anytime and anywhere.

Pro #1: Get an Advice Anytime and Anywhere 

You can ask for advice from a professional anytime or anywhere from any device you want as long as you have a stable internet connection. This is an excellent choice for you, especially if you do not have the time to attend a full session with your partner.

Con #1: Tendency to Disregard an Advice 

Though you can get advice from professionals in the form of a quick text message, you can easily disregard these pieces of information as it's less intimate than full session online counseling. The meetings through call or video chat are much shorter and may feel less genuine.

Self-Help Program Marriage Counseling

Some companies offer services that allow couples to help themselves through their various self-help programs. These programs will let you and your partner settle your own problems. It encourages and guides you to resolve your conflict by working together. 

Pro #1: Realize Your Mistakes on Your Own 

Through self-help programs, you and your partner will be able to realize your mistakes by yourself and allow you both to learn how to come up with solutions in your own ways.

Con #1: Tendency to Lose Interest 

These self-help programs only usually come with guidelines on how you both can resolve your issues through methods such as being more open with each other. You both may lose your interest amid your progress.

Short-Term Marriage Counseling

If you are looking for short-term sessions, this counseling is the perfect one for you. This provides you quick solutions and short-term basis sessions. This form of counseling is for couples who are not facing serious problems and need immediate advice from a professional. Short sessions are cheaper, around $25 or less.

Pro #1: Affordable

Short-term marriage counseling only costs up to $25 for a whole session that can last up to an hour or two. If you can’t afford the other counseling methods, you can opt for this option.

Pro #2: Quick Solutions 

If you and your partner both have day jobs, getting this counseling session may provide you with a quick solution to your problems.

Con #1: Short and Straightforward Solutions 

Since short-term counseling can only take up to an hour to finish, therapists usually resort to giving straightforward advice that may not help you solve some of your deeper issues. You and your partner may also not be able to express your thoughts during the session thoroughly, leaving some questions still unanswered.

Solution-Focused Sessions

You may opt for this type of counseling if you want the fastest solution to your relationship problems.  The therapists and counselors help you and your partner heal and grow by providing practical solutions to your problems. Counselors will usually consult with you and your partner only a few times and develop a solution to help you both get through your issues swiftly. 

Pro #1: Quick Solutions 

This is because the therapist will provide you and your partner with the solution quickly. Also, sessions are short and future-oriented, unlike other approaches where past conflicts are usually discussed.

Con #1: No Sense of Closure 

You and your partner may not feel closure since the solution is promptly given to you. The therapist may only ask about your relationship’s vital issues and not let you and your partner vent out your thoughts.

Full Sessions Online Marriage Counseling

This is considered as the "overall" marriage counseling online session. If you’re looking for more intimate marriage counseling, this is the one for you. Professionals will help you with all your relationship issues that range from infidelity to communication problems via full sessions for a more special assessment that allows you and your partner to dive deeper into your issues.

Pro #1: Thorough and Longer Sessions 

Full session counseling helps you and your partner discuss your issues with each other more thoroughly. You and your partner enable you to share your deepest thoughts with your significant other without having to rush.

Con #1: Loss of Enthusiasm 

You and your partner may lose interest in these long sessions, which can demotivate both of you completely. When it's the therapist's turn to discuss things, you and your partner may lose focus since these counseling sessions can last for more than 2 hours.

Who needs online marriage counseling?

Married Couples

Most people are still hesitant when it comes to consulting with professionals since they believe that they are the ones who can genuinely fix their conflicts. However, in times where challenges may get out of hand attending marriage counseling is highly recommended. Online marriage counseling can help you consider your choices and make wise decisions to save your relationship. 

Newly Engaged Couples

Marriage counseling is not only limited to married couples. It also helps those who are engaged. Premarital counseling can help you, and your significant other achieve a deeper understanding of each other and settle your differences before tying the knot. Consultations and sessions with professionals can resolve sexual and intimacy difficulties, conflicts about child-rearing, and conflicts with blended families.

Dating Couples

Counseling services are not limited to married and newly-engaged couples. If you and your partner are starting to question each other’s motives and intentions, you can opt for counseling as well. Having doubts can lead to misunderstandings and eventual separation. Consulting a professional can help you settle your tangled thoughts and help you understand each other.

Step-by-step guide on how to choose an online marriage counseling provider

Step 1: Evaluate your relationship. 

All relationships have their highs and lows. Couples usually seek counseling when the relationship hits a rough patch. However, it’s essential to assess your relationship before reaching the point of no return to determine the aspects that need guidance or improvement. 

Step 2: Set your goals.

Setting goals, such as understanding each other on a deeper level and communicating better, is essential in building the relationship. Counseling will help you and your partner reflect on your relationship, identify issues, provide solutions to conflicts and strengthen your bond. 

Step 3: Find your ideal online marriage counselor.  

Every marriage counselor is different, and not all of them could give your relationship the right kind of guidance that you need. Find a qualified and reliable therapist with established credibility. Remember to scrutinize their credentials and ask questions before deciding with your partner.

Step 4: Choose the type of counseling your relationship needs. 

Understand the type of counseling that your relationship needs before availing of online marriage counseling services. Different therapy types are available, and you must know the most appropriate for your relationship to get the best out of your sessions. Talk with your partner and decide on the type of counseling you need. 

Step 5: Do a trial run.  

Most online marriage counseling offers an initial experience of their therapy sessions. It is essential to trust and have confidence in your counselor for you to be guided thoroughly. One or two trial sessions could help you determine if the counseling is a good fit for you and your partner or if there is a need to search for a different counselor. 

Step 6: Establish a schedule.  

Once you find the right type of online marriage counseling, establish a convenient and effective schedule for you and your partner. You can communicate with your therapist together, or you can choose to do therapy individually at different schedules. 

Step 7: Grow and heal together. 

You may find it challenging to open up to your counselor first, but eventually, you will find yourself at ease and ready to communicate. Having a mediator will help you understand and listen more to what your partner is feeling. Be honest with what you’re going through, sort out issues, and be open to solutions and improvements.

Step 8: Put things into action.  

Remember, it will only work out if you and your partner will do your part. It’s not all about venting out what you think and feel, but you have to do something about it. Be open to changes and follow what your counselor suggests. Give it time, but always do your best to improve the relationship. 

Step 9: Maintain the relationship. 

When you can finally communicate and understand each other better, you will conquer more conflicts together and have a newfound sense of commitment and maturity. New experiences will be built, and your connection will grow deeper. 

Step 10: Stay connected with your counselor.  

Stressful situations may arise, and old behaviors may start to show up. Remember to keep your relationship in check from time to time. It could also be helpful to stay connected with your marriage counselor and follow-up on your relationship progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most reputable and trusted therapists for online marriage counseling have their valid credentials displayed on their websites online. You can ask the therapist for a valid document that proves their accreditation by a reputable organization, such as a certificate from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). You can also read online marriage counseling reviews from genuine clients.

Below are some of the common questions therapists ask during a counseling session.

Do you trust me?

An online couples counselor usually asks this question to let you know that they are genuinely there to help you and your partner get through your situation. It will establish a sense of comfort, effectively helping both of you to open up more.

When did the conflicts and issues start?

This helps the therapist get an overview of you and your partner's ongoing issues. It will give them the idea of how the situation has escalated that made you decide on going through online marriage counseling, which will help the counselor effectively create a solution for you.

What are the biggest problems in your marriage?

A counselor will usually ask this to narrow down your relationship's main issues, which gives them an idea of how to help you resolve your concerns. This will help therapists easily pinpoint the problems that are affecting the relationship the most.

What made you come to marriage counseling?

Consulting a professional for help is a brave choice and is usually made when people are desperate. Asking this will help the counselor understand your situation better.

With online marriage counseling, you will learn skills that can solidify your relationship, such as coming up with solutions that can resolve conflicts. It can also boost your confidence when sharing your honest thoughts with your partner and allows you to learn and discuss differences rationally.

Unfortunately, insurance equity laws do not apply to this type of service. With that said, couples do not need insurance for marriage counseling online. You cannot also use your insurance coverages to avail of these services.  

Yes, there are many marriage and family counseling programs online that help couples of all types. The type of counseling also varies, such as Christian marriage counseling, for more religious people. You will know when you need these services if you have problems, like frequent arguments, physical abuse, and lack of communication, that often leads to separation if left unacknowledged.

Yes, but it still depends on your efforts as a couple. Studies show that counseling is effective in saving strained relationships and improving marriage satisfaction. About 70% of couples benefit from these online sessions.

Even in a somewhat abusive relationship, a professional therapist will not suggest divorce if they deem the relationship can still be saved. What they will do is help the victim and find other solutions other than separation. These professionals will do everything they can to ensure the safety of their clients is kept.

The success rate for marriage counseling online varies with the type of therapy sessions offered. Currently, the most common and preferred technique is Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), having a rough estimate of 75% success rate, according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

The only thing you need to do for online marriage counseling is to find a qualified therapist that can help you solve your problems. You can find the ideal therapist by reading online marriage counseling reviews, referrals, and intensive research. 

Online marriage counseling can guide you and your significant other in resolving your conflicts, dealing with your present issues, and providing solutions to strengthen your relationship further. Regardless if you're married or unmarried, these services help you and your partner settle your differences and understand each other more.