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🏆 Best Productivity Apps for August 2021

Accomplish more tasks with the help of productivity apps. No more wasted time because, with these apps, you can easily track your goals, manage your projects, notes, and ideas all in one place.

What are productivity apps

Spend your time doing your work instead of managing how to do it. Productivity apps’ definition varies from person to person. You can use productivity apps to boost efficiency, eliminate distractions, or relax and meditate. Whatever your reasons are, productivity apps can help you work smarter, faster, and better.

Why do you need productivity apps?

Don’t let distractions control you. Instead, take over your bad habits and addictions.  Use productivity apps to finish tasks efficiently and effectively, achieve goals, and give yourself more purpose. Learn more about how productivity apps can help you work better and smarter.

Break Bad Habits

Get your life back together with productivity apps, and goodbye to bad habits that don’t add value to your life. Reduce missing deadlines, empty promises, and disappointed expectations by introducing productivity apps in your lives. Develop healthier practices by conquering distractions and fruitful addictions.

Get Motivated

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration. The top productivity apps can even send you motivational and inspirational alerts to make sure you keep going and working. Set it to remind you to hustle hard even before you start opening your work dashboards. Start your days right and get motivated through productivity apps

Set Smart Goals

The best work productivity apps help you achieve your goals. Do it the smart way by sorting them first according to priority and urgency. Then, set realistic to-do lists at achievable due dates. If you want to amplify your efficiency and effectiveness, work on finishing your deadlines even before they arrive!

Keep Everything Together

Keep your thoughts together and organize them all in one place. The new productivity apps allow you to manage and sync your notes across different devices. Save your write-ups on your computers and access them on your tablets within a few clicks. Don’t waste your time looking where your documents might be. Keep your PDFs, photos, and audio together for easy retrieval.

Get in the Zone

With all the different kinds of possible distractions, losing the passion and determination to power through the day is the most challenging part of being productive. So, get in the zone with productivity apps. They have that powerful “force” mode that keeps you hustling until you’ve reached your specified goals.

Manage and Balance Your Time

The perfect recipe for a balanced life doesn’t only consist of hard work. To get things done, you should know how to balance out your life. Take some time off—exercise, eat healthily, and sleep. To manage your time wisely, use productivity apps to help you achieve a balanced life to get things done.

Increase Personal Efficiency

Kickstart your days with daily doses of discipline. The best productivity apps will be there for you, even if your willpower isn’t. Complete goals and stay effective and efficient. Don’t let yourself get caught in a pit hole of burnouts and temptations. Maximize your true potentials and do more of what you’re capable of, thanks to productivity apps.

Track Productivity

If your problem is spending so much time on one task, try productivity apps to track your productivity. Time tracking tools in productivity apps can help you evaluate how you’re spending your time. Seeing how much you’ve worked can help you reorganize your time and establish its value.

Block Distractions

The best business productivity apps block websites, while some phone productivity apps limit your use of distracting applications.  As soon as you open these apps, they work their way to ration your use of time. Some even include “Do Not Disturb” options to cancel out notifications. You can use productivity apps to create strong walls against online temptation.

Avoid Procrastination

Cramming everything to the last minute, heightens up anxiety and stress. So, break the cycle of self-sabotage and regret through productivity apps with time management features. Finish work even before deadlines and go beyond what’s expected from you. Reward yourself a peaceful, calm, and refreshing relaxation after accomplishing your job because you deserve it.

Rebuild and Reconnect Relationships

Poor time management pushes you to neglect responsibilities that can affect your relationships. So, stop giving in to instant and short-lived online guilty pleasures and spend it on memorable interactions with family and friends. Get things done in no time so you can have more time in your hands to spend it on things that matter—that’s what productivity apps are for.

Manage Ideal Workflow

One person slacking off can result in a domino effect: everyone becomes unproductive and in a snap. You’d want to avoid that, most especially for workplaces that depend on one’s output before they can start on their own. So, use productivity apps that make sure everyone does their part. After all, an ideal workplace is where everything gets done smoothly and without hiccups.

Keep Team Focused

Team goals are achieved through unified collaboration and cooperation. Begin it by making sure you can count on every individual on your team. Cut down multi-tasking and goofing up to keep your team focused. The best team productivity apps allow you to assign tasks and due dates to your members. So, increase the productivity of every individual you count on.

Boost Workplace Morale

Productivity apps bring overall happiness to everyone in the workplace. More tasks finished means more rewards are coming, which means that everyone enjoys the benefits of their hard work. So, use work productivity apps to encourage your employees to appreciate the small steps so they can enjoy pursuing more significant tasks. 

Protect Children Online

Prevention is better than cure. So, before you let your children explore the vast internet world, keep them protected through the best productivity apps. With these, you can discipline their use of addictive games and software that could ruin their studies.

Core features of productivity apps

How can you maximize productivity with these apps? Explore the various features that best suit your needs. Whether you need it for personal goals or to meet monthly work quotas, discover the several value-adding features productivity apps can offer. Get stuff done with the following features.

Automatic Scheduler

Good routines start with achievable tasks and consistent productivity. Hence, set up routine tasks once, and you can forget about it because the productivity apps got your back. These apps will automatically set your weekly meetings and monthly quotas on repeat until you turn them off—there’s no need for you to input repetitive tasks manually!

Motivational Quotes

Top productivity apps always go extra and offer features you thought you never needed. As soon as you work on your tasks, you can begin with a strong desire to finish them through pop-up motivational quotes. Set your productivity apps to send you inspirational messages. That way, you can remind yourself to push harder and end your days right.

Website and Application Blocker

Get the most out of your productivity apps through their website and application blocking feature. Create your list of websites and applications to block. You can either opt for continuous blocking– restricts you until you turn it off or scheduled blocking– restricts you for a while. Start productive days without being tempted to open distracting sites and apps.

Pomodoro Timer

Break down your work into sets of intervals separated by short breaks. The Pomodoro Technique has been believed to increase productivity by taking quick and scheduled breaks regularly. Most productivity apps alert you once it’s time for you to take a break. Enjoy your little breather because productivity apps alert you as well once it’s time to go back to work.

Time & Activity Tracker

The best productivity apps include time and activity tracking tools to measure how much work you’ve finished. Writing productivity apps automatically record the number of words you’ve written. Meanwhile, their time management tools reflect the duration you’ve spent on a task. With this feature, you can’t cheat your way by manually adding entries and reducing time.

Log Reports

Discover the truth of your working habits. After tracking how much time you’ve spent, log reports provide a summary of how many hours you spent. It lets you see where the time goes so you can manage them better. You can immediately resolve lousy working habits and plan out how you will achieve more through log reports.

Plan Protection

The best productivity apps for students include protective measures to ensure that they study effectively. Some subscription plans even include password protection features so that parents can password-protect their children’s mobile phones. That way, children can only use their phones when they’ve finished their assignments.

Break Mode

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and give yourself a well-deserving break. Set your break times and recharge to keep yourself from burning out. The break mode feature alerts you when it’s time to take a break. It automatically stops tracking your time, so you don’t have to set it up manually. Then, you can turn it off with a simple click and start working again.

Lock and Away Mode

Accurately track how productive you are. The away mode feature instantly stops time when you are away from your computers. Then, you can count the time you actively spent working. Don’t worry because you won’t be losing your work. It only locks you out of your user account so you can attend to other important matters rather than being tempted to launch time-wasting apps.

Third-Party Integrations

Sync in with third-party apps to squeeze all the efficiency you can get. Foster collaboration and cooperation virtually by using this feature to manage people’s projects and deadlines. Connect all the platforms you use in one place to monitor everyone’s progress and execute strategies to reach goals in no time.

BASH Scripting Support

If you want more control, select productivity apps that provide more flexibility. Instruct your productivity apps on what to do with little coding tweaks. There’s no limit when it comes to deciding how your productivity apps can help you. Launch or stop playlists and enable do not disturb features with BASH scripting features. However, use it only if you’re familiar with it.

Compatible Licensing

Productivity apps come in bundled licensing software for companies and educational institutions. See to it that you’re purchasing the productivity apps that suit your needs. Licensing for businesses includes productivity apps for executives, employees, team leaders, and members. While licensing for schools include those for teachers, students, and administrative staff.

Mobile App Availability

Extend your productivity to your mobile devices. The good thing about phone productivity is these apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Don’t fool yourselves by saying you’re just going to check notifications because you might end up wasting the next hours scrolling through social media. Thanks to phone productivity apps, there’s no more procrastination!

Dark Mode

Bright lights and flashing colors can be intimidating. Little do you know that small details like these can compromise the quality of your work. Luckily, productivity apps include a dark mode feature, so you never have to worry about eye strain.

Money-Back Guarantee

The productivity app alone cannot increase your productivity. So, if you think you’re not getting your money’s worth, you can always ask for a refund. Most productivity apps include money-back guarantees for those who cannot stay dedicated to using the apps for working better and smarter. After all, it’s not about the productivity app you use, but how you use it.

Types of productivity apps 

Choose how you can work efficiently and effectively with the different types of productivity apps. Boost up your energies to deliver excellent outcomes. Take well-deserved breaks and pauses. You can be productive as long as you pick the right productivity app that suits your needs. Learn about the various productivity apps today, and finish tasks and goals in no time.

Personal Productivity Apps

Begin your days with a clear and focused mind—personal productivity apps help you manage your life. Start with quick meditations and an organized to-do list, and eliminate distractions and unnecessary. Give yourself a favor and craft excellent and healthy habits with personal productivity apps.

Pro #1: Improve Quality of Work

Personal productivity apps can help you build healthy and sustainable working habits. Once you’re in the comfort of a successful and productive routine, you can generate improved and excellent outcomes. Improve your work’s quality for more chances of job promotions or merely trying to live a positive life by doing the best in all you do.

Pro #2: Meditation and Relaxation

The key factor to more efficiency and effectiveness is by having clarity and tranquility. Having a clear mind can help you reevaluate your work and to focus more. Personal productivity apps allow you to take breaks, meditate, and relax to help you destress and recharge.

Con #1: Proficiency to Use Them

To maximize your personal productivity apps’ features, you’ve got to be familiar with them and know which functions you can benefit from the most. If you don’t know how to use the app, it can make you unmotivated, and it can’t help you be productive.

Con #2: Constant Updates

Developers of personal productivity apps always upgrade to make sure you get the most out of them. Sometimes, these updates can be expensive. Plus, the new features complicate your whole journey towards being productive. Upgrades and updates can be discouraging from purchasing personal productivity apps.

Team Productivity Apps

Meet quotas and go beyond limits with team productivity apps. Keep your workforce together by streamlining collaboration and communication in the workplace. Take advantage of the different integrations to automate workflows through team productivity apps.

Pro #1: Boost Employee Happiness

Make life easier for employees through team productivity apps. Simplify collaboration and communication to save time and improve their way of life. With productive and motivated employees, you can have happy employees that would stick around.

Pro #2: Achievable Customer Satisfaction

With happy employees, everything else follows. A happier workforce can attend to more customers, resulting in customer satisfaction. Team productivity apps help keep employees on track, serve your customers more, and even go the extra mile in meeting customer’s needs.

Con #1: Excessive Workplace Monitoring

Employees might feel they are always being tracked, and this can promote paranoia. Some team productivity apps create a tight and less personal working environment. It may affect their whole well-being and can result in declining work performance.

Con #3: Risk of Discrimination

Team productivity apps pose a risk of discrimination. When one team member takes too long to complete a task, whatever their reason may be, it can be everyone’s talk of the town. This can be the start of gossip and can affect the overall team’s performance.

Gamified Productivity Apps

Spice up your life with gamified productivity apps. Destress creatively by introducing gamified productivity apps to your employees. Encourage them to have fun and engage more with their colleagues. Achieve more when you turn regular tasks into games with gamified productivity apps.

Pro #1: Immediate Signs of Achievement

Gamified productivity apps can help unleash your hidden and unnoticed skills. This can be a way for you to be recognized and be identified for doing more than just your regular desk jobs. Also, this can help motivate the disengaged. Take a little breather off work and play games to shake the stress off.

Pro #2: Increase Employee Engagement

Motivate more employees through the mini-game features of your gamified productivity apps. Sometimes, workers just need a little boost to be more productive in their jobs. Aside from doing routine tasks, they can have some fun along the side-lines. Play the minigames during breaks, increase rankings, and have fun.

Con #1: Temptation to Cheating

When people’s job promotions and salary increases are on the line, everyone might just cheat their way on top. It can be hard to resist the temptation to increase rankings. Rather than working together for the company’s good, employees’ can use this platform to make unethical and corrupt choices.

Con #2: Unhealthy Competition

Gamified productivity apps can be a way to foster internal competition. However, this can also be a tunnel leading to destructive and toxic relationships. This can provoke employees to sabotage each other and forget the collaborative effort to work together for the company’s good.

Virtual Reality (VR) Productivity Apps

If you want to level up from boring, static, and old video conferencing tools, you can always opt for Virtual Reality (VR) productivity apps. It promotes active engagement in meetings and presentations, even in the comfort of your own homes. Set up brainstorming sessions and team presentations a little over the edge with VR productivity apps.

Pro #1: Ease of Use

VR Productivity Apps are made to be beginner-friendly. As more digital workplaces emerge nowadays, everyone is envisioned to use VR productivity apps for more productive and efficient meetings and sessions. So, they are made to be simple, sleek, and interactive.

Pro #2: Interact with Work-Related Documents

Are you still not comfortable with a work-from-home setup? Feel like you’re still in the office through VR productivity apps. You can create virtual whiteboards and insert doodled PC screens to foster a more creative workplace. Bring up your presentations in an office environment and explore how you can use them for your collaboration needs.

Con #1: Expensive Licensing

VR productivity apps are not necessarily essentials for boosting up productivity. It’s a way for you to be creative. Their developers took a lot of time and effort to make them possible; hence they don’t easily come cheap. Most of their licenses need to be directly purchased from their developers.

Con #2: High-Maintenance System Requirements

You might need high and upgraded computer systems to allow VR productivity apps to function smoothly and effectively. They can lag computers that don’t have enough capacity to meet the licensing requirements. Also, their software upgrades can slow down your computer processors over time.

Who needs productivity apps?


Finish piles of backlogs and create quality homework with productivity apps for students. Make the most of your learning experience when you don’t cram and have enough time to grasp and understand the class lessons. Don’t forget to enjoy your youth, and spare some time to have fun with family and friends. Manage your time well with productivity apps.


As parents, you do not want to get in the way of your children’s self-exploration online. But the internet can interfere with your children’s learning, time, and productivity. Install only the best productivity apps to protect your children online. Also, impose discipline on your children to limit their use of mobile games and gaming software.

Teachers and Professors

Just like students, teachers need productivity apps to help them deliver the best and top-notch learning experience for their students. Not all teachers work full-time, so they need to manage their time well. There are free productivity apps that can help them balance preparing lesson plans and evaluating students’ quizzes and assessment exams.


Regardless of company size, time is an essential factor that dictates a business’s success. Shoving everything to the last minute might cost your product’s quality. Use business productivity apps to your advantage so you can plan the production process without compromising quality.


Executives make big decisions for the company. One small mistake can create drastic and disastrous outcomes. Hence, they should have clear and calm heads when they make decisions. Start with using personal productivity apps. Begin your days fresh and stress-free so that you can work productively and happily.


One of the critical factors behind every business success story is that employees need all the motivation to continue striving to do their jobs well. Work productivity apps can help you boost your work efficiency to ace your tasks! Plus, it offers features that allow you to automate workflow with a few clicks. 

Sales and Marketing Teams

Meet team goals and reach quotas through the best team productivity apps. Install and integrate your favorite motivating apps to encourage and boost your sales and marketing teams to achieve quotas. Assign tasks and set clear and practical deadlines with in-sync collaborative tools these team productivity apps provide.


Freelancers often work on several jobs for multiple clients at once. So, get all the productivity you need to finish all your tasks effectively and motivate yourself to hustle hard without jeopardizing your work quality. Increase productivity and use your time in practical ways through productivity apps.

News Writers and Journalists

Time is of the essence for news writers and journalists. They are always catching up to deliver the most recent news, updates, and information that everybody must know. So, in this line of work, slacking off is not an option. So, install phone productivity apps to make sure you’re always getting your job done wherever and whenever you are.


Website and software developers take crucial time to create well-functioning applications and software. Each step involves a lot of attention to detail. So, they can use gamified productivity apps to avoid burnout and refresh their minds. They can take some time out of coding and programming to start enjoying a little with the embedded mini-games on productivity apps.

Step-by-step guide on how to use productivity apps

Step1: Start with a baseline. 

How productive are you now? Start with a baseline so you can have something to compare with before choosing a productivity app. Take note of how many to-do lists you’ve accomplished or what kind of mood you can be most effective at. Also, consider how many times you’ve lost track and got distracted.

Step 2: Compare service providers. 

Next, list down the apps that you want to try out. You can do your research and read reviews for the top productivity apps in the market. Or ask for recommendations from family and friends. These suggestions can help you narrow down your choices. 

Step 3: Download and try your productivity app or software. 

Before spending your money, it’s best to go for a test drive first. If the app offers a free trial, check its features, and use it to see if it suits your needs. Once you’ve decided, you can subscribe, download, and use the productivity app you like. 

Step 4: Establish your productive routine and analyze performance. 

Establishing a routine takes time. Introduce one productivity method at a time and measure how productive you are against your baseline. Compare each practice you try and see which impacts your productivity rate the most. Have fun, and enjoy the process towards achieving more goals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on the productivity app licensing agreement, you can set up your productivity apps on multiple devices. For companies, you can choose licensing plans that can cover your total number of employees. Generally, productivity apps allow up to 5 devices per license, whether you’re using your phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

Yes, you can turn off notification emails. Sometimes, the pop-up notifications don’t help. It can distract you, and you can lose your focus. Fortunately, you can disable your productivity apps from sending you alerts on new emails. Simply click on the “Turn Off” notification feature of your productivity apps.

Most productivity apps keep a pattern of your browsing history. But with data privacy laws and regulations, they are only limited to the ethical and legal ways to track your browsing activities. Rest assured that they will handle your data securely and safely in compliance with data privacy rules and guidelines.

Yes, you can customize the Pomodoro Technique feature. The default Pomodoro Technique timers allow you to work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes. With the best free productivity apps, you can customize it by increasing or decreasing your work and break time.

No, you don’t need to know computer programming to use productivity apps. Productivity apps are simple and straightforward. You just have to set to-do list entries or set timers manually, and you’re good to go.

Most writing productivity apps transform your computers into typewriters. This ensures that all possible distractions are eliminated so you can work on your write-ups and articles productively. You can set them up to track the number of hours you’ve been working per article or the number of words you can achieve in a given hour.

Yes, you can add your motivational quotes on productivity apps. With the motivational alert feature, you can receive inspirational messages to motivate you while working. You can add the quotes you live by or bible verses to encourage you to reach your goals.

Yes, it is safe to use productivity apps. Developers go through a series of antivirus and protective measures to ensure that productivity apps don’t cause trouble. Also, productivity apps are built to comply with the laws regarding data privacy and personal information.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plans. No matter how hard you try, some productivity apps just don’t do the trick. You can cancel your paid subscription plans anytime, with no questions asked.

Yes, there are productivity apps that accept refunds. They usually return your subscription plans as soon as they acknowledge your cancellation requests. As long as you’ve canceled your subscription plans within the specific refund time, you’ve got nothing to worry about.