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🏆 Best Psychic Sites for August 2021

You're looking for guidance and direction in your life, but you don't know where to turn? A psychic Site is a place where psychics can speak from their hearts and share messages of guidance, direction, love, or healing with people who need it most.

What are psychic sites

At one point in your life, you might ask yourself, “Is this the right path?” In a world full of uncertainties and confusion, getting a psychic reading could shed light on your past, present, and future. 

A psychic site is a website where you can get a psychic reading or learn about supernatural elements. It allows you to gain insight into spiritual omens and helps you discern significant life decisions. You can get all the guidance that you need and the answers that you seek.

Why do you need psychic sites?

You may have made up your mind that you need a psychic reading, but why should you need a psychic site? Booking with a local psychic is doable, but there are reasons why psychic sites could suit you better.

Get Readings Right Where You Are

With psychic reading sites, you can get your psychic readings in the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to appointment booking and traveling a few hours from where you are to see a psychic medium.  

 Have Sessions Anytime

Plenty of psychic sites give you access to psychics 24/7. You just have to scroll through the extensive database of people who are online at the moment. Being in a different timezone is not an issue since different psychics are available at different times of the day. 

Have Open and Relaxed Sessions

Meeting an actual psychic can get you tense, and you fail to open up. Top psychic sites can allow you to chat in real-time with a reader or medium. Not only is your identity kept secret, but you would also feel more relaxed in telling everything. Open communication is the key to the perfect psychic session.

Be in Touch With More Psychic Advisors

You got your first reading, and you could want to get a second and third reading. Understandably, you want to make sure that you are getting the right insights, and what better way there is than to hear from more people. A psychic site gives you access to several psychic readers and mediums on one platform.

More Options Within Reach

Booking with an actual psychic advisor could limit your reading options because a single advisor could specialize in a few types of psychic readings. Meanwhile, a psychic site would give you a broad spectrum of services such as consultations, tarot readings, astrology readings, and more. 

Core features of psychic sites

Easy-to-navigate Site

More than visual appeal, the interface has to be functional. It should allow you access to various resources available on the site. As you navigate the website, you should gain access to different articles and blog posts. Also, a dynamic list of online psychics would let you know who is available for immediate contact.

Credible Psychics

You may be seeking life coaches that can help you achieve balance in mind, soul, and body. Credible psychics are professionals who will give you grounded and authoritative readings. The psychic site would guarantee credibility if the readers and mediums went through a rigorous background check and certification. The reliability of these persons would give you a sense of security and a degree of trust in their spiritual interpretations. 

Psychics may also pursue areas of study that will deepen the sessions you will have. A reader can have a background in psychology. Some advisors can also specialize in relationships, family life, and career growth.

Areas of Expertise

A selection of reading methods gives you greater freedom in choosing what suits you. You could also try new ways to get psychic advice. Methods you’ve never tried before could be a novel experience for you to take. Typical readings include palm reading, numerology, and aura reading. If you are the more adventurous type, you can try more obscure readings like Kabbalah readings and pet psychics.

Versatile Communication Methods

The best online psychic sites would allow you more options to contact in-house readers and mediums. You could have the option to reach out through SMS, email, live video chat, live text chat, and phone call. If you feel tense opening up to a stranger, you can opt for non-voice communication methods. If you want a more personal feel, you could choose voice and video contact. 

Introductory Minutes

As a consumer, you want to make sure that you’re not wasting fees on the wrong person. With some introductory minutes, you can get a trial period with a psychic reader or medium. In two to three minutes, the initial talking will give you the idea of whether you can connect with the professional. 

Psychic Resources

More than a portal to getting services and sessions, the website is a psychic information site. You can find regular blog posts that could teach you a thing or two about psychic powers and natural laws. On the site, you may also sign up for a newsletter where you can get valuable emails regularly. If you go through the links, you are likely to find general forecasts and horoscopes that apply to specific sun signs.

Types of psychic sites

Psychic sites are classified according to their area of expertise. Be it in structured or unstructured psychic readings. However, this classification is not to be taken strictly as other psychic websites, and psychic blog sites dabble on both these days.

Structured Psychic Site

Want to know what the future has in store for you? You might as well refer to a structured psychic site.

As the name suggests, the website follows a structure to provide you with insights into your personality, lifestyle, fate, and relationships. A structured psychic site focuses on the interpretation of symbols, patterns, and numbers. These things have a defined meaning. Thus, the psychic reader would have to master the symbolism and the underlying meaning.

Structured readings include numerology, cartomancy (based on cards), dream interpretations, and tarot cards. These readings are for divination, which is predicting your future. You consult structured psychic sites if you want to make better decisions and improve future outcomes.

Pro #1: You Don’t Need to Show Yourself

The reader would require you specific information about yourself. After supplying these details, the psychic give you a reading that aims to shed light on things.

Pro #2: You can Learn to do Them Yourself

A structured psychic site may give you resources for reading. You can learn the defined meaning behind a certain set of symbols and patterns. Take note, however, that the list does not completely replace the advice of a professional psychic


Con #1: There is Room for Misinterpretation

There is a possibility that a set of symbols or patterns can be misinterpreted. Usually, this happens if you did the analysis yourself. You would have to seek a reliable reader to make sure that you can get a better view of your circumstances.

Unstructured Psychic Site

If you need answers about your past that lack closure and resolution, you need unstructured psychics. This psychic site focuses on getting you connected with aura readers and mediums. The readings you get do not follow a particular structure. Instead, the innate psychic powers of the professional are put forward.

It is best that you, at least virtually, see a psychic advisor face-to-face. The advisor would give readings based on what he or she senses about you. You can receive insights into your past and current situation—your emotions, spirit, and relationships.

Unstructured readings can be based on your angel cards, lost objects, love, past life, and spirit. Your advisor connects with the invisible aspects of this universe such as angels, spirits, hidden signs, and hidden realms.

Pro #1: Sessions Feel More Intimate

The in-house psychic would have a good look at you and would tell you about what he or she thinks. In turn, you can talk about how you’re feeling and ask questions, which you need answers to.

Pro #2: Reading may Take Less Time

Unlike reading using cards and calculations, unstructured psychics give you insights after a few moments. The psychic would just have to feel your aura, the energy, and communicate with the unseen to get a sense of what you are going through.

Pro #3: You can Witness Higher Psychic Gifts

Unstructured psychics rely on the talents of the psychics themselves. You could see how an advisor would be able to get a feel of what is bothering you, which is amazing, especially for a first-timer.

Con #1: You Would Likely Need to Do a Face-to-Face Call

If you do not prefer showing yourself, this could be a con for you. The psychic reader and medium would most likely have to see and hear you do a proper reading.

Con #2: The Future is not Disclosed to You

What the advisor does is do a reading for you as of the present moment. Shadows from past events also come up during the session. However, the future is not necessarily predicted as the advisor focuses on the current you.

Who needs psychic sites?

People who have unresolved issues

Are you stuck with an issue in mind? Do you feel like you have to deal with shadows from past events? With a psychic site, you can take the first step towards getting closure and clarity. If you book a session with a psychic on the website, you can talk about what you’re going through. Also, you can gain a new perspective on your circumstances from the advisor.

People who want to know the future

If you are burdened with anxiety about making major life decisions and hoping for better future outcomes, you can consult psychic sites. Of course, clairvoyance is not absolute as you can change tomorrow with the decisions you make today. Yet, with some psychic advice, you can feel more reassured about making major steps for your career, family life, romance, and dreams.

People who want to know themselves better

Getting a psychic reading done can help you make a deeper introspection about yourself. There may be perspectives you have never considered before. You may not agree with the assessment given, but it will help you discern your current state of mind and being. If you feel like you are out of touch or if you feel lost, setting up a session with a psychic can get you all the life advice that you need. You can become a better person after knowing another side of yourself.

People who are curious about psychics

You might have heard somewhere about natural laws and psychic powers. With the internet, you can easily learn a new thing. By looking up at psychic sites, you can learn more about the unseen world. You can also learn a thing or two about interpreting symbols and patterns that materialize in front of you. 

Step-by-step guide in getting a psychic reading

Step 1: Choose the psychic site. 

You can check out the top 10 psychic sites listed on the leaderboard. Go through them one by one and see which one has the reading you need. 

Step 2: Register and make an account. 

Once you selected the website, you can now register and make an account. Input the necessary details in the registration form. Afterward, you have to confirm your details through a link sent through an email or an OTP through SMS. 

Step 3: List questions.

Before you book a session, you have to organize your thoughts. List the questions or issues that bother you. Make sure that you outline them well so that you can make the most of your session minutes. Take note that your psychic is not an omniscient mindreader. You still have to tell more about your situation for them to help you best.

Step 4: Select a psychic. 

Go through the directory available on the website. It would list the profiles of psychic advisors, the available time, the maximum reading time, specializations, accreditations, and rates per minute. Some sites will also show who is online as of the time of your site viewing. 

You don’t have to be too picky about your psychic in the directory. The best way to pick is through firsthand experience. If the site offers a free trial, you can just use those minutes to check in with one psychic after another. Trust your gut feeling in the selection process.

Step 5: Make preparations before the session. 

As you have the time and date set for your reading session, you should prepare a few things beforehand. Be in a place conducive for talking. Make sure that there are no distractions. Make sure your phone signal is good if you’re contacting the psychic through your cellular phone. If you plan to do it online, make sure that the internet connection is stable. Lastly, get a pen and some paper in hand to take notes because you would not want to miss out on valuable advice. 

Step 6: Connect with your psychic.

As you communicate with the psychic advisor, try to relax. You don’t have to be nervous, although it’s understandable if you are. Interact with the reader. Try to go over your list of questions one by one. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the issues that bother you. Listen to what the reader has to say. Take notes. If you have further questions about the reading, raise them immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting an online tarot reading should not be taken as absolute truth. Instead, it should guide you in introspection and taking a good look at your life. Then again, your online tarot readings are precise as long as you can get one done from a professional psychic reader. Usually, top-rate psychic sites have a list of psychics that comes with a profile about them. The profile will also contain reviews from other people who previously had a session.

You just have to visit a psychic site and select from an array of reading types. Some sites would directly give you a list of psychics who are online. An account with the website may be necessary before you can book a session. Once you book with a specific advisor, you select how you get through with the session whether through email, phone call, video call, or text chat. 

First off, you should think about what you need to know. What particular issue do you need help on? Take your pick. It could be about romantic relationships, family life, career, or your emotions. Once you have something in mind, you can begin scrolling through the profiles of different psychics. Check their expertise and see if it’s a match for your needs.

You can also find the right psychic by going through the trial minutes. Ask a few probing questions to get a feel of the professional. Trust your gut feelings. Stay in the session if you feel like the person you’re talking with can understand how you feel and says what you need to hear.

You can have a session that is as short as a few minutes or as long as an hour. It can depend on the professional’s practice, the budget you have, and the conversation that takes place.

It may depend on the usual practice of the psychic professional. While viewing the psychic profiles, check whether the maximum reading time is listed as well. Do take note that you should also agree with the psychic on the length of reading time because you pay per minute. Your reading would largely depend on the budget you’ve set for the session. Then again, it also depends on the amount of counseling you needed to hear, and the talking you wanted to say. The issue on hand could be menial that you can get over it after the session. Perhaps, it can be a complicated matter that needs more time for discernment and exchange with the reader.

Psychic sites would want the best for you as a client. In case you are not satisfied, you may contact customer service and inquire about getting a refund. Plenty of websites provide a satisfaction guarantee policy that entails your money back if the service you had is subpar.

It is advisable that you check the policy to know what circumstances allow you to get your money back. Of course, if you just did not like the advice you heard, that is likely an unacceptable reason. However, if you find that the reader did not explain clearly or that they seemed to not pay attention to you, that is a case you could flag and inform a customer representative. As for other scenarios, check the guarantee policy to be sure.

You can reach out to a lot of types of psychic readers. These readers can specialize in several areas like tarot card reading, dream interpretation, palm reading, numerology, angel card reading, spiritual reading, and more. Another type of psychic reader you can connect with is a medium. The psychic medium can communicate with spirits and the divine to give an elaborate reading for you.

You would have to check the psychic website for the specific payment methods available. Usually, sites will have you pay with a debit card or credit card. It is possible that you can also pay through electronic wallets, direct deposits, and cryptocurrencies. Know your options and see which suits you best.

Factors that affect the cost include the psychic reader, the type of reading, the length of session time, and website fees—if any. A reader with a good track record and certifications may charge you more. Also, how complicated the reading method will affect the rate. As you pay per minute, a longer session will make you pay more. In some cases, you might have to pay the website for registration fees.

Check the rates on the psychics’ profiles so that you can set your budget ahead of time. Read the fine text, as well, to know if there are other charges and fees that you should account for.

You have plenty of options. The psychic site would list categories of reading you can get. If you have a psychic advisor in mind, the readings you can have will depend on the specialization the psychic holds.

Palmistry or Palm Reading

You may simply hold out your hands or send a photo of your palm. A psychic reader will study your palm to gain insight into your life and a general forecast of your future. Your right palm contains lines, patterns, and shapes that can help determine your career path, relationships, and health.


Numbers in your life can reveal personality traits, emotions, and predictions. Psychics, who double as numerologists, know what these numbers mean. They would ask you for the date and time of your birth so that they can reveal things about yourself. The dates for other significant events, like weddings, also have meaning.


Do you have an old necklace or a little keepsake from someone? You might have a family heirloom you inherited from the older generations. A psychic can give you a reading by using such objects.

As you have it online, physical touch is not possible. However, with a video chat, the psychic may sense the energy coming from the object through the screen. The reader could tell you about the person who owns the object. You can also learn about the emotions behind these objects.

Aura Reading

Every person emits a specific aura or energy. Although it is unseen, a reader has the ability to feel it. The psychic who specializes in aura reading can tell you more about your past, present, and future. You may also learn other aspects of your life like career and relationships.

Tarot Readings and Other Card Readings

The psychic can use a deck of cards to help you gain insight into your future. Each card has a defined meaning. You can get the reading based on the set of cards you drew from the deck. The reader would explain what the cards mean for you.

Other Obscure Readings

A few sites can get you more obscure types of reading. One is Kabbalah reading that has Jewish roots. Another rare type is pet psychics. Do you want to know what is up with your pet? The psychic can tell you just that. 

Of course, you can. However, you may not have the guarantee that the reading is by a credible psychic. Another reason it is for free is that the time is too short for you to get a solid and definite answer for your issues. Even the best free psychic reading site will not have it all for you.

Then again, it’s great to try out free psychic readings. At least it will give you a better idea of what you want from a particular psychic advisor. It could also be fun to try it out first for free. There is no pressure about paying for something that you may or may not like. You can always go for paid sessions whenever you are ready. 

If you are an experienced psychic with the credibilities to show for, you need the best websites to work for. It may not be easy to get the best one right away, but there are a few telling signs you could use. One is the traffic that goes into the site. If shown, you could see the number of sessions a psychic has booked. You should also check the terms and conditions and see how the profit-sharing goes or commission cuts, whichever applies.