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What are SEO companies

Good SEO work gets better over time. If you have a website, then you have likely heard of SEO. SEO companies or “search engine optimization companies” are companies that give services to attract website visitors in the “natural” way through search engines. If a website has good SEO strategies, then it gets a higher rank in search results. The higher the rank of your website in search results, the better. Potential customers, readers, and visitors tend to click the first link that appears in search results, hence a lot of traffic.

Why do you need SEO companies

Do you have a website filled with content? Then having SEO-friendly content will boost the exposure of your website and generate a lot of traffic. SEO agencies and companies can help your website rank higher on search results. They make sure that your website gets a lot of traffic and potentially has more clients. Here are some reasons why you need SEO companies:

Rank higher on search engines

Imagine looking for something you want to buy online. You use a search engine and you decide to click the first link you see and that’s where you buy your products. Many people click the first few links that appear in search results because they trust the top results. If your website ranks higher on search engines, then your websites will have many visitors every day.

Create an audience

Are you a blogger? If you have an SEO-optimized website, there is a great chance that you can grow your own audience. SEO companies will do all the work for you. They will optimize your website to bring more visitors and potential clients.

Gain more traffic and potential customers

Do you want your websites to be well-known? Then working with an SEO company can make that happen. Having a catchy website name with SEO-friendly content will get your content on top of the search results in no time. Generating more traffic will also bring potential customers that may like the products and services on your website. SEO hosting companies will help your website’s search ability so that your businesses will gain a lot of sales.

Core features of SEO companies

Promoting your website on the first page of search results can be the best thing for businessmen, bloggers, website owners, forums, and many more. With the help of SEO tools, you can elevate the rankings of your website and generate a lot of traffic. Here is the service list the best SEO companies are capable of doing to optimize your website and perform better than other competitors:

Keyword Search

A successful keyword campaign starts with a keyword search. Researching will help you identify topics and themes that your target market is currently searching for. SEO companies will give you suggested keywords related to your topic. Keyword search gives SEO companies the ability to find other keywords that you can add on your website so that your website ranks high in search engines. 

On-page Optimization

This is the process of making sure that search engines know what your content is all about. SEO companies will tell you to place the keywords on your website strategically on different parts of the website. Your website is going to get a lot of traffic and generate more viewers and potential customers on your website. The most common places SEO companies put the recommended keywords are in the title tags, header tags, URL, alt images and captions, and within your content.

Off-Page Optimization

Technical SEO involves making sure everything behind the scenes is set up for optimal rankings. The primary goal of technical optimization is to ensure your site structure allows the search engines to easily crawl and index every piece of content on your site. This includes your custom domain name, a good hosting service, and a good server for your website.

Link Building

If your website has links, then it can rank up in the search results of search engines. Inbound links are links that have different content on the same website. Outbound links are links that take you to another website for additional information. You can also create long and authentic articles that bloggers and journalists are likely going to link to. You can also link other websites with reliable information to improve your rankings in search results. SEO outsourcing companies give recommendations on what links you should include on your website.

Promote your Content on Social Media

Social media can play a big role in promoting your website. If you have a large number of followers, then you can ask them to check your website but if you don’t, then you can invest some money on social ads with an SEO company. Social advertising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience. Having a plan on how you’re going to promote your content will make social advertising on your website easier.

Preparing Preliminary Website Report

The importance of knowing the performance of your website can help you determine its rank in search engines. A complete website report by the SEO company is needed to evaluate your whole website. With the data that you have gathered, you can check how many people are searching for a specific keyword and how your website would perform if you implemented those strategies on your own website. A detailed website report is informative and easy to read, especially if you have little to no knowledge about SEO tools and SEO-related activities.

Pre-Optimization Ranking Report

By hiring an SEO company, the amount of traffic on your website would be monitored. An in-depth pre-optimization ranking report includes your website page ranking, web traffic on your site, and finding suitable keywords for the potential market of your business. It is important to know where your website is located in search engine results. If your website appears on the first page of results, then all you have to do is maintain the good SEO practices of your website in order for you to stay on the first page.

Website Traffic Management

Website traffic management controls the number of visitors and/or type of visitors to a website. There may be bots visiting your website, the job of website traffic management is to separate bots from genuine customers. SEO companies will give you access to software that shows the user behavior, progress, and traffic of your website on a graph. Website traffic management can prevent website crashes if there are too many visitors on your website at the same time.

Image Optimization

Having images on your website is just as important as having articles and blog posts. A good SEO company can help you with image optimization. Famous search engines like Google scouts your website before they get indexed and ranked in search results. If you have images on your website that are relevant to your content, then there is a great chance that your website will perform better than other websites that don’t use images in their SEO strategies.

Web Content Optimization

Relevant websites get better rank results in no time. Product pages, articles, blog posts, lists, videos, and guides are examples of web content. Having SEO-optimized content can get you higher rankings in the search results. One of the important factors in a search engine optimized website is knowing your audience, knowing your audience will get you a better idea of what content they love, and why they love it. SEO firms and companies can optimize your website for your audience. For example, if your website’s audience are teenagers, then you should utilize the use of images and videos.

Usability Recommendations

User-friendly websites let visitors feel comfortable while they go through your content. If you want people to be more than happy in visiting your website, then having a simple yet understandable website can make a difference. This can include mobile optimization, social media sharing, and content length. Having a mobile-optimized website can be more comfortable for mobile readers visiting your website. Social media sharing options can also be useful if a reader wants another person to read the article on your website. The website content should match the attention span of readers. 

Website Redesigning

Imagine a website with no colors. Designing websites according to the customer’s preferences can be a huge factor in satisfying customers. You can try out many website designs to see what’s working for you or not. A great performing website has a fair amount of traffic if the website was made to impress visitors. Using SEO tools you can raise the ranking of your website just by having an attractive website. You can try “refreshing” or “redesigning” your website and see what design works best for your website.

Directory & Search Engine Submission

Directory & search engine submission is the process of letting search engines know that your website exists. SEO companies can guide you through the whole process of submitting your website to search engines. Directory submissions can attract traffic. Although this is an old practice, SEO companies still use this strategy to get a little elevation in search results. There are three types of directory submission:

Featured Web Listing - The owner of the directories site will charge for submission and the link will be approved in some time or within 24 hours.

Regular Web Listing - There is no guarantee that a website will be approved by the admins.

Reciprocal Regular Web Listing - A reciprocal link must be submitted to your site, then the directory administrator will approve your link.

Organizing SEO Campaigns

An SEO campaign is a long-term project that involves many different components, such as keyword research, web audit, SEO analysis, on-page optimization, link building, and many more. Utilizing everything in your SEO tools can get you the ideal rankings you need. It can also attract a lot of traffic on your website. Utilizing all of the features at once can help your website gain potential customers, readers, and/or visitors that can measure the growth of your website in terms of popularity and visibility. SEO campaigns are complicated. If you want to generate traffic on your website, then now is a great time to start. SEO campaigns can take a lot of time, it really depends on the SEO tools you’re using and how efficient you are in using them.

Types of SEO that will help your website rank higher

Black Hat SEO

This type of SEO will get you to the top page of search results in no time, it will cost you less but it can go against some guidelines of famous search engines. This is the fastest way to get your website on the top results, but you are going to risk your website not showing up on the search results or getting completely banned by the search engine.

Pro #1: Get your website on the first page of the search results

Your website can definitely be ranked on the first page of search results. Black hat SEOs will make sure your website is available on search engines.

Pro #2: It will cost you less money

This will cost you less money because their services use restricted tactics on getting on the first page of search results. If you have a small budget, then investing in black hat SEOs will get your website rank higher if you are willing to take the risk.

Pro #3: See results faster

You don’t have to wait for months to see traffic on your website. This type of service violates the guidelines of search engines, resulting in having quick results of website traffic.

Con #1: You risk your website being banned on search engines

This service uses banned practices and techniques that can ban your website from getting seen on search results. You will risk all the investments you have made on your website if you use this type of service.

White Hat SEO

Unlike black hat SEO, white hat SEO uses more money and more time to get promising results. It is the most reputable way of implementing SEO on a website. White hat SEO  is not only the best SEO company for small businesses, but also for large corporate businesses.

Pro #1: Get your website a lot of visitors

This is the best way to get a lot of visitors on your website by using optimization strategies that completely follow the rules and regulations of search engines. You can also optimize your website for a target audience to maximize the number of sales on your business.

Pro #2: No risk of getting banned by search engines

Unlike black hat SEO, this service does not violate any guidelines provided by search engines. It guarantees your website’s safety of not getting banned by search engines.

Con #1: Takes a lot of time before getting visitors

Using the natural way of optimizing your website can take a lot of time before getting any promising results. Your website will get on the first page of the search after a long period of time.

Con #2: It is expensive

Collecting data all over the internet is not free. White hat SEO services can cost a lot because it uses multiple sources in gathering data to optimize your website.

Gray Hat SEO

This type of SEO falls between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. The SEO strategies are not listed against the guidelines, but it doesn’t mean the techniques used are not going to get you in trouble.

Pro #1: It is neither expensive nor cheap

Unlike both black and white hats SEOs grey hat SEO services fall between expensive and cheap. They technically use legal SEO strategies that can be uncertain and may potentially become a black hat SEO practice.

Con #1: You are taking a risk on getting your website banned

You can also take a mild risk of getting your website banned. They use dubious SEO strategies that are not mentioned on guidelines.

Who needs SEO?

Small Business and Startups

Having an SEO-friendly website can help you by creating a new audience. If your page ends up on the first page of search results, then you have a great chance of engaging with new customers. If you’re still starting your business, then creating your online presence this early phase of your company can help your company grow long-term.

SaaS and Online Service Companies

With the use of SEO tools, you can spread the word about your SaaS (Software as a service) and online service companies. If you have built high-performance products, but no one knows about it, then how will you get recognized for your product? This is where SEO tools and strategies come in. You can advertise and market your products and services online through your company website and social media accounts. Using SEO tools gives you an edge over your competitors. If you have competitors that do not have a website, then you have an advantage against them.

Niche Companies

Using specific keywords can help your website rank up in search engines. With SEO tools you can balance keyword specificity for your articles. Choosing less competitive keywords can generate you more visitors, while not getting covered by other big companies. Using specific keyword research for niche businesses can offer a smaller pool of potential customers, but the right niche keywords can pinpoint qualified customers that are willing to buy your products. Despite a low search volume, you can top the search engine results page (SERP) for an infrequently used keyword and still increase revenue.

Locally-Exclusive Companies

Local SEO is a strategic process that focuses on emphasizing the optimization efforts of local brick-and-mortar businesses. These types of companies can be useful if there are any customers nearby that are interested in buying products and services. Keywords like “SEO companies near me” are commonly used by customers to find companies that can be found within the city of the customer. Relevant keywords related to your products can help local business owners in advertising their products and services online. SEO is one of the most cost-effective and affordable tools that a local business can incorporate to create their online presence amongst customers located in nearby areas.


Nowadays, websites are used to contact somebody for service. For example, doctors can cure more patients by setting up SEO-friendly web pages. They can set up a meeting with their patients and discuss the prescriptions for their illnesses online. Lawyers can also create an online reputation while having more clients. They can generate prospective clients if their law firm is popular online. Professionals can create an authentic website and help increase the visibility of their services with the help of SEO companies.


Having a relevant profile will give freelancers more exposure to search engines. An SEO-friendly profile will attract many clients that will eventually invite you to work for their projects. Creating an SEO friendly profile can help freelancers, especially beginners, build a reputation for themselves on the internet. Having blogs and websites for their portfolios can impress clients that want to work with freelancers. Gaining reliability online can be frustrating for freelancers, especially if well-known freelancers are recommended to clients. This is where SEO comes in, it helps freelancers get known online whether their profile is new or not.

Restaurants and Bars

Most of the famous restaurants and bars are famous through online websites and reviews that customers give after their experience with the place. A great way to start having visitors in your restaurants and bars is having an SEO friendly website for your services online. People check if a certain restaurant/bar is famous or not, they also check reviews on the place to see/check if their customer service is great or not. If their restaurant receives a lot of good feedback from their customers, chances are they’re going to be featured by journalists and most likely recommend their restaurant/bar to their audience.


Having a recommended blog can bring more followers to their content. Blogs that are recommended by famous search engines are blogs that receive a lot of traffic on their website. Blogs are places where bloggers can express their ability in writing freely. However, SEO friendly blogs are ranked higher in search results which means it can gain a lot of unique visitors every month. People tend to trust and click the links on the first page of search results. SEO tools can help blogs elevate the ranking of blogs in search results. The higher the rank of the blogs, the more unique visitors a month, and a significant increase of passionate readers will be following their blogs.

eCommerce Companies

Determining the buyer’s intent can increase your sales overnight. Having general SEO related keywords in their product descriptions can bring a lot of visitors and potential buyers on their website. An SEO campaign can bring their company hundreds of sales in a year. If the product is relevant and customers give a good review of it, then there is no doubt that your website will also be recommended by other people in places like social media or other websites that promote good and reliable eCommerce companies.

Step-by-step guide  in choosing the right SEO company

Step1: Clearly define your SEO goals. 

Create clear, measurable, and attainable SEO goals. How much growth is your target? What is the time frame? Areas of improvement are a must, too. Whatever the goals you set, you should focus on creating compelling, helpful, and relevant content for your target market. 

Step 2: Get SEO company reviews, case studies, and testimonials. 

Ask family, friends, or colleagues who are familiar with SEO companies for comments and reviews. You may also check the leaderboard for positive and negative testimonials among the top companies to determine your choice for the perfect SEO company. Even your case studies about them can come up with the ideal decision.

Step 3: Find an SEO company that tracks your data. 

To choose the perfect business strategies for your online company, base outcomes from good results rather than from gut instincts. Professional SEO experts usually track everything from lost links, conversions, page rankings, and more to help improve the value of your site.

Step 4: Define your SEO budget.

Most SEO companies have different packages to choose from that will fit your budget. Make sure that you invest well in their service, which you can afford. It is okay to ask the company for prices and packages ahead of time for the best planning.

Step 5: Schedule a consultation. 

You must build trust with your SEO company. So, even if you are just a block away or a million miles away from each other, it is only right to schedule, at least, a virtual  consultation. Both parties can exchange perfect suggestions, and the SEO company can do strategies they have used on their past clients with the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Definitely not. SEO is not hard to learn. In fact, there are many websites and courses online that guide you in learning SEO. Putting all your time and effort into learning SEO can be worth it if you are either starting a business or promoting content. SEO is complicated, you need a lot of knowledge about SEO to fully understand how search engines work and how you can develop strategies to increase visibility and popularity in your website. You can learn by doing SEO right now. All the things you need to have are SEO tools, a website, and content. If you have great SEO strategies then your website will strive and create a lot of traffic to your websites. SEO tools will bring your websites with high-ranking websites on the first-page search results.

SEO is very important in websites. Search results are the “organic” way of getting more visitors to websites. If you are a new business, then investing in SEO is a must. One way of getting your website recognized by other people is by working with SEO companies. SEO companies give SEO services that can improve a website’s credibility & authenticity by ranking higher on search engines. Having a website with good reviews by satisfied clients can be very important.

For example, if you own a restaurant and a customer leaves your restaurant with a good review, then you are slowly building your restaurant’s credibility. Once your business/website is popular, there is a great chance that your business/website will be recommended by other people. This is useful because you can attract new customers that are willing to buy your products or just simply check out your content.

SEO is useful for businesses and companies because it is relatively cheap, and most importantly it is a long-term strategy. Not all websites become famous within 24 hours. Links that appear on the first page of search results are what people need, if you are on the first page of results, then your SEO strategies are working, and all you have to do is maintain your position.

You can try finding experienced SEO experts. If you know an SEO expert by chance, then try asking them for tips. SEO experts have a lot of experience in dealing with different websites and optimizing them for specific audiences. You may also refer to online resources such as ebooks, blog posts, and articles.

SEO results do not happen overnight. It will take months for you to see positive results. It takes 6 months or more to get great rankings in famous search engines like Google and Bing. A website that has a high competition level will take a lot of time appearing on the first page of search results. The SEO company that you are working with will also affect the time it will take for your website to rank higher on search results.

Definitely. SEO tools & companies let search engines know that your website exists. SEO is the best way to get “natural” traffic from clients. It allows you to connect with people that are looking for products and services related to yours. With SEO, your website is going to rank higher than other competitor brands and improve sales in no time. Investing in SEO may cost you money, but it will also be beneficial whether you are starting a small business, promoting products, or creating content on your websites.

SEO takes a lot of time and effort to see good results. However, working with an SEO company can make things easier for you. You can find SEO companies near your area. Searching for terms like “SEO companies NYC, California, San Diego, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orange County, Sydney, Minneapolis”, or the place near you are great examples of finding SEO companies near you. 

An SEO marketing company suggests you use keywords that are relevant to your website so that you can rank higher on search results. Good keywords or keyword phrases meet these standards:

It receives a great number of searches. This will ensure that your website is going to get a lot of traffic.

It isn’t too competitive. If your website is starting small, then using competitive keywords isn’t ideal.

It matches the products and services that you offer on your website. If visitors leave your website satisfied, then there is a great chance that they’re coming back for more.