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🏆 Best Spy Apps for August 2021

Worried about your kids? Spy Apps are the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their children safe. You can see what they do online, read their texts and emails, listen to their conversations in real time and much more. Download spy apps today and start monitoring your child anytime and anywhere!

What are spy apps? 

Are you worried if your kid is browsing unsuitable sites or going to possibly risky locations? Spy apps refer to software programs designed to offer direct access to someone’s device. These apps allow you to collect information, such as browser history, texts, messages, and location information.  

Why do you need spy apps?

Phones, computers, and tablets are useful devices that have a lot of benefits. However, there are a lot of risks that come with owning gadgets. To promote a safe digital environment, then consider using a spy app. Keep track of your own or someone else’s device activities anytime, anywhere! Besides that, here are some of the benefits of using spy apps.

Create Safe Digital Environment

The World Wide Web is full of predators and hackers, and you wouldn’t want confidential information in the wrong hands. Spy apps allow you to see your target device’s browser history, chats, and other information. You can then be alerted if they are visiting dangerous sites or talking to suspicious people. You can also monitor for any signs of cyberbullying and prevent it.

Avoid Potentially Harmful Activity

Through technology, we can communicate, find entertainment, and look for information. However, it is not always safe. Spy apps let you observe if your child or employee is looking at appropriate sites or downloading illegal files. If your target device is engaging in potentially harmful activity, you can be alerted and given access to shut down the action immediately.

Locate People

Do you want to make sure that your child is safe at school all day? GPS tracking in spy apps allows you to keep track of someone or your location, so you can confirm their whereabouts. If the person you are tracking is missing, you can quickly pinpoint their location and make sure they are safe and are where they are supposed to be. 

Monitor Your Information

You can also have someone keep track of your activities and location. Many real spy apps can also be used for accountability and transparency. You can prove to your parents, employer, or loved ones that you are indeed going to the right locations, browsing safe sites, and only talking with people you know.

Never Lose Your Phone

If your phone gets lost or robbed, you can find a way to retrieve it using spy apps. There are spy apps where you can use a GPS location phone tracker to detect if a robber uses your device and your information for their gain. You can also monitor their location, so you can have authorities help you get your device back.

Core features of apy apps

What features do the different spy apps have? Depending on your needs, and as long as you have the right to monitor someone’s devices, you can use spy apps to keep track of any gadget your child, spouse, or employee owns. The best spy phone and computer apps have these basic features that you can look into before downloading.

Stealth Technology 

How does an app become undetectable? This is possible through what is called advanced stealth technology. When the app is installed, the icon is automatically deleted, but the app still runs quietly in the background. Most spy apps stay hidden because they hardly take up any memory and do not drain the device’s battery, making them virtually unnoticeable. 

Remote Control

If you do not want your target device’s owner to know that you are keeping tabs on their gadget activities, you don’t have to worry. The remote control feature allows you to uninstall, activate, deactivate, or update the app even without the target device’s owner knowing. This way, you can remain unexposed and discreet about your device spying.

Device Compatibility Worldwide

Gain access to any device anytime, anywhere. Most of the best spy apps can be used in any version of iOS or Android devices. With this feature, you can monitor someone’s gadget activity from any laptop, tablet, or phone across the globe with no location restrictions.

GPS Location Tracking

Do you want to know if your employee is meeting a client? Or if your lost phone is still within the city? Phone and computer Spy apps allow you to track location so you can know where someone is at any given moment. Location history can also be shown, so you know where your target device has been to ensure that they have not gone to unsafe places.


Geo-fencing allows you to mark safe and dangerous areas and get alerts when they are breached. With this feature, you can make sure that the target device owner is safe and will only go to places that you designate to be secure.

Internet Activity Tracking

Everyone uses the Internet these days, most especially social media. Kids may encounter dangerous click baits while playing games. Employees may click on pop-ups that lead to malicious sites and get sensitive information hacked. Spy apps make it easier to detect these suspicious activities and find the source if something goes wrong. 

Call and Message Monitoring

Is your employee secretly leaking private company information? You can now track all the sent and received messages, even deleted ones with spy apps. These apps can also track your target device’s call log history to make sure that they are only talking to trusted people, and any unwanted numbers may be blocked.


A keylogger feature captures every keystroke typed by a device. You can see every app opened and at what time it was opened. Every internet search, every text typed, and even connected devices will be recorded and tracked. 

Browser History Access

Not all sites are safe. Plus, even with restrictions, anyone can fall prey to clickbait and be led to a site that lets you download viruses, worms, and other harmful files. Luckily, you can put safeguards with spy apps to ensure that the target device only opens selected sites and does not enter dangerous sites. 

Sync feature

All your target device’s activity can be synced to your app monitor, even without the target device knowing. This feature can also summarize the data into a single report so you can see what apps are opened most frequently or see the contacts the target device’s owner talks to most often. These apps also alert you if any activities are suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Instant Alerts

You can assign specific keywords that you deem to be harmful or risky so you can be alerted whenever the target device uses or engages with anything with those keywords. You can be notified via text or email, so you can know the instant they happen

Environment Recording

Do you want to know what’s going on in a meeting or hear what others say about you? When enabled, the environment recording feature will turn on the microphone or camera in the target device so you can see or hear everything around the target device. This feature also allows you to record and download an audio or video file to review it later.

Affordable Prices

Suppose you want to keep tabs on someone. There’s no need to buy fancy spy equipment or hire private investigators anymore. There are real spy apps that work that are either free or paid. The free mobile spy apps allow you to use certain basic features at no cost. If you wish to upgrade and have access to premium features, you can do so at affordable prices. 

Types of spy apps 

Spy apps are a valuable tool when used properly. Before you download whatever app you can find, you need to choose one that best suits your needs. Since many spy apps have varying features, you need to weigh each one’s pros and cons. 

Parental Control Spy Apps

With the dawn of technology, every kid knows how to use gadgets. While it may help kids keep in touch with parents, they can still have dangerous encounters such as cyberbullying, illegal content, predators, and inappropriate sites. This is why spy apps for kids allow the parents to control and monitor their children’s activities on their devices.

Pro #1: Gives Parents Peace of Mind

If you can prove that your kids are indeed at school, it would be easier for you to carry on with your day without worry. You can also be assured that your kids are not talking to predators or interacting with harmful content on the Internet. Parents can ensure their children's safety in cyberspace conveniently.

Pro #2: Block Harmful Sites

Having controls in place on your kids’ phones concerning the sites that they visit can assure that they do not open any pornographic, illegal, or harmful websites. Many spy apps let parents filter out any mature content and send notifications if their child is trying to access these kinds of sites.

Pro #3: Limit Kids’ Screen Time

Too much screen time can be harmful to kids. Spy apps can monitor the users’ screen time and limit the number of hours they spend on their gadgets in a day. This way, parents can help children protect their eyes from damage and develop better sleeping and study habits.

Con #1: Privacy Intrusion

If your kids are aware that you’ve installed spy apps on their devices, it may raise a sense of betrayal from them because of the feeling of invasion of privacy. They might feel like you do not trust them and that you are trying to limit their freedom. This can create a mental and emotional strain on the kids that may cause them to despise you.

Con #2: May Be Counterproductive

Your kids may not be too enthusiastic about the idea of being spied on. If your kid is smart enough, they may find a way to uninstall your parental monitoring app. They may also choose not to bring their phones at all, which would make it harder for you to contact them in case of an emergency.

Employee Monitoring Spy Apps

Some companies loan gadgets to their employees. However, these gadgets are still company property and should be taken care of. Employees are also expected to act professionally while on the job. Employee monitoring apps can help employers keep track of their employees’ location and activities and oversee what they are doing with company devices.

Pro #1: Ensure Security

With employee monitoring apps, you can easily track your employees and their whereabouts and uncover any problems, such as harassment or corporate surveillance. Employers can monitor if safe work practices are being observed and have more efficient record-keeping and employee time tracking.

Pro #2: Be More Time Efficient

If employees are aware that they are being monitored, they are less likely to waste time on social media or other activities not related to their duties. Employers can also figure out any bottlenecks in the work process and redelegate any workload that needs to be done. This will ensure that employees are productive and adhering to company policies.

Pro #3: Secure Important Work Assets

Laptops, phones, and computers that are owned by the company can be secure. Employee monitoring apps can significantly reduce theft incidents and track these devices if they are lost or stolen.

Con #1:  Employees May Have Privacy Issues

Some employees do not appreciate being observed all the time. They may feel like it is an intrusion of privacy and be irritated by the lack of trust. This can breed resentment and may even cause them to resign.

Con #2: Possible Legal Issues

Depending on the company’s location and the laws applicable, there may be legal issues regarding employee monitoring software. Authorities need to make sure that the employer is within legal rights to keep tabs on their employees. This is to make sure employees’ rights are not violated as well. 

Partner Tracking Spy Apps

Phones and other gadgets are good for easy communication. There are times, however, when it is difficult to contact someone. If you are worried about your partner’s location or are having difficulty getting in touch with them, you can use spouse tracking spy apps.

Pro #1: Have Peace of Mind

Is your partner browsing unsafe sites or interacting with possible hackers? Spy apps can help you immediately detect any dangerous digital activity on your target device and be alerted quickly. You can view messages and call history to keep track of your target device’s activities.

Pro #2: Maintain Trust

Some couples use these spouse spy apps to establish a system of trust. They allow each other to see device activities freely. This way, they can have confidence and assure each other of their fidelity and loyalty.

Pro #3: Undetectable

If you happen to get a hold of your partners’ phone and install a spy app, you may get away with it undetected. These spy apps’ icons vanish once installed and secretly run in the background. You can connect it directly to your device and remotely monitor the target device’s activities.

Con #1: Invades Privacy

If you’ve installed a spy app on your partner’s phone without them knowing, it may cause doubt and mistrust between you. Some of these apps allow you to listen in on conversations and view messages. If your partner found out that you’ve been lurking on private data, he or she would certainly not be happy after being snooped on.

Con #2: Limits Personal Freedom

The disadvantage of using these spouse spy apps are apparent once your spouse finds out that you have been using them. If your spouse knows that you’ve been using spy apps to monitor his or her device activity, then they may feel suffocated. Some may even resort to using a second phone instead.

Secret Voice Records and Camera Spy Apps

Spying on others may seem creepy and terrifying, but there are legitimate reasons to use these apps. Voice recorders and camera spy apps secretly record the surroundings with no sound and no shutter. This way, you can discreetly activate these apps and record your environment remotely.

Pro #1: Protect Your Home

These secret spy apps allow you to get a record of any burglars or intruders. Having video or audio evidence can help you track them down quickly and get them fined or convicted. These apps are designed not to be noticed by anyone else, so they won’t get tampered with.

Pro #2: Get Proof of Criminal Activity

Many crimes are dismissed due to the lack of evidence. If you witness a crime take place and want to get proof without getting caught, many invisible spy apps allow you to stay undetected, even for free. These apps come in handy, especially for busting any illegal activity with concrete proof.

Con #1: Not Compatible with Every Device

A microphone and a camera are required to run these secret recorder and camera apps. Secret spy apps need specific device settings to work. It may not be compatible with every device.

Con #2: May Be Used for Wrong Reasons

Since many of these apps are free, they run the risk of falling into the wrong hands. While these apps can be used for legitimate reasons, they can likewise be used for malicious intentions such as voyeurism and stealing sensitive information. These can also be used for blackmailing and illegal recording of copyrighted content.

Who needs spy apps


In a digital era, parents naturally want to protect their kids from any risks their child may encounter on their devices, such as adult content, online predators, and cyberbullies. Most kids are far too young to understand the perils of using technology, so it is the parents’ job to keep an eye on what their children interact with on the World Wide Web. 

People with Elderly Parents

Worrying about elderly parents is natural, whether they live near or far. The elderly are usually easy prey for online scammers since they don't have a good grasp of how the technology works. Using a spy app to monitor their activities can ensure that they do not fall prey to these frauds. You can also keep track of their location and easily find them in case of emergencies.


Modern problems call for modern solutions. Since many company information is stored in computers nowadays, employee monitoring spy apps can protect any organizations’ intellectual and physical assets. These gadgets are assigned to be used for employees to fulfill their duties, and employers can be assured that they are being used accordingly.

Crime Witnesses

What if a crime is taking place right before your very eyes, but there are no CCTV cameras? In case of emergencies like this, you can instantly get video or audio proof of criminals engaging in illicit activity using your smartphone. You can record discreetly and turn over the evidence to the proper authorities so they can track down the criminals faster.

Police and Investigators

A lot of police forces use body cams to record what they encounter. Unfortunately, not all precincts have the budget for equipment like that. As an alternative, police can use the best free spy apps to record any activity that may be relevant in a case to ensure that they are also held accountable and transparent.

People Who Lose Their Phones a Lot

Have you lost your phone? Don’t worry. It’s not too late yet. Many cell phone spy apps have GPS location tracking, so you can still pinpoint your phone location. If it was stolen, you can monitor the thief’s activities and shut down your phone remotely so the contents will not be accessed.

Step-by-step guide on how to use spy apps

Step1: Check what features you need.

There are many spy apps out there with many different features. List down the main things you want to monitor on the target device, so you can narrow down your search. There are both free and paid features on spy apps that you can consider. Some apps allow a live demo of the premium features so you can try it out.

Step 2: Install the app on your target device.

Once you’ve found an app, find a way to install it on your target device. It is up to you if you want to let them know that you are installing a spy app on their phone, tablet, or computer. If you do not have physical access to your target device, you can have the device’s owner follow an installation link.

Step 3: Activated on your device.

The spy app will also need access to your device. You will be monitoring the target device from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you have purchased a spy app plan, you may need to log in to your account and activate the app online. The app will notify you once it is connected to your target device.

Step 4: Set your preferences. 

What do you want to monitor? Do you want to be alerted if your target device is in a specific location? Set up keywords that, when used, you will be notified. Turn on GPS tracking and mark particular areas as dangerous. You can customize all of these in your settings, depending on what you want to keep track of. 

Step 5: Monitor and be alerted. 

After setting up the app on your target device, as well as your own, you are good to go. Now you can be at ease because you can keep an eye on your target device’s activities. You can immediately be alerted in case any of the keywords or locations you’ve set is triggered. This way, you can create a safe digital environment for your target device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is legal to install spy apps as long as you have the authority to do so. It is up to parents if they wish to disclose that they are using spy apps on their kids. Employers are also allowed to use these spy apps, with legal limitations. However, if you are going to spy on someone else’s phone, you will need their consent.

Many of these spy apps post a disclaimer that they do not hold responsibility for what you choose to do with the app. The developers simply provide a tool. Depending on the laws in your location, you must always remember to use these apps with discretion.

Yes, many spy apps work, but not all of them. There are some free phone spy apps out there that turn out to be scams. Always check the top spy apps and their reviews to see if they do what they claim to do. 

You can take physical possession of your targets’ device and install the app yourself. However, it is possible to install it remotely if you have access to your targets’ cloud account. You can also trick them into installing it unknowingly through pop-ups and ads.

Of course, caution should be exercised since this could be a potentially illegal activity if you do not have legal authority over the target or if you do not have their consent. Make sure that you are only using these spy apps for legitimate reasons.

Yes, it is possible to keep track of more than one device simultaneously, although most apps with these features have a premium subscription plan. This depends on the spy app you are buying and will vary from product to product.

Most spy apps require you to create an account to log in and see the uploaded data from your monitored device. This is also where you will get notifications. You can view these on any device as long as you have your login details.

Jailbreaking an iOS device modifies your device and allows you unrestricted access to the entire file system. Most spy apps require this for both your device and the target device to obtain the phone’s credentials and take control of the device.

You can choose to jailbreak your phone at your own risk. Luckily, jailbreaking is a reversible process, so you can return the phone in its original state if you no longer need to use the spy apps’ features.

Rooting is the same as jailbreaking, but for Android devices. Again, depending on the spy app, it may or may not require rooting access to its full features. However, since most Android devices already provide access to files without root, this may not be necessary for most spy apps in Android devices.

This depends on your chosen provider. Still, this feature is mostly available, but primarily for paid spy apps. It allows you to retrieve and monitor even deleted messages, photos, videos, and browsing history.

Since these spy apps are designed to be virtually undetectable, finding out if you are being spied on is quite challenging but not impossible. There are also apps available designed to detect if any spyware is being used on your phone. These are called anti-spyware or anti-spy apps.

To detect and block any spy apps from invading your privacy, you need to find an app with better software that will detect and remove any spyware used on your device. You should also be aware of any warning signs, such as suspicious notifications, so you can take action and uninstall any spy apps being used on you.

All spyware software has different requirements, but you simply need to download and install mobile applications. There are usually detailed instructions on gaining access to your target phone within these apps and how you can monitor their activities. Most of these apps are simple and easy to use to avoid any confusion.

If paid features are available, these spy apps offer a live demo so you can see how the features could be used once activated. 30-day trials are also available to see and use those features for yourself and decide if you want to avail.

For free spy apps, it’s easy enough to uninstall it in case they do not work. For most paid apps, refunds are usually provided in case the software does not work. You can contact the developer or visit their website, read their refund policy, and apply for a refund.

Yes, there are some free spy apps to catch cheating spouses. However, paid apps have more advanced spying features. These apps’ features include location tracking and viewing of call and message history. You can also have access to photos or videos so you can find proof of any infidelity your partner may be involved in.

Generally, it takes about ten days of processing from the purchase period. This would still mostly depend on the app developers’ refund policy, but you can contact Customer Support for assistance if you are having difficulty.