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🏆 Best Ticket Marketplace for August 2021

Do you want to attend a sporting event, concert, or theater? Ticket Marketplace is the best place for tickets. You can purchase your ticket online in minutes from anywhere with an internet connection.

What is a ticket marketplace

Are you looking for show, game, or concert tickets? Or are you a ticket reseller looking for ways to increase sales? No need to look far because ticket marketplaces got you. They are platforms where you can buy and trade show and game tickets safely online. With ticket marketplaces, you'll have access to millions of events right at your fingertips.

Why do you need a ticket marketplace?

Ticket marketplaces are one-stop-shops for all your ticket buying and selling needs. Aside from giving you the best deals, you can also use ticket marketplaces to find rare events or follow your favorite artists. If you're still having second thoughts about this service, read below to know more about what you’re missing.

Guarantees Legitimate Tickets

One of the primary benefits of getting your tickets from a ticket marketplace is that service providers guarantee legitimate tickets. You don't have to worry about not getting into the event because you bought fake tickets. Legitimacy is one of the primary guarantees of all ticket marketplaces. They ensure a worry-free ticket buying experience every time.

Ensures Purchase Quality

Another benefit of using online ticket marketplaces is that service providers ensure the quality of your purchase. They see to it that sellers who advertise their tickets on their platform deliver the correct seating to you. The platform also guarantees that any misrepresentation on the seller's part will be investigated and adequately compensated.

Guarantees Timely Delivery

Service providers also ensure the timely delivery of tickets. They see to it that the tickets will be shipped out at a good time frame to arrive before the event date. If your ticket comes late, the service provider will even help you coordinate the refund from the seller. Now that's a great guarantee for your purchase. 

Accommodates Refunds for Canceled Events

Every time you buy your tickets in legitimate marketplaces, you are also protecting yourself from losses if the event gets canceled. Service providers coordinate with brokers and sellers for a full refund of your payment. You'll be spared from the hassle of going back and forth to your ticket seller because the ticket marketplace will do the refund follow-ups for you.

Sorts Out Ticket Prices

Online ticket marketplaces sort out ticket prices for you. If you're a little tight on the budget, the websites have price filters that you can use to get the best search results depending on your budget. You don't need to stress out trying to find tickets to suit your budget because ticket marketplaces sort out the prices for easier browsing.

Helps You Find Rare Tickets

Event ticket marketplaces can also help you find rare tickets. Whether you want to watch an indie artist's concert or a sold-out baseball game, a ticket marketplace is a place to be. Since most service providers have a wide range of shows and events to choose from, you can bet that you’ll find what you're looking for on the website. 

Gives You the Best Seat Deals

If you're particular about seats, then you're in luck because ticket marketplaces can give you the best seat deals. Most service providers even provide a virtual tour of how the stage would look where you'd sit. It will spare you from the headache of figuring out the best spot. Plus, service providers also give seat discounts, so that you won't struggle to compare seat prices.

Gives You Tailored Recommendations

Ticket marketplaces don't only help you get the best ticket deals; they can also give you the latest updates on your favorite artists and teams. Most fan ticket marketplaces can give you tailored recommendations. You can use the website to track artists and sports teams. The website would send you suggestions and schedules for their upcoming events.

Accommodates Multiple Payment Options

Another advantage of getting your tickets from ticket marketplaces is that you have multiple payment options. You won't be limited by POS (point of sale) payment restrictions, which can only accommodate cash and card transactions. Ticket marketplaces accept credit cards, mobile payments, or bank transfer for a more convenient purchasing experience.

Lets You Skip Long Queues

Gone are the days when you had to sleep outside ticket centers just to get passes to major events because ticket marketplaces let you skip those long queues. You can get expectedly sold-out tickets right at home only using your mobile phone. Just keep an eye on the ticket marketplace to buy your tickets while they're hot.

Gives You the Best Promotions

Most ticket marketplace service providers offer promotions you can't get from buying at the event. Since there are several marketplaces online, they keep their prices competitive, and the best way to do that is by offering discounts. Most service providers also encourage their sellers to give promos to boost sales. Now that's a great deal for buyers. 

Opens Advertising Opportunities

Ticket marketplaces are not only for people who want to buy tickets. They are also good venues for ticket sellers. Once you put your tickets in marketplaces, you'll be offered vast advertising opportunities. Since ticket marketplaces use the best technologies, they can segment their market and target those interested in what you're selling. 

Gives You Accurate Sales Data

When you sell tickets in ticket marketplaces, you can get accurate sales data. The platform can report real-time sales updates, so you'd know where your product stands. By getting accurate sales data, you can plan your next promotional efforts. It will also help you determine the areas where the tickets were sold to create geographical segmentations.

Opens Sponsorship Opportunities

Another benefit of selling your tickets through marketplaces is that it can open doors for sponsorship opportunities. Since ticket marketplaces let you advertise your tickets online, you can use the ads to incorporate your sponsors or partners' logos. Once interested sponsors see how well you promote your event, they'll offer their support for sure.

Makes Events Shareable

Having your tickets available in ticket marketplaces makes them much more shareable. Since your tickets will appear in searches when the event is looked up, people can easily share the links to their friends or post it on their social media accounts. Having this shareability can help you increase not only your products' mileage but the sales as well. 

Core features of a ticket marketplace

Long queues and unsold tickets are all in the past for ticket buyers and sellers alike. With ticket marketplaces, you can easily buy and sell tickets online. By combining user-friendly and advanced features, you can get the best deals and boost sales through one platform. Here are more features that will make you ditch old school ticket trading with ticket marketplaces.

Customer Protection

One of the core features of ticket marketplaces is customer protection. Service providers ensure the legitimacy of tickets and sellers. They see to it that the sellers and buyers can transact with confidence, knowing that there's an entity that sees through everything. For instance, If you have problems with the ticket, the platform helps you secure a refund.

24/7 Customer Service

Ticket marketplaces also have a 24/7 customer service feature wherein the service providers have live chats, phone numbers, and email addresses where you can reach them. You can use this feature to inquire about tickets or report any problem. Service providers ensure that they have a responsive customer support team for all your ticket buying and selling concerns.

Wide Selection

Ticket marketplaces also have a wide selection of tickets. Whether you're looking for a sports or concert ticket marketplace, you can have everything you're looking for within one platform. The biggest ticket marketplaces also have an extensive selection of events sorted out so that you can effortlessly search even rare tickets within their website.

Affiliate Programs

Ticket marketplaces also have an affiliate program feature. You can enroll as an affiliate marketer and get commissions for your referrals. Using an efficient tracking system, you'll be given a publisher's link to determine when your link is used for qualifying purchases. Most service providers also provide exciting perks to their registered affiliate marketers. 

Top Events

The top events feature lets you look at the best-selling events in the ticket marketplace. If you're still undecided on what event ticket you should buy, you can use this feature to decide. Since the platforms suggest the cream of the crop events in the top event feature, you can bet that whatever you pick, you'll get an experience for your money's worth.

Money-Back Guarantee

Another feature to look out for in ticket marketplaces is the money-back guarantee. This feature helps the platform build customer confidence by showing how secure your purchases are within the platform. In cases of delayed ticket deliveries or misrepresentation, the service provider guarantees a full refund, which they will help you process with the seller. 

Low Service Fees

The ticket marketplace competition is tough. There are many service providers out there to choose from. Since most ticket marketplaces sell similar tickets, they keep their prices competitive by offering low service fees on top of the ticket prices. This feature helps keep the costs at their minimum to give you the best deals for your purchase.

Mobile Application

Ticket marketplaces also have a mobile application feature. If you think that buying your ticket online is already convenient, wait until you get your hands on a ticket marketplace mobile app. You can have a compact mobile app where you can easily buy and sell tickets. You can also use it to see the latest event news and track your favorite sports teams or artists.

Event News

The event news feature gives you the latest news about game schedule releases, upcoming tours, music festivals, and changes in artists' tour schedules. This feature will help you be up to date with the latest happening in the events industry because with just a few clicks, you'll get timely write-ups on everything hot.

Artist Tracking

Ticket marketplaces do not only double as sports ticket marketplaces; you can also use them to track your favorite artists. Using the artist tracking feature, you can get updates on your favorite artists' tour and event schedules. Just input their name on your ticket marketplace account or mobile app, and you'll automatically receive notifications about their events.

Discount Codes

Since there are many ticket marketplaces out there, service providers usually issue discount codes to promote their events. You can find them on the website or through affiliate marketers to get significant price reductions on your purchases. Having a tight budget is no hindrance to buying event tickets because with discount codes, you'll get them at a bargain, guaranteed.

Broker Exchange

The broker exchange feature is used at resale ticket marketplaces. Using broker-friendly features, you can have access to a vast distribution network that gives you maximum exposure for your tickets. Most service providers also offer competitive industry pricing and no hidden mark-ups to encourage ticket brokers to use their platform. 

Streamlined User Interface

Buying and selling tickets online have never been so easy. With the streamlined user interface feature, buyers can easily search for concerts or sports events. Sellers will also find report runs and real-time sales data a delight. With the convenience you'll get from ticket marketplaces' streamlined user interface, there's no going back to old school ticketing.

Robust Inventory

If you're a ticket seller who wants to start your own ticket marketplace, the robust inventory feature is something to look for. Most ticket marketplaces have a premiere B2B (Business-to-Business) ticketing exchange with an extensive inventory you can use to kickstart your ticket marketplace.

Types of ticket marketplace 

There are different types of ticket marketplaces you can choose from. They vary depending on the services and sellers they have on their platform. Whether you're a customer checking out the best marketplace to buy tickets or a reseller looking for ways to boost sales, there is undoubtedly a ticket marketplace type for you. 

Primary Ticket Marketplace

Primary ticket marketplace is an ecosystem wherein the rights holders, promoters, teams, artists, and other entities put up the event and forward the tickets directly to the ticket marketplace. This type has no middlemen involved because the coordination happens between the events team and the ticket marketplace. 

Pro #1: Lower Ticket Prices

A significant advantage of the primary ticket marketplace is that the ticket prices here are lower than other ticket marketplaces. Since there are no middlemen and resellers here, there are no added fees. If you're looking for the best prices, this is the best ticket marketplace to check out.

Pro #2: Full Assurance

Another advantage of getting tickets from primary ticket marketplaces is full assurance. Though service providers grant refunds, you don't want to miss your event due to wrong tickets. Since tickets come from the event promoters and the marketplace delivers, you're assured of the ticket's legitimacy and timely delivery.

Con #1: Limited Ticket Stock

A significant drawback of primary ticket marketplaces is the limited ticket stock. Most of the time, event promoters give limited tickets to marketplaces as dictated by the rights of the holder or the venue where the event will be held. Thus, you have to continually check the marketplace to buy your ticket before they're sold out.

Secondary Ticket Marketplace

A secondary ticket marketplace has professional ticket resellers and brokers. They usually sell the tickets at a higher price since they make their profit from the mark-up prices. This type of ticket marketplace usually has a broader range of events since they are open to event promoters and third-party resellers who add tickets to their inventories.

Pro #1: Wide Range of Ticket Inventory

If you want to get tickets to quickly sold-out events, especially concerts, then a secondary ticket marketplace is for you. Since there are several resellers, brokers, and event promoters here, the platform has more means of increasing their ticket inventory. However, because resellers trade the same tickets, try to look for the best prices.

Pro #2: Bulk Purchases

Another advantage of getting tickets from secondary ticket marketplaces is that you can make bulk purchases here. Because there are not many stock limitations, the service provider has a large inventory to spare. It is one of the advantages you won't get from other types of ticket marketplaces.

Con #1: Expensive

Though secondary ticket marketplaces have extensive inventories and ticket stock, the prices here are higher than primary ticket marketplaces. Because most of the supply comes from resellers, there are already price mark-ups that can increase the tickets' costs. If you're a budget event-goer, this type is not the best choice for you. 

White Label Ticket Marketplace

A white label ticket marketplace creates an ecosystem and platform for resellers who want to start a marketplace where they can buy and sell tickets independently. Using a ticket marketplace white label agreement, the service providers give the reseller the technology and features they need to start their business online. 

Pro #1: Easy Selling

If you're an old school ticket reseller, then white label ticket marketplaces will be a huge step-up. Since the service provider will give you the platform and tools you need to sell your tickets, you won't be stressed out with marketing. Once you made a name and established your brand, ticket selling will be easy as pie.

Pro #2: Total Brand Control

Another advantage of getting white label ticket marketplace services is total brand control. Though the service provider gives you everything you need to start your ticket marketplace, people won't see them on your site. You'll have full control of everything, and your brand will be the only brand visible for stronger recognition.

Con #1: Growth Takes Time

Though having your own ticket marketplace can yield incredible benefits, growth takes time. You have to put in the effort to build and market your brand so that people will recognize your business. Nevertheless, once you establish your business' identity, your brand will do the work and sell the tickets for you, that's for sure.

Who needs a ticket marketplace?


Students need ticket marketplaces to get the best deals for events. Most service providers have student discount promos for their tickets. If you want to go to a concert or game so bad but have a limited budget, you can use student discounts for the best ticket bargains. With ticket marketplaces, you can get into sold-out events without using up all your allowance.

Concert Goers

If you're an avid concert-goer, then you're in for a treat. Ticket marketplaces have a wide range of inventories for various artists’ concerts. You can get your tickets from secondary marketplaces and have access to quickly sold-out events. You don't need to queue for so long because with a ticket marketplace, even top-rated concert tickets are within reach.

Music Fans

Are you a music fan? Do you have a music artist that you really admire? Why not check out ticket marketplaces and be on top of your favorite artists' tour schedule? You can try out the artist tracking and event news features so that you'll always be updated on your favorite artists' whereabouts. Who knows, your city might be the next tour destination.

Sports Enthusiasts

Getting great seats in a game is quite challenging. Since there are a lot of sports fans, the best tickets are quickly sold out. If you're frustrated with always getting bad seats, a ticket marketplace is a place to be. You'll have a wide range of seat choices even to top-rated games. Service providers even give virtual seat views to help you decide which one to buy.

Ticket Resellers

Ticket marketplaces are not just for buyers. They are also great venues for ticket resellers to increase their sales. Given that ticket marketplaces are go-to sites for people looking for the best ticket deals, you'll have a large customer base to whom you can sell your tickets. Plus, if you want to build your ticket selling brand, the white label ticket marketplace got you. 

Event Promoters

Event promoters need ticket marketplaces to market and sell their events. Instead of selling the tickets yourself and stressing out with the deliveries, why not leave it at the hands of the experts? You can contact primary ticket marketplaces and have them sell the tickets. With their technology and customer base, you'll have more chances of having a sold-out event.


Artists also need ticket marketplaces to market their gigs. If you're still a new artist, the first tours and concerns would be challenging. Luckily, there are ticket marketplaces that can help you. You can get promotional services from them. They'll have their promoters and affiliate marketers advertise your event and reach more customers. 

Affiliate Marketers

Ticket marketplaces have exceptional affiliate programs. If you want to earn extra bucks, then ticket affiliate marketing is a good way to go. You can contact a ticket marketplace and enroll in an affiliate program. They'll give you a link, and for every successful referral, you'll receive a commission. Plus, some service providers even provide special perks to their affiliates. 

Art Enthusiasts

Getting tickets for art events can be difficult. Unlike concert and game tickets that are readily available, art events tickets can be rare. Don’t worry because ticket marketplaces got you. You can check out primary and secondary ticket marketplaces to get access even to rare art events. With the wide range of tickets, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Charity Workers

Being a charity worker is fulfilling yet challenging, especially when you’re trying to raise funds for your cause. A great way to do that is through events, but filling a venue is no easy feat. Luckily, ticket marketplaces can help you promote your events. You can sell your tickets at reputable marketplaces and have their team of marketers do the ticket selling for you.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a ticket marketplace

Step1: Determine why you need a ticket marketplace.

In choosing a ticket marketplace, the first step is to determine your purpose. Are you a ticket buyer, seller, or affiliate marketer? Since ticket marketplaces' features vary depending on the services they offer to customers, sellers, and partners, you have to choose a service provider with the best features for your needs.

Step 2: Ask for peer recommendations.

You can also ask for peer recommendations. If you know people who tried out ticket marketplaces before, you can ask for them. They'll give you the best first-hand review of the best-rated ticket marketplaces. If they are affiliate marketers, they might even give you discount codes you can use for your next purchase.

Step 3: Look for reputable ticket marketplaces.

The next step is to look for reputable ticket marketplaces. Compare reviews on the service providers’ website to see the best consumer rated online ticket marketplaces. These website reviews will give you real insights on past customer experiences and ratings.

Step 4: Check out features. 

After checking out ticket marketplaces, you should review the features. Aside from merely selling tickets, most service providers offer amazing features like artist tracking, top events, discount codes, etc. Look for a service provider with a full-packed feature for the best ticket buying experience.

Step 5: Check prices and offers.

You should also check prices and offers. If you simply want to buy tickets, compare the costs from different ticket marketplaces. Primary marketplaces usually have lower prices versus other types, so you might want to check them out first. For resellers, always check and compare the service charges and perks to get high profits.

Step 6: Check delivery timelines.

Also, check the delivery timelines of service providers. Ticket marketplaces' delivery timeline says a lot about how they work as a company and how they treat their customers. Get a service provider with quick delivery services as it ensures timely ticket arrival to buyers and a strong customer relationship for the sellers.

Step 7: Make a final comparison. 

Lastly, you should make a final comparison. By collating the reviews, features, prices, delivery timelines, and recommendations, you’ll draw out the best service provider for your ticket needs and budget. Don’t forget to do a thorough assessment to get the best deals possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most service providers do not accommodate ticket exchange. Considering that ticket exchange requests result from a change of preferences, service providers do not accommodate it. But for cases of canceled events and seller misrepresentations, ticket marketplaces usually grant full refunds instead of exchanges.

Yes, you can collect your tickets at the venue. Even though service providers upload a PDF copy of your ticket at your ticket marketplace account, some events require the actual ticket. For cases like this, the tickets are forwarded to the venue box. They can be claimed by presenting the confirmation email and a valid I.D.

Yes, ticket marketplaces can accommodate rush ticket orders. After the payment, the PDF copy of your ticket will be uploaded to your ticket marketplace account. You can print and use it upon entry. For events that require actual tickets, service providers can also accommodate rush deliveries.

If you cancel your purchase, the service provider will not issue any refund since ticket marketplaces only accommodate refunds for canceled events, late ticket delivery, or seller misrepresentation. However, you can use the platform to sell your tickets if you have no plan on using them anymore.

Bundled tickets are usually seated consecutively. However, this is not always the case. If the tickets delivered to you have numbers of different orders, then they are not placed sequentially. Thus, service providers suggest that you always check out the virtual seat viewers to know your exact seats. 

Ticket marketplaces are homes to several ticket resellers who may sell the same event tickets. Given that the ticket resellers have the discretion as to how they will price the tickets, there may be price differences. But don't worry because, with the marketplaces' search option, you'll easily find the lowest prices within the site.

Ticket marketplaces usually require their sellers to sell the tickets at any price below face value or up to 10% above face value. By doing so, they'll avoid extremely high prices that might discourage customers from purchasing within the platform.

Most service providers ask for two weeks leeway after the event for the payment transfer. Service providers hold the payments to ensure that there are no issues with the event or the delivery of the tickets. After the period, the payment will be transferred to the seller’s registered bank account. 

When getting white label ticket marketplace services, you'll be given a ticket marketplace mockup online. This mockup will help you gauge how your site will look like. Most service providers also offer a free demo so that you'll know how to control the marketplace once it's already up.

An event ticket marketplace uses dollar value as its selling prices. Since international ticket marketplaces cater to people worldwide, they use the U.S. Dollar as their currency value. It is also considering that the U.S Dollar is a common reserve currency globally.

Yes, there are still offline ticket marketplaces. Though online ticket marketplaces are convenient, some people still want to buy tickets personally. If you’re one of them, look for nearby ticket marketplaces. For instance, you’re in the U.K., look for a ticket marketplace in the U.K as well for an easy purchase.