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🏆 Best Transcription Services for August 2021

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What are transcription services

Do you need your recordings converted to texts but don’t have the time to transcribe? Don't worry because transcription services got you. It converts spoken messages to written texts for easy sharing and review. You can even get the transcribed texts in just a few hours. No matter how intricate the accents are, you’ll get accurate transcriptions every time.

Why do you need transcription service

Transcription services do not only transcribe your recordings into text. It can also help improve your business' productivity and speed up your project's turnaround time. Whether you're a student, researcher, or business owner, a transcription service can create accessible materials for your needs. Here are ways how transcription services can benefit you.

Saves You Money

One of the essential benefits of getting transcription services is that it can save you money. Instead of hiring someone to do the transcription, you can get transcription services online and pay on a per-project basis. You'll be spared from paying wages, benefits, and overtime expenses. You'll surely save a lot just paying for the completed output.

Provides You Flexibility

Whatever type of materials you have, there are professional transcription services you can choose from. It doesn't matter whether you need legal, academic, or medical transcription services; most service providers have everything covered. You don't need to jump from one service provider to another. Because with this flexibility, one package solves all.

Frees Up Your Employees from Administrative Works

Outsourcing a transcribing service provider frees up your employees from transcription services jobs. Instead of spending so much time transcribing recordings, your employees can focus on more important tasks to grow your business. Also, since they won't be required to transcribe for hours, they'll be more rested and productive.

Guarantees Superior Output

The best transcription services guarantee superior output. Since service providers use well-developed techniques and advanced tools when transcribing, they guarantee 100% accurate transcriptions. You don't need to stress about having errors in the transcribed text because professional transcribers got you.

Guarantees Timely Delivery

For every transcription request, you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will ensure timely output delivery. You can even request rush orders if you have last-minute transcription needs. Whether you need work or school transcription services, service providers guarantee that they can meet the deadline every time.

Accommodates Customized Deliveries

Do you need your transcription in a specific format? Don't worry because service providers can accommodate customized deliveries. Whether you need a website or a video translation, service providers can accommodate all file types. You can even have the output customized and formatted based on your preferences and requirements.

Offers High-Quality Services

With transcription services, you can get high-quality services. You have well-trained ears and eyes to transcribe and proofread at your disposal. You won't worry about submitting or using a document with grammatical errors because your transcription service providers have full-time quality control teams. This feature ensures superior output and reliable services.

Eliminates Multi-Tasking

When you're working on a research project, you need all the time you can get to finish your output. If you're still caught up with transcribing, data gathering, and writing your research paper, you may lose precious time you don't have. With transcription services, you can leave the transcribing to experts so that you can focus on writing and polishing your paper.

Improves Project Turnaround Time

Transcription services improve your project’s turnaround time. May it be an interview, business meeting, or any recorded event, transcribing can take hours. If you're on a strict deadline, wasting hours listening to recordings may not be a good idea. Don't worry because transcription services can give you the full text in no time for faster project turnover.

Improves Your Marketing Efforts

Videos are popular marketing materials. However, to effectively use them, you need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Video transcription services transcribe your videos so that you can analyze your content and SEO efforts. A transcribed content can help you determine where you stand on your search engine rankings to improve it further.

Gives You Specialist Expertise

Transcription service providers have field experts who do the transcriptions for them. Instead of leaving the task to an administrative employee or a freelancer who has limited knowledge of your industry, you can have experts work for you. Since they understand languages and jargons, they will ensure better and more comprehensive outputs.

Catches Every Detail

How many times do you have to backtrack a video or recording just to catch what a person said? This process is not effective when transcribing. But don't worry because transcription services see every detail without going back and forth the recording. You won't only get accurate transcriptions but also quick output to beat even the tightest deadlines.

Helps You Make Immediate Actions

When you're working on qualitative research, you need the data before you can work on your summary. By getting academic transcription services, you'll have your data right away so that you can work on your analysis. When the data is accurately presented to you, you can immediately act on your research paper to formulate your conclusions and finish it.

Reduces Response Time

Some companies have virtual voicemail solutions when getting customer concerns via phone call. However, if there is a large volume of customer concerns, processing those files may take a long time. With transcription services, you can have your voicemail backlogs transcribed, so you can respond to your customers and address their concerns quickly.

Preserves Information

Transcription services can preserve information. You can get business transcription services and have every meeting transcribed, so you can file the minutes for future references. It will help you record the information and go back to them every time you need to. During important business decisions, you can review previous transcriptions and use them as guides.

Core features of transcription services

Gone are the days when you have to spend hours listening and transcribing recordings. Instead of wasting time, why don't you leave the transcription to experts? Service providers combine traditional and advanced features to give you accurate and reliable transcription services. Here are a few features that will surely make you ditch DIY (do-it-yourself) transcribing for good.


Transcription is the most primary feature of this service. Here, you submit the recording to your service provider via website upload. Professional transcribers will access and transcribe your recording into text. Most service providers offer transcription services to clients seeking academic, legal, medical, or even podcast transcriptions.


General transcription services also have a translation feature wherein experienced and certified translators provide text-to-text transcription and translation services. Some service providers can even accommodate over 20 languages in verbatim translation. This feature helps accommodate international businesses dealing with foreign customers.


Transcription service providers also have editing features. A team of professional editors can help polish your transcriptions correctly for easier incorporation to your research paper or business documents. After the edit, service providers also have a quality assurance team to double-check the grammar, punctuations, capitalization, etc. to ensure a flawless output.


Another feature to look out for is proofreading. You can get this feature on top of the usual transcription package and have your document proofread to fit standard writing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, or CSE. And the best part is that most service providers only charge a small fee on a page-per-page basis to suit every project need.

Unlimited Revisions

Transcription service providers have an unlimited revisions feature. It ensures satisfaction as the service provider will accommodate any modification until you're fully satisfied with the output. This feature provides high-quality work and value for your money, as every project is treated with the utmost priority.

Loyalty Discounts

Online transcription services also have loyalty discounts that you can take advantage of. Most service providers give lower prices and deals for repeat customers and bulk orders. If you're working on a research project, which requires you to transcribe multiple recordings, you can ask your service provider for loyalty discounts to get the best deals possible. 

Verbatim Results

Another core feature of transcription services is the verbatim results. Service providers guarantee verbatim transcription services or legal-level transcription results, which guarantees accurate transcriptions. No matter what industry you came from, messages are captured precisely how they are spoken, ensuring the utmost accuracy.

Rush Order Option

The rush order option feature helps you meet tight deadlines. Most service providers can rush your transcribed texts for just a small additional fee. If you have last-minute deadlines or additional recordings that you need to transcribe to complete your project, don't worry because the rush order feature got your back.

Instant Ordering

The instant ordering feature lets you place orders on the service provider's website with just a few easy steps. Just fill out the website form, upload the recording, and your order ticket will be up in no time. You can also monitor the progress through the website. With this easy process, you can have your transcribed text with no hassle, guaranteed.

Transcription calculator

Most service providers also have transcription calculators on their websites. You can use the calculator to compute transcription services rates. This easy-to-use tool will help you determine whether the transcription rate would fit your budget. If not, don't worry because there are free transcription services you can check out. How great is that?

Transcription Courses

Transcription services are not limited to text transcriptions of your recordings. There are service providers who have transcription courses you can take to improve your transcribing skills. This feature creates a sustainable solution as it will train you or your employees on the basics and techniques of proper transcription for lifetime use.

Human Generated

Transcription services are human-generated. Service providers do not rely on machines when transcribing your recordings. They have a team of professionals who meticulously listen to your recordings and transcribe your content. Being human-generated, transcription services ensure that your critical data will be appropriately translated into texts, error-free. 

Professional Efficiency

Service providers also take pride in their professional transcribers who have years of experience and training. These transcribers go the extra mile to deliver accurate and reliable results every time. With the personal efficiency feature, you won't worry about inaccurate transcriptions because you can rely on your service provider's service quality.

Fast Response

Another fantastic feature of transcription services is a fast response. Transcription services websites have live chats, emails, and phone numbers that you can reach. Whether you are inquiring about the services, reaching out for rush orders, or simply following up, the fast response feature ensures a responsive customer team gets back to you immediately.


Transcription services websites are highly confidential. All files uploaded in the system and sent out are secure. Using SSL (secure socket layers), the platforms guarantee that you can send your files without hesitation. All your personal information is also treated as private and confidential.

Multiple Speakers

The multiple speakers feature is usually used for interview transcription services. Since some interview recordings may have multiple speakers in it, you need specialized assistance. Luckily, the multiple speakers feature can transcribe any audio or video file accurately. Some service providers do not even charge additional fees for this feature. Now that's a great deal.

Multiple Formats

Since recordings come in various forms, you need a service provider who can accommodate a wide range of files to ensure that you can always get their services whatever device you're using. The great thing is that most service providers have a multiple file format feature that can accommodate almost all audio and video formats for a more convenient service.

Specialized Terminology

The specialized terminology feature ensures that you get accurate translations, whichever field you come from. Service providers have a team of transcribers from different backgrounds who understand technical terminologies. They also have terminology glossaries that can cover industry-specific terms for precise transcription and editing.

Free Trial

Transcription service providers also have a free trial feature that lets you gauge the service without committing financially. You can have a short recording transcribed free of charge. If you're happy with the service, affordable rates for all your transcription needs awaits you. This feature also shows how confident service providers are for their services. 

Types of transcription services

There are different types of transcription services, depending on the recording for transcription. Whether you're a student working on a research paper or a professional who needs your project's service, there is always a type fit for your needs and budget. Read below to know more about the different types of transcription services you can choose from.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription services transform audio files into written formats. This type of transcription service is the oldest type considering that it has been used for a long time. It transcribes interviews, courtroom proceedings, and public speeches. Also, most audio transcription service providers accommodate a wide range of cellphone file recording formats.

Pro #1: Affordable

A significant advantage of audio transcription services is the price. It is the cheapest of all types. Considering that most service providers have audio transcription services, they keep their prices competitive. Thus, if you're looking for affordable transcription services, this type is the best choice for you. 

Pro #2: Wide Range of Choice

Since most service providers have audio transcription service in their book, you'll have a wide range of choices. For instance, you find a service provider's rates a bit high; several other service providers choose from. With a wide range of options, you can indeed find a service provider and rate that is perfect for your needs.

Con #1: High Audio Quality Requirement

A significant drawback of audio transcription services is the high file quality requirement. Most service providers require a certain level of quality for the recording to be accepted. Thus, you have to ensure that the audio copy is clear and of good quality right from the start of recording. 

Video Transcription Services

Video transcription services are the process of translating your video's audio into text. Most service providers use a combination of speech recognition software and professional transcribers for this type of transcription. Transcripts here are mostly used to caption videos and improve SEO ranking as you'll be able to analyze the script's keyword. 

Pro #1: Improves Search Engine Rankings

Video transcription services can help improve your search engine rankings. By extracting your video's transcription, you can determine how your content performs in terms of SEO. Having your material in text form will help you edit out parts to make the final product more search engine-friendly.

Pro #2: Improves Your Script

Another advantage of video transcription services is that it can improve your script. Having the first draft of your video content transcribed can help make your writing more interactive. You can highlight specific texts and time it with individual parts. It will help create more engaging content for the viewers to enjoy.

Con #1: Complex

The process of video transcription is usually more complex versus the audio type. Since video files generally have multiple speakers and natural sounds, especially for outdoor recordings, the process is more tedious. Given this complex process, the charges are also usually higher, and the turnaround time longer.

Qualitative Data Transcription Services

Qualitative data transcription services are professional transcription services that researchers use. This type of transcription service transcribes materials used for research, like interviews and focus group discussions. It helps the researchers easily cross-reference data, making it vital in any research process.

Pro #1: Saves You Research Time

Getting qualitative data transcription services can save you so much research time. Instead of wasting hours transcribing lengthy interviews and focus group discussions, you can get transcription services so that you can focus more on other aspects of your research like other data collection and fact-checking.

Pro #2: Specialized Terminologies Features

Maybe you're working on a niche topic and are hesitant thinking that the transcriber won’t capture the terminologies. Don't worry because the unique terminologies feature got you. Service providers have transcribers from different fields. It ensures accurate transcriptions of whatever topic you're working on.

Con #1: Expensive for Students

Students would indeed benefit from qualitative data transcription services. However, considering that getting this service would require payment, some students may find the service costly and resort to DIY alternatives. But thinking about all the time and effort you'll save, paying for the service is a great deal after all.

Who needs transcription services?


Transcription services for students can help with research projects. If you're a student currently working on your thesis, you need qualitative data transcription services to speed up your data analysis process. You'll be spared from hours of listening to recordings, so you can work on other essential parts of your thesis.


There are legal transcription services under the audio type, especially for lawyers. You can use it to have court hearings and testimonies transcribed. It will help you plan your move for the next hearing or to study the case. Since most service providers guarantee accurate results, you can count that the transcribed text will help you plan your defense effectively.


If you're doing research work for a living, then transcription services are for you. Because of service providers' fast and reliable services, you can get your data transcribed, edited, and proofread to incorporate it easily into your research paper. This service is especially useful if you have multiple projects because you'll save so much time not listening to recordings.


Journalists also need transcription services. Since you interview several people every day for your news packages, you need to ensure that you accurately capture everything they said. Transcription services help you do this. Since service providers have expert transcribers, you can bet that the outputs are accurate, so that you can report your news truthfully.

Magazine Writers

Magazine writers need transcription services to create engaging content for readers. Given that you're interviewing prominent personalities, you need to ensure that you capture what they say correctly to avoid conflict. Transcription services help you put your interviews into texts to write them smoothly into your articles for an excellent write-up.

Medical Practitioners

Transcription services are not only for researchers and writers. There are also services for medical practitioners. You can have patient interviews transcribed to get back to them later on. By transcribing patient interviews, you can create an extensive database of health information that will come in handy when studying new diseases in the future.


Teachers need transcription services to record forums and symposiums. Teachers need to update their subject knowledge and teaching strategies regularly. Thus, they attend several training sessions. Since educational training sessions are usually recorded, you can have the content transcribed, so you can go back to them every time you need a little refresher. 

Quality Assurance Specialists 

Quality assurance specialists, especially those in customer service, need transcription services to monitor their customer response quality. You can get audio transcription services to watch how employees address customer concerns over the phone. It will help you analyze how you can further improve your customer service efforts for higher satisfaction.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a transcription service provider

Step1: Check your recordings.

The first step in choosing a transcription service provider is to check your recordings. You have to identify how long the recordings are and what file format they are in. By doing so, it will be easier to compute how much you have to prepare and check whether the service provider can accommodate your file type. 

Step 2: Check out reputable service providers. 

The next step is to check out reputable service providers. If you want to get services from an offline transcription service company, you can try out keywords like "transcription services near me." However, if you're going to get online services, look for online companies with proven track records in transcription.

Step 3: Ask for peer recommendations. 

After you shortlisted companies, ask for peer recommendations. If you know anyone who previously availed services from your shortlisted companies, ask them. They can give you the best transcription services reviews based on firsthand experiences so that you can find the best deals.

Step 4: Compare pricing and features. 

Remember also to check the different websites' pricing and features. Most service providers have their features posted on their website for easy checking. For the pricing, you can use the website calculator to determine how much you will spend on your recording’s transcription.

Step 5: Check out free trials. 

Lastly, check out free trials. Most service providers have a free trial feature you can use to gauge their services. This feature is especially useful if you need to transcribe multiple files considering that it can give you an overview of whether a package or service provider is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The rates for transcription services vary depending on your experience and credentials as a transcriber. The added services like translation, editing, and proofreading charge extra. However, if you're planning to offer basic transcription services, the rates are around $0.75- $ 1.50.

When uploading a file for transcription, most service providers require that you have an account first. Once you have an account, just log in and upload your files on the website. You can also send the files via fax or email, depending on your preferences and the process required by the service provider.

Most service providers request 10 to 16 hours to complete the transcription process. This period applies to standard size files. However, for larger files, additional hours are usually required. Some service providers also ask for leeway depending on their workload. 

When placing a rush order, you should check first whether the service providers have a rush ordering feature. If they have, you can simply click the rush order feature and place your order there. For standard-size files, the usual period is 6 hours.

The usual file types accommodated by transcription service providers are MP3, MP4, WAV, PDF, RM, DVF, ZIP, DCT, etc. However, the accepted file types usually depend on the service provider. Thus, you should always check out the website to determine if your file type can be accommodated.

Transcription service providers can usually accommodate files that are up to 20MB. Since they have websites where you can upload the recording, they are particular with the file limit. If you're uploading large files, ask your service provider for other alternatives. 

Once your transcription order has been completed, you can download the finished transcript by logging in to your account. The file would be readily available in your profile. For larger files, service providers usually send it to you via file-sharing platforms.

Yes, you can cancel the transcription order anytime. Just login to your account and cancel the order. If it is still on a pending list, you won't pay for anything yet, but if the order was already tagged for processing, you have to pay for what the transcriber finished. Nevertheless, the process varies depending on the service provider.

Yes, service providers accept recording links. Since some videos for transcriptions are uploaded online, most service providers let you email the video link to them. Just ask them whether they have a different rate for this file type.

You can upload as many files as you want on your account. As long as there are no special instructions, you can upload the files and wait for a transcriber to work on them. For larger files, ask your service provider how you can send it to them.