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🏆 Best Video Creation Software for August 2021

If you're in the business of making online videos, then video creation software can be a game changer. This software is an intuitive way to handle all your media processing tasks without needing to use different programs.

What is a video creation software

People consume visual content more than written content today. Videos make content consumption more straightforward and more engaging. However, creating videos can be challenging for beginners. A video creation software is a program where you can modify, edit, or compile video stills to produce a high-quality video or movie without the need for topnotch skills. 

Why do you need a video creation software?

As attention spans get shorter, videos help brands and content creators to communicate their message effectively. With video creation and editing software, brands and content creators can produce videos reasonably without a professional video editor. Here are some of the benefits of using video creation software.

Saves Time

Thousands of content are produced every hour. Brands ensure to keep up with their competitors by integrating software in their content creation process. A video creation software speeds up the process for brands to produce visual content without compromising the quality.

A More Economical Solution

Large corporations can hire a professional video editor. As for small businesses, professional video editing services can be quite costly to avail of. Small companies can freely create videos without investing too much money with video creation software.

Boosts Productivity

Brands need to be multi-faceted and fast-paced, so software programs can expedite tasks to give more room on other essential duties. A video creation software saves time and effort, making it possible for users to accomplish more tasks in a day. 

No Need for Plugins

Users can directly add transitions and special effects in a video creation software, therefore, simplifying the process of creating a video. Plugins can be beneficial in particular situations but complicate video creation.

Create Videos Anywhere

Video creation software makes it possible for users to create videos in the comfort of their home or anywhere they like. Users don’t have to record their video files to start. Templates are readily available in the software, making it easier and less time-consuming for users to make videos.

Allows Customization

Sometimes, you and your professional video editor may not share the same vision about the video. A video creation software helps you create the video you envision. Add a personal touch on your videos by inserting your video clips or narration. You can freely choose transitions, special effects, filters, and audio that fit your taste. 

Enhance the Quality of the Video 

With loads of content produced every hour from different brands, high-quality videos will make your brand stand out. If you don’t have high-quality media resources on hand, you can freely choose from the software’s royalty-free stock library. You can select any file format for your videos to make it compatible with any device. 

Helps Communicate Messages Effectively

Written content is the most common medium to use when communicating messages. However, visual content, like videos and graphics, is rapidly changing how we consume information. Not everyone enjoys reading especially long texts. Videos simplify messages in a few minutes, making it more desirable to finish in a short time than texts. 

Unlimited Revisions

A simple video creation software lets you revise your videos as many times as you want. A professional video editor may only allow a maximum number of revisions included in the package. Unlike hiring a professional video editor, you can revise your videos anytime you want and get the finished output in an instant.

Easily Accessible

Video creation has never been easier without mobile video creation apps. Most video creation software online has mobile versions that you can download to create the same quality you can get from desktop software. Mobile phones are more comfortable to carry around than bulky laptops, making video creation more accessible.

Great for All Experience Levels

A simple video creation software with a user-friendly interface is easy to use, making it desirable for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional video editor or a casual video creator. Anyone can use video creation software to create more engaging and entertaining content.

Core features of a video creation software

Videos help brands attract their target audience and put brands in a competitive advantage over competitors. With the help of video creation software, storytelling through videos increases a brand’s visibility. However, not all video creation software accommodates your needs. Find out what features you should look for to find the best video creation software for you.

Royalty-free Media Resources

A stock library is a huge help when you don’t have your images or videos. Royalty-free media resources are images or videos from photographers that are free to use by anyone. Educational and promotional materials need royalty-free pictures, so it saves you time from shooting your videos.


Templates simplify the process of creating videos. For beginners, creating everything from scratch can be intimidating. Since video creation software has a wide array of tools you can use, it might be overwhelming for you. With the help of templates, you can start immediately without overthinking about the layout and transitions.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The drag and drop function makes it easier to move clips anywhere you want it. Video creation involves a lot of editing and manipulating, so the drag and drop function is essential in expediting the process. It also helps you reorder the sequence whenever you want.

Compatible with Any Device

Choose a video creation software that allows you to work on a PC or Mac or even on your mobile phone. The flexibility of the software makes your creation process more straightforward and hassle-free. 

Resize Feature

The resize feature allows you to adjust your video’s resolution depending on what type of video you are creating. It may include mobile resolution, social media resolution, and website resolution. Look for a resize feature in a video creation software to make it easier to post videos on social media or your website. 

File Transfer

Videos from your camera or your phone need to be transferred on your software, so pick software that makes the transfer smooth and simple. Some video creation software only caters to specific file types, so choose a good video creation software that can accommodate any video file type to make the process smoother.

Insert Audio Tracks

Music sets the mood of a video, so it’s essential to insert audio tracks into a video. It also helps the watching experience be more engaging. It’s necessary to choose the right music that matches the video’s content and not set off the audience. Some video creation software may provide you royalty-free music, or you can choose from your device.

Video Transitions

Video transitions share the same function as conjunctions. Conjunctions ensure the smooth flow of sentences while video transitions make video clips cohesive. A choppy video transition can put off an audience’s interest, so carefully select software that provides cool video transitions. 

User Interface

All user interfaces of video creation software may look unfamiliar to you. Choose software that makes tools and resources easy to navigate and avoid spending too much time familiarizing the entire software. An easy video creation software places tools and resources in one place where you can see them instantly.

Special Effects and Filters

Look for the special effects and filters library of a video creation software. Special effects and filters can pique your audience’s interest when used correctly. Select a video creation software that has special effects and filters that fit your brand for consistency. 

Exporting Options

Choose a video creation software that enables you to download your finished output in different file formats. Some websites or desktops require you to use a particular video file format for it to be displayed.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are an essential factor to look for in video creation software. Although software upgrades may come with a price, they can be beneficial for video creation in the long-run. Some software upgrades come with advanced tools for consumers transitioning from newbie to pro!

Help Center

If video creation is unfamiliar territory to you, you need to find the help center. A responsive support agent guides you throughout your creative process by answering your queries timely. Some software programs have help centers for frequently asked questions and step-by-step guides.

Social Sharing Buttons

If you’re creating promotional or explainer videos, look for a video creation software with social sharing buttons for you to share or embed the video on Youtube or any social media platforms. The social sharing features save you time from downloading from the software and uploading for another hour on social media. 

Affordable Rates

Some video creation software may require you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to continue availing of their services. Make sure to avail of a subscription within your budget. A software with expensive rates may not be worth the investment for people who are not professional video editors.

Quick Downloading

Choose a video creation software with a simple download process. Some video creation software downloads are not free, however. The video creation software download should not take too many redirections.

Analytics and Insights

Some online video creation software provides metrics of your videos from different sharing platforms. The metrics can help you identify which videos engage the audience well and which videos grab the most attention. Then, you can determine what content you should make more to get the most desirable results.

Types of video creation software 

Videos help increase organic traffic from search engines, doubles the number of monthly visitors, increase sales conversion, and also doubles the time spent by a consumer on the site compared to text. Different types of video creation software cater to a specific purpose and use.

Free Online Video Creation Software

This type of video creation software allows you to create and edit videos online for free. All you need is to set up an account and import clips from your computer or use stock photos from the media library. 

Pro #1: Free

With a free video creation software, you can create professional-looking videos without breaking the bank. Beginners can try this type of software before investing in a premium one for practice. Casual users don’t need to purchase subscriptions to access templates and other editing tools sufficient for their video creation needs.

Pro #2: No Imposed Upgrades

Unlike premium software, a free video creation software doesn’t need constant upgrades to use it. You can access it instantly without requiring a software upgrade. The user has the freedom to choose between an unsupported version or upgraded software. 

Pro #3: Switch Between Software Solutions

You can try on different free software as many and as often as you can. Since you aren’t tied down to one software, you can switch to another software that suits your needs more. You can also use two free software to use more tools and include more resources.

Con #1: Limited Media Resources

A free online video creation software allows you to access a limited number of media resources. Most of the available resources are generic and of lower quality. So, it may take you more time than expected to produce your own media resources to create a video that meets your standards.

Con #2: Limited and Generic Templates 

You can only access generic and most used templates and tools in a free video creation software. Most of these templates are too simple, so you need to exert more time to decide which fonts and images will make the videos more appealing. You need to compromise its simplicity with photos, clips, or background music.

Con #3: Distracting Ads

Since developers don’t profit from the software, they need to put ads on the website or the software to make money. Most of the time, developers put in too many ads than necessary to make ends meet. Ads can be distracting, especially when they pop up out of nowhere. 

Con #4: Fix Bugs and Glitches by Yourself

Since it’s an open-source editor, you need to fix the bug and glitches on your own. Unlike premium video creation software, it’s less likely that the developer can help you with your problem. Fixing bugs can take time, which means you spend more time than expected.

Premium Online Video Creation Software

This type of software has subscription plans that users can avail of. The subscription plan includes more tools, features, and resources that the customer can use. A premium online video creation software may require you to purchase the products first or use a ‘freemium’ strategy to use the software for free and access more features at a price.

Pro #1: Produces Higher Quality Videos

A premium video creation software has more filters, special effects, transitions, and custom preset you can use than free software. Thus, you can create a video with better quality fit for content creation and professional video editing. 

Pro #2: More Media Resources

An unlimited media library is included in a premium subscription, which means you can access more high-quality media resources to insert in your video. The images or video clips you can find are of high quality that can increase the video’s quality. It can save you time since you don’t need to produce high-quality images or video clips on your own.

Pro #3: User Manual

User navigation is made easy with an instructions manual included in the software. You don’t need to spend hours familiarizing yourself with the software. All you need is to use the search function, find a particular command you are unfamiliar with, and the manual will show relevant answers to your questions. 

Pro #4: No ads

Purchasing premium software includes removing unwanted and distracting ads on the software. Unlike in a free video creation software, you can create videos uninterrupted - no pop-up ads appearing in the middle of your process.

Pro #5: Industry Standard

In the multimedia industry, premium video creation and editing software are preferred because of the exclusive benefits and advanced tools. So, if you wish to become a professional video editor or content creator, a premium video creation software can help you make your dreams come to fruition.

Con #1: Expensive

Most of the premium video creation software is expensive, requiring its users to purchase monthly or yearly subscription plans instead of a one-time purchase. Recurring expenses can be a burden, especially for small brands and content creators. 

Con #2: Requires Membership

Another downside of a premium video creation software is it requires the user to pay for a membership subscription and account to access the software and enjoy the benefits. Privacy issues may occur since you allow the developers to access your information when you sign up for membership.

Who needs video creation software?


Digital marketing has revolutionized marketing that made it easier for businesses to promote their products and services, share their stories, and engage with their customers. Small businesses can now create engaging and promotional videos without investing too much on marketing and advertising.

Real Estate Agents

The booming real estate industry benefits from social media platforms to establish their online presence. Videos can help real estate agencies develop and nurture their brand, generate new leads, and interact with their existing clients on social media and websites with video creation software.


Online education platforms are gradually taking over traditional learning methods. Educational videos make learning more engaging and more enjoyable than merely reading several textbook pages to absorb new information. Educators can create videos effectively and quickly with the help of video creation software.

Video Content Creators

Video blogs, or vlogs,  are the number one form of entertainment today. Youtube made it possible for everyone to be content creators without the need for superb video editing skills. All you need is a camera, engaging content, and video creation software. Vloggers can produce videos on schedule and create viral content with video creation software.


Videos increase freelancer’s online visibility and help gain new clients. Videos also help simplify the freelancer’s pitch, experience, and testimonials in one place. A video creation software allows freelancers to upgrade their content creation without taking too much time. It can help freelancers make more time to work on important business tasks.

Medical Professionals

Accuracy and information dissemination are essential in the medical industry. Videos are more comfortable to absorb and to understand for people who are unfamiliar with medical terms. Texts can be intimidating for people that some information can be overlooked, which might lead to misinformation and mishaps.


Academic institutions have been adapting to innovations and technology by allowing the students to explore and learn from different media. Some institutions require students to create videos as projects. Students can create high-quality videos in a short time and at a low cost with a video creation software.

Professional Video Editors

A professional video creation software helps video editors make high-quality videos in less time. It also helps the video editors save and protect their works in a cloud-based system to prevent accidentally deleting important files and to save their work-in-progress automatically. Retrieving files is now easier with online video creation software.

Product Reviewers

Product reviews are more effective when delivered in videos. Product reviewers can demonstrate how a product works and shows its features effectively and clearly to the audience. They can create and share reviews faster with free video creation software.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a video creation software

Step1: Identify what video you need to create.

Your vision and goals must align with your content, so it’s essential to identify which video will help you achieve them. Each type of video has its specific purpose, so be deliberate in choosing a video creation software specializing in your preferred video type.

Step 2: Check the features and tools available.

A video creation software must provide a wide array of features and tools. Check the media library and other resources as well. It’s essential to check if the features you need are available in the software to replicate the video you have in your mind to fruition.

Step 3: Check testimonials.  

Check for video creation software reviews to know what other customers say about the software. Testimonials from existing and previous customers can help narrow down your options. A video creation software may have all the tools and resources you need, but you must consider the efficiency and ease of using these tools.

Step 4: Check their subscription plans.

Keep your budget in check by browsing through their pricing page. Check the subscription plans available and the inclusions in the package. Subscription plans can be paid monthly or annually, depending on your budget.

Step 5: Try the free trial version. 

If you are still hesitant and confused, try the software’s free trial version to experience the application firsthand. The free trial version can show basic features and limited resources, but its primary purpose is to test its interface. A free trial version serves as your anchor on deciding whether the subscription is worth the investment. 

Step 6: Pay for subscriptions or upgrades. 

Once you finally decided on a video creation software, you may now proceed to pay for your chosen subscription plan. A good video creation software provides several payment methods for your convenience.  After you settle your payment, you can now start creating videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Video creation software is safe to use, even if it is a web-based application. Rest assured, you can store your video files and automatically save your work-in-progress videos In cloud-based storage. It is guaranteed that you are the only one who has access to your files. 

It depends on the sharing platform and the purpose of your video. Marketing videos should be short and clear to keep the customers hooked until the end. Long videos work well for entertaining content such as vlogs and reaction videos. Most people prefer videos that are not more than 20 minutes long. 

A professional video editor can edit a 1-minute video in 30 minutes with a video creation editing software. As for familiarizing the video editing tools and conceptualizing a video may take up to 4 hours for beginners.

It depends on the video editing software you’ll use. A 4GB is not enough for most video editing software. For 720-1080p files, you need to have at least 8 GB of RAM to run a video creation software on your desktop. A web video creation software is your best bet if you don’t have enough disk space for video editing. 

Sometimes, the built-in features in your installed software may not be enough for your envisioned video. Plugins add extra features and effects on your software that function similarly with the built-in features. They are called Plug-ins because you plug in the software programs on your video creation software. 

A template is a model or pattern that serves as a guide to create or do something. Templates are useful to beginners and content creators to create videos by reusing video templates for specific sections. Video templates are pre-formatted, including transitions, layout, text, and effects.

Non-linear editing (NLE) is the modern form of video editing that allows you to manipulate or edit video files in any sequence. You can simply drag around video clips wherever you like and add tracks and special effects to improve the video’s quality. You can also insert more than one track and audio simultaneously onto the timeline.

Linear editing was used to make analog videotapes. Old films used linear editing to create a tape. A video is created linearly, making it difficult for filmmakers to insert or delete scenes in a tape. Error is highly discouraged in this type of editing since it takes more time to recreate the sequence from the start. 

Rendering is when the software creates a new video file before you can playback your video. It takes several hours to finish rendering a video, especially if it has many special effects, transitions, filters, and music attached. Moreover, rendering needs more disk space and faster processing speed for long videos.

CODEC is the short term for Compression/Decompression used by video capture cards to digitize and store your video on a hard drive. MJPEG, DV, and MPEG are the most commonly used codecs today. Codecs are also utilized in rendering transitions, filters, and effects in your video.s

An outro in videos serves as a call-to-action for your viewers and subscribers to check out more videos on your channel. It is a short clip, usually animated, added to the end of the video. It can also direct them to your social media accounts and your website to check out non-video content. 

The timeline playback feature allows you to play the video directly on your timeline. With the timeline playback feature, you can play the entire video without rendering a new video file. Nonetheless, you still need to render transitions and effects in a temporary file before you can playback your edited video.

It depends. Some video creation software has no watermark embedded on the video for free, while some may require you to purchase a plan that includes a no-watermark option in the package. A watermark will not significantly affect the quality of your videos. Your content is more important than a small, barely noticeable watermark.

Organize your video clips and assets in folders with proper labels to lessen the time for searching. It’s also essential to have a clear vision of what your videos should include to make editing smoother and quicker. Use templates instead of matching effects and filters when you’re in a time crunch.

Several video creation freeware you can find online allows you to download their software for free. You can download mobile apps from the app store for Android and iOS devices.