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🏆 Best Virtual Phone Number for August 2021

Whether for personal use or scaling your business, a virtual phone number lets you port traditional phone numbers and attach them to an online account. Get accessibility anywhere around the world by using a virtual phone number now!

What is a virtual phone number? 

With everything going digital, a virtual phone number is more efficient and effective, especially in doing business. A virtual phone number, also called direct inward dialing or DID number, is like a local phone number bought to function “virtually” or online. It’s easy to use, and it’s accessible from any internet device. These numbers connect you locally and globally—conveniently

Why do you need a virtual phone number? 

A virtual phone number offers solutions and flexibility, both for personal and business needs. You may be experiencing communication concerns, and the following are some of the critical reasons you need a virtual phone number:

Get Local and Toll-free Business Numbers

A phone number where people can talk to you still matters amidst the availability of live chat, texts, or email. Having a virtual phone number helps you provide excellent customer services and increases your credibility as a business. By having virtual phone numbers, customers can choose to call a local or toll-free number, whichever is convenient for them.

Work from Anywhere

If you travel often, a virtual phone number is a perfect buddy for you to work anywhere. You can perpetually communicate for things that matter to you and your business. Clients, suppliers, and partners can reach you beyond your office walls.

Keep Business Running After Working Hours

An online phone number can save the day for you or your customer since you can run your business beyond the 9-to-5 daily schedule. By setting up your virtual number, you can provide contact solutions for those who want to connect with you.

Look More Professional

People see businesses with a phone number as somewhat reliable. If you are an online business, a phone number helps you appear more professional and able. To add, you can sound more legit by customizing greetings and extensions. Increase positive perception among your stakeholders through a virtual phone number.

Choose Any Device to Communicate

Since a virtual phone number is accessible from any device, you can select what gadget to use to communicate. When you lose battery on your cell phone, laptop, or even when you lose your desktop’s power, you can still receive and make calls and texts. You have the flexibility and freedom to connect with people anytime, anywhere.

Set Up a Phone Number in Any Country

When you have a global presence, setting up a phone number where you operate won’t be difficult. You can choose a virtual phone number for a specific country and allow locals to contact you. It helps customers reach you and discuss their concerns without worrying about the enormous charges of calls.

Save Money

A virtual phone number can cut the cost of having a regular telephone number. You can also save bucks when you make international calls using direct inward dialing (DID) numbers. Save your dollars and spend money on what matters instead.

Separate Work from Personal Calls

Using your personal number for work can give you a lot of headaches. People can send you messages or call you even if you are already having dinner with your family at home. Through getting a virtual phone number dedicated to your work or business, you can be at peace that you’ll only receive personal matters on your phone number.

Use the Same Phone Number Changing Addresses

When you move and operate in another location, you can keep the virtual phone number. It allows people to contact you on the same number wherever you may be. You also get rid of the hassle of applying for a new phone line when you relocate.

Save Important Contacts

Keep the contact information of people, businesses, and organizations that matter to you through a virtual phone number. You don’t need to keep a physical phone book or bring with you calling cards to look for contact information. Make your contact list accessible and save new ones through an online number.

Core features of virtual phone number

A phone number for the business is a life-saver. It is a win-win solution for a company and its customers. In choosing a virtual phone number, here are the core features that you can look into to get the best for your operations

Unlimited Calling

A virtual phone number lets you enjoy limitless talk time. You and your team can discuss business matters and communicate seamlessly without minding telephone charges. With unlimited calling, you can also have the power to reach out to your customers and potential buyers. Your marketing and sales team can do more to get leads and increase conversions.

Call Forwarding

As the name implies, the call forward feature lets you forward incoming calls to any device and number. Even when you’re on the go, customers, staff, suppliers, or business partners can reach you. This way, your business continues wherever you may be.

Local Numbers

Service providers let you have your local number so you can make your presence felt in your locality. Locals can call you in an instant, and it enables you to provide superb customer services.

Toll-Free Number

You can get a toll-free phone number when you subscribe to a virtual phone number plan. Toll-free numbers will help you provide customer satisfaction for those from other parts of the country, increasing your business’s credibility among your customers.

Vanity Numbers

You can make your brand have an easy recall to callers by selecting a unique number—a vanity number. You can use your vanity number to promote your business and let your company be recognized more in the market.

Call History

You can go back to your calls as needed by having access to the complete history of your completed and attempted communications. Your call history can help you make informed decisions for the improvement of your business transactions.

Call Queues

Never miss a call through queuing callers. If calls are not answered immediately because your employees attend to other customers, calls enter a queue instead of losing it. It will improve your customer service, as well as empower your employees by keeping calls organized.

VIP/Block-list Call Routing

Let essential calls reach you faster and drop robocalls instantly. You can set up your virtual phone number to separate what matters to not. Through this feature, you can provide different service experiences to various customer groups.

Call Recording

Your system can record calls to avoid missing out on a point. This feature is very vital for your business operations and customer service. This way, you can quickly go back to what transpired during a call to make informed decisions.

Call Screening

Virtual phone systems let you screen your calls. You can accept, decline, or send a call to your voicemail so you can only take calls that are worth your time.

Voicemail and Transcription

When you cannot answer a call, your virtual phone number lets the caller leave a message for you. Get notifications when you get one, listen to voicemails, and receive transcripts through your email with this feature.

Softphone to Make and Receive Calls

Your virtual phone number can come with a softphone that lets you make and receive calls from your computer. It allows you to work and communicate wherever you go.

Mobile App

Access your virtual phone number through your service provider’s mobile application. For as long as you have a smartphone, you can download the app and use it easily

Call Conference

The call conference feature lets you add a third person to your two-way call and make it a conference call. Through this feature, you can discuss matters with more people on a single call.

Call Analytics

Monitor the performance of your phone support through the call analytics feature. You can track the percentage of missed calls, the load of each team member, and more. The system of virtual phone numbers automatically analyzes and creates real-time reports of your calls.

Fax Line

Receive faxes through your virtual line too. Your faxes are stored online, and you can receive them in your email as a PDF or on a physical fax machine. You can also send faxes out by uploading the documents)and entering the phone numbers to whom you want to send the fax.

Hold Music

As your customers wait over the phone, they can listen to hold music. Keep your callers entertained and informed with messages and music while they're on the line. It can be an opportunity for your company to promote something or make your brand more recognizable through the music you play


Manage your company’s communication through extensions. An extension is a different number that allows a call to be directed to a particular telephone in your business. You can link your office team, your satellite offices, and your employees who are working remotely. Plus, you can add, edit, or remove extensions anytime.

Visual Call Configuration

With visual call configuration, you can set the flow of calls with easy, straightforward, and convenient flow charts. It can help you manage your operations and team when you can see how things work.

Customer Services

When things get rough, customer service is there for you. Service providers make sure that you can contact them 24/7 through live chat, call, or email. Get the assistance you need while you service for your customers.

Types of virtual phone numbers 

Local Virtual Phone Numbers

Local numbers are patterned to the communication system of a country. You can set up a specific local number that your local customers can contact whenever they have concerns. Through a local number, the locals can feel your company’s presence

Pro #1

If you get a local number, you make your business more accessible to local customers. Also, through a local number, people can be more comfortable communicating with you.

Pro #2

Local numbers can save you money. You can also reduce the costs of international calls. 

Con #1

You need to maintain and pay for multiple accounts since each country you operate has a unique number.

Toll-Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that start with a specific code consisting of three digits. Callers can call toll-free numbers through a landline number without incurring charges, even if it is a long-distance call. Besides calls, you can set up your number so you can receive a short messaging service (SMS) through it.

Pro #1

It's easy to provide customer care and service through a toll-free number. You can also earn your customers' trust since you're easily accessible.

Pro #2

You can also generate leads through a toll-free number. Potential customers and buyers are more likely to call a number when they know they don’t need to pay.

Con #1

You can get unnecessary calls since it is free. You have to deal with many callers, even those who don’t intend to buy your product or service

Vanity Virtual Phone Numbers

Vanity numbers are toll-free numbers that form a word, such as your brand, company, or product name. You can use this type to personalize your virtual phone number. For example, you can use 1-800-BRANDNAME to be recognized and remembered easily.

Pro #1

Customers can contact you quickly. By getting vanity numbers, you make customers recall your company easily.

Pro #2

It's an excellent marketing tool for businesses since customers can associate a number through the naming convention.

Con #1

You need to receive and manage a large volume of calls. It may use up a lot of time, and you may miss out on essential calls waiting in line if not attended immediately

Who needs a virtual phone number?

Small Businesses

A virtual phone number for business is perfect, especially for startups or small businesses. It lets you connect with customers in a flexible, easy, and affordable way. A DID increases your credibility, provides better service to customers and enables you to do more things for your company

Enterprise with Global Presence

Virtual phone numbers allow small and medium-sized businesses to set up local phone numbers wherever they may be. Callers can reach you 24/7, which boosts your virtual existence, branding, and increases sales potentially.

Virtual Services

Virtual offices and virtual receptionists can maximize the use of a virtual phone number. You can integrate the access number to your services and operate seamlessly.

Sales team

Sales teams can do more through a virtual phone number. You can track your call activities, understand them via analytic reports, and take action to make more sales.

Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Freelancers and solopreneurs looking for a free separate business line can take advantage of virtual phone numbers. A communication system can add business credibility and can improve your customer service. With so many things on your plate as an entrepreneur, a virtual phone number can help you manage communications more efficiently and effectively.


Give your team the ability to manage your business communications quickly and effectively through a virtual phone number system. Whether working from home, on a business trip, or mobile, your team can receive and place calls from anywhere.

Call Centers

You can start and operate a call center using virtual phone numbers. You can set up in any part of the world, including your own home, with less overhead costs! Whether an outbound or inbound call center, a virtual phone center allows you to provide services to companies who need them.

Step-by-step guide on how to get a virtual phone number

Step1: Identify your needs and why you need a virtual phone number. 

Sitting down and thinking about what your needs are would lead to the right decisions. You need to see the gaps and opportunities that can be fulfilled by a virtual phone number. List them down, discuss them with your team, and make your plans.

Step 2: Scout for providers that offer features that fit your requirements.  

There is a sea of options out there. Narrow down your choices by selecting not only the best virtual phone number chosen by reviewers online but based on your criteria.

Step 3: Read reviews. 

Opinions of existing users and experts are good references as you explore a virtual phone number. You can read reviews about the other types of virtual phone numbers before availing of one. If you’re thinking of getting a virtual US phone number or a local number in other countries, check out what others say through their feedback.

Step 4: Experience a free trial.  

Free trials are the best way to get to know more about the product. Use a virtual phone number for free first and see if it fits your needs. You can also let other team members get a free virtual phone number for comparison of experience.

Step 5: Choose the best plan.  

Check on the pricing and inclusions to decide what plan to get. Consider the periods of subscription and the cancellation policies of each of your potential providers. You can ask questions with their support to know more about the plan. Select the best offer and make a purchase.

Step 6: Set up your virtual phone number.  

When you set up your virtual phone number, you start by selecting a phone number from the list of options to be your virtual business phone number. Next, download the provider app where you will link your existing phone line to the virtual one. Customize your settings such as voicemail box, business hours, and more. After that, you are virtually ready to make and receive calls and texts from your customers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtual phone numbers do not operate using the traditional telephone system, but instead, it is attached to an online account. You can send and receive calls, texts, faxes, etc.

An online phone number is 100% real, and it works just like your regular phone number: They come with advanced features that are perfect for small to large businesses or a solopreneur. It allows you to establish your presence locally and internationally without paying for hefty telephone bills.

No. A virtual phone number is a different number that works for reasons you choose. You may need to keep your primary phone number to receive forwarded calls from your virtual number.

Yes, you can have as many virtual phone numbers as you want. Some providers can come with at least two for a single plan you subscribe to.

Yes, virtual phone numbers offer you outgoing call service. Your plan may come with local calls and international calls.

It’s easy to set up a virtual phone number. Make a purchase, fill out the necessary information, and set up your phone service based on your needs. Providers offer help through a live chat, call center, or video guide that you can watch if you need further assistance.

Most providers let you choose a local area code outside your home state. If you want to expand your business operations, you can select a virtual phone number based on the locality.

All you need is a device such as a computer, phone, or tablet. If you are using a desktop, you may need some sort of microphone and headphone to accommodate calls.

Yes, you can buy a US virtual phone number even if you live in another country. When you make an outgoing call, your customers can see the US virtual phone number. You can receive incoming calls by forwarding your phone number or through your provider’s app.

The virtual phone number belongs to you. When you buy a number, it is exclusive for your use. You can set up a local and toll-free number as part of your business identity.

Yes, virtual phone numbers can support SMS. Some providers specifically offer an SMS virtual phone number. You can check packages that let you receive texts from a free virtual phone number for texting or a paid line.

It depends on your service company. Some will let you choose plans for 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months. You can also opt for an “auto-renew” option that automatically facilitates the selected service’s renewal. You will receive an email before your plan expires or when the renewal is over.

If you aren’t satisfied with your provider’s services and decide to cancel your plan, you can send an email or call your service provider’s customer service. The cancellation’s effectiveness varies from one provider to another

No. In most cases, there are no long-term commitments when you get services from virtual phone providers. You can cancel your account anytime.

Yes. Your phone number is unique, and your callers do not need to enter an extension number. It is private and dedicated for your use and distribution. A virtual number lets you save on roaming, grow your business, and more.

Calls are connected quickly. Your caller will hear regular call processing as with any other call. You can also set your hold music to keep your customers entertained when calling.

Yes, providers protect your privacy and do not sell your personal information. You may check your provider’s privacy policy for full details.

Some providers let you choose a number, and some companies have numbers that are automatically assigned to the customer's account by their system. If this matters, you can scout for providers that let you pick your number.

Toll-free numbers are designated to the country they originate, and they can’t be accessed internationally. There are general exceptions to the rule. An example of it is the US toll-free virtual phone number that Canada can access and vice versa.

No. Unless you let them know, callers can’t recognize that their call is being forwarded. You can manage your call forwarding settings on your software’s dashboard or control panel.

All callers will not recognize your location unless you tell them. If you forward a call from a virtual phone number based in the USA, you can keep it from your callers. Some providers let you customize your international ringback tones to add authenticity.

Call forwarding works by receiving incoming calls from your caller phone number using the provider’s network and forwarding the call to a number you want to receive it at. Forwarding helps you manage incoming calls and receive them even when you're on the


Some virtual phone numbers require the user’s address to be situated within or outside a geographic boundary because of local regulations. You will need to provide a valid personal or business address that meets the requirement when buying these local phone numbers.

Providers offer you several ways to make a purchase. You can choose to pay through your credit cards, digital payment gateways, or other payment options. Subscribing and paying should not be a painful process.

Most company providers offer a trial period. Some offer a 7-day trial, or you can experience their service for more extended periods like 14 or 30 days

Yes. Some providers can port your current business number into the virtual phone number. With this, you can keep your marketing materials as is.

Yes, your virtual number can forward incoming calls to any phone number in the world. You can also forward your calls through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

You can change the number as many times as you need to. It is unlimited, and you can easily access call forwarding settings on your service provider’s software or app.

You can activate your virtual phone number instantly. Once you have purchased and made the necessary set up, your service can be up and running.

Yes, you will receive your voicemail messages on your email in the audio format. That is why you can listen to them on any computer or other device.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Just visit your provider’s portal to make the necessary changes to your account.

Absolutely. You can set up a call forwarding to phone numbers you desire to send the call to. You can also customize the time when to forward calls straight to mobile phones or voicemail.

Yes! You can choose your hold music, and you can change it at any time. You can make your brand more recognizable with the hold music you set.

Yes, depending on your carrier. Some providers let you port any number to the phone carrier you choose. You can communicate with the company to make this arrangement

Broadband or high-speed internet access lets you use your virtual phone number seamlessly. Through a fast internet connection, your calls can pass through multiple data transmissions simultaneously, which allows you to have high-quality communication experiences.