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🏆 Best Website Unblockers for August 2021

Unblock websites effortlessly and enjoy unrestricted internet access wherever you may be in the world. Use a website unblocker to browse the web more securely and privately. Get one now!

What is a website unblocker

Are you tired of website restrictions? Are you dreaming of the ultimate browsing freedom? No worries because website unblockers are here for you. With high-end technology, website unblockers let you access any site safely and privately. Using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), you can enter any website you want without compromising your internet speed.

Why do you need a website unblocker?

A website unblocker does not only help you access any website; it also helps you secure your personal information and gives you a fully optimized browsing experience. Once you downloaded a website unblocker, you won't imagine how you ever browsed without it. Read below to know more about the benefits of getting a website unblocker. 

Lets You Access Any Website

One of the main benefits of getting a website unblocker online is that it lets you access any website you want. If you want to stream shows that are not yet in your area, a website unblocker can help you get through. It can also give you full access to any website to have a fully optimized browsing experience.

Enhances Your Browsing Security

With multiple security layers, website unblockers keep your information secure and encrypted. Using a VPN, it diverts your browsing route to another network so that you can safely do your online activities without leaving any trace. It helps keep your information safe from hackers to protect yourself from potential identity theft.

Gives You Remote Access

If you're a company owner who wants to secure your network, website unblockers have what you're looking for. By using VPN, website unblockers can provide multiple authorized people remote access to information. It will help them access company files and programs using any electronic device no matter where they are to increase your company's productivity.

Lets You Share Files Safely 

The internet opened extremely convenient ways to share files. However, if you're sharing files via email, you might be restricted by the platform's file size capacity. Luckily, website unblockers also have file sharing features that let you share massive volumes of files quickly. You can even upload the files in a drive and give your team remote access. How great is that?

Maintains Online Anonymity

Website unblockers help maintain online anonymity. When accessing restricted websites, you want to protect your information from prying eyes. Luckily, there are website unblockers you can use to keep your browsing private. You won't worry about leaving any data behind. All your internet traces will be erased by redirecting your IP address to another network.

Bypasses Filters

Blocked websites? Not a problem even with blocked website unblocker software free downloads. They can easily bypass any internet filter to have unrestricted access to any website you want. Website unblockers' capability to bypass filters makes it a go-to software for people living in countries with strict internet censorship. 

Changes Your IP Address

When accessing a foreign website, you might be required to have a foreign IP address. Don't worry because this is not a problem for website unblockers. They can give you an IP address acceptable for the website's country of origin to access the site without restriction—no need to worry about hidden content because you'll have a full-blown surfing experience.

Helps Improve Your Internet's Performance

A surprising benefit of website unblockers is that it can help improve your internet's performance. Your internet's bandwidth and efficiency can be improved once a VPN solution is integrated into your system. It will allow you to access any website securely and at blazing speed. What more can you ask for?

Overcomes Online Geographical Boundaries

Website unblockers help you overcome geo-blocks, restricting you from accessing content that is not available in your area. Yes, you can access some geo-blocked websites, but you’ll have limited experience. Since website unblockers hide your IP address, the website will not know your location and think you're from the right area.

Secures Your Online Connections

Another advantage of getting website unblockers is that they help you secure your online connections. It will not only hide your personal information but also encrypt your incoming and outgoing communication. It will help you protect critical information you may disclose to a peer, such as credit card information, bank account details, or email login information.

Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

Website unblockers can also help prevent bandwidth throttling where your internet service provider limits your bandwidth and internet speed. Because website unblockers hide all your internet activities, your service provider won't know that you're using your internet too much. Thus, they could not reduce your bandwidth or speed.

Bypasses Firewalls

When you're using public Wi-Fi, you might be annoyed with network firewalls preventing you from accessing certain websites. Luckily, website unblockers also help you deal with these annoying firewalls. Since your IP address is hidden and your data is invisible, you can easily pass firewalls without being noticed. Some unblockers can even access government firewalls.

Offers Secure Downloads

Downloading photos, videos, and documents from the internet cannot be avoided. These downloads can compromise your privacy and internet security, but not with website unblockers. Since it hides your IP address, strangers won't see your location, so you won't easily be hacked. It will let you download any content without compromising your information.

Makes Online Gaming Better

If you're an online gamer, you're in luck because website unblockers can help you access any game you want, even those restricted in your area. You can avoid DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and unfair IP bans. It will help expand your gaming horizons and give you the ultimate online playing experience. 

Helps You Avoid Online Discrimination

Some online retailers and airline companies display different prices depending on your location. They do it for better market segmentation. Since website unblockers hide your IP address, the seller will not know where you came from. Thus, you'll be free from any online geographical pricing bias. 

Core features of a website unblocker

Website unblockers have become a staple for internet users who want a secure network to keep their online activities and information confidential. By using basic and advanced features, service providers give you the utmost yet private browsing experience.  Here are a few website unblocker features that will make you ditch old school unsecured browsing.

IP Hiding

One of the primary features of website unblockers is IP hiding. Once you have your website unblocker downloaded, your IP address will be replaced by one from your service provider with just one click. You can spoof your location and personal information, making it impossible for websites to track your online activity or trace back any activity that leads to you.

Shared Static IP

The shared static IP feature helps give you the utmost browsing privacy. It works hand in hand with the IP hiding feature by letting you share IP addresses with other users. Because you are using IP addresses from a large pool of static IPs, it's nearly impossible for anyone to track your online activity.

Zero Personal Data

Another feature of website unblocker is zero personal data. The best website unblockers do not log any of your data to avoid legal liabilities. Plus, service providers also ensure that none of your files will be logged in their VPN. All the usage of data is entirely anonymous. Thus, even your service provider cannot track your browsing behavior. 

Strong Encryption

Even for free website unblockers, there is a strong encryption feature. Since internet service providers can easily track your online activity and log your information, it's hard to remove them from the picture. Luckily, service providers use 256-bit military-grade encryption that guarantees the utmost online anonymity even from your internet service provider.

Wi-Fi Protection

Connecting to public wireless networks is common, especially when you're using your mobile phone. This activity may endanger your privacy, given that public Wi-Fi is easily intercepted. But don't worry because the Wi-Fi protection feature encrypts your traffic no matter how public the connection is. All your personal information is secured and away from snoopers.

Protected Connection

People easily disclose private information such as social security numbers, bank account details, etc. when communicating online, making information available to miners and hackers. Luckily, website unblockers use 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to ensure connections and transactions remain private, protecting you from identity theft.

Security Analysts Certified

Website unblockers are security analysts certified. They are audited by independent security analysts to ensure your utmost privacy. Website unblockers' systems are checked and tested to ensure that none of your personal data are recorded by the service provider. This feature gives you a guarantee that your browsing activity is none of anyone’s business.

No Personal Data Required

The ‘No Personal Data Required’ feature lets you get a website unblocker online free plan without giving any personal information. Unlike other free software plans wherein you have to register your name, email address, mobile number, and credit card details, website unblockers ask for nothing. Just download the app, and you're good to go.

Split Tunnelling

Split tunneling lets you choose which of your device's programs needs the most VPN website unblocker service. Using this feature, you can safely manage your file downloads and sharing while maintaining a direct connection for the other device applications. It also automatically accesses pages that block VPN connections for fast streaming.

Uncensored DNS

Most internet users rely on their internet service provider's DNS (Domain Name System), which monitors their activities and logs their information. On the other hand, website unblockers use an uncensored DNS feature to encrypt and protect your server from online attacks. Your internet traffic will be routed using a secure tunneling protocol to hide all your information.

VPN Kill Switch

The VPN kill switch feature avoids IP leaks or accidental exposure that can compromise your information. Website unblockers do not entirely disable your network when you lose your internet connection. The user protection stays active even if you lose connection. Unless you use the VPN kill switch, you'll be protected with firewalls throughout your browsing.

Mobile Support

A website unblocker app has a mobile support feature. Since most people do their browsing using their mobile devices, securing mobile browsing activities is essential. Luckily, the mobile support feature lets you download a VPN mobile app on top of your desktop website unblocker. You'll get all the features you need with just one compact mobile application.

Unlimited Devices

Website unblocker service providers have an unlimited device feature. Since your website unblocker account is not linked to any particular device, you can use an unlimited number of devices using only one subscription. You'll get the utmost privacy and browsing freedom with just one small monthly fee. Now that's a great deal.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

Most service providers have an unlimited bandwidth and speed feature that lets you enjoy smooth browsing, downloads, and streaming using high-speed servers. Having a website unblocker does not only help you access websites on the internet; it also lets you hide your online activities from prying internet service providers to enjoy high-speed internet. 

24/7 Access

Another feature of website unblockers is 24/7 access. You can use it anytime, anywhere, as much as you want. You are not limited to the number of website access or downloads you can make. With just one plan, you'll have secured yet unlimited access to any website on the web. 

24/7 Customer Support

Most service providers also offer a 24/7 customer support feature. They have live chats, emails, and phone calls where you can reach them. Whether you're inquiring about services or trying to troubleshoot problems with your website unblocker extension, you'll have a reliable team to support and help you get the ultimate browsing experience.

Global IPTV

The global IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) feature lets you hook up your TV to your website unblocker service. Thanks to a protocol selection system, you can enjoy private streaming and download videos right in the comfort of your living room. You don't need to download the videos and store them to external storage because you can do it straight from the big screen.

Types of website unblocker 

There are different types of website unblockers, depending on how they use their VPNs to unblock restricted websites and secure information. Whether you want a website unblocker for personal or business purposes, there is a type perfect for you. Read below to know more about the types of website unblockers you can get for the utmost browsing freedom you need.

Remote Access Website Unblocker

Remote access website unblockers are for those who want website unblocking and VPN services for personal use. This type of website unblocker connects you to a secure remote server to access a private network. The service provider lets you access their small network to mask your IP address and access geographically restricted sites.

Pro #1: Better Employee Productivity 

Since remote access websites unblockers provide access without requiring you to report to the network location, it can improve productivity. Your employees can work anywhere and access critical data whenever needed, without going to the office.

Pro #2: Cyber Attack Protection

Remote access website unblockers can help you deal with various cyber attacks. Because of its high encryption level associated with the service provider's remote server, the system can easily recognize outside users trying to gain access to your network.

Con #1: Security Problems

Despite the high-security level, if remote access website unblockers are not configured correctly, they may have security problems. The improper configuration may lead to vulnerable firewalls that hackers can easily penetrate by intercepting data and disguising themselves as users.

Site-to-Site Website Unblocker

Site-to-site website unblockers use a system wherein users within the same VPN connect their LANs (Local Area Network) to the same WAN (Wide Area Network). Aside from the website's unblocking services, you can also share resources with other network members using the plan. It also creates encrypted links that protect the data shared in the network.

Pro #1: Cloud Data Center Capability

VPN website unblockers that use a site-to-site system have cloud data center capabilities that let members access data and files in centralized cloud storage. This feature helps increase productivity as employees don't need to send files back and forth since everything is available via the cloud.

Pro #2: Consistent Security Policies

Another advantage of this type of website unblocker is consistent security policies across all network members. You can give as much and as little access to various locations and team members, depending on their work requirements.

Con #1: Specialized Equipment Requirement

A significant drawback of site-to-site website unblocker is the need for specialized equipment. Since you're dealing with an extensive network here, which can provide a large volume of users website unblocking, IP masking, and file sharing features, you need major implementation resources.

Single-Protocol Website Unblocker

Protocols are the sets of processes and instructions used by website unblocking service providers to ensure unrestricted website access and privacy among users. Single-protocol website unblockers support only one VPN protocol, which provides you access to restricted websites, but uses more lenient security processes and instructions. 

Pro #1: Easy Set-Up

A significant advantage of single-protocol website unblockers is the easy set-up. Since VPN protocols use different ports to establish secure network connections, having only one protocol to connect makes the set-up process easy and less stressful versus other types of website unblockers.

Con #2: Protocol-Switching Limitation

Unfortunately, single-protocol website unblockers have limited features. Once your protocol's port gets blocked, you cannot switch to another because you're only set-up with a single protocol option.

Multi-Protocol Website Unblocker

As the name suggests, multi-protocol website unblockers use several protocols in unblocking your website restrictions and granting surfing privacy. It capitalizes on different website unblocker VPNs' strengths to give you an extremely secure connection. Also, since you have multiple protocols, the system automatically shifts to another port if one is blocked. 

Pro #1: High Security

Since you have multiple VPN protocols at your back, you can bet that the service provider will impose stricter security measures. Given the numerous protocol systems, you'll have more encryption levels to ensure that your data is safe, sound, and unleaked.

Pro #2: Prevents Specific VPN Protocol Issues

Protocols are not fixed. Developers continuously tweak and update them, which makes bugs and unexpected malfunctions unavoidable. When a protocol is down, your website unblocker will still be up and running since other protocols will work for your device.

Con #1: Complex Set-Up

Despite the high security and unique features of multi-protocol website unblockers, they are hard to set-up. Since you have to deal with different ports and system requirements, the set-up process is undoubtedly more complex than the single-protocol type. 

Who needs website unblockers?

Heavy Internet Users

Website unblockers let internet users like you access even restricted content to make the most out of your internet service. Want to watch a video not available in your area? Website unblockers can also double as video website unblockers. Plus, there are even free VPN software website unblockers you can get to give you optimal surfing without any cost.

Business Owners

Business owners also need website unblockers to help with business operations. You can get a site-to-site website unblocker system and let your employees access essential business files via the cloud. It will increase their productivity and let them work in remote locations or even at home. With this work flexibility, your employees will love you for sure.


Students need a website unblocker for school when working on projects to access information from restricted websites, especially for sensitive research projects. If you're studying abroad, you might also need a school website unblocker to access school websites bound by geo-blockers. It is especially useful if you're living in a country with strict internet censorship.


School website unblocker downloads may also be useful for parents. There may be instances when the school only authorizes students to access the websites. However, parents should know the latest school activities to know the kids' schedules. Luckily, you can use website unblockers to access school websites and be up-to-date with student activities.


Employees need website unblockers to protect their information. There may be instances of misunderstanding with customers. Since some customers can be aggressive, you don't want them to know your information or trace where you are. Thus, companies must have website unblockers to protect employees and erase any tracks leading to them.


Journalists work on confidential projects. You may be investigating a big scoop and want to do it anonymously. Luckily, website unblockers can help you. You can access any website or information without being traced. Who knows, this unrestricted access to information may be your edge versus other journalists, so you can finally get your big break.


A good website unblocker can give researchers unrestricted access to information. It can provide you with access to an extensive pool of information not available to everyone by unblocking restrictions. The best part is that you don't have to spend so much. You can even get a free VPN website unblocker to give you the utmost yet secured browsing experience.

Step-by-step guide in choosing a website unblocker service provider

Step1: Assess your needs.

The first step in choosing a website unblocker service provider is to assess what you need a website unblocker for. By doing so, you'll be able to determine what type of plan and features you should look for. Thus, it will be easier to shortlist service providers with the packages that you're looking for.

Step 2: Check out reputable service providers. 

The next step is to check out reputable service providers. Look for website unblocker service providers with proven track records in restricted site access. By doing so, you can ensure that you’ll get a high level of security and value for your money. 

Step 3: Ask for peer recommendations. 

Once you shortlisted reputable service providers, ask for peer recommendations. If you know anyone who already tried out website unblocker services, ask them about their service provider and package. They can surely give you the best reviews based on firsthand experience. 

Step 4: Compare features and pricing.

After asking for recommendations, compare the features and pricing of your top service providers. Look for a website unblocker company that offers features like unrestricted website access, unlimited device, and a high-security level. Try also to compare pricing for similar packages to get the best deals.

Step 5: Check out free trials. 

Lastly, don't forget to check out free trials. There are service providers that let you try out their services before getting paid plans. Choose a service provider with this feature because a free trial is a sign of how confident a service provider is about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Proxy websites are used by people to bypass security filters. A proxy website unblocker uses proxy sites to act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. It helps in hiding your IP address, and browsing blocked websites in your region. Since data goes through proxy servers, none will be traced to you.

Most website unblockers can be installed as browser extensions and mobile applications. Though you can use any type of operating system, most service providers suggest that you update your browser or mobile phone's operating system to get a fully optimized website unblocker experience.

Most free website unblockers only offer you essential services like website unblocking and IP hiding. However, you can only get advanced features such as bandwidth throttling prevention, IPTV capability, and unlimited devices in paid plans. Some service providers also offer free services as a trial.

There are some service providers, especially for free plans, that may use your bandwidth. Since they work as value exchange networks, you can get the website unblocking services for free, but you have to provide a particular system and power amount when your device is not used. 

There are various ways of hiding your IP address. Some service providers route your traffic while others use remote access. However, there are still some who switch IP addresses to route data. It is a simpler way of hiding your IP address, making it common among free website unblocker services. 

Most service providers have a troubleshooting guide on their website that you can use. If you still can't fix the problem, you will be required to include details such as the platform you're using, the device's operating system, a screenshot of the problem, type of network, and a brief problem description.

Yes, you are free to uninstall your website blocker if you want to. Just open your browser, click your website unblocker's icon, and choose remove. This process will remove the program in your browser. To remove it from your device, just go to your computer's control panel and uninstall the program.

Yes, there are cases of people getting in trouble for using website unblockers. There are countries that monitor website unblocker unblocked websites to strengthen restrictions. They usually issue warnings to people who use VPN website unblockers. As much as possible, try to avoid sites with these warnings

Generally speaking, using website unblockers does not have legal implications unless you're in a country that strictly bans the internet. Most service providers also take measures to ensure no illegal activities will happen using their services. 

Yes, you still need to use the VPN website unblockers even if you don't have anything to hide. You're not hiding your information just because you want privacy, but to protect yourself from hackers and data breachers who can take your personal and credit information for malicious intent.